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How to write IF statement for serial data value

2021.12.05 10:40 Mickeyobear How to write IF statement for serial data value

I am super new. Just bought my first MEGA2560 starter kit. I have a background in CNC and PLC but zero C++ / Arduino language. I am trying to create a trigger from a analog voltage output. It usually goes to serial data in the examples in the kit. To be honest I don't know enough to ask the right question.
It seems to me that the voltage output from a ultrasonic sensor is translated to a value through a library and then output to the serial monitor. So how to read from a serial monitor and write a IF statement from that?
My ultimate goal is to incorporate a load cell and judge ok vs ng measurements from that.

Thanks for helping a new guy!
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2021.12.05 10:40 Jetsfan1984 The original Michelan Man 1926

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2021.12.05 10:40 ImportanceSilver3251 Match Thread: Manchester United vs Crystal Palace [Premier League | Matchday 15]

Manchester United 0-0 C. Palace PRE MATCH Competition: Premier League: Matchday 15 Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester Referee: Craig Pawson Time: 9:00 ET | 15:00 CET | Time converter Where to watch: USA (NBCSN, Telemundo [ESP]) | UK (Unavailable on TV) | Australia (Optus Sport) | All channels for all countries Auto comment refreshment link Please let me know what I could do to improve these match threads by mentioning me or sending me a PM. :)
Position Team Wins Draws Losses Points Goals Scored Goals Conceded Goal Difference
7. Manchester United 6 3 5 21 24 24 0
11. Crystal Palace 3 7 4 16 19 20 -1
LINEUPS Manchester United:
Starting XI Information Substitutes Information
David de Gea GK Dean Henderson GK
Diogo Dalot Eric Bailly
Victor Lindelöf Phil Jones
Harry Maguire C Aaron Wan-Bissaka
Alex Telles Nemanja Matić
Fred Donny Van de Beek
Scott McTominay Juan Mata
Jadon Sancho Mason Greenwood
Bruno Fernandes Anthony Elanga
Marcus Rashford
Cristiano Ronaldo
Coach: Ralf Rangnick ________________
Crystal Palace:
Starting XI Information Substitutes Information
Vicente Guaita GK Jack Butland GK
Nathaniel Clyne Martin Kelly
James Tomkins Jaïro Riedewald
Marc Guéhi Michael Olise
Tyrick Mitchell Will Hughes
Jeffrey Schlupp Luka Milivojević
Cheikhou Kouyaté Eberechi Eze
Conor Gallagher Jean-Philippe Mateta
Jordan Ayew Odsonne Édouard
Cristian Benteke
Wilfred Zaha C
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2021.12.05 10:40 Retouchess MINTING IS OPEN ON solbearbutt dot com 🚀🚀🚀 The Dancer's Bears will be the main characters of our upcoming PLAY-TO-EARN GAME🎮! LINK in comments

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2021.12.05 10:40 blooming_cherrytrees Hey, I'm Max and use He/they/it/nors pronouns! Yes, this is gonna be apart of another post.

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2021.12.05 10:40 Vanta5 Tips/decks I should use in Arena 10?! (Been stuck in it for a year now)

I hate this arena so much and want to leave it but I always get to the top and become so close to the next arena but then fall all the way down to the start of the arena. This arena is hell, help me out
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2021.12.05 10:40 Wickedgame91 FB ads for a service that isn’t easily understandable !

