Best 3ds game for randomizer nuzlocke?

2021.12.01 03:57 PatrickAndPuff Best 3ds game for randomizer nuzlocke?

Give me your choice and why. I started one in Sun recently but im looking for a second one to run as well. Also Sun has sooooo muuuch extra text and cut scenes.
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2021.12.01 03:57 peanuspeanus Bruja???

I remember hearing a live performance and snippets from arcas story of a song called bruja but they sounded like an entirely different song than the one that got released.
Does anyone know what im talking about and if that song will be on kick iiii?
Ill post the link in the comments !
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2021.12.01 03:57 One-Clock-6016 FINALY!!!!!!

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2021.12.01 03:57 ParietalPeritoneum No Nut November conquered......

This month was nothing less than hell, but I endured day after day and finally won. The only thing that made it happen was the specific target.
If you don't make any targets and tell yourself that you'll try not to do it as long as possible, then your brain will be like “Better today than tomorrow.”, so try to make short term targets and then make them longer as you progress......
I feel so good because I wanted to test my willpower and I won in the end. The urge couldn't beat me. And if I can do it, you all can too.
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2021.12.01 03:57 wooksclubu Rakuten Referral Code : up to $40 BONUS Cash Back Link

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2021.12.01 03:57 KaiserFritt0 Has anyone else been dealing with texture issues lately?

For the last few weeks, it seems like some textures are falling under the same issue that plagues the space station shops, where the textures/details don't load at a distance until you get close. I'm dealing with several types of fighters missing their cockpit glass entirely, and they don't render until you get within interaction distance.
This is after a complete reinstall of NMS, and a fresh, clean reinstall of NVIDIA drivers after a DDU wipe of anything NVIDIA.
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2021.12.01 03:57 littlegnocchi Beans too smol. Must arrest.

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2021.12.01 03:57 angel38002 If you like naruto hentai

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2021.12.01 03:57 AutomaticVast5 Male Nudist Retreat in Puerto Vallarta! Jan. 4-11, 2022

31 yo male Living in NYC. I feel completely natural being nude and seek to create safe spaces to do so. I believe nudism is great for the environment because less waste with fast fashion and water usage for laundering. Socially, I believe it is one less barrier to true connections and transparent communication.
FYI, I'm not the organizer but seriously interested in going and potentially working with them as I look to launch my male nudist social group next year! If interested, message me and lets get a group going.
Click here for info: Male Nudist Retreat Info
Dear men, are you ready to learn more about yourselves? Do you want to meet yourself just as you are without the layers of judgments you’ve carried throughout your lives? Are you willing to face your vulnerabilities without pressure imposed by the modern notions of masculinity? Is it time for you to dive inwards, or deepen, your commitment to living with adventure and connect more deeply to what is most alive in you? This retreat is an invitation for men from all walks of life to meet together and turn their attention towards the deeper layers of being and the truths residing in each of us.
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2021.12.01 03:57 608GraphicsVisualETC [FOR SALE] LV Damier Graphite Belt 105cm (30-36 Waist) Brand New! Free 3-5 Day Shipping! PayPal Invoice Or Your Preferred Method! Includes box, Dustbag, papers.

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2021.12.01 03:57 Bitter_Hurry7698 You wish to abuse politicians, go ahead .. But why bring Ganeshji in between your filth

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2021.12.01 03:57 praiseaidan Reyes Rebels Outfit Recreation

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2021.12.01 03:57 shestheoriginal Items to give!

This was on the daily looking forequest but instead I've created it's own post, to let someone have a better chance at seeing it.
I'm looking to give away 22 items to someone, beginners and if you've restarted is encouraged. All goes to first comment.🌟 _^
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2021.12.01 03:57 AndreasGalster Is assalamualaikum a universal greeting or only among Muslim Indonesians (what about Bali)?

Hi, I'm learning Indonesian with Duolingo. Haven't touched my banana yet! Is assalamualaikum offensive/not preferred by the Balinese people who are mostly Hindu? Or is it accepted as a generic greeting?
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2021.12.01 03:57 Croshes Ew I’m so cool. Pick me , choose me , love me. I have friends unlike you losers. But it’s okay I’ll be your bestie

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2021.12.01 03:57 Lizard-King- wow, Thoughts?

