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2021.11.28 17:27 Jake0468 [H] +550 orders!!! Nordvpn, Spotify, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Nba, Nfl, Virgin tv, DAZN, Disney+, HBO, Direct tv, Fubo tv, AT&T, SiriusXM, Anime, Education and many more with lifetime warranty !!! [W]

Automated shop link
Tell me if the product you want is out of stock and i will add it to stock!!!
Hello! I currently only accept Btc, Eth, Ltc and Credit card (through stripe).
For any questions/difficulties hit me up and i will solve your problem! :D.
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2021.11.28 17:27 the_deepest_toot 2k Total! (and some goodies from along the way)

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2021.11.28 17:27 SomeoneWhoPostedThis Dad, I had a standardized test today!

I'm actually only taking it as mandatory when I'm in my senior year (2023). But since I have the oportunity to take them as training before it is for real, I decided to take it this year.
I don't live in America, but this test is like the SAT/ACT. It's always divided in two days (today was the second). First is for essay writing and humanities (history, social studies, geography, literature, languages...) and second for maths, physics, chemistry and all those other sciences.
I thought the math questions were very easy, but Chemistry was a bit hard since there were problems about topics I didn't study yet.
I'm very tired because I just had my finals yesterday and standardized testing today. But hey, all it's done now! And I think I did well!
Hope you are proud of me!!
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2021.11.28 17:27 pesowiso Wie hot ist Juliabeautx bitte?

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2021.11.28 17:27 Yorkshireman26 What exactly is it that makes James Corden so unpopular?

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2021.11.28 17:27 r2magnum "Right-Click Save LOL" Is Unresearched NFT Analysis.

Recently, a lot of people have been uncritically making fun of NFTs. Destiny once said something along the lines of “do you guys think skins in video games are scams.” This is at the heart of the issue, it’s PSYCHOLOGY.
Changing the aesthetic of a video game character does not provide any player advantage to the user, rather it is often seen as a status symbol within the community, to look “cool”. Someone who is not part of the fortnite community would never pay, say 1k usd, for an account that has ownership of the skins provided for completing season 1 battle pass (time exclusive, thus vary rare), but someone within the community may actually spend that money to be seen as the “cool kid”.
We see this psychology in tangible assets as well. Why are Gucci handbags much more expensive than a handbag you can buy at target? Are they that much better? Probably not, but one is seen as a status symbol and the other is not. Why buy an original art painting like the Mona Lisa for 800 million usd when you can just print photocopies of it and hang them just the same? Seriously, why not just print photocopies of the Mona Lisa? Probably because no one thinks you're “cool” for doing so. Here is an article talking about Supreme’s value in terms of psychology: https://www-popneuro-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.popneuro.com/neuromarketing-blog/social-psychology-consumer-behavior-marketing-strategy-fashion-branding-anti-establishment-supreme-hype-status-symbol?amp_gsa=1&_js_v=a6&format=amp&usqp=mq331AQIKAGwASCAAgM%3D#amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&aoh=16380632061176&csi=0&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&share=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.popneuro.com%2Fneuromarketing-blog%2Fsocial-psychology-consumer-behavior-marketing-strategy-fashion-branding-anti-establishment-supreme-hype-status-symbol .
As our lives become more digitized, from societal adoption of the Metaverse, to digital workplace, to digital concerts, to virtual reality, you name it, the more NFTs make sense. Eventually, in the future, a celebrity will make an exclusive NFT that is time exclusive, and you have to get this NFT inorder to be seen as one of the “cool people.” What if your favorite streamer hosts a VR party and their viewers are invited and they get an opportunity to buy an exclusive NFT they can use to change their avatar’s aesthetic look in the VR world. Here is an article of Nike already thinking of the future: https://sneakernews.com/2021/11/18/nikeland-roblox/
Are NFTs going to have a huge market in the future? I do not know, but seeing our lives becoming more digitized, I probably wouldn’t bet against the NFT market. Why are these items valued at the prices they are? Because there is a market that says they are that valuable, just like there is a market that says the Mona Lisa is valued at 800 million.
As a bonus meme, some people already pay 5 dollars a month to access exclusive emotes (LOL).
So are NFTs a scam? Well if you don’t care about “status symbols,” from the psychological aspect, yes they are, in the same way video game skins are scams, the same way gucci products are scams, the same way the Mona Lisa is a scam, ect. If after reading this you still want to say “right-click save LOL”, at least now you have a basic understanding of the value of NFTs from a psychology perspective.
What about the technical aspect? From the technical aspect of NFTs, I would suggest starting by reading the ethereum white papers, https://ethereum.org/en/whitepape , since most NFTs use Etherium’s DeFi technology for smart contracts to implement NFTs. No idea what I just said? Then better start reading up (or watch youtube videos on the subject matter), you don’t want to look like the corn guy destiny debated, do you? :)
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2021.11.28 17:27 Vortex2711 Bad mentovo app. Vol1

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2021.11.28 17:27 Beddyweddynightnight Is there any grant funding to IT certification exams?

