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Crypto.com Buys Two Exchanges From IG Group for $216 Million (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

2021.12.01 06:07 ASICmachine Crypto.com Buys Two Exchanges From IG Group for $216 Million (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.12.01 06:07 ravius22 Entry level IT job at a college

Hey guys so I applied to a college help desk position, all I have is a interest and no experience ans the Google it cert from coursera. I have customer service experience so I feel I'm a good fit.
I applied to one ans the director emailed me asking what my salary expectation was. I said 38k-50k, as the starting help desk job at my government job Is about that. He said it has growth potential as well. I feel like I fucked up saying that response to him. Should I email him again (without him replying yet) and say 30-35k? I would get free college classes, growth potential, a great step in the door. He said he wanted to know my expected salary to move forward with the position. I feel as if I might appear unprofessional emailing him again without him relying first, but I don't want to miss this opportunity.
If anyone had ant advice or guidance or a good response let me know please. Sorry for the typos, I'm using my phone
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2021.12.01 06:07 dekecs Need help - Patient calendar

Hello! I am learning C++ for a few weeks, and my mentor gave me an exercise and I think its a bit of a steep, but I don't want to dissapoint him so I call the fellow redditors to help me tackle this problem.
Here is the description:
- Make a monthly calendar, where you can click on the chosen day to view/edit its form (per day).
- List of the patients (create, update, delete records)
- Remind me function (signal when a specific date is expired)
- Specific dates:
- - Medical recommendation (30 days before the expiration)
- - Individual care plan (90 days before creation)
- - Medical Identification (60 days before expiration)
- - Stool test results (every 3 days when its activated)
- When there is a specific date occurs at a specific patient, you also have to show a red ! mark at the list of the patients.

Where do I begin? I only made console small programs without proper GUI. Do I need some kind of library to make it?
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2021.12.01 06:07 ASICmachine My friends and I are doing “Crypto Secret Santa” this year… (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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I have just moved from one big4 to another and got a nice salary bump (around %120) which made me really happy. However, I'm paid in local currency and the value of salary has dropped everyday for %1-2 since then due to economic downturn in my country. My last monthly pay is %30 less then previous one in terms of USD which is ridiculous. I'm afraid that my wage will drop below the my previous salary in terms of USD and more importantly it will not be enough to "live". It's accustomed for MBB and some smaller firms such as AT Kearney and Oliwer Wyman to pay in USD in my country. Yet, Big 4 stopped paying in USD around 2008 and started using local currency. I know that they adjust project fees accordingly with changes in exchange rate. Currently trying to find a role in another country but open to any ideas especially about my communication with the firm.
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Hello, I'd like to know if the cashback has a limit or it applies for every purchase using Nexo card?
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2021.12.01 06:07 Maleegee [BATTLE] Italian Wars, Campaign Season of 1503

Lombardy March 1503 The Austrian army assembling in Innsbruck was impressive. Not nearly as large as the army that went on Maximilian’s Crusade, but the scope of this conflict was much smaller. In all, they numbered some 26,000 soldiers. With Maximilian were several heroes of the Crusade. Georg von Frundsberg commanded the army as a whole in Maximilian’s name. Götz von Berlichingen, equipped with a prosthetic arm, also held a position of importance. Also with the army was the Elector-Marshal of Saxony, and Ludovico Sforza - hoping to get his Duchy back. As the army descended down the Trentino, they entered Venetian territory. Rounding the city of Verona en route to the Mincio, they found the folks of the country viewing them with suspicion and hostility. Along with this hostility, were reports of locals stealing goods from the baggage train in the night. Crossing the Mincio via the fortress town of Peschiera, the Austrians met with the Mantuans, led personally by Marquess Francesco II Gonzaga. Successfully outbidding the French, the Austrians had won the apparent loyalty of the Mantuans. The Mantuans, as honourable and kind gentlemen they are, sent a letter to the French,
To the esteemed leader of the French Army,

