Got my Capital One bundle today!

2021.12.01 00:19 Ilikeyoghurtiguess Got my Capital One bundle today!

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2021.12.01 00:19 Not-Drew_ Progress

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2021.12.01 00:19 Mojo2013 What crypto platforms would you recommend to develop games like this?

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2021.12.01 00:19 Dismal-Mousse-6377 Working in the bath house.

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2021.12.01 00:19 trappedinvishal Round 2; exact same rewards as last time. F1 now FGLK.

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2021.12.01 00:19 Darkmoon_Lunaire [Request] [PC special edition] can someone please fix this mod for me? it's a very simple mod, but i have zero mod dev experience, i swear it's simple!

TLDR: i need a simple mod that makes jumping consume stamina, i found one but it's faulty, as it blindly consumes stamina with button presses instead of checking if the actual jump was done, i need it for special edition, the mod in question was made for LE but it does work on SE for some reason (the problem is not related to it being made for LE though)
I got this mod yesterday, the only thing it does is consume stamina when you jump, it even comes with a MCM menu where you can edit the amount of stamina per jump.
But there is one problem, the mod substracts the stamina the moment you press the jump key, and it doesnt "check" wheter or not you actually jumped, meaning if you are doing some other action like attacking and you press the jump key, you won't jump but stamina will be reduced anyway, also if you button-mash the jump key you can deplete your stamina in a second.
I know there are more mods that add this feature, but these come with a lot of extra stuff i don't want because i have specific mods for different stuff i don't want them to conflict.
It is an old mod, and the "bug" was already reported multiple times, but no one ever fixed it (i searched), there is one comment on its mod page of someone talking about a possible fix, quoted below, but it seems it was never done:

" There may be a way to make the script: 
scriptName JumpingUsesStaminaMCM extends SKI_ConfigBase
;-- Properties -------------------------------------- ;-- Variables --------------------------------------- 
Int costFixed = 30 Bool percent = false Int costPercent = 20 Bool jumping = false Bool modEnabled = true
;-- Functions --------------------------------------- function OnControlUp(String control, Float time) if control == "Jump" 
jumping = false endIf endFunction
function OnPageReset(String page) self.AddToggleOptionST("ENABLED", "ENABLED", modEnabled, 0) 
self.AddSliderOptionST("COST_FIXED", "Stamina Cost", costFixed as Float, "{0}", 0) self.AddToggleOptionST("percent", "Percentage", percent, 0) self.AddSliderOptionST("COST_PERCENT", "Stamina Cost (%)", costPercent as Float, "{0}", 0) endFunction
function OnVersionUpdate(Int version) Pages = new String[1] 
Pages[0] = "$General" endFunction
function OnControlDown(String control) if control == "Jump" && !jumping 
jumping = true if percent Float stam = game.GetPlayer().GetBaseActorValue("stamina") Float factor = costPercent as Float / 100 as Float Float cost = stam * factor game.GetPlayer().DamageAV("stamina", cost) else game.GetPlayer().DamageAV("stamina", costFixed as Float) endIf endIf endFunction
function OnConfigInit() self.RegisterForControl("Jump") 
Int function GetVersion() return 1 
;-- State ------------------------------------------- 
function OnSliderAcceptST(Float value) costFixed = value as Int 
self.SetSliderOptionValueST(costFixed as Float, "{0}", false, "") endFunction
function OnSliderOpenST() self.SetSliderDialogStartValue(costFixed as Float) 
self.SetSliderDialogDefaultValue(30 as Float) self.SetSliderDialogRange(0 as Float, 200 as Float) self.SetSliderDialogInterval(1 as Float) endFunction
function OnDefaultST() costFixed = 30 
self.SetSliderOptionValueST(costFixed as Float, "{0}", false, "") endFunction
function OnHighlightST() self.SetInfoText("Fixed stamina cost of jumping.") 
endFunction endState
;-- State ------------------------------------------- 
state percent
function OnSelectST() percent = !percent 
self.SetToggleOptionValueST(percent, false, "") endFunction
function OnDefaultST() percent = false 
self.SetToggleOptionValueST(percent, false, "") endFunction
function OnHighlightST() self.SetInfoText("Whether jumping cost should be percentage based.") 
endFunction endState
;-- State ------------------------------------------- 
function OnSliderAcceptST(Float value) costPercent = value as Int 
self.SetSliderOptionValueST(costPercent as Float, "{0}", false, "") endFunction
function OnSliderOpenST() self.SetSliderDialogStartValue(costPercent as Float) 
self.SetSliderDialogDefaultValue(20 as Float) self.SetSliderDialogRange(0 as Float, 100 as Float) self.SetSliderDialogInterval(1 as Float) endFunction
function OnDefaultST() costPercent = 20 
self.SetSliderOptionValueST(costPercent as Float, "{0}", false, "") endFunction
function OnHighlightST() self.SetInfoText("Percent based stamina cost of jumping.") 
endFunction endState
;-- State ------------------------------------------- 
function OnSelectST() modEnabled = !modEnabled 
self.SetToggleOptionValueST(modEnabled, false, "") if modEnabled == true self.RegisterForControl("Jump") else self.UnregisterForControl("Jump") endIf endFunction
function OnDefaultST() modEnabled = true 
self.SetToggleOptionValueST(modEnabled, false, "") endFunction
function OnHighlightST() self.SetInfoText("Whether jumping should cost stamina.") 
endFunction endState
trigger the Stamina damage on a RegisterForAnimation function instead of RegisterForControl("Jump"). I don't know enough about the CK to determine where the jumping animations are to get their names, and I'm busy with CACO, Cardio SE, Campfire, Bandolier, Scrolling Speed tweaking at the moment. This is eventually something I hope to get around to figuring out, though. " 
If someone would be so kind, there are already some mods around with this feature properly implemented, so perhaps you can copy paste some code into this? or even extract that sole feature from some big mod? i only need the jumping-uses-stamina but the mods that do add it properly come with a shitton of other changes i don't want, please help!
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2021.12.01 00:19 Mikeymike34 Byeeeeee

