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I'm never happy with my hair so I just shaved it all off. But unfortunately I can't shave off my face. What is your honest opinion?

And I created a character as an offering for the sacrifice. I'm not willing to give my true self up. It's a testament to my real personality that I would go so far as to make up another personality to give to the world. The reality is, I'm hidden amongst all the insanity. Nobody can find me. More zots into that! Don't just assume that unpaid mod creators will be able to pull it off at this same level. I'm sure we'll get around to "Here comes your man" for the male heads eventually, it's just kinda tedious, so that'll have to do for the moment. ps. Oh fine Mint Condition! you know I wouldn't let Halsin steal the whole show lol Men that tackle their baldness head-on (no pun intended) and shave it all off as a middle finger to male pattern baldness are doing it right. If Russhole decided to man up and take ownership of his lack of hair, it'd be an improvement. The grease dripping off him would actually be beneficial, as it'd give his hairless bonce a lovely shine. Little do all these mortals know that I was in fact once skinned alive using a treadmill, it tore the skin off one of my knees and one of my arms, screaming and rolling in blood, begging for my brother to turn it off, he thinks I'm kidding, but I'm begging for my life. I searched this up and I literally threw up. I promise don't search this up. Always clean shaven till I started losing my hair. I would shave my head and face once a week. 3 years ago I began my beard journey and not looked back. I trim, shape and style my beard myself. I keep it 10 to 12 inches in length and well maintained. My partner loves it so it will be around for years to come. Head over to park and there I am sucking cock. I creamed my caged cock just from the mental aspect. Maybe the plug was doing something also. Almost always caged when doing it. "Straight" guys like that I'm caged. So my tips:get a cage, and a realistic sized looking dildo. Try it out. >>21196703 >getting cum on your tongue don't forget the taste ... I’m fixing to have my brows done, but I have no hair at all. So I’m wondering where or if you have written about the red flags and what to know about ,that you mentioned above. I want to know what to look out for and etc… I don’t want to look like a clown or something if I don’t know what to look out for before I choose a artist. Starting to be corrupted by my friend with benefits. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/26/19: Dan and Me Pt. 03 (4.23) Further down the spiral with my friend with benefits. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/28/19: Dan and Me Pt. 04 (4.46) Modelling for my friend with benefits. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/30/19: Dan and Me Pt. 05 (4.32) The French maid outfit. All in the Family Ch. 01 (4.66) Newlyweds enjoy a honeymoon, and then her sister arrives. Incest/Taboo 11/27/19: All in the Family Ch. 02 (4.77) The honeymoon continues with both sisters having fun. Incest/Taboo 12/03/19: Brave New World: 2 Part Series: Brave New World (4.81) My best friend's request shatters my safe straight world. Group Sex ‘I’m just going up to get changed’ he added. ‘How about we shave you properly first and then you can jump in the shower.’ His reply came in the form of a pained expression. ‘Is this you talking or the dreaded Sonia again?’ he asked. ‘This is all me, so come on, get your shirt off’ I replied.

2021.12.07 08:37 Pirate_Potato I'm never happy with my hair so I just shaved it all off. But unfortunately I can't shave off my face. What is your honest opinion?

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2021.12.07 08:37 SecretReference Getting into the industry

I know this has probably been asked a Drew’s times here so if there are any good posts you know of link them below.
I’m wanting to start getting into the industry of trailer music but unsure what to do other than the few basic steps.
I’m creating music. Advertising it, sharing it around, trying to get connections and just improve myself as a musician.
I’m Australian meaning there are not a lot of well paying trailer being made here so I’m going to assume I will need to branch to the uk and USA.
Will I need an agent? Should I get an agent or a manager? How do I get a manger. Are there companies I should reach out to.
Or am I doing all I should at the moment.
Any positive advice Would be great.
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2021.12.07 08:37 TopNFTsHolders FREE NFT!! UPVOTE and join DISCORD and drop WALLET ADDRESS in Comments || Links in Profile

FREE NFT!! UPVOTE and join DISCORD and drop WALLET ADDRESS in Comments || Links in Profile
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2021.12.07 08:37 bluray_bot Harold and Maude (Blu-ray)

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2021.12.07 08:37 OverlordV14 r/titanfall gatekeeping game mechanics

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2021.12.07 08:37 RoyalAquaRegia_1 [H] $50 Amazon GC [W] 80% PayPal

comment here first thanks
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2021.12.07 08:37 Veve_CollectibleBot1 Selling auto-buy bot & marketplace sniping bot!