One hopes that this letter finds the reader in high spirits, spirits which are so high that they cannot possibly be ruined by even the slightest bit of bad news which this letter contains. Or, conversely, one may also hope that this letter finds the reader in such miserable and ruinous spirits that their spirits cannot plunge any lower due to the bad news that they are about to read. And the bad news that is contained in this letter shall be coming soon, within the next sentences, however, it is hoped that this sentence, and possibly future sentences following this very sentence and the great amount of words that these sentences contain serve as a buffer or distraction to the very possible crushing blow that one receives when they are the reader of bad news. This letter is to inform the French clients of the Margraviate of Mantua of the nature of our existing contract and the swift and sudden change of that nature due to circumstances of an unforeseen nature. One would imagine that by the time of receiving this letter one would also expect the Mantovani condottieri to arrive as well to bolster the size of the French forces in whatever endeavors that they are about to set out to do. But as you will soon learn, dear reader, or as you can tell by the apologetic nature of this letter is that the Mantovani condottieri are not due to arrive, for reasons which shall be explained so very shortly. As one knows, the very nature of a mercenary is go, as they say, and they very often say this, so often, in fact, that if one has not heard of this saying, another one who is different from the one which has not heard this saying would have to wonder about that other one about where that one has been. What kind of places has that one been in which they are not hearing this saying, one might think of that other one, would they not? And the saying that that one may not have heard, the one which is so common, for a mercenary, at least, is that a mercenary must go where the money is, and that is, in fact, the saying which is so often said and that one often hears, unless, of course, they are not one to remember such common sayings, in which case this letter does not mean offense. In this very instance, a sizable sum of money has been promised, in very fine print and writing, to the Marquess of Mantua, by a certain client of a very certain amount of wealth. This sum of money is sizable indeed, more sizable than the sum of money which the French offered the Mantovano treasury, that the Mantovani have no choice but to refuse to serve the French and their money, and will instead serve the other very wealthy client which has offered so much money. By this point in time, after reading all the words that the letter contains, one may be quite confused as to the state of things.This is also exactly what happened to the treasurer of Mantua, who was very confused by the sudden news of French florins being sent to Mantua, then, a startling bit of contradictory news which stated that the French were not hiring the Mantovani forces, but rather that the other very well off client, who offered more money, was instead hiring the Mantovani instead. Well, this news is not quite so confusing to those that have heard the very famous saying about mercenaries and about how they are always going to where the money is, and, in fact, the treasurer of Mantua has heard this before, yet he was still very frustrated and confused as now all the books had to be rewritten to show the correct incoming and outgoing finances, and it was a whole ordeal that quite frankly, lies in the fault of the French. That is why I attached to this letter, we have included a bookkeeping bill of 10 florins, to be paid to the treasurer of Mantua, for his troubles, which were caused by the French.
The Margraviate of Mantua
The French, who were assembling on the far side of the French Alps, were baffled and confused. In their confusion, they agreed to pay the 10 florins to the Mantuans, who promptly claimed a victory.
As the Austrians passed through Venetian territory, the Venetian navy began to blockade Trieste. No ships were allowed to and from the port without first being cleared by Venetian ports. The Austrians knew that this was a threat - abide by the agreement or Austria would be cut from Adriatic trade. Whether or not it would escalate would remain to be seen.
Crossing the Adda, the Austrians found that there was little resistance. With the Mantuans no longer arriving in Milan, the French only had enough forces to hold Milan itself. Munzo, Como, and Lodi all fell quite quickly to the Austrians, who paraded around Ludovico Sforza - who, despite being despised by Germans - was quite well-liked in his former Duchy. Pavia was the one city - other than Milan itself - that did not surrender. The city did not have quite the garrison as Milan - but it boasted powerful defences, and a bridge across the Ticino that made siege nigh impossible. Splitting their forces along the river, the Austrians settled in for a siege of Milan.
Initially, they expected the siege to be rather quick - a whiff of gunpowder would blast away the walls, and a quick assault would result in the city succumbing to Imperial authority. Ludovico, however, had invested a great deal of time into the defenses of the city before he was evicted by the French. The Sforzan castle stood tall and proud - and was extremely resistant to cannonfire. The city itself, despite boasting rather dated medieval walls that crumbled easily to cannonfire, had a network of canals surrounding the city. These canals allowed for trade to flow easily throughout Lombardy, but they also proved vital defenses for the city. Any assault would involve crossing the moat, and meeting certain doom. The siege would drag on until July, when it would be interrupted...
