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people like my plushie but I don't quite understand shipping goods

2021.11.27 17:23 Phi-Unit people like my plushie but I don't quite understand shipping goods

recently i had posted a picture of a plushie i personally made for myself with my own pattern and people went a little nuts. Now there's some people who are interested in paying me to make one for them but the main problem I'm facing is how shipping costs work and vary, as I've never sent any sort of package out before.
To break it up a little:
-What's the cost difference between international and regional? (I live in the US)
-What's the cheapest option?
-The plushie is small and weighs only 0.7 ounces, postal lady said something something less than 13 ounces = different cost something something, but she talked fast and i got lost and confused.
-and any small detail that someone inexperience like myself might not know or know to look into
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2021.11.27 17:23 sunflowerlover08 [LF] 2.0 Items Wishlist [FT] NMTs, Tradelist (tons of 2.0 items and DIYs)

Hi! I’m currently looking for the items on my wishlist.
Happy to offer NMTs or items on my tradelist in exchange. Thanks!!!
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2021.11.27 17:23 tripleplatinium Youtube Link For Ne Yo Video

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2021.11.27 17:23 tormmack12345 The State Of One Hand Mace (Animation Ep. 3)

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2021.11.27 17:23 TheBerkay True love.

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2021.11.27 17:23 try040 Thoughts on graduating early

I have always planned on graduating in May 2023 but have recently found out I can graduate in December 2022. If I do graduate early, I will not get a full time job in the winter and would rather take some time off school and work until late spring/summer 2023. Will this hurt my chances of finding a job? Also, when should I start looking for jobs after graduating? I have an internship for next summer and I am not sure if I would accept a return offer or not in that industry.
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2021.11.27 17:23 Many_Love291 question on pip/uk

how long after getting this message did you get a response on either seeing a health professional or getting a decision
Thanks for sending us your 'How your disability affects you' form. We may need you to attend a consultation with a health professional before we make our decision. We'll contact you again if we do. Please call us if any of the details you gave us have changed.
thank you x
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2021.11.27 17:23 darianmiller Overflow and Range checking are now enabled by default for Debug builds

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2021.11.27 17:23 Sonxr How can I utilize my second PC?

Hi, I recently made a completely new build. My old PC is just sitting next to it and I won't sell it, but I want to utilize it to its full capability.
Current specs of the 2nd pc is a 2080ti, i9-9900k, 32gb ddr4, and a few 1tb SSDs.
I have considered using it as a NAS box, streaming PC, and for ETH mining, but I would love to hear other ideas. Thank you :)
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2021.11.27 17:23 Shukal Spawned outside of the play area in Playground Games

So during my last game of Seasonal Playground Games in FH5 I was spawning outside the play area which meant that I either couldn't participate in the round or the enemy team coudln't reach me.
I eventually quit as that wasn't exactly very enjoyable.
I'm mainly posting this here as I do not want to get banned for hacking when there is obviously some bug that causes that.
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2021.11.27 17:23 PgrDoomposter Darwin vs Einsteina on Lucia Plume: A Look into the Numbers

