2021 is hot and earning Gamefi inventory while playing, which one do you choose?

2021.12.01 00:04 Kitelynn 2021 is hot and earning Gamefi inventory while playing, which one do you choose?

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2021.12.01 00:04 introsort [Hiring] Program Manager- App Store - Careers at Apple (Apple)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Program Manager- App Store - Careers at Apple
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2021.12.01 00:04 Imtellingyouu Is it possible to love someone you haven’t met?

[24F] So I randomly came across this guy that is incarcerated through my cousin who shares the same cell room as him. I wrote to my cousin to check up on him and tell him about how’s it been going for me here.
Apparently my cousin and the guy [26M] had a conversation about relationships and their ideal woman. My cousin then suggested that he should meet me, because I am exactly what the guy was looking for. The guy would then ask about me to my cousin and apparently my cousin was lagging to have us talk, so my cousin gave him my number and my address to contact me. I then received a random ass letter from the inmate apologizing for randomly writing to me. My cousin then called me one day to then introduce me to this guy. I was a little bothered because I was scared that some random guy had my information and could possibly find me when he comes out.
Because I thought the damage was already done and this man already had my information, I said fuck it. I’ll just write to him as a penpal because why not. He writes as if it was poetry and we’ve been talking over the phone just having great conversations about our philosophies in life. He’s mentioned that he really likes me and even loves me and cares about me deeply and that he wants to video chat or pay for me to spend a 3 day weekend with him.
I’ve told him that it can all be great over the phone and all that, but we might not hit it off well or even really be as compatible as he thinks we are once we meet. I’ve been developing feelings for him just from how wise he is and how positive he’s been. we talk about all the things we will do once he’s out which is in a couple of months.
TLDR; can you fall for someone you haven’t met with someone who’s incarcerated.
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2021.12.01 00:04 ykitty2004 I want the power to make my AO cry

idk I just wanna be so good at writing that I can move someone to tears in 300-650 words wbskdjfd
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2021.12.01 00:04 FluffyBuns14 Are there any games on PC that have a custom games browser like Halo MCC?

I love all the chaotic game modes in Halo MCC
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2021.12.01 00:04 mumPotatoes Forgetting to play the game after a few drinks

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2021.12.01 00:04 Sina5105 I want to start trading Ethereum and cryptos in general

I want to mainly invest in Ethereum. What platform should I use? Im thinking between Binance, Crypto.com, or coinbase? Which one should I use?
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2021.12.01 00:04 Shartladder I love the man

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2021.12.01 00:04 These-North3302 [MAJOR SPOILERS]. The CGI scared me for how good it was, totally looked like Harold was on set. They tried this before in Star Wars movies and it was a little off, but it was perfect and flawless here. I guess him being a ghost helped but man... I'm impressed.

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2021.12.01 00:04 NPC2001 Error code 14 & 10011 fixes?

Has anyone figured out how to fix these two errors? I’ve installed, reinstalled, validated, and talked to EA support. I’m on a steam account. Help please :(
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2021.12.01 00:04 redandjuicy Smart TV that shows what music it's playing?

Has anybody found a way to show the music they are playing on their smart TV? For instance on Amazon music I want to be able to look up and see what music is playing but the screensaver always comes on... Obviously don't want to turn off the screensaver because that would burn the screen. I have a new LG OLED. I can't believe a screensaver that incorporates the album/music information isn't standard by now on all music apps... The technology is 20 years old to do that
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2021.12.01 00:04 Viviipuff9 I don't get discharge anymore? 20F

It's been MONTHS since I've had discharge and I'm wondering if that's linked to my possible uti or yeast infection? (I get reoccurring yeast infections) I've tried to use boric acid but it doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I just wake up with my v burning and gritty stuff coming out. I'm still a virgin, the only sexual activity I've received is oral but it's been weeks since that's happened. My bf is free from any STD's. Should I be concerned? Is there something wrong with me?
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2021.12.01 00:04 such_is_Quin Hiii ~ AMAB minor

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2021.12.01 00:04 Saqsafone So, how’d I do?

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2021.12.01 00:04 Whey-Men Up to one in 11 staff in some UK jails investigated for misconduct . Analysis of MoJ figures for England and Wales reveals disproportionate level of misconduct inquiries in some jails

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2021.12.01 00:04 -MoneyMonkey- What Is Torum?