Soon I will launch a FB ad for my VR center (the only one in a 40km radius). The goal of the ad is to sell gift cards for people to give during the holidays. We have already seen a big increase in the gift cards we sell in the last 2 weeks so I want to maximise it.
Now, here’s the issue: we are not well known and not well understood. The VR center is located in the countryside and most people don’t event know what VR is. It’s hard for them to understand it even when we explain it face to face because a lot of people are not into tech at all. It’s a struggle because we have so many different activities possible (classic VR, escape games in VR, VR platforms that makes you walk like « Ready Player One ») but it’s hard to explain in an ad !
Now, I usually do carrousel ads so I can put more infos and I try to use as many videos as I can. I know I should put less text in my images for the ad but I want to let people know; - the city we are in (it plays a big factor because we are the only ones in a 40km radius) - that everyone can try (families, groups of friend) - that there are games for everyone (adventures, escape games, shooters, kids games) - that there are various offers (platforms to walk on, escape games, regular vr games, tournaments) - that we have really good reviews and feedback from our customers (the city we are in again is a small city and people usually do things because they see other people do them) - the gift cards can be bought directly online and you receive the pdf by email or you can come to our center directly to purchase it to get the card card.
How do I explain all of that without using so much text ? I have been struggling with that for a while and would appreciate some advice !
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2021.12.05 10:40 ImportanceSilver3251 Match Thread: AZ Alkmaar vs Sparta Rotterdam | Dutch Eredivisie

7': AZ Alkmaar 0-0 Sparta Rotterdam Venue: AFAS Stadion
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link
AZ Alkmaar
Peter Vindahl Jensen, Bruno Martins Indi, Pantelis Hatzidiakos, Owen Wijndal, Aslak Fonn Witry, Dani de Wit, Tijjani Reijnders, Fredrik Midtsjo, Vangelis Pavlidis, Jesper Karlsson, Yukinari Sugawara.
Subs: Hobie Verhulst, Sam Beukema, Zakaria Aboukhlal, Albert Gudmundsson, Zico Buurmeester, Ernest Poku, Mohamed Taabouni, Beau Reus, Yusuf Barasi, Peer Koopmeiners.
Sparta Rotterdam
Benjamin van Leer, Tom Beugelsdijk, Bart Vriends, Mica Pinto, Giannis Masouras, Bryan Smeets, Dirk Abels, Adil Auassar, Lennart Thy, Mario Engels, Vito van Crooij.
Subs: Laurent Jans, Achraf Madi, Kenzo Goudmijn, Rijk Janse, Jeremy Van Mullem, Michaël Heylen, Emanuel Emegha, Aaron Meijers, Sven Mijnans, Tim Coremans.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2021.12.05 10:40 AriTPD Whats the most underrated band of all time?

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2021.12.05 10:40 puglord_555 Join the LEAK WORLD Discord Server! potentially of orientated ;)

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2021.12.05 10:40 fentombi Sidemen as dogs

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2021.12.05 10:40 LiftUpABanner Bible Abstinence – Called To Be Holy

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2021.12.05 10:40 sleepiestleahh Fan Art/Study of my favourite Ghibli Movie - Kiki’s Delivery Service

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2021.12.05 10:40 cisobel282 My 6 month old puppy was bitten by my uncle's staffie

Yesterday my uncle and aunt were visiting my family and they decided to bring their staffie. My parents and I aren't fans of Staffies or any pitbull breed because of their aggression. But because of the short notice we were given of their visit we weren't able to say that we didn't want the dog to come (they were visiting from 4 hours away and staying in a caravan park).
I have a 6-month old miniature poodle x border collie and she's a tiny little thing who absolutely loves people and other dogs. However, I was preparing to keep her inside away from the staffie because I don't trust these dogs at all. When they arrived, my puppy could see the staffie through the window and started to bark because she wanted to come outside to be with everyone. I asked my aunt and uncle if their staffie was friendly towards other dogs and they said she had only ever been gentle and wasn't aggressive at all. I even found that the Staffie seemed to be friendly.
Stupidly not following our instincts, we decided that we would bring my puppy outside and keep both of the dogs on their leashes, just so they could meet each other. I did not want to keep her near the Staffie for long and was planning on bringing her back inside straight away, even though I wanted to trust my aunt and uncle's judgment. As soon as she came outside the Staffie (who previously had been calm and even-tempered) suddenly turned and lunged herself towards my puppy, while barking and salivating. The staffie then lunged again and bit my puppy around her head and wouldn't let go. Puppy started to whimper and then my uncle grabbed the Staffie and she finally let her go. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, only shaken and understandably so, and to my uncle and aunt's credit they removed the staffie immediately and put her in their car.
Before this, I had only heard second-hand reports of the aggression and violence of these breeds. Seeing it up close and inflicted on my puppy, who did nothing to provoke the dog, was something else entirely. Having these dogs is like having a ticking time bomb and having them as pets is not only a danger to yourself but a danger to other animals and people around you.
I also feel so guilty for not trusting my judgment and putting my puppy through that trauma. I hope it hasn't affected her, but she was back to her old self within minutes, so I'm hoping she won't be afraid of other dogs. But honestly, I can't get this image out of my head and think that if it had gone for a second longer, things could have turned out very differently.
For those of you who have family members with these breeds how do you talk to them about not wanting the dog around when they visit? My dad says that my uncle has an incredibly warped view of these breeds after having many staffies over the decades. I'm very concerned that they might treat this incident as a one-off, because afterwards they said it was uncharacteristic of their dog.
Safe to say that I am now against these dogs 100%. The fact that they were bred to be fighting dogs and people now keep them as pets is ridiculous.
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2021.12.05 10:40 Optimal_Sherbet Hi I really want to get into astrology but I don’t understand any of this can someone please help me? I tried looking it up but there isn’t many people with my sun/rising/moon :( tysm in advance!!

