Human Improvised Weapons 5-8

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Human Improvised Weapons 5-8 By: Absolute0CA
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Word Crafter’s Note: While I didn’t get the response I wished for out of the first chapter I’m still progressing with the second chapter as I believe the biggest source of the lack of interest was the lack of interaction by the Censor officer and not the content of the chapters.
I hope you all enjoy as I nail down the format and concept into something more coherent.
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Censor Officer Xericco’s Personal Log,
This damn book is going to be the death of me. It is already catching on like wildfire. I saw at least three uses of its knowledge on my way home from my office by the criminal element and once by my mate when I walked in the door and she didn’t notice me because she was busy preparing the Kala eggs.
Thankfully the Kala eggs were spared and there was only a small dent in our apartment’s door. My mate, Xira fretted over me all night feeling terrible that she nearly struck me with a deadly improvised weapon and confessed she had been reading this book.
It was an interesting and enlightening read she had said… That does not bode well for my current assigned task.
/End Log
Censor Officer Xeircco’s Profesional Log,
I am late reporting into work today because some criminal attempted to rob me on my way to work. I loath to admit this, but the current book I am reviewing is the one thing that saved me.
As unnatural as it was when I had been confronted by [Redacted, police report not finished] I froze in place as is usual for my species’s panic response. An unfortunate evolutionary feature that has been taken advantage of countless times by the criminal world, and various enemies over the past thousands of years. Give us a good threat display and we freeze solid, even after the display goes away, leaving us vulnerable to attacks and muggings. It might have been viable at some point in our past evolution as coral-dwelling octopi but it has since become a great liability in a galaxy full of sapient life.
I am conflicted, on one hand, the book I had begun reading for work saved my life. Oh, right I forgot to mention that, I powered through my freeze response by the strength of will. He had unwisely closed the distance expecting an easy search through my pocket belt before I had time to unfreeze. Unfortunately for him, I managed to move, grab a short, sharp piece of broken branch with one of my tentacles, and stabbed my attacker through the eye.
I honestly don’t know how I managed it, but I suspect it has something to do with improvised weapons 1 and 2 in the book and with it being fresh in my mind. I said in my personal log earlier today this book was going to be the death of me, so far it has potentially saved me, as I was writing this the police reported that apparently [redacted] is a wanted serial murder, and his common method was killing while robbing people in the street, much like our encounter.
It’s funny how their faint damning of my actions for stabbing someone in the eye turned into roaring praise and congratulations as that information came to light.
Anyways I’ve written too much and I’ll need to work late tonight to make up for showing up late.
/End Log
Weapon 5: Lego
Lego is a human building toy it is comprised of many variously sized, shaped, and colored plastic blocks. Now I know what you’re thinking how can a toy be a weapon? Well to find that out is exactly what you’re reading this book for.
Now, this isn’t as useful or as lethal as some of the other entries in this book, but it can still have its place, especially against races who don’t commonly wear footwear. The common 2x2 lego block is tiny, cube-like, and has incredibly sharp edges while being able to support roughly 400kg before collapsing. It is not lethal, this is not that kind of weapon, but it has been proven to be painful in the extreme as many human parents with kids can attest.
It is best used as a defensive tool in a dark environment to alert you to a presence of a threat and give you time to strike either with your own natural weapons, another improvised weapon, or a grapple. Though only use the latter as a matter of last resort, any weapon is better than none.
Step, Step, curse, swear, these little fuckers hide anywhere.
Weapon 6: Bar Stool
The humble bar stool is a backless, stool, usually in the three-foot tall range, and usually made of wood or steel tubing. As a Weapon is is considerably better than most would think at a glance, of course, it isn’t a better weapon than a dedicated one, but that’s not the point of this book now is it? The point is to use common everyday things as weapons until such time as you can get something better, or the threat has ended.
In combat, it is best to pick up the barstool and use its significant length to keep distance between you and your opponent. It is recommended to keep the top towards you as a padded seat makes for a poor blunt force weapon, and can provide some cushion when you use the stool to block attacks. Bar stools are poor stabbing weapons so it is recommended to only swing them when space allows, and if not try to force your opponent against a wall or into a corner and use your body mass to attempt to enhance the impact of your attacks.
On the defense, a bar stool can be used in advanced techniques to disarm foes, but most are better off using it to keep the distance in an engagement. If you need more leverage turn it sideways and use all your limbs to support it against a strike. Though using this method you must beware of your opponent simply hitting through the gaps in the stool legs.
Crash, Crash, Bang, Boom. Use the stool to buy your room.
Weapon 7: Sand
On first look sand is sand, what the hell could you possibly do with it to actually harm someone. Sure its course, rough, and it gets everywhere, but that’s a nuisance, and not actually harmful. Well to the odd alien race it might be, but I retired before first contact so I wouldn’t know.
I would like to note the following doesn’t just apply to sand but nearly all powdered, and grained materials.
The first use of sand is actually as a thrown weapon, assuming you have manipulators that actually can pick up a volume of it, and your biology allows throwing. You pick up a handful of sand and throw it in your opponent’s ocular sensors, mouth, vulnerable anatomy of the species you’re facing. This can be disorientating, debilitating, and depending on the species and type of granular material lethal to some species. Though it is unwise to count on that, the biggest point is to disorientate your opponent to buy time to attack them with some other more efficient method.
The other use of granular and powdered materials is to place roughly half to two kilos of it into a cloth or plastic bag, socks, long gloves, and any sort of tube with a closed-end also works to make a crude blunt force weapon. The extra acceleration and leverage this provides over a more traditional hit with your manipulator can be significant, especially for invertebrates, and against armored targets, your natural weapons are useless against. A concussive force can often be transferred through armor and buy you time to do something else by disorientating your opponent.
Sand rocks their socks off.
Weapon 8: Screw Driver
A common tool for small projects, hobbyists, and for occasional use on big projects. Also related: Awls, probes, and icepicks. A manual method to insert and extract threaded fasteners, usually a hardened steel shaft press-fit into a plastic semi ergonomic handle. I have no idea how common they are in the wider galactic community, but anything fitting their general description is suitable as a weapon in this section of the guide.
A screwdriver is only suitable for stabbing, slashing with it while painful is not debilitating and leaves no lasting damage. Stubby screwdrivers designed for small spaces are not useful as a weapon as they are too short. A normal screwdriver offers 3-4 inches of penetration and because the shaft and tip are made out of hardened steel will defeat most natural and many artificial armors if enough force is put behind it.
It is also a shockingly effective throwing weapon, able to be thrown half a dozen meters and still penetrate thin bone, clothing, flesh, and some armor. Though you have to practice throwing screwdrivers before you encounter an opponent to really make use of them. You need to be able to control the spin of the screwdriver well enough it lands tip first at nearly any distance. Landing handle first is liable to only have a pissed-off opponent working out their frustrations on you.
The less said about the nonexistent defensive qualities of a screwdriver the better.
If you need to use it you’re probably screwed, at least screw them too.
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He doesn’t necessarily know/it was never discussed that I am officially NC-ing, but I said very clearly we could not be friends so us not communicating at all will not be a surprise to him.
What I’m wondering…the whole powebasis of NC is breaking the addiction/ease the pain of not having that person in your life etc. But…does that not apply to the dumper too? As in, by being on the receiving end of NC - are they not feeling those same benefits?
I guess by going no contact my hope is that my ex will realise what he lost (not to get him back, I just want him to realise), and I think he has, however…will these months of NC not help him heal and ease the pain of that? I want to do NC for me - I don’t want it to help him too. So I guess my question is, are the ‘benefits’ of NC different for the dumper? And if so, why?
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  2. Takie is a humanoid with white skin and no pupils, takie also has an unnaturally long tongue.
  3. They wear a black Habit (Nun's dress.) The top of it is light gray.
  4. Takie wears a black cross around her neck.
  5. Takie wears a nun's hat.
  6. Takie wears black nun shoes and grey knee-high leggings.


