But without a doubt, an absolute mess of a race

2021.12.06 02:35 aziz_maher But without a doubt, an absolute mess of a race

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2021.12.06 02:35 cpano14 When your portfolios eating shit but you get to post sarcastic comments in the daily

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2021.12.06 02:35 basicwriter1010 Boost payment texts (more in comments)

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2021.12.06 02:35 _anurag114_ I don't get it what's the problem

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2021.12.06 02:35 1NormFan The Four Horsemen of Iran Reddit Posts

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2021.12.06 02:35 Achilles-Altair Rank loss shouldn’t occur when teammates disconnect, why wasn’t this the way it was from the start?

The fact that we don’t have a reconnect ability for matches yet means that someone can go multiple matches with less than a full team. I know everyone knows this, but I really would like to continue playing ranked, and this is making it hard to do without a rage inducing streak occurring occasionally.
Disconnects are incredibly hard to overcome and in most cases that’s almost certain loss. I don’t care how little the loss is, there should be none when you’re not staffing a full team.
And while we’re at it pretty please stop pairing high plats with low golds and silvers as teammates. Pretty please? I want to make it to Diamond at some point but uh, kinda hard when you get handicapped with a silver, or god forbid a bronze, and it’s not fair to those players either.
Plat should only ever be paired with low Diamond, plat, and gold 5/6 at the lowest.
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2021.12.06 02:35 goatgoat3 F1 screening for final race

Do you guys know any place that will have a live screening of F1? Want to watch the final race with my friends.
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2021.12.06 02:35 BeeStripse How do I get the Research Station for the Freighter?

I'm fairly new, the title is my question. I've done some searching but everything i found is a year or so old, so things have changed I'm guessing? I've read that it's at the main console where you purchase upgrades but i can't seem to find it.
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2021.12.06 02:35 pandamasprime Did John Oliver just hit me with a munch squad??

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2021.12.06 02:35 eddydbc Hello my fellow redditorssss I need some help with my profile I am in an open relationship I just feel like this can be better also open to cirticism

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2021.12.06 02:35 Zeintilo18 Lack of new Champions in Ghost Game?

So as many have said and complained about it, the serie almost reaches the 10 episodes mark but any Partermon aside from lil' Gammamon has digivolved to their champion form, and I kinda came up with a theory. As some of you know the DiM Cards for Angoramon and Jellymon release this month (which i'm definetly getting my hands on), and maybe they want their respective Champion forms' anime debut to coincide with the release of said DiMs as some kind of special adverticing I guess (though the anime itself it's a massive add for the VB lol). It wouldn't be the first time something like that happens since around the same time Pumpkinmon was announced to appear in Ghost Game it also was the period of it's raid in the VB App. Though we've already seen SymbareAngoramon and TeslaJellymon from the opening so it doesn't really add up, this was just a random thought I had, nothing to take seriously.
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2021.12.06 02:35 JacobMPotts Drei Decrepit Docks

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2021.12.06 02:35 Zealousideal-Nail-54 Weird feeling of something being there?

Hey everyone I'm going to share with you what a experience what seems to be an inconsistent events. Since I was probably 14 I feel like I've had a strong sense of the paranormal. It started in my old home. Once while I was chilling in bed with the lights off, I saw what seem to be a black silhouette with red eyes just sort of look (not like a stare but like it was turn its head trying to make sense of me) and turn and go through the wall. Objects that you wouldn't think would fall on their own would fall like heavy books lying flat on a book shelf nowhere near off the edge and shampoo bottles that stand leaning downward in the shower. Some nights I would sleep like a baby and others I just couldn't shake a present i would sense. Once i was taking a shower and a loud bang was hitting the door outside repeatedly. I thought it was my dad and when i said what there was no answer. When i got out and asked why he was banging on the door he said it wasnt him. For an entire week straight I would start to cry out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever. Like when i would cry i wouldnt understand why i was crying as i didnt have a reason too and it would last for hours before i finally stopped and after that week i never did it again. I would go into our backhouse we used as a storage room and toys that probably havent been used for atleast 10 years would start up and making noise. Im not sure if they even had batteries in them and if they definitively wouldnt be any good. One night when I had that feeling I got up and went to the computer just messing around cause I couldn't shake the feeling when out of nowhere the atmosphere got extremely heavy. The best description I could give is in the animation bleach (for those that seem it) when captains and members of the Espada would release their spiritual pressure it would make the air around them uncomfortable for those that couldn't handle it. I prayed and as soon as I was finished everything got instantly light like whatever it was was gone. I'm now 22 and now I usually only get the feeling of something being there when I'm alone but it isnt all the time. I don't know if it's just my imagination playing tricks on me or if it's really something thou. Its nothing like how it was when I was younger and it doesn't feel malicious like it did back than.
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2021.12.06 02:35 artworkmusick From The North (Despair) *Produced By Rell ARTwork*

