I know that post shot diagnosis is nearly useless, however I have channeling in the EXACT same spot every time and have no idea how to fix it.

2021.12.03 23:05 DawsonHelms I know that post shot diagnosis is nearly useless, however I have channeling in the EXACT same spot every time and have no idea how to fix it.

Like the title says, I have a hole in the puck after every single shot, no matter how much I wdt (3d printer needles), no matter how coarse or fine I grind (aligned Vario), different beans, dose changes.
I have a Gaggia Classic with the ims screen and brass distribution block. I also use the ims precision 18g basket. I regularly backflush and just did a descaling cycle two days ago, even though I only use bottled water.
I've tried changing how tight the screen is on, flipping the block, spinning the basket, cleaning everything, and anything else I can think of, but nothing helps.
Last time I posted this, someone suggested maybe it is the backflow when the shot ends causing this, but I haven't yet been able to confirm anyone else seeing this. I also didn't have pictures.
Anyone have any idea?
channeling pictures
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2021.12.03 23:05 cybersoma Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Hardcore Nuzlocke Part 5: THE FIRST DEATH + Oreburgh Mine & Meeting Roark

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2021.12.03 23:05 trailer8k twilight-fans-this-is-what-undead-really-looks-like

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2021.12.03 23:05 EmperorSeptim LARP set on The Elder Scrolls universe

I want to share with you the footage of what our Larp event set in the elder Scrolls universe was like
Bruma is corrupt. The thin air slowly continues to destroy all that is spared by the abominations, which have come out relentlessly from the open portal that overlooks the horizon. The armies of the Empire have reached the borders, reaching the last glimmer of present life. Many are ready to die, not only for their Emperor and their people, but for the Nirn. The battle has begun.
A big thank you to Event Horizon
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2021.12.03 23:05 EternalSusano 18 and confused

Hi I'm a teen currently doing college with no idea what I want to do in life. My entire life I've been my parents counsellors, especially my mums as my dad was very physically abusive, often times I would step in and confront my dad at the age of maybe 7 to stop hitting my mum. Things got better after a while but I ended up slowly starting to see my parents as almost like they were idiots. I've been beat alot of my life but then treated with love and kisses after. A key event in my life was when the abuse from my mother left a mark on my arm when I was around 8 and some kid in physical Ed saw it and told me that it was child abuse. I was like what??? And the police ended up coming and interviewing me, all these people listening to what I have to say, I was ecstatic not knowing what I was actually confessing to. My mother was taken away, and I was blamed by her, eventually my dad fought for her back but I've always ever been blamed for that. The arguments never stopped, my dad would punch my nose for not praying or throwing my ps4 because I was playing after 10pm, my mother would use me as a therapist crying regularly because of their arguments and abuse, the screaming and shouting, me constantly telling them to please get a divorce. 2 years ago in September a week after finding out my dad was cheating on my mum and after she attempted to take her life multiple times, my dad and I got into an argument about me going outside to get takeout, this then lead him to beat me so bad I was hospitalised. I've been in limbo since then, escaping with weed, constantly feeling like If I don't help my mum I'm a horrible person (she can't speak English, doesn't work either, we live off benefits). Things are alot better but I mainly give myself credit because it feels like I'v been the only one seeing where people go wrong.
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2021.12.03 23:05 monkeyeliza Old people ska

Legit just told my husband "if you don't remember the words, what do you say?" "Na na na"
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2021.12.03 23:05 Yousif-Nael Overclocked display and fullscreen issue

I got my display overclocked from 60hz to 73hz and it's stable by all means, but I did face an issue last week with some games and softwares refusing to lunch in fullscreen mode (Battlefield 4, 1, 5, 2042, and 3DMark) the games will run at borderless just fine but 3DMark will not even lunch its benchmark on 73hz!
is there any workaround to lunch them at fullscreen with 73hz overclocking?
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2021.12.03 23:05 AsmrMermaid My first love broke my heart so much

I was abused.
I told my first real boyfriend, I was very in love and he was adorable to me (especially after my anxiety attacks after sex) and very attentive. I couldn't trust him anyway. One day I suspected him of lying to me about something and he denied it again and again. He then told me that I was paranoid for thinking that and that I was not confident because I was raped. Six months later, I found out that he was really lying to me and the fact that he used my past against me completely destroyed me. He begged me to stay and I stayed but I got really paranoid, I was giving him fits of hysteria and paranoia for anything and everything I couldn't believe in him anymore. He tried to save our relationship and I tried to change but what he did really broke me. If he loved me, how could he use my rape on me? I thought he was different and he was so understanding of my issues with sex and the rest. Our story ended very badly, really very badly (I became hysterical).
My last words were a few weeks after our separation "An asshole is an asshole, if you loved me how you could have used my past? You are a bad person I wish I had never met you and never lived years this relationship with you. Don't answer me but I wish I had never crossed your path. "and he never replied. Our paths parted, we never saw each other again and never spoke again.
I had other relationships afterwards with people sometimes much worse but I never felt what I felt for him (I specify that he was my first boyfriend for years, we never slept together because of my past he didn't want to but we were doing foreplay) even today i wonder if he really loved me or if he was pretending to have lied to me for so long using what i experienced against me to justify his lies. I began to trust men and love again and he destroyed that, he destroyed me. We were young but I sometimes wonder if he blames himself or if he doesn't feel any guilt, if he can understand how much what he did have made me suffer. I never had a sorry that came by itself for that.
After our breakup, I very much hoped that he would send me an "I understand the harm I did to you, why you had become like this with me and I apologize" but this message never arrived and one day, I stopped hoping (probably because I had mourned).
He knew I had a hard time trusting him and was trying with him anyway, how could he tell me that I was paranoid because of my experience and make me cry without confessing the truth of himself? A truth that also hurts a lot.
I was his first girlfriend and it lasted a really long time the two of us but this story happened two years before we broke up, the last two years our relationship was very destructive because I was destroyed and I was thinking about that every day.
I am healed of him, I no longer think about him every day, I no longer think about what he did to me every day and I stopped hoping. But this evening, I came across an old photo album lying at the bottom of my attic that I had made to give him for Christmas (we had separated shortly before Christmas) with a lot of photos of us. When we separated, my mother took care to hide it in the attic since I was in the middle of a move and in heartache, she was helping me. I am depressed.
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2021.12.03 23:05 Viscount_of_Lanzhou Is 550K fireable at the age of 32?

