I've never worn makeup before and I have no idea where to start

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2021.12.07 18:10 PrinceFiacre I've never worn makeup before and I have no idea where to start

That's a little bit of a lie; I wore makeup to a ceremony once because I had a bruise that my parents said looked like a hickey so they covered it up, and someone put really pretty makeup on me once for a play. Besides that, I've never worn makeup.
I don't have the best relationship with my mom and there aren't really other women in my life to teach me these things so the gen z in me chose to go online.
Where do I start? What should I buy first? Any videos that are for absolute beginners? I usually only see tutorials for people who know what they're doing. Any other tips/advice? Thanks for being my stand in mother-figure :)
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2021.12.07 18:10 Army_National_Guard HELP ME PICK A FACTION!!

I’m playing an 8 player game this Saturday and I have to pick between 3 factions. Federation of Sol, Emirates of Hicaan, and the Naalu Collective. I don’t think Naalu is good, but I really can’t decide between Hicaan and Sol. I’ve only ever played TI once and it was a four player game as Hicaan. What should I do? Strong infantry and command or strong economy?
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2021.12.07 18:10 diasporicnumenorean Demi Smoke Group!

Hey y’all! I just stated the subreddit for the Demi Smoke gender! It’s DemiSmoke! This group welcomes everyone, especially Demi Smokes and their allies!
What is the Demi Smoke gender? Demi Smoke is a transcendental, spiritual gender roughly drifting to other genders that are unable to be foreseen and understood, shrouded in darkness within your inner visual. Demi Smokes are elevating through mystery and their existence is characterized by a lack of inner interpretation and dark emotional states. It’s a very enigmatic state of being!
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2021.12.07 18:10 NachoTyler I made a medic video from the last community day!

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2021.12.07 18:10 Bear_Lab ● Drawing MORTIS & TARA Pins ● 모티스 & 타라 핀 그리기. Paint Brawl Stars icons

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2021.12.07 18:10 cheeky-bb Gap Year Involvement

I am going to take a gap year, so I will be applying this upcoming summer. With that I'll be graduating May 2022. Besides shadowing, what other involvement would be great? I was looking to be an optometric asst/tech, but what other job is good to have in the field?
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2021.12.07 18:10 PatrenzoK I laughed at this

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2021.12.07 18:09 BeyesBeyar Flood Activision/Infinity Ward/Raven/ Treyarch with messages about no anti cheat

So richochet just announced the kernel level anti cheat is only being implemented in Asia. Everyone should COD know how disappointed they are. Flood them with messages on all social platforms. They lied to all of us about the anti cheat date!
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2021.12.07 18:09 TheBlondGemini Less than 3 hours and 6 pulls left and still no Aggretsuko…

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2021.12.07 18:09 goat1234ss How long after passing hackerrank, do you get an interview

Hi, I have taken the hackerrank for the frontend entry level. I received an email saying that I have passed and my profile will be available for the manager to see. How long does it usually take to get an interview or rejection
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2021.12.07 18:09 delljthethird Is this too forward?

So I’ve been seeing this girl for about a month and a half, and generally have felt really good about it. Every time we hang out it, we end up seeing each other for a long time - it just flows well. The last time I saw her, this past weekend, she mentioned some things about my work schedule and how often we hang out. We skirted around things, and she confided that she felt we were in a situationship. We came to the conclusion that we would talk about it, but not just then as it was so late. I’ve been thinking about it and really want to talk - we text often but, it’s been a little more sparse the days since. Would it be too forward to say something along the lines:
Hey! Are you free anytime the next few evenings? I know we left things kinda open ended and just want to see you 🙂
Idk, just been thinking about it!
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2021.12.07 18:09 loraweb912 [Chat] or [Friendship] chemistry PhD student 24M

Hi there,
If u want to chat, talk about your day, send streaks of casual snaps hit me ;) I like football, fantasy books, league of legends and swimming :p
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2021.12.07 18:09 unmatched_chopsticks Looks like Vin Diesel is trying to get The Rock to return to F&F. Thoughts on this?

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2021.12.07 18:09 highfriend90 Should i be concerned?

Ive started a new job a few months ago working nights from midnight to 8am, on work days i often get home around 830 and sleep at 9am i would wake up at around 3-4
But on my days off i stay up as late as i can around 2-3am and i still somehow wake up at 3pm
Should i be concerned about getting 12 home of sleep on my days off? Ive read mixed things some times it will say its ok and some research says it can cause health problems..
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2021.12.07 18:09 ToxikStrxwxbrry Trading mega puffin for robux and also could I have the use mm when trading flair?

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2021.12.07 18:09 Chance-Wonder-4540 Zekrom now: 8174 5287 7029

8 will be invited, 4 is enough. Be ready!
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2021.12.07 18:09 Bag_of_skin_and_Bone Has been in a hospital for years and I was just wondering what it is.

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2021.12.07 18:09 HamsterDunce Hit me with your filthiest tunes that directly reference aliens!

I'm putting together a playlist for an upcoming event and want to fill it with nasty bass songs that have lyrics / vocal samples that mention aliens, space, lasers, dimension traveling, etc.
Show me what you've got!
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2021.12.07 18:09 midgettme Is this OK?

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2021.12.07 18:09 lost__inthewoods Brave From Afar might be the most political song the Peppers have ever made, but nobody ever looks at it

I mean, fair. I don't love the song. Probably one of my least favourites from IBY. But the lyrics fascinate me. They seem very bold and political, in stark contrast to nearly everything else 2000-onward, and especially IBY, . but I can't pinpoint exactly what it's about. Here are some good examples:
"Do you feel safe when they tell you they sell you?" This one is the most intriguing to me. What could it mean? The obvious answer is slavery, but it could be more symbolic than that. "I got beat up by the evening news" is another blatantly political one to me, I like "see that sign, time to applaud" as potentially a nod to the concept of mindless media consumption, "lost my mind to keep my wits", etc.
Does anyone have some insight on this? I'd love to hear more :)
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2021.12.07 18:09 MissionBCTrader Tuesday Dec 7/21

Volume a Light 30 Million and UP 4.29%
A GREEN Day after several RED.
DD better EVERY DAY.
News out Very Soon.
Living in Delicious Anticipation.
Patience Will Be RICHLY REWARDED !
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2021.12.07 18:09 Play_Rewind_Repeat 15 Surprising Facts about MORTAL KOMBAT You Didn't Know!

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2021.12.07 18:09 readsleepeat [US-OK] [H] Keychron K4 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) RGB Backlight Aluminum Frame Gateron Blue Switch [W] PayPal

Timestamp Photos
PayPal Only. Shipping via USPS Large Flat Rate Board Game Box to listed Paypal address within USA only. No Canada or International locations.
Keychron K4 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) - $93 shipped

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2021.12.07 18:09 doseon Recommendation for first commuting scooter

I'm currently looking for an electric scooter mainly for short distance commuting (2.0 miles one-way, 4.0 round-trip).
I'm about 5'6 / 50kg (110lbs) and leaning more towards a smallelighter frame foldable scooter.
Budget around ~$1000, less would be better.

I've been reading good things about the Xiaomi Mi M365 (Not sure if it's outdated), but it seems pretty difficult to find online so I'm really open to suggestions!

Thank you very much to anyone who can provide any information on this matter!
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2021.12.07 18:09 New-Consideration420 "We are here" - Slight edit from wice's interstellar music album cover

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