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What happened to gen 5?

The mystery behind the disappearance of 5-year-old Elijah Lewis ended tragically last month as officials identified remains found in Massachusetts as the missing New Hampshire boy. But what exactly happened to him? Until this week, authorities had said little about what caused his death. Here’s a look back at what we know about the case: Elijah was last seen at… The Pixel 6 series is the first with Google's custom chipset, but it turns out that the Tensor SoC was originally planned for the Pixel 5. When we first meet Marty Byrde, he seems preoccupied after finding out his wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), is cheating on him. In the pilot episode of Ozark, Marty gets an email from Bob Lily, the ... 6.5 Creedmoor ammo has gained an incredible following since the Nebraska-based Hornady introduced it in 2008. According to the ammo company, the idea of 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition emerged during a casual conversation at an elite shooting match. Those involved in the discussion expressed a desire to create a match-grade cartridge from the ground up. That moment happened when I was 5." Dawson reveals that she was just 5 years old when she learned that her dad was not actually her biological father—and how her perspective completely changed ... It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947) is a motion picture comedy, directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Victor Moore, Ann Harding, Don DeFore, Charles Ruggles and Gale Storm. Herbert Clyde Lewis and Frederick Stephani were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Story, losing to Valentine Davies for another Christmas-themed story, Miracle on 34th Street

2021.12.03 14:14 Krystelle_ What happened to gen 5?

I really love the new designs for the mane 6 for gen 5 but I haven't seen any updates on them? I have found official concept art for the new gen, new stories, etc. But I can't find if its still indev or not.
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2021.12.03 14:14 TumbleWeaveWarrior Updoot update?

I just logged in(while pooping of course) and I'm watching the upvotes and downvotes on subs happen in real time while on the mobile version of reddit. This is a first for me, and I havent upgraded my phone. So I ask, was there an update I missed that now includes this feature?
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2021.12.03 14:14 wegwerf_210715 Every fibre of my soul is claimed by fear

Came back from a coffee hangout with a recently-made acquaintance today which left me wanting to puke just like any other time I go out and chicken out of talking to that fascinating woman I see. I know what to do, I don’t want to drag out the period until she finds out I’m attracted to her for as hellishly long as I did all those times, but my mind cannot muster up the courage to make a flirty move, making me end up with that hover-arm-over-back thing and that other slightly-too-close-to-each-other’s-faces hug and the this-was-supposed-to-be-a-compliment-but-it-fell-flat-I-guess lines.
Over and over again, approach anxiety is killing me and I just want to vomit. None of the seduction advice helps – the three-second rule, the exposure therapy, the shot shooting mentality,… all of these are concepts I grasp, yet cannot put into action for the life of me. Instead, this asshole of a brain decides it’d rather stay seated getting increasingly angry at itself for failing to act on its intentions for the 18462nd time.
Contrary to a lot of you folks posting here, I don’t even desire a relationship this stubbornly for mere reasons of validation or connection anymore – I get that from my friends – but only because there is something out there that it literally in my own hands whether I attempt to get it… and yet I fail. Not even classically shy or socially anxious, I’m usually the life of the party. The only difference between men with relationships and those without is not height, looks, money, whatever (otherwise my 6'3" genuinely hot-looking body and face would be funneling the panties into my mailbox daily) but merely that some are risking the rejection over and over… and some, like me, are wimps, wusses, and slaves to fear. This is as much of a cry for help as an incoherent ramble lmao I’ve actually started tearing up typing this
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2021.12.03 14:14 Critical_Collar_2533 New release out today, and officially revealing my new logo!

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2021.12.03 14:14 Wise-Supermarket4206 Safe GPU temps

Since I'm a noob, I wanna know what are safe gpu temps while gaming and idle. And is it safe for gpu to play game for 3-4 hours with 70°C?
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2021.12.03 14:14 MagicalLoveU Aeropress Questions

I'm using aeropress to make coffee.
The method I use was from a video I found on YouTube.

The strangest thing to me is that at first I used to get this very light ... uh, is it called foam? The more days had passed since I opened the bag, the darker this foam. But what I find weird is that sometimes there's just too much of it, I even remove some. Is it normal?
The taste is usually very good, though I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or can improve this method...
The beans I used were Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (medium/light roast), Central Market Organics French Roast Coffee Extra Bold, Chiapas Medium Roast, Kenyan Medium Roast. Out of these I liked Central Market one the most, the rest were fine. Ethiopian tasted good but I feel like I didn't brew it properly.

Something to note is that the taste is usually a bit too watery for the first 2oz of the cup. Am I using too little beans for 8oz? I feel like there is a noticeable difference in taste between these 2oz and the rest, the more I drink it.

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2021.12.03 14:14 Jesternigouki I just re-downloaded Pocket Edition so gotta ask which good 1.17 seed I can play on

I just re-downloaded Pocket Edition since I thought that Shadow Fight 3 isn't worth the effort anymore after I've reached June's Plane where I have to re-obtain every piece of equipment I have i.e my obscure jacket(shadow artisan set),Void Warden helm and either my Blood Reaper(Shadow Artisan Kusarigama) or Chelicerae(Void Warden Whip Katars) and my Fireflies needles(Divine Judge) so I can upgrade them again and thought Imma play Minecraft again after......7 years 1 if I exclude the time I played a pirated version of it(little old 7 year old me back then thought that was normal) and I'm playing on my new phone so I have to ask what good seeds can I play on the new 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update since I kinda want to play properly without cheats and creative mode so if anyone has any good seeds thanks!
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2021.12.03 14:14 _Mr_Touch WELP!

