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Blanket cuddles

2021.12.07 06:30 ThatsFishyYoureFishy Blanket cuddles

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2021.12.07 06:30 Rando2651 Fight or Flight response Fight is due to Might, while Flight Due to Fright, Alright?

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2021.12.07 06:30 MatchaMilkshakes Fun video teaching the basics of the ancient Egyptian alphabet

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2021.12.07 06:30 caucassius PC Tips: Even on 16:9 monitors/TVs, you can set custom 21:9 resolutions and get wider FOV

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2021.12.07 06:30 olemaryward Himb done.

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2021.12.07 06:30 Hopeful_Train_190 Does anyone get slight ache in side or lower part of abdomin when lying on stomach to sleep

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2021.12.07 06:30 Tuumapea Check ou a subreddit for the E53 X5 under r/e53

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2021.12.07 06:30 flontasticflonson What’s a small thing someone can do to crush and ruin your day?

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2021.12.07 06:30 Apple-Turnover-64 Blunt Advice please

My partner of two years has decided to move out. He said it’s because my two older children (15 and 19) are lazy and unmotivated and he can’t live with people like that. They are clever and kind but also typical lazy teenage boys who like to sleep in and will ignore a full rubbish bin. One is in school and the other is studying (straight A’s this year) and has a part time job too. My partner wants to stay together and only see me when I’m alone, or to take my younger two children (6 and 8) out on adventures. He works very hard, often leaving for work before 6am and until 9pm at night, will often work from home until midnight and on the weekends too. He thinks that others should have his same motivation and work ethic. He has two children. One he rarely sees (2-3 times a year for an hour or so) and the other he raised until she was 4 until he left the family home. He is honest, reflective, has strong morals, attractive, very clever and very funny. He is also a poor communicator and will sometimes leave the room while I’m speaking to him, yawn, or ask me to stop talking. He doesn’t like to socialise with my friend circle and doesn’t have any close friends himself. He is textbook ACOA - Adult Child of an Alcoholic. He self sabotages, expects people to leave him and is afraid of commitment. I see so many good things about him and want to help him be a better man, but I feel like our relationship is on his terms. My two previous relationships both ended with them having an affair with their colleague, which I think is a completely despicable thing to do and a definite relationship ender. I have baggage here, but know he wouldn’t do that which is reassuring and healing. Do I push through and see if we can make it work living separately until my older children move out of home, or is it already too messed up and not worth the effort? I am an incredibly loyal and dedicated partner. I just want a team mate and best friend.
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2021.12.07 06:30 Glad_Indication_5337 Join the Nudes +18 Discord Server!

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2021.12.07 06:30 Responsible-Search23 Transferring medical care (hrt) to another country/Italy?

Look, I'm one of the very unlucky bastards who happens to be an expat/immigrant and hold dual citizenship (I'm both Italian and American), and I may be moving to Italy next year. Unfortunately for me, this might mean that I either have to wait for medical care until I'm in Italy, I go on hrt in my current country and then have to abruptly stop it in Italy, or I never get hrt until years later. I'm hoping that I can start hrt in a month or two (not going to happen, since this country's a bitch), but is it possible to continue hrt in Italy once started in another country? I'm 17 and I need insurance to cover it, and I know that the answer is probably no, but dear god I need to at least know if it's possible. If any fellow Italians or expats can help me out, I'd really appreciate it, cause I just had a bad panic attack and I don't see myself waiting another half year.
As for doctors that can continue medical care, any recommendations for those in Genoa or Pisa? Any recs are highly appreciated
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2021.12.07 06:30 gjakic Hiveterminal: How to Buy HVN on the Lykke Exchange Website

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2021.12.07 06:30 Lord_Horny77 Result of the survey! :)

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2021.12.07 06:30 hedgeskenny870 Concerns and fears

Hi. I'm on the liver transplant list, added recently. Cirrhosis. I'm younger than I should be, it's totally my fault so I have to deal with that as well. The shrink they have on staff isn't...available, or helpful when he is. I realize I might be a difficult patient, and that covid has understandably limited their abilities to offer certain services. The last thing I want to be is some kind of problem patient that calls for every little thing when they're trying keep a pandemic under control.
But I've had some pain, nothing serious. And I've called and explained. In the past month and a half, I've nearly passed out twice, my neck hurts, there's blood in my urine and I puke bile when I don't eat enough (eating has become psychologically difficult, but I'm trying. Even bought an air fryer.). Everything I've called about, they've seemed unconcerned, saying it's not "life-threatening".
Ultimately, I guess what I need know while I'm waiting - they say the list is about a year - Is this just a year of me being completely terrified of my body and I'm just going to have to get used to that part? Is that a normal thing? I'm sorry if this seems vague or I haven't provided enough information, I'm...well, yeah, scared.
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2021.12.07 06:30 Lonely-Luck440 I am looking for buddy I can play with for a whole day

We can check new 1.18 stuff in survival, we can do PvP, build smth, we can even kill the dragon! It would be cool if it would be long term friendship. But if u don’t want to I’m okay with it :). If u want to play I am literally available for a whole day so feel free to message me! (Also, u can even message tomorrow or a day after that, I would love to play with you) PS.: my time zone is CET just fyi
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2021.12.07 06:30 bideavintes Need help! Can't qualify for FUT! I'm on Rivals elite, but struggling to win 5 games on Fut!!!

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2021.12.07 06:30 elvchap0 Photo dump

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2021.12.07 06:30 j1mbo55 Lotta murder in November

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2021.12.07 06:30 Left_Writing_6820 OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro starts receiving Android 12 update

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2021.12.07 06:30 marblebust how to see which plug ins have updates available?

is there any way to see what plug ins have updated available outside of checking online for each individually? Ableton has been working my CPU kinda harder lately and want to bring everything up to date that I have
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2021.12.07 06:30 PressureTimely6881 [Amazon] 40% off SGILE RC Stunt Car Toy, Remote Control Car {Expires 11/12} [Coupon: 30N7L23Y] - $17.39 USD

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2021.12.07 06:30 FiggeArt what do you think?

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2021.12.07 06:30 Revolution_b Do we get Reflecto as a reward? Haven't seen my account grow at all...

If we hold Reflecto are we supposed to get Reflecto "reflections" or just the other three?
If we are supposed to see reflecto tokens Can't see my reflections in my trustwallet, it's just static
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2021.12.07 06:30 supersaiyan491 Magnetic field of a finite current sheet (finite width, infinite length).

If I have a finite surface, how come I can calculate the magnetic field using Ampere's Law?
To clarify what the situation is, I have a rectangle with width along the x direction and length along the y. Width is finite, but length is infinite. Current flows in the x direction as a surface current. Apparently, one can apply Ampere's Law with an rectangular amperian loop in the x and z direction to find the magnetic field. However, I see no symmetry, per se, and am unsure why the magnetic field would have the direction of a rectangle (or be uniform for that matter). It makes sense with an infinite sheet, but not with a finite one.
Also, Ampere's Law would also imply (assuming magnetic field is in the same direction as the loop) there is a magnetic field in the z direction, assuming the loop is less than the width. I'm assuming that for something like the infinite case, the the magnetic field calculated from Ampere's Law is due purely to the enclosed current, and so the rest of the current sheet also produces a magnetic field that effectively cancels out the z direction current. However, with a finite sheet, wouldn't there be less and less cancelling out, resulting in more of an oval shaped magnetic field rather than a rectangular shaped one?
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2021.12.07 06:30 Nemidoonam68 Friendship

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