Selling auto-buy bot! We offer APK & Automate scripts.
The bot automatically buys drops for you and can be used in blind box drops, timer drops (so normal drops), rebounds & in marketplace listings.
The price is 350$ and includes updates & support.
Also selling a script that will auto-refresh and buy marketplace listings below a set gem amount that you configure FULLY AUTOMATED.
For more info and video/photo proof from the latest drop(s), DM us on Telegram @ Veve_Collectible_Bot or @ Veveman
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2021.12.07 08:37 PenApplePineapplePem This could be an insane feud down the line

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2021.12.07 08:37 celticfcbot Cheyenne Shorts: It's hard to put into words what lifting the League Cup means

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2021.12.07 08:37 NFLK13 Timothée Chamalamadingdong is extremely overrated and just annoying

Why all the praise? He’s a really subpar actor and I’m yet to see the reason why he’s so immensely hyped up - the only reason I can think of is that people think he’s good looking but I disagree with that too
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2021.12.07 08:37 FallCompetitive7976 07-December I am still here

It is 07-December 11:37. I am troubled.
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2021.12.07 08:37 droneauto Tesla ride sharing

Cathie Wood-led Ark Invest said on Monday that Tesla Inc’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) latest move to allow car sharing on its mobile app brings its user one step closer towards monetizing their electric car and transforming it from a "stranded asset" into a "revenue generating machine."
What Happened: Ark analyst Tasha Keeney said speculation has been rife that Tesla is planning a ride-hailing network after its recent software update that allows owners to share the vehicle with others via the phone app.
A Twitter account that monitors the app store for any new updates on the Tesla app, had last week revealed that the new version of the electric vehicle maker’s mobile app has a feature that allows owners to share cars.

Version 4.3.1 has been released here's what we've found: -Sharing your Tesla vehicle with others -Asset for vehicle sharing -Endpoints related to vehicle sharing That's about it in this update, if we find anything else we will add to this thread! Have a great night! pic.twitter.com/xkR7Qluk5z — Tesla App Updates (iOS) (@Tesla_App_iOS) December 3, 2021
The update appears to enable Tesla owners to allow multiple drivers access to their cars through the mobile app, which was previously only possible through the website.
Ark has previously noted how Tesla could launch a competitive and profitable human-driven ride-hail service before rolling out an autonomous taxi network.
“Such a strategy could add a tremendous amount of training data to its autonomous neural network and lay the groundwork for the routing and payment infrastructure necessary for an autonomous ride-hail service,” Keeney wrote in a note.
The latest update would allow family members, car renters, and professional ride-hail drivers to share virtual keys to their Tesla vehicles, as per the analyst, which could ultimately allow a Tesla vehicle to be transformed from a "stranded asset" into a "revenue generating machine."
See Also: Why Cathie Wood's Ark Expects Next Major EV Adoption Cycle Around $25,000 Price Point
Why It Matters: Wood’s money managing firm, which counts Tesla as its largest holding, has previously said it believes the Musk-led company could pose a serious threat to ride-sharing companies such as Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) and Lyft Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT), once autonomous taxis commercialize.
Musk has previously talked about launching a ride-hailing service with drivers before rolling out an autonomous driving network.
The Tesla CEO has been promising fully self-driven electric cars for years. The company had last week launched another update for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta program with focus on vision, object detection, and the precision of movements by the vehicle.
The FSD Beta updates are released every two weeks and are led by an army of Tesla owners, or beta testers, who have exclusive access to the automaker’s newest and most robust releases of its semi-autonomous driving program.
So far only drivers who have a score of 98, 99 and 100 are part of the exclusive club which is likely to expand to lower scores in the future.
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2021.12.07 08:37 Re-Re_Baker On first episode, I saw that Jake was abused by his own dad. Why does he abuse him? I’m trying to find it on the Child’s Play wiki, but it doesn’t show the reason for that.

