Karthus Last Breath set

2021.11.29 08:34 Eggclipsed Karthus Last Breath set

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2021.11.29 08:34 cma_ttia9000 mimimimimi

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2021.11.29 08:34 Pennarello_BonBon How is year 1 A.D. esablished and What is the consensus among historians about it?

Growing up, I learned that the current calendar we use has catholic origins and I found it interesting and somewhat ironic that we count the years from the birth of christ, whose existence is atmost debatable(?), especially when talking about history. Is it just for commodity at this point or are there more historical events that define A.D. 1?
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2021.11.29 08:34 IlluminationTheory7 Omicron Variant - AFCON 2022 potentially cancelled?

Just over a month until the AFCON kicks off on January 2022 and there has to be some major concerns with the Omicron covid variant spreading through Africa. Of course it is still very early days and there is still research taking place but there's tons of uncertainty.
Do we think there are some serious possibilities the tournament gets postponed/cancelled?
I can't imagine Premier League clubs will be happy to release their players in the next few weeks.
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2021.11.29 08:34 Fresh_Discipline_190 Sell current house or keep as a rental?

I’ve paid off my mortgage on my little house and am wanting to get somewhere a little bigger, it would sell for about 140k or rent at about £700 a month, I’ve got some landlord experience as I manage a house my parents own. I am thinking of buying a place in the region of 300k and have 60k in savings. Am I better to put down a 20% deposit and rent my old house or just sell up and pop down 200k on the new place?
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2021.11.29 08:34 Ceroscuras1337 Is this is end?? Questions

Are the finals chapters after final fight they based on daily life or after credits more like epilogue? In novels? will they get adapted in Manhwa or is Manhwa following a different ending route?
And About who truly knows about jin woo real identity like who he is really among his people, friends,
Tho one more question is it the end of Solo leveling like the novel has ended up long time before so after this manhwa ends in few weeks/months will it be th end of it and this fandom? Or is there something else the author is working on and would like the support of Solo Leveling fans too? Im quite curious ill be glad if someone answers my question if possible in detailed and easy to comprehend.
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2021.11.29 08:34 Bedirhanikinci UP

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2021.11.29 08:34 ransomUsername Ad Astra: 4

Chapter 3 is here, all everything that makes SSB itself belongs to u/bluefishcake, you know the drill. Let's go.


Flavia finally returned to Nauvis after almost a month of travelling from planet to planet to get all relevant data she could find on other galaxies and her home galaxy as well. If he didn't need it, it could still be a show of good will that she also provided him with the maps for this galaxy, and if he did indeed ask for that as well, then he would have it. There was no harm in giving that to him as well.
The planet itself had changed massively in the time she was gone. The formerly untouched continents were now just as covered in industry as the one where she had met Svent. A brief report from the Springhawk told her that just a few days ago, travel had been established between Nauvis-3 and one of its moons, likely to expand the industrial complex to it as well. It was... mildly worrying. At this pace, he would be expanding to other planets in another month or two at most.
She sent out a message as soon as she had joined the patrol ship again.'This is Flavia D'Saari. I have compiled the data you asked for. Another meeting will be neccessary, it is too much to send through space without any errors happening during the transmission. Are the coordinates from our previous meeting still good?'
And once more she had to wait for an answer, several hours this time. The meeting point stayed the same in the end, so she headed down to the planet once more. Unlike last time however, she took a decent supply of pressurized air with her to avoid any more embarrassment.
A proper landing pad had been built at the coordinates Svent supplied to her and of course he was waiting for her near the edge. He observed her approach quietly, mask and goggles making it all but impossible to tell where he was looking or what he was thinking about. "I brought your data!" She called over to him, her voice mildly muffled by the mask she was wearing.
"Good. Bring it over." His voice - or rather the mechanical voice of his translator - sounded from the speakers around the landing pad. Just like last time he apparently had no intention of moving over to her. Oh well, if that was how he wanted it to be, then she probably had no choice.
She walked over to him and set the briefcase full of disks down in front of him. "Here you go. Each disk is labeled with what it contains. If there is anything el-"
"There is not," He interrupted her, "I will contact you again once I am done working them through. That is all." And just like that, he grabbed the briefcase, turned around and walked off into the maze of factory buildings.
Flavia knew she probably shouldn't do it, but she decided to try and explore the area around the landing pad a bit. When before there still had been stretches of untouched land inbetween the several mining operations set up nearby. Now, large metal buildings with no discernible entrance or purpose were everywhere, the constant humming and clacking of mechanical operations only got louder the deeper she ventured into the factory. Eventually, she found herself in front of a massive stretch of train tracks, an absolutely terrifying sight. Massive trains pulling containers and tanks full of raw materials zipped by and only after they passed her she heard the roar of wheels on tracks.
This was madness, utter madness. Trains travelling at likely several times the speed of sound, nothing but metal structures all over the planet and the constant noise.... She had to get out of here, quickly. But where did she come from? Did she turn left or right? Did she even take a turn at all? How many of these buildings did she pass by? Did she have enough air for the way back? Away from the trains, she knew she didn't come from that direction at least, but then what? Did she pass that building before?
Flavia was panicking. Not only was she lost on what was by now an alien world, but she had likely less than an hour of air remaining. If she didn't find a way out, the polluted air would kill her far before hunger or thirst would take their toll. And if this 'Svent' found her..... he had made his opinion of her rather clear. She could only hope that he would make it quick. But she still had time to get out, if only she knew how to get out. Either way, she had to start moving again; she wasn't where she wanted to be and the landing pad wouldn't magically move to her. She made a snap decision. A right turn to start, then left five buildings later.....
The woman walked without pause, as far as her legs could carry her. She was certain that she was almost there several times, but she never made it. Her air supply ran out, everything went dark.......

