Check out my new video!

2021.12.01 20:46 NerdOwner Check out my new video!

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2021.12.01 20:46 Southern-Ad-1661 December/New Year Resolution

My resolution as a non-Anglican very influenced by the Liturgy is to Pray the Offices every day.
What are your reoslutions for the Christian new year?
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2021.12.01 20:46 Agreenleaf5 Zekrom on me. 9774 4174 8801

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2021.12.01 20:46 PunkasBeach Tesla has rescheduled my delivery date 3 times...

I was originally scheduled to pick up my MYP on 11/26. They rescheduled to 11/29 stating it was delayed in transit. They called on 11/28 stating it was delayed and moved my date to 11/1. I get an automated call yesterday confirming the pick-up. 2 hours later I get a text that an issue was found with the passive restraint and that something needs to be replaced and moved the date to 11/6. I emailed my SA amd he states they found the airbag warning light was on and they were trying to determine what the issue is.
Now I'm usually a patient person but I've moved my vacation day around and cancelled meetings to accommodate this. It's pretty frustrating to say the least. I called them today and they said there's no further info they can provide and I can't speak with someone at the service center (Tampa) location. I really want to know what the actual issue is and when it will be repaired so I can take delivery over the weekend so I don't have to take a day off and reschedule all my meetings. Anyone experience something similar? Is there anything I can do to get better information?
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2021.12.01 20:46 ivanyveniann Swapping Fee

Hello fellow investors, I scrolled down to see if i could find anything recent about the 10-12% swapping fee when swapping tcg for bnb.
Has there been any news on when this fee will be lowered?
Thank you kindly.
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2021.12.01 20:46 LoveWetMesses 24 [M4F] || Georgia, US/Anywhere || Twenty-four and there's so much more

Right, so this is a long one! I'm hoping to find someone who wants to build an unshakable bond, a "ride or die" level of trust and commitment like the kind songs were written about. I want to be someone's greatest supporter and biggest fan, and I'm looking for the same in return. Let's build each other up and show the world love and chivalry aren't dead.
I'm a techie who loves building custom computers, gaming, going on adventures, exploring nature, watching anime, Marvel & DC, Star Wars & Star Trek, etc., and due to allergies I'm a dog person. (Cats are equally cool, if only my allergies thought so too.) I wanna see the world (or at least the most beautiful parts of it) before starting a family. I would love to have a daughter and a son, but I definitely want to spend some years together first. I wanna dance together in the house or backyard under the stars. My taste in music is vast, however I stay away from most country and modern pop music. I have a high labido with some particular interests, but I love even the small things like getting in bed early some nights just to stare into each other's eyes and talk about absolutely anything for any length of time, forgetting all responsibilities and that the world around us even exists even if only for those few hours. I'm all for the mushy romantic stuff, but I also wanna shake things up sometimes and defy tradition! Let's be the classiest people in the room half the time and spend the other half turning heads and having zero cares for what other people think. I don't expect someone to love all these things, but don't hesitate to have a chat with me if it sounds good so far. 😁
Of course most people, including myself, wanna know at least a basic idea of appearance, so I'm a 6'0" blue-eyed brunette weighing about 215 lbs. (basically a dad bod) that I'm working on bringing that down to around 190 lbs. I don't mind what your height is as long as you also want to take care of yourself and/or have a better metabolism than I do (which is pretty likely considering mine is dog shit 😅). I don't love going to the gym as much as some people do, but it would actually be nice to go together!
When you can put it all out there like this, you might actually find someone who's the same kind of weird, fun, unique, or a kind that complements your own. I hope this finds the right person, and I wish you all the best regardless! Thanks for reading all this if you did!
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2021.12.01 20:46 bitransgirl17 I want to come out as bisexual and transgender (mtf) to my cousin but I don’t know how

She’ll probably accept me and I’m 100% sure I’m bisexual but like 85% sure I’m trans (mtf). I’m absolutely desperate to come out to her but since I still have doubts over my gender, that’s holding me back from coming out as trans. But I don’t want to come out as bisexual only as I don’t want to be seen as a bi man because it’s not me. So what should I do? Do I just go for it in one go?
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2021.12.01 20:46 battybrudda This is what we like to see.

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2021.12.01 20:46 koalabear9 I think I might have ADHD and I’m not sure what to do.

Hi, I’m 16F and as the title says I think it’s possible I have ADHD. I struggle to pay attention in classes (though that could just be laziness), I’m constantly losing things despite my best efforts, I have difficulty not jumping around in conversation topic etc (more inattentiveness than hyperactivity which I’ve learned is more typical in women). Most of the information I have and suspicions come from a combination of the internet and my school friends, neither of which are reliable really. I’ve spoken to my parents about my concerns and they do not want me to see a doctor about it. I’m in the UK so this would be free. They say it could harm my chances at university (I’d like to go to medical school) and that anyone can go and get themselves diagnosed since we already know what to say to get the diagnosis (internet and family of doctors), and that a diagnosis will do more harm than good. My mum has spoken to me privately and said that she also displays a lot of the symptoms but copes fine so there’s no need to go to the doctor. I’d disagree that she copes fine - she really depends on my father for organisational stuff and is constantly late for things.
I don’t really know what to do here. I know the dangers of self diagnosis, but if I get assessed by a professional and get a diagnosis would it do more harm than good? At the moment, I manage okay, but my teachers say I’m distracted in class (I do fine in exams tho) and I lose stuff quite a bit. I’ve also had some mild anxiety which may be a result. I’d say my inability to focus has definitely affected my grades at certain points and continues to affect my socialising as it makes conversation stressful and confusing. These are relatively minor things tho and could defo just be a result of my personality, not adhd.
I’m also going to mention that my mum spoke to my psychiatrist uncle about this and he said that adhd is massively over diagnosed to the point of medical professionals just trying to make different personality types into diseases. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I think my mum agrees. Also, legally i can go to the doctor myself but I never have before and it seems terrifying.
Anyway, what should I do? Keep going and learn to cope? Go to the doctor? help
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2021.12.01 20:46 GrimFable4250 I'm looking for a 4G to 5G unlimited portable highspeed hotspot