  1. None
  1. 2x Caltrops: A set of caltrops that can be used to trap areas.
  2. Pepper spray: Police strength pepper spray bottle.
  3. Dagger set: Takie has a hidden set of 4 small steel daggers under her Habit.
  4. Cleaver: Takie has a large meat cleaver under her Habit.
  5. 2x Holy Acid: Bottles of Nitric acid that can be thrown at opponets.
  6. 'The Ripper': Takie's preffered weapon, a large chainsaw, the handle is painted black.

Backstory: Unknown.
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Here are 4 coaching tips to consider:
Consider different learning habits: Some would prefer a classroom setting, others one-on-one sessions, etc.
Focus on one aspect at a time: It'll be easier to improve and track the results of one goal.
Provide honest feedback: Knowing what your reps are doing wrong and not expressing it isn't fair to them.
Positive reinforcement: Keep up the good vibes!
What am I missing?
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Hey there! I'm Jamie and I'm from the UK. I'm a pretty atheltic, skinny guy. I'm 21 and I'm at uni atm but that's boring so let's not talk about that!
Im generally quite sporty and just a typical guy. I like football (soccer) and I'm looking to get into basketball and maybe start working out too although I'm completely beginner level at both haha so if you workout or play basketball, hit me up! A gym buddy would be great! I like chilling with friends and watching quiz shows too.
Yes, I am 4'8 (138cm) with shoes and hair, 4'4 (132cm) without, if that's an issue for you but I cant change it and dont mind talking to people whatever height, size, gender etc! I'm willing to chat about it if you want though!
Message me for my discord!
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