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2021.12.07 08:37 XxPVPmasterProxX Compositing test I did

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2021.12.07 08:37 comopezenelagua Chubut erogará este mes en salarios y aguinaldo más de $9.000 millones

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2021.12.07 08:37 bluray_bot Ron's Gone Wrong (Blu-ray)

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2021.12.07 08:37 lebroin vegan breakfast options

Any good places to get vegan breakfast in the Des Moines area this morning before I head home? Preferably something that opens at or before 7 or 8, can't stick around too much longer than that. Thanks in advance
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2021.12.07 08:37 _______RANDOM_______ What's the message in your work?

Ur themes? What u want the reader to learn? Something u teach from ur book? Whatever goes for u
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2021.12.07 08:37 SnooMemesjellies2302 Fortnite has absolutely no shame when when copying from real life events

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2021.12.07 08:37 Significant-Gate4623 🐶WinDoge95 is a Reflection Token ♻️($DOGE) on BSC 💰 Together with Nostalgic Website and P2E Retro games implemented ✔ | Transparent and trustworthy team, 🤝 community that supports them, 2.2k diamond hands 💎 | Such Doge, Much WoW, So Windows95 🐶

🐶 Windoge95
🐶 Windoge95 is a Reflection token that pays for holding by the hour in $DOGE! We are here for the Long-Term together with our Amazing Community!!!🥰
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-We represent:
There's a 10% buy tax which is distributed like this:
  1. 🔥 2% to Liquidity Pool with Auto-Burn LP Token mechanism!
  2. ⚖ 4% to Marketing so we can keep up with our Big Plans!
  3. ♻️ 4% to Holders!
  4. 📄 Initial Supply is 1 Billion $WNDG!
✅ Features we have to offer:
  1. Nobody can hold more than 1% of total supply ❌🐳
  2. Implemented 3% sell tax to discourge swing trading 🤳
——— Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95 ———
"Let the Arcade Games, Begin"
📝Social Links :
🌍 Windoge95
🐥 Windoge95 Twitter
💬 Windoge95 Telegram
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2021.12.07 08:37 ilovenoodles1996 What sacrifice, and to whom, I have to offer to gain 10 - 15 lbs more?!

I'm kind of sick of being seen and treated as a teen. It was fun at the beginning, looking young and cute, but it's starting to get on my nerves. Last week I got asked what HS I go to. I finished HS 6 years ago. I deserve to be hot, dammit 😂
What kind of regular meals/shakes do you all use to gain weight faster?
No peanut butter, please, my stomach can't deal with fats in it.
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2021.12.07 08:37 bluray_bot One Night in Miami... (Blu-ray)

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2021.12.07 08:37 furlaughs24 Holiday event for 2021?

We there be a holiday event this year? Please say yes!
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2021.12.07 08:37 SunshineStates7 Speaking online about previous sexualised relationships at home with mum for a number of years. Photos on profile.

Hi 👋🏽
The reason Im here is to chat to some buddies/folks online about the past relationship between me and my mum.
About 4/5 years ago my mother was involved in an accident in Europe and & was under medical care for a number of months, I gave up work at the time because my dad couldn’t & done everything around the home from bills & housework to her care but I guess throughout that period I never firstly addressed her personal care in terms of toilet duties, bathing.
The red flags in terms of like us becoming close, me not dealing with my emotions, no one facing the facts we was depressed and living in a bubble, my mums heavy reliance on me and replacing my dad, I done what a lot of people would do and have done and bury my head in the sand at the time because it seems easier than dealing with it.
Our intimacy moving forward past her recovery caused blurred lines to the point where our relationship moved into the realm of unacceptable intimate behaviour throughout the home for years. I won’t go into get depth on this particular post sexually because I don’t particularly want to chuck vulgarity at the wall but the past is the past and life is definitely normal but I guess not opening up and not dealing with it hasn’t helped. It would be interesting to speak about my past with interested parties.
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2021.12.07 08:37 Dragonet95 Here's the trailer for my new Action RPG on Steam!

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