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teachable perks

2021.12.02 03:09 BentLongChip teachable perks

haven't played dbd in awhile and i just picked up ghostface because he's on sale for half the price. i have teachable perks unlocked from the spirit (she's max lvl 50 so i have all 3), and also one from the hag that i got from the shrine of secrets. what level do i need to progress my ghostface to in order to unlock those perk?
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2021.12.02 03:09 amancoreseg December 2021 patch rolled out for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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2021.12.02 03:09 MikeGelato OneySephiroth

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2021.12.02 03:09 ZectorV1 Here's my Msq bingo sheet [SPOILERS UP TO 5.5]

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2021.12.02 03:09 mitchell5665 How do you size your vehicles realistically?

Hey everyone!
Just a problem I seem to be having between factions is the sizing of the various tanks realistically.
I make semi replica vehicles mostly, inspired by their real life counterparts so the sizes should be realistic.
Is there a certain way that you use in particular?
Ex: measuring actual tank dimensions, looking at existing in game models and working with those?
I personally find that I always seem to build slightly smaller than the norm.
I would love for there to be a human sized cutout for reference in the workshop or something!
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2021.12.02 03:09 Umarch0 Blursed Man

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2021.12.02 03:09 LucidMage89x A new Facebook group for lucid dreaming, astral projection, and other Altered States of consciousness.

If you are interested in altered states of consciousness like ๐ฅ๐ฎ๐œ๐ข๐ ๐๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ฆ๐ข๐ง๐  & ๐š๐ฌ๐ญ๐ซ๐š๐ฅ ๐ฉ๐ซ๐จ๐ฃ๐ž๐œ๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง then consider checking out my new Facebook group. โค๏ธ
The Lucid Mage: The Altered States Of Consciousness.
In this group, you can feel free to post, ask questions, converse, upload art, share experiences & engage in topics related to altered states.
LIKE - Lucid dreaming, astral projection, the phase, the shift, shifting your reality, visions, remote viewing, false awakenings, sleep paralysis, trance states, psychedelic talk, consciousness-related topics, ๐Ÿคฉ & more!
I will also be uploading exclusive content to the group, that you won't be able to find anywhere else so I hope to see you there.
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2021.12.02 03:09 SailboatsAndCanoes I found out I'm earning less than

the younger people I work with who are similarly situated in job title.
And then the employer asked me to train some new hires. And the new hires brought up their pay to me. I didnt ask. They volunteered it.
I have a Masters and multi Corporate experience. I'm stuck working in a warehouse which isnt my specialty and is where I am stuck.
The people I trained are making $3 and $5/hour more than me. They are under 40 and I am over 40.
I signed a legitimate arbitration agreement and I filed an eeoc. But the eeoc will not process the charge until March 1st 2022. So my charge isnt valid bc it hasnt been processed.
Do I contact the atty for the Co where I work? They just want me to quit
Getting a job at my age is difficult
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2021.12.02 03:09 Fernan_OLEDModel My GF just tried to kill herself

So i had a crush with this girl i met online for almost 4 years already, 3 months ago i finally got to see her and spend time with her and we started a long distance relationship and everything was really nice for the first month, then she started opening herself and telling me stuff i never knew about her, like she having some heart-related issues and the need for her to get that checked, the toxic environment she has to deal with at home and the economic problems she is facing. I've been trying to be as supportive i can be, i have a good communication with her family and i've been always making sure i dont overwhelm her because i know she is not that used to text that often. I know is not a very healthy relationship but she helped me in very hard times and she always would give me advice and just be there for me, but she doesn't let me do the same for her. She didnt text me for a week, not even on my birthday (which is not a big deal but it is for her), until today, when she apologized and told me what she tried to do, she mentioned a lot of stuff i wish i didnt read and i never felt this urge to go and throw up and just go to sleep so i can wake up and realize this is a nightmare. She wont let me tell her anything and im also trying to not make her feel more guilty than she already feels, she says she will do it again and that she cannot get help no matter how hard she tries. This relationship is affecting me more than it should but i dont want to leave her alone. I don't know what to do
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2021.12.02 03:09 Limp_Neighborhood233 Important question! Iโ€™m using a picture instead of text because I suck at Reddit but I need answers for a chistmas present! ๐Ÿ˜„

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2021.12.02 03:09 scarred2112 Not a person, but this chocolate chip cookie.