June 1503 The French were spotted at Novara. They intended to cross the Mincio in force, as one. With them were several thousand Ferrarans, under Alfonso d’Este, the son of the North Wind, Duke Ercole d’Este. As the French army approached the Ticino River, the Imperial army understood that there would not be an opposition - not a meaningful one anyways. Choosing instead to preserve their lives instead of throwing it away needlessly, they conceded the crossing, and sent for help.
In all, the Imperials were able to bring most of their forces together, with the force tasked with securing the river under Berlichingen being bolstered by Frundsberg, who had brought from the siege camp of Milan some 6,000 men. Together with Berlichingen, the Imperial Army numbered some 3,100 cavalry, 18,000 infantry, and 5,750 crossbowmen and muskeeters. Also with them were 13 field guns, and 25 light guns.
Opposing them were the French, joined by the Ferrarans, who numbered some 10,500 Cavalry, 13,000 Infantry, and 3,000 crossbowmen and musketeers.Bolstering their force was a battery of 60 field guns and 30 light guns.
July 1503 Setting up camp once across the river, the French sent envoys to Maximilian and his army opposing them - asking for a proper field battle. Maximilian, of course, obliged. It was the fields outside of Magenta that would decide the course of the war.
The battle started with the French advancing. Their forces were arrayed in typical fashion, with their main force arranged into 3 formations, staggered so that the rightmost block is ahead the center block, and the center ahead of the leftmost block. These blocks are composed of a mixture of cavalry, infantry, and ranged units. Behind them is the artillery, located in the middle. As the French are advancing, however, the artillery is limbered until it can be brought into position. On either side of the artillery are lancers, held in reserve.
Opposing the French, the Imperial army is arranged in very much a similar fashion, but with a crucial difference - their cavalry are on their own, split into two units, on the flanks.
As the French advanced, the Austrian artillery opened fire, ripping into the exposed cavalry and infantry of the French center. The French light cavalry present began to form up and surge forward, in order to buy time for the army, and allow for the French guns to unlimber in range of the Austrians. As the French cavalry drew near the Austrian lines, muskets began to crackle at them. Proving to be more of a nuisance than anything, the French pressed onwards, and began harassing the Imperial lines.
A second barrage from the Imperial Army was disorganized and hasty, as the gunners balked at the sign of the French cavalry dancing around to their front. The cavalry were not able to distract the Austrian lines, nor were they able to do any damage, really, as the pike squares simply readied their pikes, and chased off the cavalry. Deciding to part ways, and rally for another attack, the French caught a nasty parting kiss from Imperial bolt and shot alike.
The Imperials scramble to fire a third salvo before the French guns finish setting up. Ripping into the French center, the guns hit their mark, but are met with a reply from French guns, who manage to make some meaningful hits on the Austrian center. Greatly outnumbering their enemy, the French guns would come to dictate the course of the battle.
The French cavalry approach yet again. Now is the time to bait the Austrians into an attack. With a dashing charge, they approach the lines of their enemy, and begin launching all manner of projectiles into their lines. Scores of Austrians fall to the light cavalry, but the Austrians reply in kind with musket and crossbow, and devastate the light cavalry, who are repulsed and sent back to their own lines, tail between their legs.
With another exchange of artillery salvoes, the French prove that their artillery is not only more numerous, but more accurate. Now is the time for Tremoille to attack. With the sounds of trumpets filling the air, French banners are unfurled, and Tremoille draws his sword. It is time.
As the French advance, their artillery continues to pound the front of the Austrian lines, making it difficult for them to form up. The Austrian gunners are unable to account for the French advance, and largely miss their mark.
The Austrians begin shooting at the French as they approach, cutting down dozens of advancing Frenchmen. Navarrese Arquebusiers, however, respond in kind - though they are much fewer than their Austrian counterparts. Now was the time for impact.
The French cavalry in the left and right of the formations begin to fan outwards, to take advantage of the weak cavalry presence of the Austrians. Forming up into lines, the cavalry would charge en haie.
The French cavalry on the left found themselves utterly parried by the Austrian cavalry. Although they were much fewer in number, they proved an ample distraction for the French cavalry, who were eager for glory in defeating fellow cavalrymen. Rather than attacking the vulnerable sides of the Austrian infantry formations, the cavalry latched on to the Austrian cavalry. The right flank, however, found no trouble with the Austrian cavalry. The Austrian cavalry panicked and scattered when the French cavalry charged. Those that were not able to get out of the way in time found themselves swept away in a flood of French chivalry. The cavalry timed their assault so that the first attack would hit after the infantry had already made contact.