Darwin vs Einsteina on Lucia Plume: A Look into the Numbers TLDR: Einsteinas on Plume deal 5.7% more damage than Darwins do. Up to you to decide if it matters.
Since Plume is coming soon, I decided to also try and determine whether Einsteinas or Darwins would lead to higher total damage using the CN wiki's damage calculator. The math is probably out there on some CN, TW or JP forum, but I decided to try anyhow. Once again, take everything here with a grain of salt.
Link to the wiki can be found here.
I used the following assumptions:
SS Plume with 4 Hannah/2 Darwin or 4 Hannah/2 Einsteina. Crimson birch (signature weapon) is equipped with no resonances.
I worked under the assumption that we’re working under a F2P/ low spender budget, and would have to choose between investing in Darwins or investing in Einsteinas. A whale would have much more resources and would have the luxury of simply leveling both sets of memories immediately anyway.
She’ll be put into a team comp that contains a tank. Someone on the team will also be holding 4 Zuwenyuan/ 2 Gloria.
Most pre-ice tank team comps will be running a tank, and someone in the team will be holding the elemental memories to debuff resistances. Opted to not take into account Genevieve, since not every team comp will run a healer.
Plume will have an (arbitrary) attack of 1700.
We'll assume the attack for when Einsteina or Darwin is equipped is the same. We'll be slotting Hannah's in slots 4/5/6, so attack for both builds should be the same. Why Einsteinas are in the top row, despite the higher attack, will be explained later.
We’ll use a damage multiplier of 3040%
This is the exact multiplier for a fully-stacked Plume ultimate. I was initially going to calculate Plume's full rotation's damage (4 three-pings plus ultimate) but the effects of Hannah massively complicates the calculation since it only affects three-pings. Since we're only comparing the effects of Darwin vs Einsteina, and not say Hannah vs Fredricks, we can ignore the use of skill orbs.
Let’s now take a look at the factors that will affect Plume’s damage
Factors Buffs/Debuffs
Hannah None. As explained above, we're only testing ultimate damage. Hannah's effects does nothing to augment this.
Darwin 15% extra damage. Because Plume needs 4 three-pings before ulting, this should always be fully stacked
Einsteina 15% elemental damage resistance down
Zuwenyuan 8% ice damage resistance down. I would assume this will be part of elemental damage resistance down, and not its own separate category.
Gloria 6% elemental damage resistance down
Crimson Birch (signature weapon) 15% Ice damage up. 10% extra damage up. Note that I'm going off Rexlent's spreadsheet and assuming that the 10% is extra damage. His translations might not be entirely accurate.
SS passive 10% extra damage resistance down. Again, I'm going off the spreadsheet, could be a different type of resistance.
Leader effect 10% Ice damage up. 5% attack up
Core passive 50% Ice damage up.
Attacker passive 20% extra damage up
Tank passive 20% extra damage resistance down
Here's a sum of all the factors, assuming Darwin's are equipped:
Buff/Debuff Percentage
Ice damage up 75%
Attack up 5%
Extra damage up 45%
Elemental resistance down 14%
Extra damage resistance down 30%
And here the sums for Einsteina:
Buff/Debuff Percentage
Ice damage up 75%
Attack up 5%
Extra damage up 30%
Elemental resistance down 29%
Extra damage resistance down 30%
From the wiki, here are the resistances of the nightmare trial boss:

88.8% elemental resistance and 68% extra damage resistance
Again, we plug these resistance values into the wiki's tool to see how much we are actually reducing resistances by. Here's the resistances assuming Darwins are equipped:
Darwins Equipped Boss Starting Amount Reduction Amount Boss Ending Amount
Extra damage resistance 68 30 59.8
Elemental resistance 88.8 14 87.21
And Einsteinas here:
Einsteinas Equipped Boss Starting Amount Reduction Amount Boss Ending Amount
Extra damage resistance 68 30 59.8
Elemental resistance 88.8 29 84.92
We can now plug everything into the calculator. Note that because elemental damage doesn’t crit, nor does it vary like physical damage does, we can take a single number as our answer.
Darwin 7080
Einsteina 7484
Difference 404
% Increase 5.706215
So Einsteina does more damage than Darwins. I confirmed this conclusion using S Kamui against the training dummy in the trial zone. Since the dummy should have low resistances, this testing should skew in favour towards Darwins. With 2 Darwins he dealt 438, and with 2 Einsteinas he dealt 457.
So what’s the takeaway? If you’re resonating memories for Plume, and care about a somewhat small increase in damage, you should probably stick with Einsteinas, until the ice tanks release. Switch to Darwins on Plume when that happens. In a vacuum, Einsteina will do more damage than Darwin. In other words, elemental resistance down has a greater effect on total damage than extra damage up.
My Recommendation: Resonate Einsteinas on Plume rather than Darwins. For now, Einsteinas will do more damage than Darwins. It also helps that they’re currently farmable from the event.
Even though Einsteina have more attack than Hannah, put Einsteina in slots 1/2/3 and Hannah in 4/5/6. Doing this will cost you 6 attack. Putting that amount into perspective, a single attack resonance gives 15 attack, or more than double the amount you’ll lose. However, the benefits of doing things like this outweigh the costs. When you make the transition to Darwins on Plume, you won’t have to remake two Hannah memories. Also, you’ll be able to take the two Einsteinas from Plume and re-resonate them onto the ice tank. For most elemental tanks, slots 1/2/3 are where Einsteinas go.
If you want to take it even further, when farming/leveling your 4 Zuwenyuan/ 2 Gloria set, have the Zuwenyuan in the same slots as your Plume’s Hannahs, and the 2 Gloria in the Einsteina’s slots. When the ice tanks drop, you’ll have a full set of 4 Zuwenyuan and the 2 Einsteina from Plume to use on them.
I wouldn’t recommend resonating Plume with Darwins, and then replacing those Darwins with non-resonated Einsteinas temporarily. You’ll be missing out on four resonances, which equates to about 120 BP (my A Kamui went from 6352 BP to 6232 BP from swapping 2 Hannahs).
Again, this is all just a recommendation. It's your game, you do you.
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2021.11.27 17:23 carliwar Información casa de valores

