Purchasing parking space from Council - do I have any options?

2021.12.06 15:09 Hasvik Purchasing parking space from Council - do I have any options?

Hi good peeps,
I am trying to assess if I have some options around an increasingly frustrating parking situation and would really appreciate some guidance.
Context. I live in a rural English village. It's a council estate but with many homes now owned by the tenants. I bought mine some 4 years ago. I live on a short stretch of road that opens up to a cul-de-sac a few houses down with no through fair. Our Estate is a later edition to the village (70s) and really suffers for parking. The houses on my road are a mix bungalows, terrace and a pair of semidetached houses, most of which have parking out front or private drives. Across from my house is one wide parking bay with no markings but it fits about 3 vehicles. As it's me and one other neighbour who live in on the short stretch of road before it opens in to the cul-de-sac, we park our cars in the bay (as well as a disabled individual round the corner who has no parking out front of their house) and we have an amicable neighbourly agreement that these 3 spaces, which I believe to be council owned, are for our respective houses. My neighbour explained this when I moved in and was happy to go along with it. I use the one directly in front of my property, which is the first one you come to as you come round the corner on to our road. I have no legal ownership over this land but for a long while have parked there without issue and there is no signage on these spaces to indicate ownership or allocation.
The issue
I've long had random cars parking there, once every 2-3 months. It's usually a guest or visitor and is gone the next day - no skin off my back. Recently however the houses round the corner on a different street have vastly increased in associated cars, and now the bend to my road is blocked up with cars. In the last few days the same cars have been parking in "my" slot. They other slots have not been affected, mainly as my neighbours never seem to use their vehicles. So it's my spot being the first you see, and is often free (I drive to work, Mon-Fri, 9-5 type deal) is often the one to go. I am now coming home and having to compete for parking on an increasingly busy street. Separately, there is an issue with illegal motorbike activity in my street/estate. Neighbours are in liaison with the police/council about this, but it's another reason I am keen to get my car off the main road and away from this activity.
Possible options.
I am thinking of ways to secure a single space for me & my partner and am wondering if any of the following are viable: *Approach the council and attempt to buy a single space. I would also advise they approach the other users of the space (who I believe are council tenants rather than property owners) to see if they would like to purchase their spaces also? I think these spaces were designed initially to support mine and my neighbours property as all the others have parking on our street. The issue then is how would I advertise one space as privately owned, and enforce this? I also have no idea what sort of cost it might be to buy a single space. *There is a small grass verge either side of the bay. I could see if the council is willing to expand the space either side and make more room for more cars. I feel this might just attract more cars/competition, but could possibly help.
*Ask the council to review the parking situation with a more holistic approach in this side of the village and make some more parking space nearer the houses that need them. I just can't see them doing this though....
*seek a blue badge for my partner who I share the car with. She has some learning difficulties and mental health issues that are being compounded here. I am also on a waiting list for an autism and ADHD assessment, and am finding this situation pretty stressful at this point - as silly as that may sound to some. I hear these could be valid reasons to obtain a badge but that they are legendarily difficult to get. If successful we could then see about marking one bay as disabled and for our house? Some houses round the village have done similar, but it feels like a lot of steps.
I know it's not the biggest issue I've seen on this board, but it's causing us some stress and we'd like to be able to park outside of our home with some reliability. It's not like our street is a busy one, it's just everyone seems to have 3 cars all of a sudden. Any thoughts on the above, or alternative suggestions are most welcome, and thank you for reading.
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I found these trackers off of Amazon, and I need help figuring out what else I need to set up full body tracking. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P149XG8/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_3NZFJCKH767ACQVJ6FHZ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
I'm not very good at setting things up tech wise so any step-by-step tutorials would be great! Also I only want to use full-body tracking for VRChat so something inexpensive would help a lot.
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2021.12.06 15:09 CaptBland I need help making a character build.

I want to make a character that on his/her own is not ready for combat, and is instead more of a talker, yet through spells or potions can temporarily become a killing machine. Think Bane from Batman, where he's a very charismatic and intelligent character, yet can take a drug that makes him stronger.
I know that there are Werewolf and Vampire Lord form builds. And I might try that if I can't find anything. But I'd prefer to stay as human/mer as possible.
Also, I am on PS4, so no mods.
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Spectrum keeps raising my bill. I really don't want to pay $80 a month for WiFi and nothing else.
Does anyone have anything besides Spectrum?
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