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2021.12.01 00:19 tisfun09 I don't understand this question on my worksheet, please help

Penny Pug is sitting at rest on a skateboard and subjected to a constant force of 50 N at an angle of 60 degrees above horizontal for 5 meters. Then the force changes to 10 N parallel to the motion for 3 meters. The pug and skateboard have a combined mass of 35 kg. a. How much work is done be each force? b. What is the final KE of the pug and skateboard after 8 meters? C. What is the final speed?
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2021.12.01 00:19 Successful-Buy1167 Do you think 5k gems could come in handy in the next event so should I get 4 mil from 2.5 k gems ?

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2021.12.01 00:19 AkagamiShanks26 ARPG Games similar to Path of Exile which can run smoothly on Mac. P.S. Has anyone encountered heating issues on MacBook pro m1 while playing path of exile

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2021.12.01 00:19 Puzzleheaded-Song524 I've looked all over

What aquatic animals can live together?
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2021.12.01 00:19 OldPollution2886 Part of phone is suddenly blank when looking at a certain angle

I have never noticed it before but it is occurring in both eyes, I even tested it just looking straight ahead and it’s probably like maybe less that 15 degrees from my center of vision, like the object will blank out but I can sense the missing area even with my phone closer to my face Edit: this has never happened to me before like the text or whatever I’m looking at is just gone from my peripheral vision. I know I have calcium on the optic nerve but went to the optometrist a while back for new floaters and small light sparks they said migraines but is it really
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2021.12.01 00:19 Helpful_Positive_324 New COVID variant: What is omicron, where has it spread, are vaccines effective?

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2021.12.01 00:19 _dlouhy Homemade pumpkin ice cream with candied walnuts

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2021.12.01 00:19 4usGump Moving On (this sucks)

First off you can't have my stuff because I hope one day this game is much better than what it is. This isn't a doomer post which says this is the worst game of all time because it isn't, but it will detail what has brought me to the point where I no longer want to log in. Brace yourself this is a long one,
TLDR included at end.

This game has been a severe let down for me, not that I haven't gotten my money's worth with 1k hours played. mind you many nights I just left the login screen up so I'm sure its more like 700 hours or so. It hasn't been until the last couple weeks that it has hit me how bad of a spot we're in. I'm the last of all my friends to even still be playing as of today with all of them surprised I'm still playing "cope world" as they call it.
The issues plaguing the game are just inept developers at the helm. I have been playing mmos for like 20 years at this point and honestly I have not seen such a consistently bad job week after week. I would say it's as if the devs don't play their own game, but I believe that is industry standard at this point.

Issue 1- End game grind for gear is just not fun and made even more not fun with last patch. I would rather suffer through a million great axe rush matches than suffer the daily chest runs which are lifeless and do not belong as a video game system. The water mark system needs to be thrown out completely.

Issue 2- OPR is ruined by brutes and more specifically the fact that brutes can retreat and regain all their health. A needed change if devs are going to keep these insanely OP creatures in OPR, is to remove any possibility of them regaining health due to the mandatory musket user who doesn't want to die after they pulled the brute. And i know what you'll say, ranged users will just glitch them out and kill them from afar to which I say allow the brutes to pull ranged users off rocks and cliffs somehow. This game also needs a different 5v5 mode where you can have smaller more meaningful pvp with your friends. I think it's important for this mode to be able to be qued with a full team of 5 only as randoms would be destroyed by any competent team. Maybe have a different OPR game mode such as capture the flag or maybe a mode where you must hunt extremely dangerous boss mobs whilst fighting off the other team or maybe multiple other teams?