Im looking for an unlimited highspeed hotspot. I live in a motel but their wifi won't even let me play games. my roommate and I are high data users we both play a lot of Call of Duty and the 100GB high speed hotspot we got from T-Mobile only lasted 11 days and now it's so slow it won't even load the game any Portable hotspot recommendations that have unlimited highspeed under $200 to $300?
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2021.12.01 20:46 Ok_Weight_8140 What to do when stuck in Ni headspace?

As described. I have three essays due and yet I can’t pay attention to what I’m doing. Keep drifting off into Ni-Fi lands where the questions I’m asking are more interesting than the assignments. Not aware of my surroundings at all, or even when I’ve drifted off… Any tips?
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2021.12.01 20:46 RadiationManagement Are there any expelled ministers lurking here?

We would love to hear your stories.
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2021.12.01 20:46 YankeeMessiah401 Michael Kay on Yankees Keeping Gary Sanchez | Michael Kay Show 12/1/21

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2021.12.01 20:46 silverbull-it Just ordered 20 more Britannia my last order was 20 ounces for $571 11/5. Same order this time was $42 less. Silver is on sale and I'm adding to the stack as much as I can.

Just ordered 20 more Britannia my last order was 20 ounces for $571 11/5. Same order this time was $42 less. Silver is on sale and I'm adding to the stack as much as I can. submitted by silverbull-it to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 20:46 orangemaster96 Where do new restaurants get their "tech" set ups done?

When someone is starting a new restaurant where do they go to get their branding, menus, website, uber eats, and POS systems set up? Has anyone had difficulty with this? Are there companies that do it all? Is there any interest/need in this?
I'm trying to set up a business model that offers this to restaurants and I'm trying to see if its a viable idea
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2021.12.01 20:46 DrewChew1234 Good single fish for 5 gallon

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2021.12.01 20:46 Fine-Consequence393 Zekrom 5815 6112 5594

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2021.12.01 20:46 kubarin71 Cats and dogs compilation videos

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2021.12.01 20:46 IsaPizza03 anyone in new jersey interested in solar panels ?

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2021.12.01 20:46 yogthos Capitalism is not a meritocracy

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2021.12.01 20:46 Ethan55214 What is the Safemoon V2 contract address?

I am very excited to hear that Safemoon V2 contract has been deployed! What is the contract address of the new V2 version?
Thank you so much for your help.
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2021.12.01 20:46 TheEvenfall I have 2 PCs and a turn table. I also have headphones and active speakers, with a headphone amp and DAC. How do I connect everything?

So here’s my set up:

  1. Mac mini (single 3.5 mm jack and USB) and gaming PC (3.5mm jacks, USB, no optical).
  2. Atom DAC+ and Amp+
  3. Some Sony Turntable, forget the model. Has RCA output (and Bluetooth but screw that)
  4. Sennheiser HD6XX
  5. some yet to be determined speakers
I need to be able to switch the DAC between the PC and the Mac easily. One option is connection them both via USB and using a USB switch, but something else I thought of is using this USB to optical converter and connecting it to the PC, with the optical going to the DAC. Will this work? Thoughts on cheaper options?
Now the next step is the DAC goes to either powered speakers or the headphone amp. For this I need an RCA input selector such as this (1 in 2 out mode). The speakers and headphone amp are the outputs and the input is the DAC, and I can choose whether I want headphones or speakers, and using the DAC itself I can switch between PC (optical) and Mac (USB).
So far so good but things get more complicated when I add the turn table. It doesn’t need the DAC but also needs to connect to both the speakers and the headphones. That’s where I’m stuck. Is there such a thing as an RCA switch that allows you to select both input and output (2 in, 2 out)?
Any thoughts? Do all these extra components cause audio quality loss?
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2021.12.01 20:46 hanzuna Free rapid COVID testing locations?

Hi all,
I'm going on a weekend trip soon with a group and we are all getting tested before leaving on Friday. A spur-of-the-moment addition to the group is from Mountain View and doesn't know where to get tested.
Is there a nearby location where he can get tested for free and the results be available within a day?
Thanks a ton.
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2021.12.01 20:46 spacetypo Is "Minecraft Speedrunner vs Slayer" considered a manhunt?

I consider it the third manhunt. While it doesn't follow the "Speedrunner vs Hunter" title format, Dream says "this is Minecraft manhunt" in the intro, and follows the same rules/format. So yeah, is this considered an official manhunt, or do only the ones titled "vs hunter" count as manhunts to you?
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2021.12.01 20:46 dpch Fullerton sparkle balls

Anybody know when they go up?
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