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Trading, dm offers

2021.11.28 09:37 Crafty-Ad-3016 Trading, dm offers

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2021.11.28 09:37 Emotional_Kitchen_57 Need something really amazing!

So I’m approaching 30 and my skin is finally starting to show signs of ageing. But not only that I also have a bit of acne which I never had before. Not sure if it’s due having ovarian cysts or mask wearing however, I am now invested in getting this right!
I believe my skin is slightly congested, it’s combination. Dry and oily. Please could someone recommend the best skin care routine including the the creams, scrubs, serums you name it.
I know I most likely need professional facials but at the moment this isn’t an option until the new year as I’m awaiting an operation.
Also I’m getting dark circles under my eyes and my skin seems a bit “bloated” around my eyes and frown area. If that’s even makes sense!
Thank you 💗 (based in the UK)
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2021.11.28 09:37 lukalux3 Uživo: Protest "Za bezopasan vazduh"

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2021.11.28 09:37 RabbitJLC How do I fix this input lag? PS4 controller on MSI Gaming Plus Max mobo

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2021.11.28 09:37 ItsAlvoo The Wyvern MCTY SMP

Wyvern Modded SMP {STORY} Applications Are Open!
Welcome To The Wyvern SMP, This Is A Lore Based Modded MCYT Server. The Aim Is To Create Content Which Will Be Shared With Many Viewers And The Community Within The Discord.
The Server Has Clans, Rules And Lore, Anyone May Join For Server Updates However, Please Do Not Apply If You CAN NOT Stream/Record.
Discord: https://discord.gg/AU6YFWjkQj
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2021.11.28 09:37 Derwin7865 Any straight guys wanna jerk? Dm me

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2021.11.28 09:37 fenderbenderender r/malphitemains in one for all be like

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2021.11.28 09:37 Tuhin321 The team is really hard working and very co operative so I am sure for the success of this project because this project has an all star team. #bsc #pitchfinance #Bitcoin

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2021.11.28 09:37 Invisiblefish19- I can’t open this app I even payed for it but it won’t work what can I do?

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2021.11.28 09:37 regian24 I’m disturbed that people post oatmeal and that others actually talk about it.

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2021.11.28 09:37 Feitan_SleeperOP Serious Statement an question about Ridley

I understand ridley is most likely having mental health issues an i understand that as someone who suffers from panic disorder. The issue is its been weeks with no forseeable changes. This man gets paid to play football barring physical injury. Why should the team have to hemmorage money if he isnt playing due to personal issues. The average joe who works a regular job would not be afforded the same luxury an at the end of the day this is his job an they are his employers. Not trying to be insensitive just saying his loss has hurt our offense tremendously. That being said how do they handle cases like this long term an has anyone heard anything about his return?
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2021.11.28 09:37 LunarTheSpaceCat Future Projects

my future projects on my planet named after my ex to troll lxw404 are a small city

since we can have 400 bases, im going to make some skyscraper props and stuff so it looks cool when you flyover. but like SL assetts will contain one to three floors like GTA a really complex floor with a tper. :)
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2021.11.28 09:37 brown_like_charlie Will smart Wi-Fi bulbs work in my outdoor lamp?

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2021.11.28 09:37 Shynx_3034 Can I change the server?

I always played on the USA server, but after reinstalling I think the game changed to the EU because the times are different in 1 hour (I live in Brazil). Can someone help me?
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2021.11.28 09:37 freesamplesforeach My Xannies Jar

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2021.11.28 09:37 Sokol_na_kvadrat 👀 Hi - Great opportunity to join early in promising project! 👀

You will receive 1Hi dolladay (already more than 1$) just by answering simple question. 🥳
And then half of reward for all refferals and their refferals! 💵 💵 💵
You will need refferal to join: 👉 https://hi.com/primoz22 👈
Project seems very prominent according to the mission, experienced team and what is already developed. 🤓
If you want to know more and join, check it out on the 🔗 above.
Happy airdroping! 😊
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2021.11.28 09:37 bibikucuk1 [WTS] Grand Seiko SBGV205 full kit, great condition. $2000 REDUCED AND REPOSTED

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2021.11.28 09:37 ThrowAwayUrAccount92 Sex drive

