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What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

2021.11.29 21:52 thesvgfrg What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

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2021.11.29 21:52 Wilson__Volleyball Poll: dogs or horses ?

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2021.11.29 21:52 sundayatchickfila Any advice on writing a college app ?

I enrolled in community college after my senior yr of HS so I didn't really go through any type of college application that consisted of essay questions. I feel like I am confused on how to start the writing process and how to not sound repetitive or dull. Does anyone have any advice or tips that can help me with writing my application? Thanks so much.
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2021.11.29 21:52 xavierjfong What are some NBA red flag opinions 🚩

What are some NBA opinions that may indicate that fan is a casual? For example Kobe is the goat or jokic isn’t top5
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2021.11.29 21:52 prostate-confused Originally posted in r/sex, posting it here as well. I went for a massage for the first time in ages, and the masseuse gave me a prostate massage. Unsure of how to feel + venting.

Throwaway account, obviously. I am a male in my 20s. I went to a massage place today, after not having one for quite a few months. Numbers in my area are pretty good, and I do have my shot, so I felt safe and wanted to spoil myself a little bit. Work has been stressful and it’s been awhile since I’ve actually gotten a good massage. I wanted something affordable, but also legit (do these places even exist?).
The place seemed clean, had showers, ladies were nice. I paid for an hour massage and she led me back to the room. I took my clothes off, laid face down, waited 5-10 minutes for her to arrive. She used oil and worked on my back, shoulders, and did some active stretching which really felt pretty good, she has some training, or a lot of experience doing this. While I was on my back, the first thing she did was move my legs so that they were fairly far apart. she did the usual things like shoulders, mid- lower back, calves. When she was working on my thighs and glutes, I found that her fingers were venturing really close to my taint. She even pulled my buttocks apart briefly and kind of clapped my cheeks together. This continues and I gradually start to feel a warmth building in my pelvis, then an erection building up, to the point where my penis is pointed back under me, in clear view of her. I’m kind of trying to put my legs close together in order to hide my erection, but her knee is in between my legs preventing this. It was a weird feeling since I knew it was sexual touching, which in a massage setting is thought of as wrong. At the same time my body was having a physical reaction, and I know that it had an affect on my judgement.
Her hands are really oiled up and she’s going between working my glutes, making circles using her palms, and using an oiled finger to touch my taint and my anus. She eventually says “do you want to try a prostate massage?”
I kind of shrug my shoulders and think for a second, and I ask her if there are any benefits. She says that it’s good for building strength, and reducing the buildup of bacteria. She said that it’s most necessary for her older male clients. I say sure, and she puts on a latex glove, applies lubricant, and slides a finger in.
I know that some men get a lot of pleasure from this, and I have to say that it did feel good. She tried to touch my penis but I said no, just letting her continue to massage my prostate. She’s chatting with me, one hand on my lower back and one finger plunged in my ass.
It feels good but kind of surreal since she is so casual about it. She told me that I should keep working on building up strength and practicing this on my own or with a partner.
Eventually she takes her finger out, takes off the glove, washes her hands, then finishes the massage, doing my arms, hands, some more active stretching/flexibility maneuvers, then finishes by wiping my body off with a towel. We chat some more, I pay her the cost of the massage + moderate tip, then leave.
Like I said earlier, this felt good, but really surreal because thinking about it, she was so casual about something that was at best a medical procedure, and at worst had happy-ending connotations.
I’m feeling conflicted about what happened, not violated per se because it did feel good, but I kind of feel like I dipped my toe into rub and tug territory which makes me feel a bit guilty and kind of dirty. Does anyone have any thoughts or commentary on this situation? Maybe you have been through something similar?
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2021.11.29 21:52 LeonardConsulting Selling all of my SmartThings devices as a bundle... hub, Z-Wave switches & dimmers, garage door sensor, remotes, multi sensor, and bulbs

After migrating over to Lutron Caseta and Google Home, it's time to sell my SmartThings setup. All devices were working and 100% functional when they were taken out by my licensed electrician (today).
Photos: https://imgur.com/a/FH06LmB

$300 plus shipping to your location. US only. Happy to provide my eBay profile or anything else needed to facilitate the transaction. Paypal or Venmo goods/services accepted.
Regards, Andrew
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2021.11.29 21:52 Ever2naxolotl Reposting that one meme but I added my own watermark instead

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2021.11.29 21:52 MaximumGaming123 WE HAVE HIT 500!

