Is it true that what’s happens after the anime is pretty bad?

2021.12.06 05:25 Just_Jack64 Is it true that what’s happens after the anime is pretty bad?

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2021.12.06 05:25 No-Face-1063 Finally doing all the cool high school things

I’m (f17) a senior in high school at a tiny nerd private school and with COVID combined with me being a generally awkward and self conscious person I thought I would have to wait till college to do anything really interesting. But this year I’ve been getting way more confident and comfortable with socializing, and I think might be able to have like an actual high school experience for my final 6 months. I started my first relationship with a guy I really like (we’ve been friends since freshman year and dating almost a month), I feel really comfortable with my friend group and also hanging out with people I haven’t really before. I’m really looking forward to especially after January when I’m done with college apps and I have time to just have fun. I’m feeling little reckless lol. I’ll be responsible of course but I kinda wanna try to go to some real parties, try ahem substances, have >!secks submitted by No-Face-1063 to feemagers [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 05:25 FreeJulianAssanges Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (2007) [01:18:18]

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2021.12.06 05:25 DoctorTurkelton What a nightmare.

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2021.12.06 05:25 Interesting-Hat6625 Is this anxiety?

So, I delivered an exam yesterday evening. And offcorse, like any other night, I woke up around 3-4am with my body chasing. I tried to sleep but I kept dreaming that I missed something, or that the letter size was too big. I knew it wasn't the case, so I tried to ignore it and sleep... But my body was a total bitch, and kept nagging me to get up. Felt like a race..
And yes, twitching like crazy.
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2021.12.06 05:25 Independent_Bid9516 Valix Practical Accounting 1

First yr bsa po ako pero hirap na hirap sagutan yung practical accounting 1 ni Valix. normal pa po ba yun? o sign na para magshift? (Char) 😭
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2021.12.06 05:25 LoTechFo A couple of recurring dreams I’ve been having?

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2021.12.06 05:25 TuaTurnsdaballova Evergrande not having a good day 👀 📉

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2021.12.06 05:25 redguy989 Network solution in a basement room with no WiFi

Hello, I have a basement room in my house that I want to provide network to.
Currently there is one wired network cable that is connected to my pc and that's it.
I wanna be able to connect my pc, a smart TV, a PlayStation and in addition to that have WiFi.
What is the best way for me to achieve this, in terms of costs and space? I was thinking about getting a simple switch and connecting an access point plus all the other devices to it, is that a good solution or is there a better way?
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2021.12.06 05:25 colondsmile Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah (Melting Eyes Remix)

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2021.12.06 05:25 trynnatakethebar How long does it take to get your passport back from the US Embassy (Delhi)?

Hi everyone! I had my consular interview today (Monday morning) for the H1-B stamping in New Delhi. How long does it take to get your passport back ? I'll pick up from the VAC center to save time. I need to travel back to the States latest by this weekend due to a family emergency and I'm worried I won't get the passport back in time. It would be great if anyone who's gotten their H1B stamped in Delhi in the last week/ month could please share this experience. Many thanks!
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2021.12.06 05:25 Psychological_Mix995 LibreOffice Writer and Calc screens

LibreOffice Writer and Calc screens
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2021.12.06 05:25 IVdanielllXX Boxing 🤡

What a joke but we still watch it. Issac clearly won and you saw mayweather smiling and laughing around the 10th round because he knew if it goes to decision the cash cow wins. Didn’t lose any money but that’s why ufc#1
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2021.12.06 05:25 douksaga Babe 😍😍😍

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2021.12.06 05:25 ZAHKHIZ Question regarding jobs, education etc in Marseille or anywhere warm in france (sorry for the english text, i am too lazy to type up in French)

I m from Montreal, Canada and studied 3 years accounting and management program at the college level (CEGEP Quebec has a diff education system than rest of North America) and then started working for the government as an accounting clerk. After like 7 years of working full time and studying part-time at the University, I finally graduated with a bachelors of Arts in Management, literature and French (from a french university in Montreal). I have saved up around 100k CAD, 7 years of accounting experience and decent education. I am thinking of leaving North America for good. I just want to move somewhere warm.
I took some time off from work and lived in Marseille for 3 months and loved every thing about the city ( I was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan and felt very much at home as Marseille is also a coastal city). My main concern regarding Marseille is that would I be able to find a decent paying job with my education and experience? I dont have an accounting accreditation like CPA but as I said, I am a decently educated individual.
Other thing i was thinking to go back to Montreal, get some more accounting related education (like HEC Montreal) and then moved to Marseille but i have been told that french accounting is very different than North American accounting system. I prefer studying accounting at AMU like DSCGU (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et Gestion d’Université) meanwhile search for better work opportunity. what would you recommend??
I want to buy a small property like a studio in Marseille with my savings as well. Like put a down payment or something to start my life in France. To get a french visa for quebecers arnt that difficult as there is an agreement of youth mobility between france and Quebec.
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2021.12.06 05:25 paco7533 could you guide me about the navigation buttons