Hola estoy en búsqueda de info de casas de valores en Ecuador y fondos de inversión. Alguien tiene algo de experiencia acá? O es mejor buscar en otros países? Gracias bros
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2021.11.27 17:23 Strugglingagain420 I wish I would blow up on twitch

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2021.11.27 17:23 FlamingGaming00 Deck recommendations

I have trouble building defense on the field with my cards sometimes with bad hands I get with my deck. I play Seto Kaiba DSOD with Scorns of Ultimate Defeat equipped. I can’t get my cards on the field because most of them are high levels. I have Aincient Ruins and some other spell/trap cards in my deck but they still don’t fully help all the time. Any help? I can give anyone my entire deck if you need it.
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2021.11.27 17:23 RedOctober54 I recently put on a bumper and noticed some new squeaks and creaks up front. Thought the bumper was rubbing on some of the body but when checking it out noticed there’s an oil on my CV boot anyone dealt with this before?

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2021.11.27 17:23 AlteredGenos Aggressive Music - Beat 'em brutally till death!!!

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2021.11.27 17:23 itskirby69 Creating Biomes and New Dimensions

So I am planning to make a biome that would have special biomes kind of like Aquamirae's biome generation and the Betweenland's biome generation. But I have no idea how. Is there a video that is recommended that I can watch to make very customizable biome?
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2021.11.27 17:23 Ovako76567 Is it cheating if you were not officially? And didnt have sex but met someone else and never again?

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2021.11.27 17:23 GTAclipster Greatest GTA player of all time?

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2021.11.27 17:23 Bytevan18 Update: Also there’s an Apple Music Radio Show hosted by Lorde. She mentions it’s going to have a couple episodes.

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2021.11.27 17:23 Luka_444 Quick stupid question

Ok so im snaping with this girl rn and btw keep in mind that i have her on snap for like more than 6 months now(and also i kinda like her) and now her best friend adds me on snap like 5 days ago and so to get to the point we're snaping rn and they both send snap at the same time so now im kinda getting paranoid bc if they are testing me or some shit like if im going to open this girls snap but not her best friends snap u know... And i feel like if i dont open her best friends snap shes going to get mad at me u know but at the same time I don't want to open her best friends snap, so what should i do🤔🤔
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2021.11.27 17:23 Julesvernevienna Haiku honoring the highest hieroglyth

H has handsomeness H has harnessed hundreds Hail the hieroglyth
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2021.11.27 17:23 partyatsunrise Luna by partyatsunrise [OC]

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2021.11.27 17:23 vanderpumptools Tips for buying used ski boats under $10k?

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2021.11.27 17:23 ickybus overview for PrestigiousSetting26

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