قرداحي يكشف حقيقة صورة متداولة لشاب يحمل السلاح تحت صورة الخميني

2021.12.06 05:53 watan592 قرداحي يكشف حقيقة صورة متداولة لشاب يحمل السلاح تحت صورة الخميني

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2021.12.06 05:53 ZoobBot 190899

This is the 190899th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.06 05:53 AvailableLunch1414 hmu for da vid, $5 cashapp

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2021.12.06 05:53 Battlefire Was thinking about getting a Google Pixel 5a but having some second though and I need your perspective for mid tier phones

Just for context in all my life I only had an iphone. I had an iphone 3 than had an Iphone 6 which lasted me for almost seven years now. And now it is breaking down on me now so it is time to move on.
So yeah I don't have much knowledge about Android phones. But I wanted something new outside of iOS and that is the reason for my switch. I've done some research and I came across The Google Pixel 5a. It was $400 from the original price of $450 and so that was very enticing for me and placed an order. But no the Google Store has been pushing my date order back and that has caused me to rethink about my purchase.
I heard the Samsung A52 was pretty good. Unlike the Google Pixel 5a it has a 120hz with better screen quality. But in terms of software Google Pixel's seem to be the best for android if I'm not mistaken. There is also the Galaxy S21 5G trade-in option but the iphone 6 is not in the list of optional trade ins. Plus I don't know if they will except funcky charging port even though the rest of the phone has no cracks just some wearing off on the back.
I welcome other recommendations.
My specifications are:
I want a mid tier phone that at least has good software stability that runs smoothly. My price range is $400-500. I don't really care much about camera quality. Something decent is fine. Good battery life and decent water resistance where the phone would survive if I dropped it in a sink but retrieved it fast.
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2021.12.06 05:53 liame31 Thoughts on temps? 2070 is a laptop

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2021.12.06 05:53 Yoshkhandagale Trending in India and Australia 🇦🇺 🇮🇳

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2021.12.06 05:53 bruhamesh Did you guys apply L'hopital for continuity questions?

I'm so sorry I didn't post this yesterday here, I replied to comments. Questions using that could have been done in 30 secs.
CBSE did dirty.
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2021.12.06 05:53 xponentialdesign Thumbsᵁᴾ | A roman emperor gesture mainstreamed [A]

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2021.12.06 05:53 Hour-Sentence6643 Commission for 3D mold


Im interested in creating a cast of a book that I like. I want the mold to be the same exact shape and size of the book and I want the cast to have a slight etch of the books front and back cover and text. essentially a perfect replica of the outside of the book. Would anyone be able to help? Id be happy to pay for this project.
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2021.12.06 05:53 A_guy_with_vision Dream Big!

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2021.12.06 05:53 TheRtHonLaqueesha Je Suis Credit Suisse

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2021.12.06 05:53 big663 Elon Musk And 12/9 Mystery

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2021.12.06 05:53 comic-Dude 2 Unexpected characters for my version of Mcu Spider-Man 3/Spider-Man Home Invasion

So everybody thought that the third installment for Spider-Man in the mcu should've been more grounded, having Kraven the Hunter and/or Scorpion as the villains and honestly I think so too but for me I think there's another villain, a past villain who I think would be amazing and that person is no other than......Justin Hammer. Hear me out, yes he's another person who hates Iron Man but hear me out, so mysterio tells the public that pretty much Spider-man is connected to Tony so Justin hammers arc has changed slightly, now instead of destroying Tony Stark's Legacy, he takes it and makes it his legacy. The one and only Justin Hammer becoming the Iron Patriot.
Now the second character,he's alsooo another Iron Man character and that is Harley,the kid from Iron Man 3 yep him and now he's Iron Lad, recruited by Nick Fury, Peter and Harley would team up to be good allies and kinda be like brothers taking down Justin Hammer as The Iron patriot.
There's more things like MJ working at F.E.A.S.T with Aunt May and there being a Spider-Legionnaire (people that support Spider-Man) and more.
Sidenote: With the whole Multiverse thing,I think that should've been saved for Spider-Man 4 but with the mcu starting the multiverse, I think it's appropriate. Also I would've called it (Spider-Man Homeworlds).
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2021.12.06 05:53 Leadjockey 'Arbalist-Spidersona', OC by me...

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2021.12.06 05:53 ShrezzzKnight I know it's cold right now... wait wut ? What do you mean, there's some people in the southern hemisphere too ?

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2021.12.06 05:53 william-harvey-07 How To Logout of KakaoTalk Account

KakaoTalk doesn't provide an option to log out KakaoTalk account. If you still want to sign out KakaoTalk profile. Read this article https://socialsingam.com/how-to-log-out-of-kakaotalk-account/
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2021.12.06 05:53 ViktorUSH Average Oneyplays Worm's lobby chat

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2021.12.06 05:53 orchadman Have you even seen a redditor who has a gf/bf?

I have been using reddit frequently since january. Yes i had a break up and using reddit has made me feel better about myself but i have neber seen a reddit user with a significant other.
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2021.12.06 05:53 ilikestuff2082 Black market dungeons & dragons miniatures.

I have a couple black market dungeons & dragons miniatures.
I admittedly learned this term from a couple of tick tocks about rare Legos.
From what I understand they are figures that were never intended to leave the factory. Prototypes test models figures that were printed with irregular colors stuff like that.
I have two a ghost version of the tyranny of dragons mind flare this does not exist anywhere else as far as I can find. It's fully numbered and lettered.
And I have an unpainted unprimed unlabeled mail Hill giant the one with the club.
I'm just curious as to well to be honest I want to know what they're valuable and on top of that I'd like to know if there are more of these kind of things out there and if people collect them and if they can give me any more information.
I'll link an Imgur gallery in the comments
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2021.12.06 05:53 Nerdy_essays [FOR HIRE] Are you stuck with your paper, essay, or assignment? Running on a tight deadline? Too busy with your job to finish your paper? Look no further!

Hey, Do you feel stuck with that essay of yours? Been thinking about how to carry forward with that great idea you had for your paper? Let me help! I have been working as a freelancer for the past 3 years. I am the best guy available for academic writing and specialize in the humanities and social sciences. With a Master's degree, my writing experience stems not just from an educational background, but also from the love of reading and learning new things every day! I am passionate about writing and it shows through my work. HMU for Samples.
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And remember "Modern problems require modern solutions"
Thank you
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2021.12.06 05:53 pineapple-007 Omg

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2021.12.06 05:53 LP_Video_Bot Halo Infinite Review - Kinda Funny Gamescast

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2021.12.06 05:53 annoyinghuman03 Decorated short stories/poetry online?

This is a really strange question and I'm unsure if it fits here, apologies if it doesn't.
I've written short stories/poetry recently, and as I have no drawing skills I would like to find something online where I can do little animations/others to bring these pieces to life.
Sorry if I make no sense, but does anyone have anything similar?
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2021.12.06 05:53 D35T1NY2020 What have they done to you? Part 1 (By Neytirix)

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2021.12.06 05:53 Existing-Article-404 What is Study Lab and why can't I do the HIT?

It says they capped my IP address but I don't have any record of doing their HITs. Has anyone done any of the "Quick Study" HITs?
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