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2021.12.01 03:57 Pjatteri Can't install Win10 on WD-Black SN850 M.2

So I got an Asus Strix Z270H Motherboard and WD-Black SN850 1tb M.2 and I'm trying to install win10 from usb thumbdrive (downloaded directly from windows).
I have updated my BIOS to the latest full release version.
I have tried with CSM being enabled and disabled.
I have tried this without any other drives or sata devices being connected.
So the windows installer starts up just fine, but when reaching the part where I would need to select the drive for the windows, I get an error telling I can't install it there.
I've checked numerous YT vids and searched for existing troubleshooting posts but haven't found an solution.
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2021.12.01 03:57 Anadea How to Help Your Development Team Meet the Deadline: Tips on Collaborating Efficiently

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2021.12.01 03:57 Scared_Doubt_9576 🐺 WOLFS CLAN GAMING 🐺 Just listed 🔰Telegram Embedded Arcade Gaming Bot 🐺 Audited |1000x Diamond Hold Lottery 🔮 Staking Pool and more!💖Amazing New| P2E Platform of Mini-games.

🐺 A little about WOLFS CLAN GAMING:

A P2E platform of mini-games, developed in house, that through our innovative rewards system will allow anyone, holder or not, to play, win & earn while ensuring holders still benefit.

🐺 WOLFS CLAN GAMING is providing AND play-earn crypto gaming experience running on top of the popular Telegram messaging platform. The ecosystem features a 1000x Diamond Hold lifetime lottery with winners per week, a staking pool to provide long-term stability, and token holder reflections. WOLFS CLAN GAMING also offers unique partner services with other token projects who want to use our gaming bot with their native token to grow the staking pool which in turn provides reflections!

➤ Innovative Telegram embedded Arcade Games: Have fun and win valuable prizes , all within Telegram!!!!

➤ Interact with our Telegram bot to deposit WOLFS CLAN GAMING, and play arcade games for a chance to win big! Thanks to the WOLFS CLAN GAMING , players will be able to manage their tokens and play games without leaving the Telegram environment, which makes it unique in the world.

🐺 The WOLFS CLAN GAMINGG project is unlike anything the World of Blockchain has ever seen. It has an extremely unique token economy, developed by a very experienced, energetic, and transparent team.

🐺 Main Takeaways of our WOLFS CLAN GAMING:

➤ 1000x potential

➤ Can license to other channels for profit split

➤ Provides $ to help staking pool grow

➤ 3 games at launch, 20+ to be rolled out over the next year

➤ Safe and Secure

🎯 Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

🔥 Burn : 20%

🔒Liquidity Locked 100%

✅5% Tax

Come join our community on TG..

🌎 Telegram:

🔰 Pancake Swap :


🔰 Deeplock: Lock LP

Game Swap, Game Farm, Game Merch and many more coming in the project roadmap🚀

Good Luck!! 🌟
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2021.12.01 03:57 ozarS Give me a number and i will give you a fact from my facts book from 5th grade

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2021.12.01 03:57 jarvisthecardbot [COTD] Norn Stone - Norn Stone (2021/12/01)

Norn Stone

Norn Stone
The Mad Titan's Shadow #187
This bot is maintained by [Patrick](
This bot is maintained by [Patrick](
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2021.12.01 03:57 brandonpackard101 Why is ESO worth playing when WoW private servers exist? And what does ESO do better than WoW private servers?

I'm not asking this to be degrading towards ESO or argumentative. I just want the community's honest thoughts on this. I have put in hundreds of hours into ESO on PS4 but in my 30 to 40 hours playing WoW private servers I'd say I already have had way more fun playing WoW. The game seems so much more varied. The dungeons, world & characters much more varied and interesting. The systems seem so much more balanced, fleshed out and fair. Literally everything about the game seems superior to ESO in every way. Literally the only thing I can think of that ESO has over WoW is how controller friendly ESO is. And for me personally that is pretty huge because I always have preferred a controller over a keyboard.
But besides that what does ESO do better than WoW private servers? Because I personally can't think of anything but if you can I'd love to hear your guy's thoughts. If I'm convinced enough I'll surely give ESO another try! But on PC this time. And I'm never against changing my view, I like being proven wrong because it means I learned something : )
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2021.12.01 03:57 DuncanLife Episode-10:-Fencing Our Farmstead With Raw Wood Lumps. Off-Grid Africa.

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2021.12.01 03:57 RinaChoice 10 Beginner Cardio Exercises | No Jumping & Full Body

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2021.12.01 03:57 chercheur17 How to listen to music in the office while discreetly dancing with only your Kegel muscles

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