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Fellas without kids, at what age did you get your vasectomy?

These days the only no-bebe methods available to fellas pretty much include condoms, a vasectomy, or the ‘pullout’ method (and we're not even sure to include the latter, tbh). Login portal database. Looking for www gmail com different account login? Find top links for easy and hassle free access to www gmail com login different account. No pain for the surgery but woke up sore. Very sore for about 7 to 8 days and felt much better after that.After you get through the first week after the surgery its down hill from there. Just remember Vicodin is your friend!Good luck to anyone having the surgery.P.S. I also had a vasectomy with it which may have contributed to the longer recovery. Sorry CAPEMAN, I did not realize I had deleted your previous two comments. I probably hit the wrong button on my phone's screen. I get a lot of strange and often inflammatory comments to this blog, and don't always take time to read them carefully, as they are overwhelmingly troll-like of late. Apologies. * - Main goods are marked with red color . Services of language translation the ... An announcement must be commercial character Goods and services advancement through P.O.Box sys As gross as it Oct 22, 2020 · TWO men allegedly castrated a man in a remote cabin this month, telling the victim they’d eat his testicles – before keeping his body parts in a freezer, cops said. Liam did as he was told and sat on the table, scared. 41148, frontispiece, A2v. You had better be here when I get home. You’ve never been employed outside your state or your province in your life, bro. You know nothing of anywhere but your backyard. You go to the same clubs whose stools have supported your ass since you turned 18 or 21 and watch the skanks get younger and younger on the dance floor-unless you are yourself a girl, which you might be.  ... Auxiliary data. src/public/js/zxcvbn.js This package implements a content management system with security features by default. It provides a blog engine and a framework for Web application development. Its features include: - Digitally signed automatic security updates - The community is always in control of any add-ons it produces - Supports a multi-site architecture out of the box - Designed... Piper and Josie get drunk and screw...69 bottles of booze on the floor...spin 'em all. Oh wait! The room is doing it for them. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/26/20: Starting from Scratch Ep. 010: SLUT PUPPY (4.54) Rotten to the Whore. "My babies home." Mace in your face, like it or not. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/02/20

2021.12.03 13:42 em31391 Fellas without kids, at what age did you get your vasectomy?

Would you do anything differently? Get it done sooner? Later? Not at all?
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2021.12.03 13:42 NORDLAN Unholy merger of church and state takes advantage of Utah’s poor, Editorial Board writes

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2021.12.03 13:42 MrTankster Random Bans

I have been banned for 1 month, apparently for griefing. This is the second time I got banned, first time was a permaban, and had to resolve to written letter from a lawer. ( I only play duos with a friend of mine, I dont bother talking to players or doing anything illegal. I mostly play erangel/miramar, we tend not to land hot, and use gliders to get to high vantage points. Today I find that I have been banned for 1 month, and apparently for griefing, which I dont understand how.
Pubg already has a dwindling playerbase, and it keeps getting worse. On top of that, casual players like myself get banned, while cheaters still run rampant (I have come accross many in the past months on EU servers). The way they treat their fanbase and players is unaxeptable, we are also paying customers on top of that. I can only see the player base continuing to diminish as they push long time players like myself (over 2k hours) away with crap like that.
I do not know what else to say, except this might be it for me (a loyal PUBG player for years). Anyways, I thought I might share my experiences with the community.
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2021.12.03 13:42 telugustopnews అన్నమయ్య ప్రాజెక్టు విషయంలో కేంద్ర మంత్రే సీరియస్ అయ్యారు... లోకేష్ సంచలన కామెంట్స్..!! - Lokesh Serious Comments On Ycp Governament Lokesh #Lokesh #Ysrcp #Telugu #TeluguStop #TeluguPolitical #Telangana

అన్నమయ్య ప్రాజెక్టు విషయంలో కేంద్ర మంత్రే సీరియస్ అయ్యారు... లోకేష్ సంచలన కామెంట్స్..!! - Lokesh Serious Comments On Ycp Governament Lokesh #Lokesh #Ysrcp #Telugu #TeluguStop #TeluguPolitical #Telangana submitted by telugustopnews to andhra [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 13:42 donotfretcitizen [For Hire] Digital illustrations. Surreal vignettes. Available for all custom work.

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2021.12.03 13:42 OperationDesperate14 Q prefeririais ver

View Poll
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2021.12.03 13:42 wasted_cupcake Looking for Islands to visit.

Looking for islands to visit that have 🍑 🍒 and preferably in the southern hemisphere as my island is in the northern hemisphere.
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2021.12.03 13:42 Debt-Cheap What hasn’t changed since your childhood and you’re happy about it?

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2021.12.03 13:42 AndrussAlex Space Arena Days, Final Day

Space Arena Days, Final Day 👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!
🚀 The fifth and the final day of our Space Arena Days has come. Each of you nailed all the previous tasks, and we are happy to congratulate you on it with great pleasure! Today is the final task and the Closing Ceremony.
📖 Every battle ends sooner or later. And even those that are timed to the holiday - inevitably come to an end. On the fifth day of the celebration, the Supreme Administrator of the Arena gathers all participants under the main ceremonial dome of the Arena and summarizes the results. Those who were able to use their Golden Ticket to the maximum - take part in the Grand Lottery. From year to year, the prize desired by all Commanders changes, but one thing remains unchanged – the status that the winner receives. In addition to the main prize, each participant gets an award depending on his contribution to the holiday. And each participant had the opportunity to say his word, to share what he remembered the most and what he would like to see again. That's all, the words of congratulations and thanks have been pronounced, and the awards have found their heroes. Each Commander returns to his former life, with the emotions preserved and prizes received. And everyone cherishes the hope to return to this celebration once again. However, everything has its time and it is not known what the next planetary cycle will bring to all of us.
👾 So, the Final task of our Celebration week: vote for the most interesting day out of 5 Space Arena Days. You may pick several options. After that, you can check the box next to the Final Day and share your task list.
❗ An important detail, Commanders. The last task consists of two parts: voting and publishing your checklist. Only those Commanders who have completed all the tasks and have not forgotten to publish their checklist in this channel will be allowed to receive the next 5 Auction Points. Also, do not forget to share your support-ID, so that the rewards can find their heroes!
🥳 Commanders! We are grateful to each of you for participating in our Celebration Week. We hope that it was as interesting for you to participate, as it was interesting for us to prepare all of this!
See you at the Arena, Commanders!
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2021.12.03 13:42 shardplugged Can we buy ASTRO starting Dec 20th or do we strictly have to provide liquidity to generate it?