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2021.12.02 03:09 TacticalRhodie Leaves Canoeing

Hi everyone,
Title says it all. I'm currently growing 4 plants in a 4x2 Grow tent. 2 Blue Dream Autos and 2 Pineapple Express Autos. All of them are in 5 gallon containers with Coast of Maine Stonington blend soil. Both Blue Dreams were planted on 11/20. Not sure when they sprouted through soil. I believe one of them is now in Veg but can't confirm. Temp never passes 26 Celsius and never goes below 21 Celsius. Humidity is maintained between 60-70%. Light cycle is 18/6. I have a 600W Full spec LED in there. I used to have two but was told that one of them can work for 4 plants so I tried it out. Plus it helps with keeping the heat down. I have to keep the pump at full blast to keep the tent from getting above 26 Celsius at night. I haven't noticed any difference due to the missing light. I know the tent size isn't ideal for that many plants but I didn't expect all 4 seeds to germinate. I have 4 fans in there placed in each corner blowing air above the plants. The air does hit them slightly where they will wiggle a little. A few days ago, I noticed that on both of my Blue Dream plants, both have canoeing leaves and light green on the leaves itself. I tried raising the light thinking maybe it was burning it. It currently sits 21 inches above the top of the plant. Waited a day, no change. Thought maybe it was overwatering so I stopped for 2 days until the top of the soil was dry and one knuckle deep depth was only partially damp. And no change. At this point I'm getting frustrated as I have no idea what's going on. I have researched it but the symptoms can be caused by over 10 different causes. I've tried checking the PH but was told not to since this blend of soil is a "living soil". Out of all honesty, I'm not exactly sure how much I should be watering. I've searched and saw many different suggestions and opinions and I'm not sure which one to do. I've been using Tap water. It's PH is around 7.0. I haven't added nutrients yet because I didn't want to overwhelm them. But I have Fox Farms Grow Big and Big bloom nutrients as well as Tiger Blood. I have TPS Organic Cal-Mag on the way just incase as well. What would be causing the light green growth and why are the leaves canoeing and the edges bending inward? Pictures are attached for reference. The one in the orange bucket was the first one to sprout. It's significantly bigger than the second one. And has more leaves.

Processing img 4gryc2o7m2381...
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2021.12.02 03:09 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.02 03:09 SomeoneTookMyCake _______ The Baby Seller

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2021.12.02 03:09 kurotsukihime Reading advice

I know it's the last day and all but is there anything that can help me with social sciences. I do okay on most other passages but seem to be making most mistakes on those. Even if there are articles you could suggest it would be really helpful thanks
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2021.12.02 03:09 PotatoBalls-13 I made this funny stop motion based on an snl skit a while ago and figured I'd post it here. I would greatly appreciate anyone checking it out and showing support thank you. much love <3

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2021.12.02 03:09 DatLilZoeFrmBroward LL DISCO ๐Ÿ•Š ๐Ÿ•Š

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2021.12.02 03:09 StarForge4508 You were the Jesus Droid, it was said you'll smack bosses not become one!

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2021.12.02 03:09 Active-Ad-233 Christmas gift

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2021.12.02 03:09 BambiChrome95 Renting Rut

Myself (26F) and my partner (25M) are currently living with my parents and 2 siblings in the family home for the last 2yrs due to Covid and we are incredibly desperate to move out, both by our own want and by my parents. The pressure is on but the price of rent and serious lack of properties on the market to suit us is ridiculous! Together my partner and I make a fairly decent wage to afford reasonable rent but weโ€™ve found ourselves stuck in the same rut still. What in the hell am I supposed to do with this, I am at my whits end. Any Advice is welcome, Thanks.
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2021.12.02 03:09 tonyyourhomie New and improved pppp party

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2021.12.02 03:09 condensedBeans Yes

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2021.12.02 03:09 myfriendrichard What is something your parents made you do that you wish they hadn't?

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2021.12.02 03:09 sweetsweet10 This is what KyLIE Jenner looks in real life... without photoshop or paid paparazzis, it must be exhausting being a fraud

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2021.12.02 03:09 big-shaq-skrra Good deck for ladder? Currently under-leveled, but I plan on maxing this if itโ€™s good.

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