Question: Do you guys sometimes have the "Guts mentality"?

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2021.11.29 11:04 waltsyu Question: Do you guys sometimes have the "Guts mentality"?

I don't know if this has been discussed here before or anything but this thing just popped to my mind today and i wanted to ask you guys out of curiosity.
Let me elaborate : we all know the way guts handles things and his mentality on pretty much anything; to never give up and fight to the point he almost dies. To him only killing and finishing the job to the very end is what matters to him. As we all know guts' willpower is on another level. It's actually some what of admirable it seems. Also his struggle, loss and pain goes to the same category. It all binds together at the end to actually "form" guts as a whole and that is also a big part of his identity. Now you get the idea what (at least in my head) the Guts mentality means.
Away with that let me quickly tell you how this matters and refers to me:
The most usual way this "mentality" appears to me, is when i'm at the gym; usually at the end of an set when i feel like i want to quit and take the easy way, i remember Guts and everything i just listed at the top. After remembering I suddenly get this weird surge of energy and I keep doing the training until the very end, Even if I feel like shit tbh. Also, if I listen to the powerful and angry Berserk OSTs, The energy I get triples at least haha.
So that is just one example but I can also link this same mentality to other parts of my life like School and pretty much anything that has to do with my progression, health and dreams.
To sum the feeling up for you guys, this is pretty much how i hear things in my head, almost ANYTIME I struggle:
"Look at you little pathetic being, struggling over a little thing like this... It's ridiculous, do you ACTUALLY understand what guts went and is still going through?? This shit is nothing compared to that lmao! YOU EMBARRASS ME! GET YOUR SHIT RIGHT AND PULL THROUGH SO GUTS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DISAPPOINTED IN YOU AGAIN!! Tsch... stupid boy..."
XDDD so that obviously is just an rough illustration but that IS actually how i feel sometimes lmao
I know it sounds nerdy and all that, but my opinion is that it doesn't matter where you get your motivation.. If it helps you pull through that is what matters. It's only progressing you do at the end of The day...
I would love to hear your experiences and anything that can even in someway affiliate to this, so please write down below if you can relate!
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2021.11.29 11:04 TheSandalMan From the crusades to an Instagram account, infidels really got desperate didn’t they?

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2021.11.29 11:04 apstamp45 Nerve plants for Amazon milk frogs?

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2021.11.29 11:04 PuzzleheadedOcelot3 Should I take this opportunity?

Hi guys I'm currently working as an entry level data analyst in London
Background: Currently working for a consulting company that just had 6 weeks of training on Excel, SQL, power BI, Tableau, Python, and R. Each software covered in a week (yes it was super intense as so much information was given 6 hours a day)
Was called by my manager that said she thinks I'd be capable of joining the data engineering pathway where we'll learn Scrum, Hadoop, spark and scala. Over the next 3 weeks once again at 6 hours a day.
My question is that is this a good opportunity to go into becoming a data engineer? That too when I haven't even mastered the softwares I've used as a data analyst.
How difficult are the softwares I've mentioned to learn compared to say Python other R? I was ok with python but R was extremely difficult for me. Even in python a concept such as a loop is still difficult for me. My strengths were in python pandas which consisted of EDA.
After all these weeks of training I feel quite burnt out but at the same time I don't want to miss this data engineering opportunity if it is good in the long run.
Im 28 years old with a kid and a mortgage (don't know if this is relevant)
The training will be paid, so I'll be able to support my family. The only thing is lack of time with them.
After the 3 weeks of initial training we have a project with a company called Quantexa that are innovating something called contextualised design intelligence and apparently that's something that will be huge in the future. This project will take 7-12 weeks of SELF LEARNING then we'll be placed in deloitte to used what we learnt with Quantexa to identify fraud in the finance department.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated because I just don't know what to do. I'm at that age where I don't want to study anymore but I also don't want to miss an incredible opportunity.
Will it be difficult and should I take it?
Thank you!
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I'm too lazy and she's too to think any of ur owns
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2021.11.29 11:04 DaddyVivec SIB ESO if I disliked the MMOs I played?

So basically I’ve played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim and I was a big fan of the lore of the series but I kind of stopped keeping up with it a while ago. Recently got the urge to really get into the lore again. Contemplating whether I should buy ESO while it’s on Black Friday sale. I played a couple MMOs like Path of Exile and Neverwinter, but I didn’t like both of them. What would you advise me? I’m on PS4 btw
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2021.11.29 11:04 Warrior765 Why is this script not working? No errors in the output.

local UIS = game:GetService("UserInputService") local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer local KeyCode = Enum.KeyCode.M local ui = player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("Main_UI") local targetframe = ui.MainFrame print("Script part 1 works") UIS.InputBegan:Connect(function(input) if input.UserInputType == KeyCode then print(KeyCode) if targetframe.Position =={0.07, 0},{0.5, 0}) then print("Target 1") targetframe.Position ={-1, 0},{0.5, 0}) elseif targetframe.Position =={-1, 0},{0.5, 0}) then print("Target 2") targetframe.Position ={0.07, 0},{0.5, 0}) end end end) 
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2021.11.29 11:04 MasterWizardRyan Post Malone - Stoney (Deluxe Edition) | Survivor (Round 4)

The next song eliminated is Deja Vu

Rank Song Votes Against Percentage Runner-up
16th Place Deja Vu 13/56 Votes 23.2% 19.6% (11/56 Votes)
17th Place Money Made Me Do It 32/91 Votes 35.2% 18.7% (17/91 Votes)
18th Place Feel 45/160 Votes 28.1% 20.6% (33/160 Votes)

Album Info: Wikipedia)
Listen: Spotify
Apple Music
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vendo !!!
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