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2021.11.29 21:52 Euvfersyn The Units - Andromedamatic Arias

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2021.11.29 21:52 SPRSTRM Deep-fried Vietnamese Pomfret in Fish Sauce with a Clam Tofu-Chive soup. Simple, but sexy.

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2021.11.29 21:52 0kslider Going off the pill, at the end of a pack?

Is it safe to stop taking the pill at the end of the pack? I take Hailey Fe 1/20 and want to get off of it but am not sure the safest time to stop. I'm currently at the end of my 7 day placebo week, at the last pill of the pack. I had sex today and didn't use any other contraceptive measures. Is it okay for me to not start the next pack tomorrow? Obviously I would start using another form of contraception like condoms. Sorry if this doesn't make perfect sense, I've heard mixed things about when the best time to stop the pill is.
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2021.11.29 21:52 Away_Grass4311 New Punch interview with Billboard Magazine - talks about kendrick leaving tde

TDE’s Punch Talks New Collective, Kendrick Lamar and More – Billboard
TDE is in a space now where the name is so recognizable that people know the type of quality to expect whenever Top Dawg releases a new project. With Kendrick producing his final TDE album, what does it mean for your partnership with Kendrick moving forward?
It’s a great thing, because he’s been signed to us for almost 20 years and we took it to heights to where he got a Pulitzer Prize. So it’s like, where do you really go at this point? He came in as a young man, and now he’s a grown man — and he has his own vision, his own dreams, and he has stuff that he wants to create. So that’s what he’s doing now. It’s how it’s supposed to be.
I think we paint it in our culture as a bad thing, but you raise your children to leave the nest so they can create their own and that’s how you continue. As far as the TDE side, we still doing what we do. We bringing in and developing new artists as we speak, and going to release [new projects]. So everything is positive and moving forward
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2021.11.29 21:52 QueenFan7 Innuendo (the album) does not get the recognition it deserves.

It's a top 3 album for me, alongside A Night at the Opera and The Game. Like, why do people rate it so low? It has Innuendo, The Show Must Go On (Which are probably the most loved Queen songs, next to Bohemian Rhapsody and TMOTBQ), These Are the Days of Our Lives, I'm Going Slightly Mad, Headlong... like, it is a great album.
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2021.11.29 21:52 Crunch4 Place for Bot Discussions

Is there a discord or subreddit around bot discussions and configurations? Grid bots have been paying the bills for me lately, especially when you can catch a crazy mover like REQ MANA or ACH this past week. Would be nice to have a place where people can actively post what's working or not working for them.
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2021.11.29 21:52 AbysmalCaca1000 This car looks like a flying saucer.

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2021.11.29 21:52 Gale-boy Arrow Rain Code

/scoreboard objectives add ArrowRain
In chat

/kill u/e[type=arrow,nbt={inGround:1b}]

/execute at u/p run spreadplayers ~ ~ 0 20 false u/e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,tag=ArrowRain]

/execute store result entity u/e[tag=ArrowRain,type=minecraft:armor_stand,limit=1] Pos[1] double 1 run data get entity u/p Pos[1] 1

/execute at u/e[tag=ArrowRain,type=minecraft:armor_stand] run summon minecraft:arrow ~ ~15 ~ {Motion:[0.0,-0.5,0.0],Color:-1}

/execute at u/e[tag=ArrowRain,type=minecraft:armor_stand] positioned ~ ~15 ~ run scoreboard players set u/e[type=arrow,sort=nearest,distance=0..1] Arrow 1

/execute at u/e[tag=ArrowRain,type=minecraft:armor_stand] run summon minecraft:arrow ~ ~15 ~-10 {Motion:[0.0,-0.75,0.75],Rotation:[0.0f,-45.0f],Color:-1}

/execute at u/e[tag=ArrowRain,type=minecraft:armor_stand] positioned ~ ~15 ~-10 run scoreboard players set u/e[type=arrow,sort=nearest,distance=0..1] Arrow 1

execute at u/e[tag=ArrowRain,type=minecraft:armor_stand] run summon minecraft:arrow ~ ~3 ~ {Motion:[0.0,-0.5,0.0],Color:-1}

/summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Tags:["ArrowRain"],Invulnerable:1b}

impulse: to remove
/kill u/e[tag=ArrowRain]
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2021.11.29 21:52 ConsiderationTop9050 Anywhere I can see a good debate between an authoritarian and libertarian?