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2021.12.03 14:14 SpareBack0 5 Reasons You Need Crypto in Your Retirement Portfolio

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2021.12.03 14:14 Clown_HONK13 What's with the faceless profiles?

Like alot of profiles on here don't have a face as the profile which is fine but not even a face of yourself on ur profile? Maybe you're shy I get that but it seems that the profiles that want to chat are the faceless ones which is kinda weird to me.
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2021.12.03 14:14 Eestik2rbes Hay Day Supercell/friends RSS SLOTS

https://link.haydaygame.com/?action=OpenSCID&p=5537a152-9228-4fc8-888c-eb9a01750acc Hay Day Open link in Hay Day or download the game. Add so we both get RSS slot and I help when I can
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2021.12.03 14:14 madjecks I've committed to solving each daily challenge in C#, JavaScript, and python

I'm pushing the code to my GitHub repo you can see here. https://github.com/wbratz/adventofcode
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2021.12.03 14:14 wasteofblood 1995/07/29 Build - Spectral Scourge Boss fight walkthrough/OST (2020 pt.2 aka 2016 pt. 3)

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2021.12.03 14:14 Beneficial_Piccolo77 Basically free wins in limited

Let’s just say the card limitations don’t exist. Figure it out for urself.
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2021.12.03 14:14 AnthonySytko Hobey Baker Award winners tend to end up in NJ

Of the 40 players to win the most prestigious individual award in college hockey, 8 of them have gone on to play for NJ: * 1981 - Neal Broten * 1984 - Tom Kurvers * 1991 - David Emma (drafted by NJ) * 1992 - Scott Pellerin (drafted by NJ) * 1997 - Brendan Morrison (drafted by NJ) * 2000 - Mike Mottau * 2016 - Jimmy Vesey * 2017 - Will Butcher
That's almost 25%. Not really surprising we drafted so heavily from college in the 90s on account of Lou coming from Hockey East, but it's interesting to see the numbers.
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2021.12.03 14:14 NTA_Shawn Stillwell Star Bayou No 32

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2021.12.03 14:14 nonsprod Freestyle Type Beat 2021 - Hard Trap Rap Instrumental "AGATE" Free Type ...

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2021.12.03 14:14 sesh_with_sarah 7Acres Craft Collective - Ice Cream Cake (Review)

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2021.12.03 14:14 LukusB Bomb squad called to A&E after mortar pulled from man's rear

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2021.12.03 14:14 Housing101GR Why are used cars roughly the same cost as a brand new car?

I realize the market for used cars is insane, I get that, but a used car shouldn't be approaching roughly the same cost as a new car. Here is my exact situation:

Please note that these two figures are for FINANCING. Not leasing. Also note I have full intention on paying this care off as fast as possible and not going to full term.

Used 2018 Jeep Compass w/ 48K miles: $24,590

Brand new 2022 Jeep Compass w/ 0 miles: $27,585

I realize this all comes down to APR, but why on earth would someone opt to get a used car when a brand new car is basically $10/month more at that point? Am I missing something?
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2021.12.03 14:14 IronMew On repurposing brushed motors inside 90g servos

I'll preface this post by mentioning that I used to be heavily into FPV and freestyle builds, but these days the FPV scene has become too standardised and conformist for my tastes, not to mention hyper-regulated, so I switched from building sensible quads that fly well to silly stuff that... well, sometimes flies.
In this scenario coreless brushed motors are super-ancient tech, but a natural choice for stupid quads because I don't have to bother with ESCs and firmware and complicated stuff that detracts from the experience.
I quite literally have more motors than I know what to do with, so - naturally - I'm thinking of where to get more.
Just buying them ready-made from Aliexpress is boring, though.
So I thought - I can buy fifteen 90G servos for about one dollar each. Take them apart, and I get one slightly thicc brushed motor per servo.
How much power can those realistically pass before they dramatically eat the brushes? Would they be able to lift something like a 90mm 3D-printed frame, if only for a few minutes?
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2021.12.03 14:14 DumbassKinnie the rest of my binding of isaac noh masks! they arent nearly as terrifying as mom's was, luckily.

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2021.12.03 14:14 ccc3593 Why are there no 6+ legged animals other than insects?

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2021.12.03 14:14 PabloEstAmor HALF FOODS (Whole Foods Spoof) - Fake Commercial Comedy Sketch

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2021.12.03 14:14 noblisslmao What really happened between Damon and Elena in the motel? (in the books)

In the 6th book 'The Return: Shadow Souls' Damon and Elena spend a night in a motel and Damon then realizes that Elena in still a virgin, and after that she eventually succumbed to him and let him feed from her.
Did anything else happen between them after that? Once she gets to know that Shinichi took his memories of that night she's visibly disappointed and it doesn't make sense for her to be so upset if it was just about feeding, she's let him do that before. She tore some pages out of her diary and threw them out or something like that but I don't recall the exact events of that night ever being mentioned again.
I would re-read the books but I've got tests to study for, but this just hit my mind and it's eating up at me.
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