The French infantry on the right struck decisively. With artillery battering their opponents, they were able to wedge themselves in, and pin the pike blocks - readying an anvil for their cavalry - the hammer - to strike. The center conducted themselves well, creating an anchor for the battle to swing around, whereas the French left conducted itself quite poorly, as the Austrians were not concerned with an imminent French cavalry attack in their flanks.
The French cavalry hit the flanks of the Austrian left. Then they hit them again - and again. The charge en haie is a charge involving lines of cavalry crashing into the enemy in rapid succession. Here, on the French right, it was working exactly as intended. Repeated charges smashed into the Austrian lines, and wreaked havoc.
With the French taking the initiative in the battle, and dishing out some serious damage, the Austrians were tested. The right flank began to become nervous, with French cavalry maneuvering around on their flanks. The right was dug in and facing all the hell that could be thrown at them - but the center stood steadfast. With Maximilian amidst them, they stood resolute, as an anchor in the storm. Surging forward, they met the French center, which was not expecting an attack. Pushing pike, they refocused the Austrian infantry, who began to fall into the new system being pioneered by Frundsberg. Artillery soared overhead - but also behind them. With the Austrian center surging forward, the Austrian guns fired far too low, and ripped into their own lines. Combined with the French artillery hitting them, they began to buckle and collapse. Only Maximilians intervention managed to hold the line. Joining his men with a pike of his own, he held the center.
The French cavalry continued their assault, and continued to pound Berlichingen’s forces - the Austrian left. Berlichingen, however, has had hell thrown at him all day. Adjusting to the new normal, he has his men forming up into Dritters - thirds - as suggested by Frundsberg. This system now begins to stave off the repeated French cavalry attacks. On the left, the story was very similar to before - with the French cavalry choosing to chew through Austrian cavalry instead of proceeding against the soft flanks of the Austrian infantry. The push of pike continued, with artillery ripping into both formations.
Austrian reserves began to rush forward to join their comrades. Rotating on the line, the Austrians are momentarily at a disadvantage. It is at this moment that the Mantuans, rotating off of the frontlines, begin to position themselves near the baggage train - ostensibly to rest, and protect the baggage from a French cavalry raid - but in reality to make a hasty getaway with any valuables they can carry.
It is at this moment, with the Austrians regaining their footing after rotating in reinforcements, that Maximilian decides that it is best to withdraw. Having recently experienced utter annihilation at Varna, he decides that it is better to fight another day while he still has an intact army, than to throw it all away in a battle that he has been losing all day. In addition, the French, as despicable as they may be, are still Christians, and will respect an honourable withdrawal.
Signalling the withdrawal, the Austrians are able to back out of Magenta, and beat a hasty retreat north of Milan. Not joining the Austrians were the Mantuans, who beat a hasty retreat - along with supply carts loaded with guns, gold, and grain, to Mantuan territory.
The French take the field. La Victoire est à nous!
July 1503 Rounding north of Milan, Maximilian’s army retrieved the forces laying siege to Milan. Perhaps if Milan had fallen, the Austrians would have carried the day at Magenta. Perhaps an assault on the city would have been far costlier than any battle had been. It was at this point that the Austrians were faced with options. They could withdraw north, to Como, and make a defensive position in the foothills of the Alps. This would leave them cut off from supplies, and utterly trapped, in exchange for extremely favourable defensive terrain. The other option was far more sound in terms of the campaign, but it did leave a sour taste in Maximilian’s mouth. The order was given to march for Crema.
The French Army tailed the Austrians, until they departed from Milanese territory. Across the Adda, the French then turned, and began liberating all the cities taken by the Austrians. Retaking Monza, the French came to an alarming discovery - the Austrians had taken the Iron Crown of the Lombards.
August 1504 Once passing Crema, the Austrians hatched a plot against their ungrateful hosts, the Venetians. They would seize all Venetian territory on this side of the Mincio River. This would mean that the Austrians could conduct operations against the French, without having to draw supplies from the Venetians. It would also anger the Venetians - and so the Austrians would start by seizing all of the crossings of the Mincio. Rallying the Mantuans (who hated the Venetians), the Austrians marched first for Peschiera, which, in thinking that they were allowing the Austrians to cross into Veneto and up the Trentino, opened the gates to their own demise. Borghetto fell soon after, and between the Mantuans and Austrians, they now controlled every crossing of the Mincio River. The rest of the year was spent seizing all Venetian territory - including the cities of Brescia, Bergamo, and Cremona.
The French, likewise, spent the rest of the year securing their holdings in Milan. Staring at one-another across the Adda River over the course of the winter, it was certain that the new year would bring another campaign to Lombardy.
Liguria Authored by Gamma
