2021.12.01 19:16 Sea-Penalty7405 Shockwave

Has anyone had experience with shockwave therapy had pf for over a year done almost everything recommended, all physical therapy doesn't help, just wondering if shockwave cured anyone or if there was any more advanced techniques that's helped
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2021.12.01 19:16 TheStruggleville Walmart: SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 20 Volt Cordless 4-Tool Kit: Drill Driver, Circular Saw, Multi Tool & Speaker with 4.0Ah PWR ASSIST™ Battery - $229 ($399 at Lowes)

Walmart: SKIL PWR CORE 20™ Brushless 20 Volt Cordless 4-Tool Kit: Drill Driver, Circular Saw, Multi Tool & Speaker with 4.0Ah PWR ASSIST™ Battery - $229 ($399 at Lowes) submitted by TheStruggleville to ToolsOnSale [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 19:16 ThePootisPower Response to Kalvin's response to Tommy's daily letter to Kalvin

mr lokan
if a pub owner cannot keep track of a table worth of people and make a visual and audio inspection of the person in question and decide whether they are or are not shitfaced, then that person should not be running a pub. if the noted hive of scum and villainy wetherspoons can ID my entire table and make sure nobody is drinking the drinks without ID, as happened to me a few times when I was still invited to sessions, I don't think your community funded cooperative and nationalised pubs really have an excuse
maybe this wouldn't be a concern if your bill wasn't specifically asking to hire "disaffected management" or manage to simultaneously want to be profitable while also serving rock bottom prices, with no alcohol taxes paid by the bar (although taxes are paid by the brewers/distributors, so that doesn't make sense either), but oh well, it's not as if this bill is passing in it's current form. either it's getting struck down by the centrists, tories and the inadorable resistance, or it's getting completely replaced by WineRedPsy's amendment - then again for some ungodly reason that amendment still contains the discouragement of rounds, so looks like for the time being the government will continue to give me tommy and ico something to agree on
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2021.12.01 19:16 Money_Purple_4204 Cook jobs

Just sent off an email denying a nice restaurant an interview because they are paying cooks $15 an hour
How can there be a cook shortage and also they still pay the cooks like shit? They also proudly boasted about the tips being $1-$1.75 an hour. Love making great food and watching 98% of the tip go elsewhere when 85% of the satisfaction of the customer is based on the food.
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2021.12.01 19:16 stupidusername189 Thankful for the mods on r/methadone

I was reading a post this morning on a different sub, bitching about how horrible all the mods on Reddit are. I know it’s kind of a joke sometimes, but this whole thread was just people going in on how much they suck, and how they treat everyone like crap and are on power trips, blah blah blah.
methadone is really the only sub I frequent. Once in a while I’ll catch some of the popular posts that are up across the whole site, or get lost in some random sub while laying in bed at night. But if it weren’t for the methadone sub I probably wouldn’t even use the site much. So when I saw all these people’s negative comments, I just couldn’t relate. Like not in the slightest.
I just wanted to take a second and say thanks to u/koalajoey and u/schaea …. You both are consistently the voice of reason here. You’re also kind, fair, and helpful in every comment/post I’ve ever seen from you both. It shows through that you think about your words before you post them, knowing that they may effect someone’s life.
Just wanted to say thank you both for working hard to keep this sub a pleasant place for us all to be. You’re appreciated!
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2021.12.01 19:16 Salty_Lingonberry352 All I want is to be believed

It's been a difficult past couple of years and the negative synchronicities are overwhelming. I don't know whether its the universe or spirits. But I'm constantly at odds with some kind of force because I'm always resisting these signs, synchronicities, bad dreams I receive most likely from the universe. I'm not a bad person or demented. I just want to be believed that I'm experiencing something spiritual and its not positive.
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2021.12.01 19:16 FONZ512 She’s coming along…

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2021.12.01 19:16 HAnnahNYkole Shout outs?

Does anyone here do shoutouts to help eachother out. I'm in the top 14% after about a month of doing this. I'm willing to do shoutout for shoutout with people.
I'm tired of everyone always charging and trying to make money off of use. But we got to stay strong and stick together. I'll help you if you help me.
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2021.12.01 19:16 fuhrervi Пътуване с компютър

Здравейте. Скоро ще пътувам от София до Лондон с ИзиДжет и ще си взема частите на компютъра с мен(само частите, защото кутията ми е твърде голяма) - CPU, GPU, motherboard, power supply, hdd.
Въпросът ми е дали ще има проблем с това? Всичко ще е прибрано в куфар или в раница и ще отговарят на изискванията за багаж. Не намерих правила, забраняващи пренасянето. Притеснявам се, защото си върша работата основно през него.
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2021.12.01 19:16 A11yGr3ce Romance Anime?