I'm on benefits. I'm pretty sure I could pass my CCNA with no need to pay for the course. Same with AWS certs etc.
However paying for it is hard to impossible. Is there any funding available for this stuff?
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2021.11.28 17:27 Karakag35 Extreme Neck Muscle Fatigue/Drop Shoulder After Use of TMJ Splint - PLEASE HELP!

A dentist completed a bite adjustment on me which completely destroyed my bite on one side and started my on a downward spiral of a lopsided jaw and neck dysfunction. As another dentist was trying to find my correct bite he utilized a splint that within 24 hours left me completely debilitated and unable to hold my head up on the right side or use my right shoulder for more than an hour or two. It has been SEVERAL months, I have been through PT (no help) and am about to start rebuilding my bite. Has anyone heard of anything so crazy with TMJ or bite splints?!?! I am desperate for answers and about to go on disability if I can’t get this fixed. I am a 35 year old healthy woman with no medical conditions other than acid reflux.
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2021.11.28 17:27 BlackListBarbie Get baked with me

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2021.11.28 17:27 Necessary-Water-7553 Kainourgios polu liga invites mpeite

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2021.11.28 17:27 Then-Cod-4001 Where would the best place be for a first tattoo on the shoulder?

I want either a J. M. Barrie quote or two pawprints, in memoriam of my two passed dogs.
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2021.11.28 17:27 Here_To_Read_ Carlson, the stray that "will never be in the same room with you"

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2021.11.28 17:27 blakey916 [XB1] H: AA2515c the fixer W: Fashnacht mask’s

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2021.11.28 17:27 I_ONLY_HUGE_COMMENTS Dance

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2021.11.28 17:27 TheIntelligentrader ANY TIPS FOR MY BUILD(for gaming)

I am very new to this and my budget is under £600. I want to be able to play games like csgo valorant and hit consistent 140fps. To be honest I just want to get the most out of this budget. This is my current selection, if you have any suggestions or a better build for for this price would be appreciated.
Build: - AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - MSI B550M Pro Motherboard M-ATX, AM4 - Corsair LPX 16GB( 2 x 8GB) memory - Samsung QVO 870 2.5 internal SSD - 1TB - Samsung 980 M.2 Internal SSD - 500GB - NZXT C650 - 650 Watt power supply - Aerocool Cyclon Mini - mATX case
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2021.11.28 17:27 ReviewEquivalent1266 Everyone in America knows QAnon isn't a group but a weird guy spreading conspiracy theories. Even the mainstream media is reporting that supposedly QAnon heroes like General Michael Flynn agree. QAnon is fake news.

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2021.11.28 17:27 International-Emu920 Look at this little pony!! His name is Taz.

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2021.11.28 17:27 ThunderStruck115 The Master Chief Collection has the perfect solution for Infinite's Playlist problem

Personally, I think that the lack of playlists is a bigger issue in Halo Infinite than the battle pass, as at least the battle pass just has cosmetics that don't affect gameplay. However, only having 4 playlists (or currently 5 because of the limited time fiesta mode) is kind of a problem. While I enjoy all of the modes in Halo Infinite, not everybody does. Some people just want to run around killing people in slayer, while others only want objective modes.
I propose that if 343 were to just copy and paste the matchmaking system from Halo MCC verbatum over to Halo Infinite, that would fix so many problems. People who don't want objective modes can just search for slayer so people who actually want to play objective modes don't have to deal with people who won't play the objective because they want to play slayer. Those like me who like all the modes can search for all the modes. Those that maybe don't like oddball can exclude it from their search. People looking for a specific mode because they have a battle pass challenge requiring them to play/win x amount of matches from a specific game mode will be able to do so more easily. This system would also justify why lobbies disband after every match.
What do you guys think?
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2021.11.28 17:27 Superduperbals Cooking an entire Wagyu Cow

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2021.11.28 17:27 Dfisop What's so interesting about nothing?

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2021.11.28 17:27 DuelistDeCoolest Wow, so edgy

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2021.11.28 17:27 Kaamikaaze What is something that's slowly dying off or disappearing?

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2021.11.28 17:27 zeynooritaa heyoooo bin neu in Freiburg und benötige dringend einen Plug😩

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2021.11.28 17:27 Salt-Falcon-7317 FT Dialga LF offers

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