November 3rd, 1503 Just outside of Câiru Montenotte, Republic of Genoa
How had it gone so wrong?
It has been barely three and a half months since William IX Palaiologos, Marquis of Monferrato, had arrived in the city he had been chosen by the French to govern. He tried to be a friendly governor, he really did - within days of his arrival he had passed out bread to everyone he passed, purchased a bunch of expensive goods from Genovese merchants, and sent friendly reminder messages to all the nobles families reminding them that technically, he too was 1/16th Genovese (on his great-grandfather's side). Not to mention shipping all the aristocratic families of Genoa a bunch of Monferrato wine - totally free of charge - and complete with a fun information packet explaining how nice it was and all the cool people that drink it! For weeks, everything he did was to try and show his newfound affection for the people of the city he was running for them!
Yet at the first big party he had tried to throw, that pompous naval officer, Doria, had gone on some long-winded tirade against French influence or something, before breaking some very expensive glassware and stomping off like a child. William thought nothing of it at first, but before long, other members of the aristocratic families began to follow suit. First it was just the Adorno and Campfregso families - two of the most powerful in Genoa at the moment, who had been dueling for the Dogeship for the last century, and were furious at the French for interrupting that. That made sense. Then members of the Spinola family began to smash their glasses and leave as well, again a move that seemed to make sense for a family that was so loyal to Genovese independence. But then the Pallavincini move to join them. Then the Della Torre. Then even the Della Rovere, seeing the writing on the wall, gingerly set down their glasses and begin to leave. Eventually, the only major families to remain are the Durazzo, the Imperiali, and the Grimaldi, with the first two seemingly in disagreement over whether or not to leave. Needless to say, the party was ruined, and hundreds of florins in nice glassware lay shattered on the floor.
But one ruined party should not a ruined man make, so William did his best to put Doria and his annoying interruptions out of his mind. Besides, he was about to go off on campaign, to bring the unruly Lordship of Spigno back into the fold of Monferrato and to... protect some smaller states in the southeast from Imperial invasion. So he instructed his remaining administrative staff to raise a force in Genoa, while he personally hired 150 Genovese crossbow mercenaries to accompany him north to Monferrato. Linking up with another 600 men hired for this venture, William immediately begain heading south to Spigno. Approaching Spigno from north of the Bormida di Spigno, the typically drier stream was beginning to reach its mid-autumn peak for water flow, forcing the group of 750 men to head for one of the only bridges capable of carrying his field guns over the water. Manned by guards from the lordship, they were shocked to find that the Lord of Spigno was there with them - he had seen the approaching army, and come with his own force to tell William personally that "this town was his," so he should "fuck off."
Oh, well he was going to try and be reasonable, but if this is who the Lord made himself to be, then William would simply seize the land by force.
And with force he did - beating back the force at the bridge with an annoyingly long battle and spending an extra few weeks to clean up some sporadic resistance in and around the town. But soon, Spigno was his, and the rude Lord's head was floating down the Bormida di Spigno. Re-gathering his forces, William then made south for Genoa - he planned to link up with the Genovese forces that had been mustered there, spend the winter in Genoa planning and preparing for the next phase of the campaign, and then head southeast to begin his campaign of conquest protection.
But here William now stood, in front of the army raised by Genoa at his own request, and they would not let him enter Câiru Montenotte. Apparently, in the month or so he had been gone, Doria and the other unruly families had banded together and declared themselves no longer under the purview of France. They then sent the army that had been raised to meet William here at the border, and ordered them to refuse him re-entery into La Superba. Upon seeing this, even his own Genovese mercenaries ditched him to join their brothers on the Genovese side, their force now outnumbering his own 2:1. He might have a few field guns, but simply not enough men to prevent the Genovese from simply overwhelming him and taking the guns for himself. An engagement would not be possible, and he knew it. He had lost the Republic.
So, just three and a half months since he had arrived at the city he was given to govern, William IX Palaiologos, Marquis of Monferrato, found himself marching north once again. He would spend the winter in Monferrato, furious and dejected, deciding whether what he wanted more was revenge, or another glass of wine.
Naples Senarica July 1504 The Senaricchese traditionally enjoy such activities as tax evasion, claiming titles they have business holding, and haughty chest-puffing. On this particular day in June, however, the Senarichese found themselves besieged by an army twice the size of the village itself. Quickly succumbing to this display from the new Neapolitan King, the Senarichese found themselves forced to pay taxes to the Neapolitan King and stripped of all titles. Chests deflated, the Senarichese prepared to embrace the new life of anguish ahead of them. At the very least, they were granted a new title, Universitas, though this was little comfort to the former barons.