My wife (30F) and I (31M) have been married for about 6 years now and together for 8 and have a kiddo. We have a happy life, a nice home, two cars, and not a lot of worries. When we first got together the sex was great and fairly constant it was def one of the reasons we clicked so well. After our kiddo was born her drive is on the very low more then higher like it used to be. I know pregnancy can change that and such so I’ve not pressed the issue to much as I love this woman to death and she means the world to me but recently I’ve been getting rejected more and more with my initiating, mind you I’m never pushy or rude when she says no, but I’d be lying if I said it’s not weighing on me. Sex has always been how I feel close and with it not happening as much, and when it does happen there’s little passion and more of a boom boom done. I’m starting to feel distant and not want to cuddle, or hug/kiss as often etc. I know those things are how she feels close So I’m at a constant tug of war with my brain. I hope this all makes sense. I don’t want to leave her because of sex but I’m driving myself mad staying and feeling so distant. Anyone have any thoughts or experience from a similar book and what might be some ways to help?
And yes I’ve told her all of how I’m feeling. So it’s not a blindsided thing to her at all.
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2021.11.28 09:37 Ok-Lie-2550 PYT folders for cheap. Hml✅dm

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2021.11.28 09:37 EasternInspector7456 🔰Chainlink Gold 🌟 Liq locked 🚀 Just stealth launched |100% safu | Low MC 🔮 Huge potential 💖Amazing New 💰Active devs | Active Developers with great community

🌟 Chainlink Gold is currently under the radar but has immense potential due to its strong fundamentals and is worth getting in early before the next major milestones.

🌟 Chainlink Gold was born with an well supported and established community. The pack of Chainlink Gold is committed to community success. Family first. From there, an aggressive marketing campaign will transpire. Advertising choices will target the amount of buyers needed to grow our community. The bigger Chainlink Gold gets, the more power it will get. Click below for more information or scroll down to the Chainlink Gold

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🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

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🔰 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0x549a3aeca66b7f0fc7e13e571c74849738b0c8734
🔰 Deeplock: Lock LP 360 days

💚 A frequently burning total supply of 1 quintillion tokens boasts a locked liquidity pool for one year. Chainlink Gold further expands their legitimacy by renouncing the contract address, keeping their tokenomics unchanged in perpetuity. The world renowned CertiK Blockchain Security Team is also underway conducting a comprehensive audit of the token, which will be available to the public upon completion.
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2021.11.28 09:37 Traditional_Tie725 I think I may have been drugged at a strip club a few days ago, what should I do?

I went to a strip club in the city center and remember nothing after only two drinks. I spent 4K USD, and I am devastated.
I heard this is a common thing here, and I have no shot getting my money back. Is this true? I don’t want to go through the humiliation of speaking with the police if it can’t help me get my money back. Thank you.
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2021.11.28 09:37 12nb34 But generally speaking, the modern hospital system has no ICU capacity. The standard for the developed world is 1,000 ICU beds for 10 million people. We don't have a pandemic-level ICU capacity. We simply don't have it.

But generally speaking, the modern hospital system has no ICU capacity. The standard for the developed world is 1,000 ICU beds for 10 million people. We don't have a pandemic-level ICU capacity. We simply don't have it. submitted by 12nb34 to punishment_panic [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 09:37 Vektor2000 SANDF Jungle Warfare instructors in Limpopo. Novemver, 2021.

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2021.11.28 09:37 pro_dawwg Just found this line in the Book 'Discourses and Selected Writings Of Epictetus' abput stoicism. Can't believe how much it resonated with mark

Just found this line in the Book 'Discourses and Selected Writings Of Epictetus' abput stoicism. Can't believe how much it resonated with mark submitted by pro_dawwg to Invincible [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 09:37 ARAMKS 27th Birthday! Just a little attention whoring

Hi! Today its my 27th birthday! I had spent the night with some female friends. Alright, nothing happened. Tried to get drunk lol. Head hurts now. Heart broke lmao. Didnt achieve enlightment about the meaning of life. :( I'm reading a book lent to me by my friend on spitituality. A girl told me a couple of her things. I told her a couple of my things. Reality doesnt check out YOLO. I was kinda sad last night. Had a fight with my best Virgo friend. Friendship was toxic already. Link broke. I want to launch a startup selling weed, a 3d printing bussiness, want to DIY a lathe, DIY a forge. I'm trying to restart my welding bussiness workshop that fizzled out some time ago. Wanna sell and untie myself from stuff I dont need. (Something, something Konmari lmao) A friend Is telling me RN about the spirit and the psyche
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