What song is your theme song for the pandemic?

2021.12.07 17:34 towboad34 What song is your theme song for the pandemic?

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2021.12.07 17:34 Subject-Jellyfish-48 Offers?

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2021.12.07 17:34 HushNowShhhh Other household members and behavior/training issues with 1 year old mini schnauzer

A little long.
New account because I dont want this tied to my actual account as the two men are on reddit.
The household had an older Boston terrier that died a few months ago. I've only know him since he was already old and blind but I hear stories that before he went blind he was hyper and wild and stubborn. As an old blind dog he was still stubborn but instead of hyper and wild was demanding and just didn't listen.
There is also an old golden retriever that does listen mostly but is treated like she runs the household and is the boss yet also like 'awww she is everyone's mama.' She licks furniture or hyper focuses on the little dogs obsessively and it's just 'awwww.'
There is an almost 3 year old pug. I was here when we got her almost 2 years ago. She was in shape and was doing as well as a pug can do with training. Now she is severely overweight and will not listen worth a damn. Even 2 years later you have to watch her because she would rather potty inside when you're not looking and it is a 15 minute issue to make her go when you take her out. Her weight issue is blamed on the fresh food she is fed by me even though I know the calories and measure it. It's often suggested she go back on the kibble that gave her extreme constipation. Her weight issue cannot be blamed on and is excused when it comes to the human food constantly given to her or on the fact she literally lays in bed all day because a member of the household lays in bed literally all day.
Last Christmas I got a mini schnauzer puppy. She just turned a year old the end of last month. She is extremely intelligent but is a pure bred mini schnauzer and it's my first time with a breed like this, I'm use to mutts. She had pretty good skin allergies going and the vet wanted her on allergy kibble that was expensive and made her stink. I wanted an allergy test done but the vet said no and just kept giving me a prescription for the kibble. I tried it for awhile but it was awful. I ended up doing the allergy test myself, found out what she was sensitive to, cut it from her diet and the itching and bumps went away. However all of the dogs have developed a begging problem as they are constantly fed from plates and nobody listens to me that she can't have certain things because of allergies and because her breed has a higher chance of pancreatitis which shes had two small bouts of already. They have just started feeding her when I'm not looking because I argue with them when I see them feeding any of the dogs. My bf's dad is the worst but I get yelled at to leave him alone about it because he bonded with a dog when he was in therapy and now needs all dogs to love him most.
The mini schnauzer barks, shes mouthy, shes hyper.
I've tried training the pug to 1. Listen better and 2. Get her more active but she just goes to lay down instead and I get yelled at to be nice and leave her alone if I go to get her back to what we were doing.
The mini schnauzer is mine. I get accused of babying her and then extra get yelled at for saying anything to the pug because 'I dont love her as much.'
I was working with the mini schnauzer on my own at first. It was rocky as she needed a different system than I'm use to but we were getting there. However nobody would listen to me. I got told off constantly that 'oh well I just read an article and know how to dog train and you're doing it wrong/I dont need you telling me what to do I know/etc.' Bf and I ended up in a huge fight once or twice because 'I never fucking agreed to anything and you're not fucking telling me what to do.' Because of things like me asking to please stop letting the puppy sleep on him I was trying to crate train that crate was bed.
So I moved on to petsmart training in hopes that if I could come home and say 'the trainer said/did/requested' it might work better. Again she was excellent in class. But once home I got told 'those dog trainers arent actually licensed or schooled in anything. What does some random loser hired at petsmart know.' And the training would go down the drain.
She only barely listens to my commands or gestures now because nobody else does them and I am the only one not home during the day. One of them is retired, one is unemployed, and one works from home. There is no training during the day. The dogs rule the house but their golden retriever must be put first always and the pug gets baby treatment like hell because she was likely abused before we got her and had already been bred at a year. The mini schnauzer gets the short of it all because shes the only one of the three that has any energy or frankly intelligence most of the time and shes bored. I was sending her to doggie daycare for awhile and want her to go back when I'm not home however what's going on at home is affecting her behavior at daycare and she cant go back until I get it figured out.
She barks at the tv if anything remotely animal shaped is on even cartoons or if theres any physical contact. The household way to deal with it has been to yell as loud as possible 'NO NO BARK NO.' even if I have explained that it doesn't work.
She tries to run out the front door. I was working with her that she HAS to stop in the outdoor doorways but it failed because I was the only one and everyone else just flings the back door open and tells them to to.
The biggest issue though. She was a mouthy puppy that became a bitey puppy that became a mouthy bitey 1 year old. I have explained countless times about the hand roughhousing the two men in the house do. I have explained that they cant shove their finger in her face and scream no as the only correct or training they do. I've explained when shes bitey they cant just loom over her and pick her up and then get mad when she attacks their hands. But they don't listen. Which in turn makes the entire issue worse.
And leads the part two of the issue. She is extremely territorial of me when it comes to my bf. It use to be a resource guarding issue with everyone else but shes now fine with the woman and the child in the house, it's only the men but especially my bf. He pushes me over or grabs at me, etc a lot and shes go after him and instead of working together on the issue his ONLY action has been to shove his finger in her face and scream no and keep doing whatever it was that set her off then blame me for her behavior because I'm not disciplining her. With that if shes on the bed especially but anywhere she wants to be and the dad but mainly my bf reaches for her she attacks their hands and it doesnt matter where I am or what I'm doing it's my fault for not disciplining her and somehow doing so the very second she is about to attack. Example I can be sitting on the sofa and my bf can walk by and reach over to grab at me and she will lunge from across the sofa and attack his hand and with one hand he will shove his finger in her face and yell and the other hand continue to grab at me as she attacks him and I'm stuck under them and it's my fault because I didnt also scream at her the moment it started. It doesn't matter how many times I've suggested he not wrestle with her with his hands anymore, 0r the finger and screaming isnt helping, or she cant be on the bed. I've seen him purposely do something to set her off and then keep going and then get mad at me and start yelling he hates that motherfing dog. Hes smacked her a few times too and is mad I dont smack her more.
If he had his way I'd be constantly yelling and smacking the mini schnauzer as it's only form of training. Meanwhile I cannot correct the pug or golden retriever at all ever. They are forever excused and I believe it is because they fawn over him and his dad and want to cuddle and the mini schnauzer only comes to sit with them when they have food so the dogs will beg.
Its causing issues now where the mini schnauzer is so touchy about hands and mouthy I have to muzzle her at the vet. She was good with other dogs and now is super pushy and territorial with the other two in the house but it only started when the hand thing got worse. I believe the hand and defensive thing is causing stress which is carrying over because the barking got worse. As a result she is mouthy with trainers and dogs at daycare now and cannot return until its fixed.
The vet suggested hiring a professional trainer to come to the house. However I havent because 1. Both of the men are very 'nobody is going to tell me what to do I know better.' 2. I 100% believe that no matter what happens when the trainer is here, they wont follow through. 3. I highly doubt they are going to show the trainer the things they are actually doing. 4. It's like $300 for 2 hours or something like that and I feel it's a waste of money if I'm the only one following what's said. The child in the house is a child. And the other woman will only follow it if I'm right there. As soon as I'm not in the room she goes along with what the men want.
So I'm stuck with 2 dogs that are seperate issues but not mine. And my dog that is mouthy and high strung and bites and barks and territorial and stressed and it's just snowballing but training keeps failing because I am the only one doing it and then I get blamed for not disciplining the dog because obviously that is the ONLY reason she is a 'bad dog.' The dad expects all the dogs to fawn over him and lay in his bed all day and bf expects her to magically behave by being screamed at so he can be as loud and threatening and physical as he wants.
I also cannot treat train with her anymore even though it works wonders because 1. She gets distracted by the other dogs being around and doing whatever they want and if I seperate them out for training someone always comes and brings them back. 2. I am expected to give the other dogs treats every time too just for existing and then get blamed for why the pug is so overweight or why the golden retriever had diarrhea again.
I've honestly thought about rehoming her at this point but 1. I dont really want to shes mine. 2. I'm afraid it would go poorly because of her behavior. 3. If I did I wouldn't be surprised if I got broken up with or something because although I pay for everything for her she was purchased by them for me and I could see everyone being pissed.
I am not planning on being here long term anymore. But I'm afraid by the time that comes around this behavior will have carried on so much that it will be harder to train her somewhere else and that it will cause an issue. Example we end up in an apartment and the barking gets us kicked out or I have to rehome her because she gets mouthy with a friend of my kid or something.
I want her to chill at the vet, to go back to daycare, to work out some energy training, to go back in public with her, etc etc. But it's all on hold because her behavior has fallen off and the two men in the household are not helping the situation.
Is it all pointless right now or should I hire the trainer and keep working with her even if I'm the only one?
Is it possible if I just power through the training while we are still here we can reach a point where I can take her to daycare or out in public or work with her and shell be great again and only aggressive and unmanageable with the two men in the household? I just dont think I'm going to get them to change their behavior.
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2021.12.07 17:34 Pukiminino My redesign of the Autódromo Oscar y Juan Galvéz in Buenos Aires