Such is life in Senarica.
Romagna May 1503 Cesare Borgia, Duke of Valentinois, Romagna, and Urbino, set out from his capital of Cesena. The French had called upon him to fight in Lombardy, but he had different, far more nefarious, ideas.
The journey of nefarious intent took Cesare and his army to the gates of Bologna. Approaching the city, Cesare asked of Giovanni II Bentivoglio, Tyrant of Bologna, to enter the city with his army. Cesare wanted to spend the night having dinner with Giovanni, and allow his men to rest within the walls of the city, and resupply. Giovanni, wisely paranoid of Cesare, politely declined to allow Cesare’s army within the City of Towers. He would, however, allow Cesare to spend the night within his home. Within this home, he allowed the Gonfaloniere to pitch a plan. [REDACTED]
By the end of the night, the two men were committed allies. They had a plan, and all they had to do was wait for Giovanni to gather his forces, and they would set out together. Giovanni was nervous, siding with a man like Cesare - but as Cesare told him, in the words of Romans 8:31,
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
July 1503 Cesare and Giovanni set forth. Together, they would make for [REDACTED]. They did not get very far, however. Resting for the night, the two armies, joined as one, set up camp together. Cesare invited Giovanni to his tent for drinks and merriment. Good music, good food, and strong wine eased the stern man, and soon enough the two men were rolling around on the floor laughing with one another. For hours, into the wee hours of the morning, the two men enjoyed each other's company, but soon enough Giovanni’s age caught up with him, and his weariness overpowered Cesare’s enchantment. Stumbling away from Cesare’s tent, he sought his own, to rest for the night. Finding a tent that was not his own sufficient, Giovanni placed his head - heavy with wine - down to sleep. After a brief rest, he awoke to the sounds of screaming.
An enemy had beset the camp in the night!
Sobered immediately by a shot of adrenaline through his icy veins, Giovanni began to scramble in the tent he immediately realized was not his own. Finding a shortsword, he emerged from the tent in his evening clothes, and found the camp in disarray. Soldiers running every which way, horses cut loose, and armour and arms scattered everywhere. The dirt beneath his feet was slick with blood. Grabbing a nearby soldier, Giovanni asked what was happening, and where Cesare was.
Soon enough, Giovanni learned what had happened. Cesare had betrayed him. Luring him away from his walls, Cesare fattened Giovanni up like a pig, and stuck him. Luckily for Giovanni, he had not gone to his own tent, for that would have surely killed him. Gathering a handful of men, he took off into the countryside, to lay low until the massacre had ended. From there, they would need to race back to Bologna.
Cesare was not able to capture Giovanni, though he was able to capture Bologna. The city fell quickly enough - its gates were opened when they noticed Cesare approaching at pace. They thought Cesare and Giovanni had encountered the enemy, and been chased away. Instead, the city was beset by Cesare’s men, and a massacre similar to that of the camp near Bologna befell the guards of the city itself. After a brief struggle, the city fell to Cesare. Although Cesare was not able to capture Giovanni, he was able to capture his family - Giovanni's wife, Ginevra Sforza, along with her and Giovanni's 9 children.
Casualties France
  • 200 Feudal Knights
  • 1000 Mercenary Cavalry
  • 300 Mercenary Pikemen
  • 200 Navarrese Rodelero
  • 50 Navarrese Mercenary Arquebusier
  • 100 Swiss Reislaufer
  • 5 Field Cannons (attrition)
  • 5 Light Cannons (attrition)
France (Milan Garrison)
  • 400 Condottieri (half from attrition)
  • 300 Stratioti
  • 20 Sappers
  • 100 Mercenary Pikemen
  • 50 Mercenary Swordsmen
  • 100 mercenary Polearms
  • 100 Mercenary Mounted Skirmishers
  • 50 Swiss Reislaufer
  • 5 Field Cannons (Attrition)
  • 300 Mercenary Cavalry (Milan Garrison)
  • 49 Condottieri
  • 1 Condottiero choked on a cannoli in the heat of battle. His death was very tragic.
Imperial Army
  • 30 Feudal Knights
  • 900 Landsknecht
  • 200 Mercenary Pikes
  • 200 Mercenary Polearms
  • 100 Mercenary Crossbows
  • 400 Mercenary Mounted Skirmishers
  • 1000 Mercenary Cavalry
  • 200 Mercenary Arquebusiers
  • 5 Siege Artillery (Attrition/destroyed)
  • 5 Field Artillery (Attrition)
  • 5 Light Artillery (Attrition)
  • 30 Sappers
  • 100 Condottieri
  • 100 Mercenary Pikemen
  • 50 Mercenary Crossbows
  • 50 Mercenary Cavalry
  • 50 Mounted Mercenary Skirmishers
  • 50 Mercenary Cavalry
  • Total annihilation. Giovanni has escaped, however
  • Pride
  • Garrisons of Venetian Lombardy
  • Venetian Lombardy
  • Mantua has switched sides to join the Austrians
  • France has defended Milan
  • Austria has occupied Venetian Lombardy
  • Venice has blockaded Trieste
  • Senarica has fallen
  • Genoa has bucked the Montferratese (and therefore French) yoke
  • Bologna is occupied by Cesare Borgia
  • Giovanni Bentivoglio has escaped, though his family is in Cesare's custody.
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uh I wanna ask if there’s any trusted websites so sell my account and maybe receive payment in terms of gift cards?
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2021.12.01 06:07 indoorjetpacks Revisiting the game after a while away..looks like the rocks I built this tree and snowman previously has since updated to air :D

