ARMS Fan made weapon: Flammer

2021.11.27 00:12 Miserable_Teach_300 ARMS Fan made weapon: Flammer

ARMS Fan made weapon: Flammer
A signature weapon of Octobert
  1. Type: Unique
  2. Attribute. Fire
  3. Weight: Light
  4. Default fighter: Octobert

  1. original picture: Skully
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2021.11.27 00:12 lokiie1984 So the other day i saw someone in the space sub post a really neat oil painting they did. I asked about a commission, no way i could afford that so instead they offered to do a request. Here is their take on the Crystal Tower and Dalamud. Came out looking fantastic. Painting by Pierre Vuaillet

So the other day i saw someone in the space sub post a really neat oil painting they did. I asked about a commission, no way i could afford that so instead they offered to do a request. Here is their take on the Crystal Tower and Dalamud. Came out looking fantastic. Painting by Pierre Vuaillet submitted by lokiie1984 to ffxiv [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 00:12 ezioauditore2018 Too exicted for Elden ring

I feel like I’ve played everything, and the wait for Elden ring is really getting to me. I’ve played everything in the dark souls and demon souls and sekiro , code vein, the surge series and I’m still not satisfied. Help!
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2021.11.27 00:12 palalalapoli O que fazer quando o amor existe, mas a convivência é difícil?

Eu amo meu namorado e nunca amei tanto alguém antes. Tenho borderline, faço tratamento mas parece que não mudou em nada no meu comportamento, eu continuo explodindo com situações pequenas com ele, choro demais, estrago tudo. Quase todo final de semana tem sido assim. A gente se ama, mas 80% dos momentos juntos vem sendo cada vez piores por culpa minha. Sinto medo da gente terminar mesmo se amando pq nem sempre o amor sustenta as coisas né… eu só queria uma solução, ele é o amor da minha vida e tô cansada demais de estragar tudo
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2021.11.27 00:12 Spirited_Work_4997 🦆$DUCK🦆 | 📱 Mobile App Beta Phase|👨‍🎓 Professional team | 🏆 Multiple Competitions| New Token | 29k Marketcap | 👨‍💻 Website Live | 🎟 Daily Giveaways

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2021.11.27 00:12 Strong_Examination_7 Any connects in Las Vegas ?

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2021.11.27 00:12 Old_Bed8247 Little Santa🚀 | Just Launched | already 10x | Potential 100x | CG and CMC listing soon | A new member in Santa Token Family💥 | Santa Floki -King Santa

❗️Stealthlaunch 🔜
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✅ Marketing plans after launch.
✅ Low Tax
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➡️ Pancakeswap:
➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.11.27 00:12 Captain_Villi So I'm really really shy when it comes to post my work online and today I decided to break that loop and post my first panel here! Criticism welcomed!

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2021.11.27 00:12 i_fuckd_ur_mother Imma do this

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2021.11.27 00:12 AltruisticCulture763 Community Creations Summation on Bungie

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2021.11.27 00:12 eXternaLens Is it possible to get over it?

I got molested about 4 years ago. I thought it only affected me at the time when it was a hot topic in my life, when everyone and their mom knew, but right now it seems like every little thing is setting me off into remembering it. Like, now that I look back I know there were times where it just kept popping up in my head, but right now, I've been thinking about it for around a week, which has caused a lot of panic attacks, probably being caused by a dude being weird to me (which I'm trying to take care off, no worries). Is it possible to just get over it, like over time, or is there stuff I need to do? Thanks.
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2021.11.27 00:12 CorrectRub7522 🌟 Hamsta 🐹 | ⚡️ Just Launched ⚡️| 7% BTC Rewards Just by Holding | Ambitious Roadmap Including NFTs 🐹 | x100 Truly GEM 💎

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Contract: 0x7f030bc77e0a8389222a1daccfed64dec6a9c61c
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2021.11.27 00:12 amnesiac7 Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for GOP leaders to oust "traitors" Katko, Kinzinger and Cheney

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2021.11.27 00:12 Lukecario Archeology x Sockets?