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2021.12.01 00:04 Johnny-Unitas Looking for locally made jewelry or art

I am looking for artistic jewelry or art. Not necessarily made in Hamilton but at least Canadian. Does anyone know of a store in Hamilton that might have this? Not finding much from Google.
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2021.12.01 00:04 wooksclubu Rakuten Referral Code : up to $40 BONUS Cash Back Link

Rakuten Referral Code : up to $40 BONUS Cash Back Link Rakuten Referral Link for bonus $10~$40 ( It defends on their offer period )
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  3. · Search "Store Name" (e.g. Samsung in Rakuten)
  4. · On Rakuten on Samsung's webpage - Click on "Shop Now"
  5. · It will take you to the Shopping Cart- Complete the transaction
  6. · Check Rakuten Account for Shopping trip
  7. · Rakuten Account will be updated with cashback in 1-2 days.

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2021.12.01 00:04 Wutbot1 Wutbot on "Hump, Nothing": [r/wallstreetbets] Shorts are nothing but a speed hump 🐪 to Elon

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2021.12.01 00:04 GHonkBonk Not on a speed set, but it is pretty nice.

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2021.12.01 00:04 CoffeeChangesThings ELI5: how to file my BDD claims on e-benefits?

I'm remote and my closest VSO is 70 miles (not even in my county); closest DAV is 90. The VSO is telling me they don't look through medical records (mine are almost 2000 pages long). They just coach you over the phone. I'm afraid I'm going to miss something, for example, "this condition most likely caused this condition, so claim both under xyz overarching reason." Like tinnitus + hearing loss due to flightline work.
So if I want to do it right, how do I do it? Tomorrow is my 180th day (first day I can submit my BDD claims) and i would reeeeally like to get it done tomorrow because the next day I start Skillbridge and won't have much time due to the commute.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.12.01 00:04 Moon-Bro Wyverns - First WorldEmber Article

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2021.12.01 00:04 killzone11 New comic reader here

I just recently started reading comics weekly and want to jump into batman but am kinda finding it hard finding a jumping on point. Should I just wait for fear state to end or go back and read up?
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2021.12.01 00:04 PreciateLivin Bee.com

Here is my invitation link for BEE Network. Use the invitation code: mbangal. Download at https://bee.com/en/download
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2021.12.01 00:04 PfoorKhoays 🌀 GreenFEG presale is LIVE | New, exclusive and limited NFT collection coming soon 🔥 Launch @ 19:00 UTC ✅

🔥 Mint exclusive Green FEG NFTs 🔥
✅ RUG FREE - 100% SAFE
The Telegram group is growing extremely fast. DO NOT miss out. We are FULLY DOXXED on video chat through telegram. We will stay live for around 2+ hours every day to let everyone know that we are active and working hard. We are putting 100% into our project! New and unique NFTs are being created that are going to be exclusive for GreenFEG community
About Green FEG
Green FEG says no to rugs and scammers, we want to help people suffering from all the scams on the BSC. People scam because it's easy, but we want to do provide you with a safe token with excellent rewards and benefits from holding even though it will be harder! We have a real use case to develop, we will need a lot of funds to provide on our promises. Because of this, we are trying to get our name out there so we can have a successful launch so we can kickstart our development for the use case. We want to be pioneers in the NFT scene, that's why we will create Green FEG NFTs, which will be a limited edition release. Green FEG will be the beginning of a different NFTs collection series. We are currently developing DAPP marketplace where you can trade those NFTs with a minor minting price and minor transaction fees.
We have a lot to give! This is why we are launching GreenFEG, you just have to hold some to get crazy rewards based on volumes.
A % of every transaction will be automatically distributed to holders. These rewards will be with BNB, cause you know why wouldn't we choose it! We have a presale still live which is 66% sold already! So get in while you can because if you miss it you will regret it! As we are going to the stars. The moon is FUD!
Why choose us?
🏆 3% Liquidity
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Bot free group, Our TG is now open to the public, Join the community before we launch!
- 13% Total Tax
- 6% Reward to Holders
- 3% liquidity pool
- 4% Marketing
✅ Verified BSC Contract: 0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
🔐 LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE7dE194fD2Ad5852891346c1bDa856612Bb24B2c
🔐 Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
🔐 Pancake : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
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