Issue 3- Balancing in this game is so so so horrible. This is the biggest problem for me to be honest as i love the pvp and in particular the duels in this game. I'm not asking the devs to balance the game around 1v1 but its clear the insanely strong 1v1 weapons such as great axe and void gauntlet are transferring to group pvp as well. Void and great axe need to be nerfed as hard as fire staff.

Void gauntlet players are hitting insanely hard while healing for big chunks giving other melee aside from the great axe essentially no chance to realistically fight them aside from running from their circle of death so they can switch to ranged mode and blast you. Even great axe players are struggling against this weapon.

Great axe players are hitting for crazy amounts of damage on a weapon which is the easiest to melee with, has unlimited utility, and even inappropriate healing. This weapon is so frustrating to play against for other melee specifically dex based melee weapons which seem to be nowhere near them in power.

Grit- At 300 strength this is when great axe comes online as a truly unstoppable force. It allows players to make too many mistakes and not be punished with stuns being the only thing which can stop them. No other perk at 300 is as strong as this one or considered a must have. Either remove this trait from the game or make other 300 traits comparable in power.

Rapier- My favorite weapon in the game with what should be crazy outplay potential but oh guess what the main feature of the weapon riposte can be blocked and dodged by any competent players. Heres a hint on if you are playing somebody good or bad in pvp, if you get more than 1 riposte on them they are not a good players and your victory against them means nothing. Ripostes are only consistent when used on abilities, and weapons like the void gauntlet and great axe will left click to victory knowing you can do nothing about it. I saw a video yesterday of a rapier player killing a great axe user with maybe 7k hp? and posters are going wild saying things like "SEE GREAT AXE ISNT THAT OVERPOWERED GUYS", but any competent rapier user saw the great axe user literally use a regular heavy attack and not dodge the riposte then get destroyed in one combo. Competent great axe players and void gauntlet players will DESTROY you as a rapier user. I'm fine with there being some counter play to riposte but not to the point of being able to completely shut down a flagship skill. I recommend when a player blocks a riposte to automatically break their block prompting a 1 second stun and when a player dodges a riposte to knock them to the ground. This seems like a fair compromise to me to reward good players for game knowledge.

Spear- Extremely telegraphed weapon which struggles to actually hit on their big skills. The kick on this weapon should have a MUCH BIGGER hit box consistent with every great axe power because currently hitting somebody with it is like hitting somebody with a bow. Sweep sounds good in practice, too bad its very telegraphed and 300 strength great axe uses wont care anyway because their grit they wont get knocked down as you hit them for 500 damage and they chunk you for 3k-4k damage even if you are wearing heavy armor.

Currently dex melee weapons feel like only a secondary weapon to bow or musket.

Bow- bow should not have hit scan but arrows need to fly 2x as fast as they do because with such a movement heavy game complete with so many iframe dodges this weapon feels like a joke to realistically use. The amount of skill this weapon requires on any other weapon would produce results twice as effective. I'm mainly talking about heavy attacks as the bow power skills feel fine.

As you can probably tell I'm not very interested in playing the meta weapon specs as I get no joy in beating other players on ez mode. I don't mind other builds being stronger, but it's the significant difference I am seeing which is killing the game for me. I feel like if i don't play certain weapons I am severely handicapping myself. I have never seen such a skill based game be so meta dependent.

You can tell me to gitgud all you want, but i'm on a very high pop server and people running these insanely OP specs say them selves how broken they are. Thank you for reading my post, I hope the game rebounds and stops its player loss, but I'm not going to sit through 6 more months of mistakes to get there. The white knights will tell me "k bye nobody cares", but we have all seen the player count dropping off a cliff week by week.. it's time to stop pretending were not in the room on fire saying this is fine. Its extremely frustrating that I feel all life of the game drained because I LOVE the combat. With that i uninstalled today and am searching for a different MMO to occupy my free time. Any suggestions are appreciated with a pvp preference.

TLDR- end game pve grind is lifeless, pvp blance is horrible, OPR needs work and instanced pvp in general needs more modes, water mark system in general is trash concept.
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2021.12.01 00:19 youngboyf7 Yb said he doesn’t think he’s going to make a song with playboi but he cool

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2021.12.01 00:19 JustJustyn97 my HT order of 2 came in today… still shocked I landed the Chase. Happy to add both to the collection!

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2021.12.01 00:19 12inchdestroyer Help us

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PayPay F&F preferred. Venmo secondary. All codes checked and verified before being sent. Please redeem immediately. No discounts on single codes, possible discount on multiple items. Please use for 4K redemption information. No refunds if you redeem incorrectly.
Thanks and enjoy the movies.
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2021.12.01 00:19 Reasonable-Ad408 There really is no shame with Color Street is there?

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2021.12.01 00:19 Crusty_s0ckL Anybody know what could be causing these random squares I've also been having a lot of graphic issues

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2021.12.01 00:19 Erc333 Is Halo 4 and 5s Campaign worth playing, or should I watch those movies with gameplay on Youtube instead?

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2021.12.01 00:19 FlannelTops_19 Bruh

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