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2021.12.07 17:34 DemUnderground Vaccinating 5-11 year olds

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2021.12.07 17:34 blahhblah11 Asked AI to make a digital art

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2021.12.07 17:34 Snooper44 [EVENT] Victory and a Decision

The streets of Genoa were filled with cheers, cries, and shouting.
"The Vampire is vanquished, long live the Republic!"
Celebrations were rampant, the league of Piedmont had been routed efficiently with minor losses to Genovese forces, although the navy under Andrea Doria had taken a beating he was regardless hailed a hero alongside the vessels underneath his command. Already townspeople in the street acting out William of Montferrat's loss in make-shift plays, pretending to be lost and stumbling over their own feet.
But celebrations were short lived among the highest noble families and the Doge in the Palazzo Ducale who were currently handling the headache that was economics of the Republic. The Doge in particular now had to meet the demand of several noble families due to their funding provided for the defense of the Republic. There had also been no communication with Chios since the last letter from the governor arrived weeks ago, the worst was anticipated.
Paolo da Novi, doge of Genoa was relieved to hear of their victory against the League of Piedmont but now a decision had to be made on what the next step for the conflict would be. A session of the most prominent of the Genovese nobility commenced for four days. Debates on reparations, land annexation, and peace. On the fourth day nobles remained in a stalemate, causing it to fall to a vote among the most influential of families on what terms could bring the war to an end. Most prominent were the following decisions:

There were also other options floating entirely, but it would be the will of the nobles that would decide what the next step would be. Doge Paolo da Novi personally opted to the session of nobility for a concise invasion and annexation as it would eliminate William the Vampire who refused an offer of white peace and payment at the start of the conflict forcing the Republic to plunge into conflict and lose Chios. His survival and control of the country would inevitably bring Genoa back to war. If this was found to be too risky he found settling with just Spigno as a buffer to be acceptable.
The session continued after the Doge gave his opinions on the matter, the decision would now rest on their vote.
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2021.12.07 17:34 Tangerine4640 29f Am I hot?

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2021.12.07 17:34 Zporatick Panda corys

Hey guys I noticed the panda corys from petco looked different than petsmarts there body’s are darker and just look better quality do you think they’ll still get along? And breed?
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2021.12.07 17:34 ihavenofuxkingidea not so fun and engaging now is it?

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2021.12.07 17:34 Alarmed_Ride7090 The cat wants to pack his things and leave

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2021.12.07 17:34 sh0-gun 2 wires from positive terminal, are both needed?

There are 2 wires that should go to the positive terminal on the battery, the thick 8 gauge starter wire and then another thats just there. From what I can tell this goes to a fuse box, but all my electrical components work. Should I be concerned about this loose wire? I've isolated it with heatshrink for now.
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2021.12.07 17:34 sadmanhussein69 Apparently you don't even need two wheels

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2021.12.07 17:34 AdministrationFine52 Congestion that won’t go away for 4 weeks even after antibiotics

21 yr old female Otherwise healthy Taking orsythia birth control PNW United States
I got the classic head cold (sneezing, congested, pressure headache, running nose) November 3rd. I took mucinex and toughed it out and was better by the 7th although still congested especially at night and in the mornings and was still sneezing a lot.
November 22nd it was worse than it had ever been and I had ear pain so I went to urgent care. They said I had a sinus infection and prescribed 10 days of doxycycline. I again felt much better after that but am still not normal.
As soon as I lay down for bed I’m congested and am constantly flipping to be able to breathe properly or have to sleep sitting upright. All day I’m battling a runny nose and postnasel drip and sneezing quite a bit. Loratadine doesn’t help at all even though that’s what I use for my typical summer congestion.
I can’t get an appt with my PCP until January but this is getting ridiculous. Should I go to another urgent care visit to try something else? Is it just some winter allergies somehow? Nothing has changed in my life in terms of allergens being brought in and while I’m back to work in person I’m fully vaccinated for Covid as well as having a booster and am masked all the time.
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2021.12.07 17:34 DemUnderground David Gelles:As @petermrobison demonstrates,ultimate blame for the crashes lies w/highly paid execs

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2021.12.07 17:34 Ok-Carpenter-3284 Who are your favourite guests on the show?

I'm a sucker for Nina or Maddie Copp episodes. That being said, all guests have been great.
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2021.12.07 17:34 Fungusamongus27 What do I do if my school issued laptop isnt allowing me to do my schoolwork?

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2021.12.07 17:34 desquibnt Amazon Web Services experiencing outage

This goes to show how much of a reach AMZN has into our daily lives. Every single one of the apps and services I use on a daily basis are having problems.
The stock is slightly lower since the outage started getting reported. Do we see wider implications for the stock? Are we seeing vulnerabilities in AWS’ platform that an up-and-coming competitor in cloud services like IBM could take advantage of? Or are we heading back to business as usual tomorrow?
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2021.12.07 17:33 Butmuri That's how we would support small businesses. #umachitfund

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2021.12.07 17:33 DemUnderground "Hello, NBC ... It is no joke. It is a real war."

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2021.12.07 17:33 ASassyCucumber Stuff for trade! Feel free to offer any runes or keys that are remotely fair! I won’t be picky!

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2021.12.07 17:33 mkadam68 Unmountable Disk

Totally new to unRaid. Am currently setting up my system. Have one parity drive (12TB), and two array drives (3TB ea). On the 'Main' tab, one of the 3TB drives says it is unmountable. So, do I try formatting it to get it mounted, or is it not mounted because it's part of the array?
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2021.12.07 17:33 mindfulmint21 This subreddit in a nutshell

• Sly 4 bad!!!! Remove its existence from the face of this earth!
• New Sly 5 leak!!!!
• And some random, misc. other stuff
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2021.12.07 17:33 KAI_IS_FINE 😔

I just got a reminder that 2 years ago today was the day I nearly died from an OD....I've come so far yet not very far at the same time : /
Damn, that notification really hit hard😔
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2021.12.07 17:33 Parking_Loss_7410 did a lil something, tell me where i can improve

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