I’m really torn on my beliefs on how powerful government should be and i’d like to see a discussion or maybe a video of 2 opposing sides debating over this topic
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2021.11.29 21:52 Mr_Jek Today someone told me they care about me and it made me realise I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me in my life

Today me and a girl I work with were kind of fooling around and teasing each other, we’ve always had that kind of poking fun at each other type deal. It was ramping up all day to the point that we were just saying outrageously horrible things every time we passed by other and trying to one up the other, and after one particular insult from her we both kind of laughed and she said ‘sorry, you know I care about you deep down’.
I realised after she said that I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me, that they cared about me. I’m 22 for reference. 22 years and I’ve literally just never had someone say that to me. People tell me I’m a good guy, sure, that I’m funny, that I’m fun to be around, whatever else, but I always feel like people don’t really see me beyond the surface level. It was such a simple thing she said, and it was lighthearted, but it felt more personal and real and open than just being told generic shit that people usually say. We should all tell people we care about them more often.
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2021.11.29 21:52 GiveSharksHugsFoReal 5868 1059 6900 1077 4351 5593 Adding 10

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2021.11.29 21:52 UnrulyAxolotl People who sell/trade/give away plants, how do you deal with the inevitability of pests?

I think anyone with a large collection eventually has to accept that pests are a fact of life and learn to deal with them. But judging by posts here and elsewhere, less experienced plant people tend to fall into two categories: uneducated on how to spot pests and deal with them before they're totally out of control, or ready to torch their whole collection over one mealy bug. I would love to at least be able to give plants away to family, and maybe even sell some one day, but no matter how vigilant I am I know bugs are going to sneak through. Case in point, I gave my mom an orchid from my collection a few months ago. I had found scale on some of mine, but that one wasn't near them and I had been inspecting it for weeks to make sure it was clean. I go over for Thanksgiving and to my dismay there is scale all over it. I feel bad enough having passed this along with a free plant, I don't know how I could even deal with this if someone had paid for it. And anyone who sells anything knows that sooner or later there will always be some crazy who tries to ruin your life because their transaction wasn't perfect in every conceivable way. So how do you all a) try to make sure plants going out are pest-free, and b) deal with people you have sold/traded to complaining about pests?
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2021.11.29 21:52 grillo7 The Best Books We Read in 2021 | Foreign Policy

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2021.11.29 21:52 Spooky_Sushii On the dot

I have to do things on the hour or on the half hour, like right now I’m super tired but I still have 8 minutes till I can go to sleep. Is this a broken brain thing?
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2021.11.29 21:52 a_Woke_n Just got a Moccamaster but surprise! it can't use RO water and distilled water!

So my apartment building tap water is terrible and I don't want to drink it. (smell of iron and chlorine) I have a 5 stage RO with no remineralization stage that I haven't installed yet. Would adding alkaline and remineralization make it ok to use?
Another option is, I have both Zero water and Brita jug. However I've read a few posts that zero is too filtered that its considered distilled. Do you guys go by TDS scores to determine if its not useable?
My britta score 40+TDS.
Does anybody use costco's kirkland filtered jug? I've read it scored 20+ TDS and considered distilled which is a no in Technovorn's manual.
I do not want to buy tons of bottled spring water to bring home so any economical suggestion's would appreciated also.
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2021.11.29 21:52 m-dash 2 eGPUs on MacBook Pro

I’m new, read the beginner pages, and would love some help. My usage purpose is deep learning, not gaming.
I have 2 NVIDIA Titan RTX GPUs, and a MacBook Pro from 2018.
Could I get two Razer Core X eGPUs to enclose each of the GPUs, and connect them both via separate TB3 cables to my MacBook Pro? Have you seen this setup work?
Additional considerations: * Would I also need to install Kryptonite? * Given the GPUs are from NVIDIA, should I also consider installing Linux on my computer via Parallels Desktop? * Are there additional memory and power considerations should I be making for deep learning on my computer?
Thank you so much!
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2021.11.29 21:52 WrapCorrect Let's chat tonight

Hit me up. Let's chat
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