Hi I really want to get into astrology but I don’t understand any of this can someone please help me? I tried looking it up but there isn’t many people with my sun/rising/moon :( tysm in advance!! submitted by Optimal_Sherbet to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 10:40 Murrman1978 AEW Rampage- Ways to Improve It

I have a been an AEW fan since day 1 when they had the press conference in early 2019. I have watched every Dynamite, Rampage and PPv either live or the next day. I really enjoy the product. However, I am a little disappointed with Rampage. It feels like a third hour of Dynamite. Here is how I would improve it
1- Make it live every week: I was under the impression when the show arrived in August that it would be live. The first episode with CM Punk was live and it was electric. If it is pre taped, we know nothing huge will go on. Make it live every week.

2- Make it two hours with stories progressing. One hour is great but with the deep talent roster, you could have a second two hour show. I would only make it two hours if it was live every week.

3- Have major storylines progress. I find nothing really progresses due to it being pre taped. CM Punk's debut was the biggest story on Ramage thus far.

Side Notes
On a side note, the ratings for both shows have been sliding since the PPV in September. They used to pull 1.2 million a week on Wednesday but are now at 900 000. What is the reason for this?
The product is great but I think it has cooled off the last several weeks. I like how Kahn rotates acts on Dynamite and Rampage but The GUNN club should not be featured. I also feel that The Acclaimed, 2.0 and Garcia have cooled off as well. Give them some big wins over stars to be a threat.
Sammy hasn't been cutting it as champ. Miro made the belt. They need to put the belt on someone better. He has good matches but the belt isn't as prestigious being on his waist.
Cody feels separate from the rest of the roster. He pulls out all the stops with flaming chairs and entrances but his stories don't fit the context of AEW/. I hope when he turns heel, Brandi is his valet and he ditches AA.
Brandi has no talent whatsoever.

Love AEW but this are my thoughts.
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2021.12.05 10:40 UsefulEntertainment5 people who worked at mental/psych wards, what's your worst story?

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2021.12.05 10:40 Frostbyte708 Reshiram Raid add me 15 spots total 9406 4963 3127 Or 9593 9830 8541 or 9205 2928 1489

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2021.12.05 10:40 jobsinanywhere Did the Great Wall of China work?

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2021.12.05 10:40 dabsandfish Fishers indiana

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2021.12.05 10:40 KarlJacobss trading mer20 for hal18

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2021.12.05 10:40 thatcfguy Vice Ganda wins best entertainment host at 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards

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2021.12.05 10:40 sweetubb Urvashi Rautela

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2021.12.05 10:40 ThehighGroundisTall What is your favorite webtoon of all time?

I freaking love Castle Swimmer! The characters are so relatable sometimes, plus the way the story is set up is very interesting as well.
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2021.12.05 10:40 slacikasac New Balance Women's 068 Shoes Black $32.89 (49% off)

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