I'm trying to find a cute romance anime to watch, nothing too lewd but more along the lines of cutesy and lovey dovey if that makes any sense! Anyone have any good suggestions?
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2021.12.01 19:16 _neverseenstarwars Asian baby seeking an online arrangement 💕

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2021.12.01 19:16 FwDorisdavenport132 If an ESxP touched my butt when he said excuse me and passed me by was it likely intentional

There’s a wall behind the desks he sits at I was standing there
He kinda like quickly touched my waist when he walked past
I have a big butt
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2021.12.01 19:16 ZugzwangSC Have you seen the Aegis yet? A new SC2 static defense has been added for the Keiron, a playable custom sc2 race mod.
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2021.12.01 19:16 wogwai What is the last song that was stuck in your head?

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2021.12.01 19:16 name19xx Warning! This human contains Marijuana. By Val at into the woods tattoo

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2021.12.01 19:16 Skully65802 Well this one mine planets?

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2021.12.01 19:16 Modern_Wolf_ Tomorrow we're releasing on Steam, GOG and Epic Game Store!

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2021.12.01 19:16 DaGamingTurtleB Finally, an NPC with wisdom

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2021.12.01 19:16 Bwwhitt Not your typical mod question

I'm looking to find if there's a mod that replaces the current work priorities tab with one that has work that needs to be done? I would like to be able to assign work to my pawns as I need without having to constantly alter priorities.
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2021.12.01 19:16 PerkLemonade What do you think

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2021.12.01 19:16 AffectionateOil2123 trading 1k robux for rhd!

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2021.12.01 19:16 Yungiphoneshawty *FREE* Icytwat x Lordfubu x Asap Ant Type Beat "Pink Diamonds"

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2021.12.01 19:16 tommyjean1 Up 70% Again This Month (Miami Coin Stacking Strategy) (HUGE UPDATE)

Up 70% Again This Month (Miami Coin Stacking Strategy) (HUGE UPDATE) Everyone knows how the MIA APY % keeps dropping.
I posted how my 280% APY was more like 400%+ despite the drop in APY.
I got many comments disagreeing with my returns. So I am here to tell you exactly HOW I am getting these % gains.
As you know, the latest cycle of MIA dropped again to 175% APY. Yet I am here again to say I am up 70% again with returns of around 580% APY.
Last post I explained how I sold my STX reward to USD, then I would try to time the MIA coin market and Compound during a flash dip. Which was successful.
Well this time around, I actually held my STX, Which was rewarded around $1.80 per STX at the end of last cycle. and Yesterday STX mooned all the way to $3.20 and I sold my reward. Almost doubling my STX reward from the MIA cycle.
I would normally buy my new stake of MIA at this time, But MIA has also been rising with STX. Thankfully Okcoin just released a new promo for 175% APY for SNX and it's Flexible (end staking anytime), PLUS SNX is at a major local low. SO i'm holding my MIA rewards in SNX gaining massive APY until I see MIA dip within the next 10 days, and I'll buy again. Hopefully, this makes sense.

I know this isn't a lot of money, But I started at $150 and it hasn't even been 6 months yet.
This strategy has been making major % gains every month and I can't think of a better way to take advantage of STX & MIA in a better way rn.
If you wan't to also do this, This can only Be done on OKcoin
So click that LINK , Get started, Only 9 days left till the next cycle starts. My DM's are open.
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2021.12.01 19:16 WilliamMcAdoo Dystopia America - Sponsored by Corporate Republicans & Democrats.

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2021.12.01 19:16 comped 12/1 Bill Signings

My fellow Superiorians,
Today I have two bills before me. I am extremely happy that both passed, albeit for different reasons. First, in regards to The Nonconsensual Transmission of HIV Act, I must say that such an action ought to have been a proper crime a long time ago. Someone intentionally giving someone any sexually transmitted disease, let alone HIV, should be criminal. I'm very happy that the State Senate unanimously (at least amongst those who voted) agreed with me in that regard.
Secondly, I also see that a bill I wrote has passed the State Senate. I wrote this bill because the regulations that exist barely cover the former state of Illinois adequately in regards to gaming facilities - let alone the entire state which now exists. 1 casino for Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States, is absolutely absurd. Never mind the rest of the very specific statute allocations, which do not cover the rest of this great state. I am a firm believer that the gaming industry provides good jobs, and economic opportunities for citizens of this state. Not to mention opportunities to be had when we have visitors come from other states to gamble. I hope the Superior Gaming Board will follow the law, and allocate casino licenses as the market demands.
I have no objection to either law. Therefore, I am delighted to sign The Superior Gaming Regulation Act and The Nonconsensual Transmission of HIV Act into law.
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