Sorry this is my first post in this section, so I don't know if the group is for this, in case it is not, I will gladly delete it. Thanks for the answers
My mother just bought an iPhone 13, it is the first cell phone with IOS in the house (we were all Android), what happens is that she has some problems with her fingers (nothing serious), but it makes it difficult for her to navigate phone, and I would like to know if you can change the navigation bar to the typical 3 navigation buttons
Thanks for the answers
these buttons
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2021.12.06 05:25 Thaasophobe What is the widely accepted "most fun" way to play for a new player?

I recently got this game, and I just got past the Consigliere, and I also unlocked "Custom Mode."
What I'm worried about is that custom mode feels like cheating in a rogulike. So what I'm asking is, for a new player, is there anything I should avoid that might ruin my experience of the game? Or is it all pretty well-balanced by the devs to make it hard to ruin the game?
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2021.12.06 05:25 Sad_Carrot Ohhh, what is this thick fluffy thingy, I must find out!

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2021.12.06 05:25 mrlikrsh [serious] What future do YOU want for Kashmir?

I am from Kerala (half Malayali, half Tamil) and I visited Kashmir in march 2021 on a budget tour package. This was my experience and I want to know an honest opinion from you guys.
Things were different from day 1 and it was nothing like I expected it to be. Since we reached Jammu, my prepaid sim stopped working (even though I knew this earlier, I didn't bother to get a postpaid sim or a local prepaid one either). There were CRPF, J&K Police, and Army men everywhere. The tempo that we hired from Jammu to go Srinagar was Punjab registration and the driver told us to say that we were going to 'Patnitop' if someone stops us on the way. We started at 11 in the morning and reached Srinagar at 1 am the next day. Traffic all the way and there was construction going on throughout. Most places on the way didn't have electricity. There was desperation among the locals to sell their produce at any cost. No matter how many times I said 'no' they would just push their product/service. They just didn't give up. This kind of set-offs the mood for most people. For instance, the saffron sellers in dal lake. I read that most of them are fake and hence decided not to buy any from dal lake and get from Pampore that we were eventually going to visit after a few days. Started with a guy who sold for 200/small box later all the way to 5 boxes for 100. I bought 2 for 100 when one of them said "You guys don't buy from Muslims" (Those "saffron" changed color and eventually had to throw them away after a few weeks reaching home). The tempo was checked multiple times( I am assuming since it was Punjab registration). There were check posts, concertina wire on roads, steel sheets as walls for houses, and waste dumped along the roads also. I saw a flex board with an image of Qassem Soleimani. I didn't see a single foreigner( Maybe due to covid but most govt's advisories advice to avoid travel to Kashmir. Ref: USA | UK )
The touristy places were nothing like I've seen my entire life till now. It was less crowded, peaceful, and spectacular. The food was also top-notch. The locals were super friendly except for a few.
I am a solo traveler and I've been to Karnataka, Andra, Telangana, UP, Delhi, Uttarakhand, MP, Goa, and Kartarpur. This felt weird because no vendors at any of these places tagged along and bugged as hard they were in Kashmir, nowhere else had this much force deployed, nor tension in the air. Overall felt like an army camp ( I went to army school for 8 years but I am not from an army background).
Living in Kerala for the past 16 years (plus 7 in Tamil Nadu before moving to Kerala), I'll tell you what's different here. There is piped drinking water, uninterrupted electricity, quality air to breathe, and less poverty. Most of all I don't see children begging on the streets like other states. For a common man, this is what matters to live a normal life.
It's long due for Kashmir and no one deserves a life like this and politicians are just using it for their politics.
My question is, given a choice what would YOU want for Kashmir? Stay with India, Stay independent or Join some other nation (Pak, china, afghan)? and why? I want YOUR individual opinion and not a general one (which necessarily doesn't have to be right or wrong). If independent, how should Kashmir be governed and how will it generate a good source of income to provide its citizens(Safety, food, shelter + what it takes to run a country).
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2021.12.06 05:25 iamjpa Harry and his Hogwarts :)

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2021.12.06 05:25 Pebo_ No review mega thread?