Hey it's me again, the guy who's borderline obsessed with the archeology plugin! With the introduction of new sockets for magic stuff, and through hearsay that it's a possibility of a thing that could be done, I've come to make what I consider a solid suggestion for archeology sockets! Names can be whatever but I think they're short and to the point:
Junker - either: 1. Has a moderate chance to reroll a potential junk drop into a non-junk drop, 2. Actively decreases the chance to dig up a junk fossil, OR 3. Has a moderate chance to reroll the junk drop into a Bone Fragment (the only USEFUL junk fossil.)
Treasure Digger - Increases the chances of digging up one of the treasures that can be traded for cash money. IE the primitive tools, etc etc.
Relic Hunter - Adds a VERY SMALL but still viable chance to dig up a Relic (the 1 durability ones that turn into the good things).
Fossil Finder - Increases the chances to dig up an uncommon or higher fossil. Simple.
In addition, they could be given Nether and Overworld variants to spread out the socketing RNG a bit. As in, Nether Treasure Digger, Overworld Fossil Finder, etc. Again, names can be whatever.
Also, of course, the buffs don't have to be HUGE, but it could feel nice to dig up some stuff a little bit more often. Digging for half an hour straight to only end up with 1-2 fossils hurts a bit. I get that it's supposed to be a long-term grind, but still, it feels like one has to dedicate a bit TOO much time to archeology for a good relic unless they have god-tier RNG.
It would also add some much more fun sockets to shovels and pickaxes (and perhaps give a bit more utility for stix and stonez as well letting them go 1 or 2 points above the normal cap~?). Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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2021.11.27 00:12 _doingokay Just wondering what level everyone is at current?

I’m at 34.
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2021.11.27 00:12 JerryCher Super Airdrop Already Listed

Super Airdrop Already Listed SpaceX airdrop bot

📍1 SpaceX = 0.025$
📍Claim your 1500 SpaceX token reward.
📍Earn 1000 SpaceX token more by inviting each of your friends.
Link :

🔗Contract Adress:
❇️ Pls do the required task to be eligible to get the airdrops token.
❇️ Airdrop will end on 30th November and distribution start from 5th December
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2021.11.27 00:12 SuperNickyWorld Suggestions on a New CPU

I have had the Ryzen 5 3600x for quite a bit now and am looking for a better cpu that is in the 100-300$ range that performs better. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me.
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2021.11.27 00:12 clownworld3 Functional ThinkPad Workstation (all ethernet or USB, no bluetooth dependencies)

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2021.11.27 00:12 shek1lla Faux beams or solid

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2021.11.27 00:12 Vizualwatcher_ B & N Sale Haul (Mishima is a blind buy)

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2021.11.27 00:12 Charming-Currency-57 🌅 #GodMorningSaturday जिस प्रकार साबुन से मैला वस्त्र साफ हो जाता है। ठीक उसी प्रकार पूर्ण संत की शरण में जाने से मन का मैल साफ हो जाता है। #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayVibes सत ज्ञान व सत भक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube चैनल पर visit करें।

🌅 #GodMorningSaturday जिस प्रकार साबुन से मैला वस्त्र साफ हो जाता है। ठीक उसी प्रकार पूर्ण संत की शरण में जाने से मन का मैल साफ हो जाता है। #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayVibes सत ज्ञान व सत भक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube चैनल पर visit करें। submitted by Charming-Currency-57 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 00:11 haber-trend Sıcak! | Rusya'da kömür madeninde yangın: Çok sayıda kişi öldü #Rusya #VladimirPutin son saatin en çok aranan 3. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 14 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.11.27 00:11 missionlake2 Grand Vizier of Chaos invincible glitch?

i have a glitch in my game where he just wont die. health literally does not move up or down. anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.11.27 00:11 DaddyBobMN Waukesha parade victims who need wheelchairs are getting ramps thanks to a local contractor

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2021.11.27 00:11 Adamk073 The flag above the Tauride Palace in St Petersburg. Any ideas?

The flag above the Tauride Palace in St Petersburg. Any ideas? Can anyone recognise the blue flag on the roof of the building? Here is a higher reso image from the Wikipedia page.
Processing img jx0nxncx12281...
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