Revisiting the game after a while away..looks like the rocks I built this tree and snowman previously has since updated to air :D submitted by indoorjetpacks to SatisfactoryGame [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 06:07 East-Manufacturer-95 Help

I ordered some hxh bundles that where out of stock then I saw a post that they were on back order and will come back in the end of January of 2022 is that true?
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2021.12.01 06:07 constantinesis My first steps into digital sculpting.

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2021.12.01 06:07 theSaltySolo TASM2 had awesome web swinging. I hope NWH can match this.

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2021.12.01 06:07 cmnnewsofficial David Marcus Leaves Meta (Previously Facebook)

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2021.12.01 06:07 benzalo99 EthernityCloud

Ethernity CLOUD architecture is designed to favor the most secure encryption and hashing algorithms while keeping the overhead low to prevent performance drops.
The Ethernity CLOUD infrastructure software is built on top of opensource services and technologies. Using industrywide open-source technologies and standards.
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2021.12.01 06:07 GoalooES Serie A - Sassuolo VS Napoli match preview

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2021.12.01 06:07 Darren-B80 Saudi GP press conference schedule

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2021.12.01 06:07 SRFBot Keine Gebühren für Dokumentseinsicht +++ Neue Verrechnungssteuer

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2021.12.01 06:07 I_sleepwith_your_mom Everyone in munalands dm

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2021.12.01 06:07 wantingyesterday If HoloX was doing a group project

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2021.12.01 06:07 womankilllove The Darius Truxton Song

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2021.12.01 06:07 Brave-Thanks3133 Wax unstaking issue

Need help please, trying to unstake WAX and getting this error.

Same thing in relation to voting.
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2021.12.01 06:07 psi09 What is a not so known job or profession that is pretty interesting?

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2021.12.01 06:07 captmomo rabbit fish

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