I think it would be useful.
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2021.12.06 05:25 Ares_B Jon logs on to Pornhub

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2021.12.06 05:25 Wildcard_intheduster I don’t believe it was sa but it’s clawing at me

Oh man I just I’ve been thinking about this for fucking years and I just thought about asking it here bcuz I refuse to talk about it to anyone who personally knows me but it’s bugging me so so much and its probably not sa but I want to spill my guts all over this page no matter
So ig idk I was like 6-11 I can’t really remember when it started and when he moved out but he was/is five years older then me and the reason I don’t think I was sa is cuz I consented and Im pretty sure that I had no resistance although I truly can’t remember how it started but I know I let him and liked it at the time but every time I look back at all the memories I want to fucking vomit and die basically like rn it just sounds like I’m being stupid and making this into a thing it really isn’t and it’s most likely gonna continue that way but idk part of me won’t stop thinking bcuz I was like 6 or whatever and I knew nothing about consent and sex and all that shit and he knew about all that and I don’t believe he threatened me but I was warned to not tell anyone what’s going on and he said it wouldn’t matter anyway cuz I liked it so why would I want it to stop and I just I don’t like the thought of the way it made me like it started a rollercoaster of disgusting thoughts and dreams and drawings like I remember every time I bent down I was scared someone would hump me or something or other and I had dreams about things far too sexual for a little child should be having and at one point I had a little secret notepad I doodled in ad one drawing was of me and my best friend (who I thought I had a crush on at the time but I was just pressured into liking them cuz we were children of opposite genders who hung out with each other a lot (and I know I fs didn’t actually like them cuz I later discovered I’m aromantic and asexual)) and I wrote on it that I wanted to have sex with him and my mom found it and asked me if there was someone hurting me and stuff and obviously I lied and it was just never brought up again anyway I feel like I’m getting off track this is so shit I’m not proving anything here god I also am not sure where to go and what to write cause I’ve repressed and forgotten most of the memories but they’re faintly there and also this topic and saying words like this is not my favorite and it makes my stomach hurt and I want to punch the wall fuck ig I’ll say some of he things he did uh idk I remember he used to have me play a “game” where honestly don’t remember what led up to it but basically he had me touch him an stuff and as usual I don’t really remember but he might’ve touched me back and then he’d have us play house but we were married and yk stuff commenced and a regular thing I remember is him locking us in the bathroom and telling me to bend over the sink and then yk yk sorry I’m so uncomfortable with actually saying it and I looked at like porn and shit too and I talked to him about it and just ugh but uh I remember he used to always ask me if I wanted it in the ass or the front and I very specifically remember I said front like a few times in a row and I remember him saying to me “you’re starting to really like it in the front eh” and that memory just makes me so uncomfortable and I think that around that time as well I started to feel gross about everything that was happening and I wanted him to stop but I’m a soft spoken person and I usually don’t say no so I just let it drag on until eventually his mom and my mom got into a fight or something I don’t know what about but it ended up with him and his mom moving out and I just kinda like left all those memories in the back like I know they are there bcuz of my hyper sexual like actions and stuff yeah I was hyper sexual too cause of it and I hated it and felt guilty and gross about everything and now I just find all that so uncomfortable like I know that it feels good and stuff but the thought of it sometimes makes me almost pass out anyway off track again man I am so sorry if you’re still reading this it’s such a fucking mess but anyway back to what I was talking about, like not recently recently but like recently his mom and my mom like became friends again and I’ve been so afraid that they’d meet up again and he’d show up I just don’t ever want to see him again and I’ve been so scared and every time his name is brought up even if it’s not about him I want to throw up and run away so bad but as I said I don’t think this is anything or sa because at the time I consented and liked it and we were both minors so I don’t think age really would have a play I mean fuck ig we were just both children and I’m just spouting bs and at times I’ve looked it up and it said that it’s considered sa if the other has like better knowledge and has a body advantage and he had that and shit but idk I can’t shake that I mean it’s my fault and it’s not trauma or anything because it wasn’t a minor and adult thing and it wasn’t like any other sa stuff I’d researched and even tho I didn’t know shit I still consented and I still enjoyed it so this all just very stupid and pointless because yk it’s not but it all just makes me so uncomfortable and upset when topics like sex and stuff around that and I hate those memories more than I hate myself but I guess it’s just like a bad trip idk sorry for wasting the time of anyone who read this whole thing I ranted too much and don’t provide enough information either but I guess writing it down anywhere is good for me considering I couldn’t even think about it before without getting queasy but anyway if you’re still somehow reading this shit uh thank you for listening I applaud you and also apologize uhbjjn bye then this is probably incomprehensible but I wanted to just see okay okay okays aie I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day and finds the best in your world and appreciates even the smallest rock given to you :]
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2021.12.06 05:25 Lgwlf32 Kollection Komplete!

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2021.12.06 05:25 alwaysronin21 Now if Gargano ends up debuting in AEW, how should he booked?

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