I wish the 2020 Olympic games got postponed by a year so that my country would have had more time to prepare and win more medals.

2021.12.07 09:56 MattCh4n I wish the 2020 Olympic games got postponed by a year so that my country would have had more time to prepare and win more medals.

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2021.12.07 09:56 ThetyrantOverlord British museums be like

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2021.12.07 09:55 ghettojesusxx [SPOILERS FOR EW] The ending

Was the final fight itself satisfying for anyone? Don't get me wrong, it was really satisfying and emotional to see the Scions come together in the end, but I felt like the final fight was just so out of place.
Zenos decides not to fight after the Zodiark trial, stating that he will only fight you when you're not exhausted from pulling off something big, to make sure that both sides go in at maximum power. Zenos also stops trying to hurt others around you as he notices that it no longer works for his benefit. He basically went from super-villain status to a thorn in the WoL's side, the only reason him taking up screentime is to get an erection from looking at the player.
So, at the end, when he challenges you to fight AFTER you defeated an enemy that would have brought apocalypse to all in creation, without the express intent of seperating you from your friends (even though there being a perfect chance with Zenos barring the path made by Meteion), in my eyes, they turned a character with 0 character into a character with negative character. There is no build-up, its out of place, the fight itself is super disappointing (note: although there are some implications about the fight taking place in an area where dynamis governs, and while the WoL is full of emotions, Zenos is empty)... I just found it weird to have THAT as the final fight in an expansion where we finish up the OG story.
They could have easily moved this Zenos fight to (I believe it was lvl87?) when you visit Garlemald again during the Final Days, and you go off to help people. Zenos could have cut you off intentionally to stop you from helping others, and while the two of you fight, the Imperials get more screen time and recognition for their efforts to save the gang. We get Zenos out of the picture earlier, make up some BS reason why he's dead for real this time, and just finish the story.
This being sandwiched between the defeat of Meteion and the Scions disbanding and saying their goodbyes... What a disappointment. They better not revive him again.
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2021.12.07 09:55 Hot-Debt3001 تاحالا شده یادتون بشه کاندوم چیه و از مامان باباتون بپرسین چیه و اونا بگن بعدا میگم یا همونجا بگن بهتون؟

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2021.12.07 09:55 ArtfulPandora [GTM] Bone apple teeth

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2021.12.07 09:55 Famous-Raspberry-424 Dropbox mit über 1000 Videos. Bei Preisfragen dm

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2021.12.07 09:55 shoman24v Is this the Counterfactual Wallet Contract

Saw this in the Discord, Credit to Grape.
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2021.12.07 09:55 Skunk_Toker Can’t find druddigon raids, please help!!

Please invite me to a druddigon raid 1216 3594 1287
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2021.12.07 09:55 Glass_Two_345 Njoy bsc token 💎 | adult streaming platform & adult NFT marketplace | 691K market cap| 2 months old| staking option is live | 320 holders | Huge news is coming on Dec 7| the real project with the transparent team and great community ❤️ Dext Score: 97 🎩

NJOY project is developing top-quality platforms for adult content. Our plans include building two platforms: an Adult streaming platform and a marketplace for non-fungible tokens.
Adult Platform will provide the ability for our content creators to host their own individual profiles, in which they will be able to offer premium content such as images, videos, and any vetted merchandise. They will also have the ability to stream live content and interact with their viewers via live chat and more.
NFT Platform will be created as an exclusive NFT marketplace only for adult content. Due to the strict copyright nature of adult content, a strict vetting process will be in place to ensure only original content is approved for minting and selling in our marketplace. We are looking to revolutionize how adult material is integrated into the current existing NFT marketplace and partner with major powerhouses in the industry to distribute their talents personal NDT art.
Tech info:

Contract: 0x299899a16df8a7bcddd176913737f19782958c76
Official Platforms
Telegram: https://t.me/NJOYbsc
Website: https://njoy.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/njoybsc?s=21
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/NJOY/
Medium: https://medium.com/@njoybsc
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2021.12.07 09:55 Jonny_Peake My new ape painting has been made in to high-res prints! 💎🤚 ( No.6 of my Ape365 project)

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2021.12.07 09:55 ssgsammy Making my first game

is there any tutorials for blender it's kind of difficult
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2021.12.07 09:55 sleepovercults The neighbors birb was cold

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2021.12.07 09:55 Embarrassed-Novel931 Let's Play Pokémon Colosseum Part 27 Gameplay Walkthrough Blinded

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2021.12.07 09:55 Kyleyahma I'm the guy that nutted at school

I did a post yesterday, because I relapsed and I was feeling particularly sad. Here s an update.
I'm feeling particularly happy now. Some days ago I bought roller blades. The first time I used them it was fire and today I decided to try again.
I trained doing curves before going to school and I didn't do it 1 time, nor 2, nor 5, nor 10, but a good 100 times, 50 for each side.
After just 5 times I noticed some improvements. This taught me that getting better at something is about how many times you do it.
For a long time I stopped trying because I was afraid I couldn't do anything, but after doing this for 100 times I was able to show myself the opposite.
When I came back home I noticed how much I was feeling confortable on roller blades respect to when I started. It was definitely worth it.
Thank you guys for all the support you gave me yesterday, it's what gave me the motivation today to turn around a manhole 100 times.
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2021.12.07 09:55 bbethebeesknees Shopping carts do not have brakes

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2021.12.07 09:55 Leading_Station1157 Tradingz

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2021.12.07 09:55 jalapingooo Amazing Mella

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2021.12.07 09:55 Bobba_fat In what price range do you think the new subscription model will be?

These are the main options that I can think of. Try to answer one of these which you think will be most realistic, and then if you have an extremely different opinion please share them as a comment below as well.
View Poll
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2021.12.07 09:55 cosmichulk Crypto.com Referral Code ~ get $25 USD sign up bonus. Available in over 31 countries

Sign up for crypto.com to get $25 USD. Bonus locked until you stake for a card. Buy and sell and earn interest on your crypto deposits!
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Code : ckwd7h8f5w
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2021.12.07 09:55 SkippyratedR Does anyone have a good interceptior Christmas design or painting job?

I wanted to find a good paint for my interceptor to match the season,but nothing I tried looked good.Any ideas?
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2021.12.07 09:55 SprinklesFederal7864 石原伸晃事務所、収入が減ってないのにコロナ助成金約60万円を受給

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2021.12.07 09:55 zm182 Heard if you feed hens red pepper flakes it increases egg size and holy crap did it work. Eggs are from same hen three days apart.

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2021.12.07 09:55 extra2234 Anyone wanna see my mates hot girlfriend?

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2021.12.07 09:55 juan_tabernilla Can someone explain Ti dom in simple terms? 😭

Honestly, the more I read about Ti, the more I get confused and doubt if I actually am one. It just doesn’t make sense to me what it means, like they stuff the words “logical” and “craftsman” in their explanations.
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2021.12.07 09:55 expressivetarot 🎁Give the unique gift of a tarot reading

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