I'm currently living abroad and am considering returning to the UK in the next few months. I'm planning to study for a masters degree over two years in statistics and would like to work in that field in the future, but not in a high stress job and most likely part time. I'm not very well suited to employment generally.
I own a flat in my hometown outright, which lets for 900 per month and is valued at around 200,000. I have 200k in a beneficiary SIPP, which can be accessed tax free at any time, 300k in an unsheltered portfolio which I plan to move in to ISAs over time and 50k in cash.
How "risky" is it to essentially quit the full time labour force for at least two years at this age, with the view to only ever doing side gigs and part time work?
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2021.12.03 23:05 infernoVW Found my Brachs snacks mail in Way 2 Fast and an old Focus that actually has rubber tires. I’ll be adding these to my desk cars!

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2021.12.03 23:05 DiscipleOfDIO I post fascism memes every day despite it being a shit ideology for losers until I either surpass the communism guy in days or karma, day 530: Big guns don't matter so much as many planes...

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2021.12.03 23:05 emotionalrobotic [Fo]Santa hat penguin:

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2021.12.03 23:05 Black_Liver_Records PUNK & METAL NEW ARRIVALS UP NOW!!! BlackLiverRecords.com BIG DECEMBER UPDATE!!!

T.S.O.L. / Descendents / Wolfbrigade / Days N Daze / Discharge/ Misfits / Skeptix / Ramones / Bad Religion / Peter & The Test Tube Babies / Red Cross / GISM / Lip Cream / Templars / Carcass / GG Allin / Leviathan / Stalag 13 / Poison Idea plus MORE!!!
Everything available NOW at BlackLiverRecords.com
We also have gift cards available online.
NEXT WEEKEND METAL MERCHANTS MARKET Saturday, December 11th at Club Bahia 1130 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90012
VIP entry: 11AM
General entry: 12PM
Tickets here: https://wl.seetickets.us/.../Metal-Merchants.../445902...
Presale pricing will end the night before the event and will be $7 at the door with no option to upgrade to VIP 50 vendors selling the best in underground metal merchandise: LPs, cassettes, shirts, posters, patches, pins, t-shirts, VHS, jewelry, memorabilia, handcrafted goods and more! 5 bands (w/ Devil Master headlining), vinyl DJs, free photo booth, and 2 full bars!

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2021.12.03 23:05 Impressive-Bank-28 What is a good eyeliner, for practicing making winged eyeliner several times?

Hi everyone,
I see a lot of waterproof gel liner pens. I was thinking, now that the holiday sales are on, what are some good, gel eyeliners, that are easy to take off that I can use to practice making winged eyeliner with several times? Something that won't give me an allergic reaction( ex: Clinique, Bobby Brown, MAC), but something that won't break the bank either.
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2021.12.03 23:05 TheVMan707 What was/is the hardest thing about school for you personally?

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2021.12.03 23:05 PunkySpunky How do I open this?

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2021.12.03 23:05 BigFinance_Guy Still looking for tix to DC!!

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2021.12.03 23:05 Peacesong14 H: AaE25 Gatling Gun W: Uny+1SFwr Left Arm Armor, or Appropriate Offer

Excluding Trapper Armor, Raider Armor and Wood Armor
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2021.12.03 23:05 svenhoek86 Some good old fashioned straight up bullshit

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2021.12.03 23:05 pvmbruno42 throwback

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2021.12.03 23:05 PleaseHelpMeGod1 I'm not sure, I skipped Last Forever: Part one, But from context clues from Part two, this should be correct

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2021.12.03 23:05 ajzeg01 Got myself some German Expressionism!

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2021.12.03 23:05 Gobeers816 Turbo or no turbo

Have been looking at the 2021 cx5 carbon awd turbo for a bit. Recently saw the TSB on 2.5t oil burning and seems like there were some coolant issue as well. A couple people on YouTube comments suggested they have a oil burner and regretted about getting the turbo instead of NA.
Any thought on Mazda 2.5t reliabilities? I know CR gives high mark to cx5 but 2.5t is more rare…
Is cx5 2.5 na on sports mode enough on highway passing and some moderate hill climbs?
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2021.12.03 23:05 andyhopp Hello from Conifer. Well, hello from me anthropomorphically pretending it’s from Conifer.

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2021.12.03 23:05 smm523 Owner keeps coming over

So we have an owner who was staying in town for about two weeks and wanted to board because he was going to be working super long days and didn’t want to keep his dog in the “hotel” he was staying at ten mins away. We talked on the phone about him coming over twice during the stay to maybe take the dog on a walk. He has been over three times in the past 5 days and he stays in our yard for about three hours each time. As i type this it has been three hours and we need to let our other dogs out but he isn’t responding. I see him on the camera so I know he is there. We found out he is actually living in his van when he asked us if he could use our shower (to which we said no). He also called me and my boyfriend gorgeous. I don’t know what to do here as we have the dog for another week. Please help!
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