After he had left the meeting, Svent headed straight for the former mining outpost, which he had turned into a massive datacentre. With the data Flavia had supplied, it would be trivial to find out where he was and where he needed to go. If his home wasn't on the charts, he would need to build his own deep space observatory; of course that would also need its own defences and power supply which in turn meant a lot of infrastructure to build and maintain. On the way to his datacentre, he already looked through a few of the basics of the galaxy he was currently in. It was a barred spiral galaxy, around 190,000 lightyears in diameter. Nauvis itself was located in the 'galactic east' on Shil maps, bordering the outer third of the galaxy regarding distance from the galactic core.
A small video feed popped up at the edge of his HUD during the journey, showing him that Flavia had apparently decided to take a little walk in the factory. Nothing to worry about, there was very little to be learned by just looking at the various structures that covered the entire planet by now, and if she decided to open up one of the buildings to get a look at the mechanics inside..... he could consider that as an aggressive act against his property and a valid reason to continue his 'agressive expansion' throughout the system. More resources meant faster progress after all.
In the distance, several rockets started, each headed for a different moon or asteroid near Nauvis-3. Each of them carried a long range comms unit and a large stockpile of materials, machines and construction robots to build and maintain basic mining outposts. Anything beyond that would require his presence for planning and exploration and he didn't have the means for such a journey..... yet.


Alright people, this is it for today, short chapter, I know, but I kinda ran into a roadblock with my writing so .... stay tuned for the next chapter to find out what will happen to Flavia. (Sorry) Also I will probably drop another chapter of The Stars Align!(sic) before the next Ad Astra.
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2021.11.29 08:34 Series7Guru Wow! Debit balances of margin accounts at $935.9 BILLION!

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2021.11.29 08:34 DaddyStreaking Cap and gown question

Okay so I know I’m really late and should of handled this months ago but I never ordered the cap and gown through UC Bookstore and now it isn’t showing up on their website. However Dubois is still selling cap and gowns, is there any noticeable differences? Or maybe if I show up to UC bookstore in person it might be available to order? Any information would be very much appreciated
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2021.11.29 08:34 bishmanrock @UKGamesExpo: It is great to welcome Wayland Games once more as Major Sponsors of UK Games Expo. We asked them to say something about why they are sponsors of the show. This is what they said: https://t.co/XbJKTUy9ow https://t.co/M2zFsrOMrZ

@UKGamesExpo: It is great to welcome Wayland Games once more as Major Sponsors of UK Games Expo. We asked them to say something about why they are sponsors of the show. This is what they said: https://t.co/XbJKTUy9ow https://t.co/M2zFsrOMrZ submitted by bishmanrock to UKGE [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:34 chinkclink WTW for being a good model that represents a certain group of people.

title says it all. Something about being a good representative in a group or community
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2021.11.29 08:34 OnlyHereForMe_irl Which Top Song, do you think is criminally underrated?

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2021.11.29 08:34 AstronautInTheLotion This is a pixel art mech, how does it look? Is it too messy? How do I make it more appealing? Please leave a much-needed criticism... :)

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2021.11.29 08:34 Rob1569 Lady C

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2021.11.29 08:34 PoliticiansAlwaysLie Fauci says Ted Cruz should be prosecuted for Capitol riot

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2021.11.29 08:34 vannvun LP production

any producers on this sub? what synths do you guys think peggy used on LP, LP ( and maybe ep2) sound very analog to me, and like a lot of organic sounds, and granular synths
do any of you guys know about the synthesizers he uses?
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2021.11.29 08:34 TheExecutionator_YT i found this on instagram

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2021.11.29 08:34 BhaswatiGuha19 Tata Group is looking for a land to build a $300 million semiconductor manufacturing plant

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2021.11.29 08:34 ISignedUpForThis_WTF Ah, a first dumb phone since 10 years ago.

Recently, I ditched my two-year-old smartphone for a Nokia 215 4G. Yes, with 4G. This baby can connect to the Internet with its outdated Opera Mini browser, and fell in love of how "outdated" this phone is. Aside detoxing on infinite scrolling pages, I find owning "dumb phone" a chance to further minimizing my presence on the Internet, and it's pretty handy for someone who wears shorts.
I'm already tired of carrying my smartphone, and reached to the point having a smartphone is pointless, unless I'm going back to social medias and taking food porn. I can do some cloud work and documentations on my seven-year-old notebook and do these things at home.
Still getting used to T9 keyboard. I really miss this.
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2021.11.29 08:34 Competitive_Word4394 Cant Put A Wardrobe Together

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2021.11.29 08:34 Numerous_Concert3695 Seems about right. Although I say I’ll probably be in the good area

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