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2021.12.06 02:35 WinterWolf18 Ash's English va shares a heartfelt post regarding their role.

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2021.12.06 02:35 hottytandoori Just hatched this lil fella

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2021.12.06 02:35 neewty My dubia ran down my tarantulas hide!

I tried feeding my LP since she hasn't eaten in a month and a half (bc I didn't have food) and the dubia I had crawled down her hide! She was guarding the door but was more defensive with me than she was trying to eat the roach. What do i do? She has dug a pretty deep hide and I don't want to ruin it too much for her
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2021.12.06 02:35 Smanmos Least favourite map?

What's your least favourite map, or one that you always skip, and why?
View Poll
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2021.12.06 02:35 heinaga1989 Phicoinx and GMDcoin Defi scam

Before we talk about the Defi goodness , we should talk about how easily people can be scammed . Phicoinx Defi has been scamming people left and right and has stole millions of dollars from people and nobody talks about it. Their project till working and has been working for months and yet more and more millions a d millions to steal from people . This is their websites https://unidefi.info/#/ https://eth-defi19.com/#/
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2021.12.06 02:35 SolorMining FREE (0.00 ETH) Public Mint for NFTZine (the first-ever generative and interactive NFT Zine) NOW LIVE!

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2021.12.06 02:35 CoachSouth8520 It's my first post here and I am Begging y'all to Sub2Technoblade on yt cuz we want him to hit 10 million subs before George not found ( dream's friend) the reason is because George grew cuz of dream and techno grew on his own and he deserves it so repost asap, Together we can do this 👍💪 Please...

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2021.12.06 02:35 ThePojster LUDBUDS! Please help me graduate.

LUDBUDS! Please help me graduate. TLDR: I want to, and can, help Lud make his "higher production value" content he is planning to make this next year.
I am graduating in like 2 weeks and need to network with someone who is involved with his future production efforts. I live right around where he does and have access to DOPE cinema grade camera gear (sound, camera bodies, lenses, lights, etc). Help a fellow ludbud out!
Plus, I gotta pass this class to graduate so... I need y'all big time!
Here's my LinkedIn so you know I'm not just blowing smoke.
I mean I guess Lud counts as a company, right?
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2021.12.06 02:35 biglulz1988 I (m18) only want a virgin but girl (18f) who likes me isnt.

I don't know how to put this.
But I'm a virgin at 18 due to social anxiety and autism.
It's come to a point where I only think it's fair to have a virgin girl because I waited.
When I told my aunt about this at thanks giving she said, (you really should take what you can get nerd).
Anyways a girl from school asked me for my number and we've been talking, she's been with 5 guys, all jocks taller and more popular than me.
I don't think it's fair because she has more experience dating than me, and she may even have an std from those gross guys.
She's really pretty and sweet and I like her too but I'm just worried about the guys she's dated.
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2021.12.06 02:35 Ashamed-Lie-9833 looking for manager axie scholarship

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2021.12.06 02:35 Timekeeper60 Let's put things into perspective about Godfall: Challenger Edition

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