And can I transfer my ANC-UST LP over there when it's live?
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2021.12.03 13:42 TheOfficialEDDAswap We have teamed up with our friends from CyberTreesNFT! Check out the link for Twitter under the Pic 👾💟🌴 Hoping everyone has a wonderful Friday!!!

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2021.12.03 13:42 vizualb Maddening quickshape behavior when drawing straight lines - impossible to get a perfectly horizontal or vertical line.

When I use quickshape for a straight line and use multi touch to get the line to snap to 15° increments, the lines will never be truly vertical or horizontal - they are always off by a degree or two. See this picture - it looks minor, but as someone who draws a lot of squares and things with right angles it’s kind of a pain in the ass to have to line it up manually when it seems like it should just be built into quickshape. I figured it was just a minor bug but it has persisted for over a year. Has Procreate acknowledged this/is there a fix?
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2021.12.03 13:42 Jemmy_Bean Couldn’t help but post! This is Molly May Mitten, the beautiful kitten

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2021.12.03 13:42 alan_1047 Does anyone know how to win this fight? Robots just keep spawning and I think I am doing something wrong. YouTube tips does not help at all.

Does anyone know how to win this fight? Robots just keep spawning and I think I am doing something wrong. YouTube tips does not help at all. submitted by alan_1047 to BatmanArkham [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 13:42 Pvt-capybara messing around with vanity stuff in my all items map and accidentally made zero from darling in the franxx lol

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2021.12.03 13:42 lolsbot360 Ummm could you not put me in a 1v3 against container campers? Pubs or not I’m trying to have fun here.

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2021.12.03 13:42 Bossman5511 AAAAAAAAAHHAHHHHH

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2021.12.03 13:42 Historical_Avocado98 Just chat to me, for cheap hot videos ;)

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2021.12.03 13:42 Robuuust Jordi van de Bovenkamp, Netherlands, 2014

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2021.12.03 13:42 ZoobBot 190134

This is the 190134th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.03 13:42 MusicIsLife420 Anyone here know where to get the beans for kush 4 at breakwater?? And what is the lineage of that strain im tryna get the beans and find the breeder because its such a good strain.. any help appreciated.

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2021.12.03 13:42 Mr_Prestonius $BB - Blackberry, the sweetest of fruits! DD inside

$BB - Blackberry, the sweetest of fruits! DD inside Alright, I've been watching Blackberry ($BB) and put together a little rundown of DD to share.
In case you haven't seen, Blackberry - the company everyone knew and loved for their smart phone with the cool track ball and easy keypad that lost the race to iPhone, has become a company focused on cyber security and IoT (Internet of Things).
Quick info on IoT - The Internet of things describes physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.
Back to $BB - They divide their business up into three sections, two of which are viable for future outlook, and one that is closing soon via a patent sale potentially incoming (more on this later).
Here's a breakdown of the technologies/services/products in each and the financials behind each one:

Breakdown of 3 portions of business, blue border is the go forward two, without border is the licensing portion being sold off.

Solid margin on IoT, Cyber Security taking margin hit as they build infrastructure but is a clear winner in their market share.

IoT and Cyber Security - Blackberry is a major player in these sections. Some snippets include:
  • BlackBerry has design wins with 24 of the world’s leading 25 EV automakers, who represent 82% of global EV volumes. Increased from 23 of the top 25 last quarter
  • BlackBerry IVY™ to deliver secure vehicle based payments, leveraging vehicle sensor data and edge processing to create a “digital fingerprint”. Delivered through a partnership with Car IQ
    • Major indications based on future potential with app usage in cars.
  • 18 of the G20 governments utilize Blackberry technology
  • 45% of Fortune 100 are customers to Blackberry verticals
  • Utilization across everything from corporate cyber security, to autonomous flood risk monitoring, to train traffic management.
Ok, but what will it do in the future?
  • Automate cyber security defenses utilizing AI/ML technologies? yup
  • Provide security for autonomous vehicles, act as a gateway for app producers in EV, and produce a better experience for the driver and passengers using realtime data? that's the plan
  • Integrate additional safety measures into software utilization for government/corporate personnel, and act on potential faults? absolutely
Let's be real though, I don't understand all of this, otherwise I'd just get a job there and buy all the stock options I could. So let's talk notes we can understand:
  • Blackberry is looking to sell off its major holding of mobile patents and licensing. Their goal is to close by end of year with backup potential buyers quickly in 22' if that falls through. Here we have a major potential influx of cash. We lose out on the revenue potential as noted above, with a very nice 80-90% margin, but it propels them with funding into the future for further acquisitions, sales team buildouts, and engineer support. Pro/Con evens out.
  • Their market share is huge, without knowing anything else, the team can pull revenue and ongoing wins out of that.
  • Revenue - winding down as they remove sales from licensing and roll into their core two business models. Costs are rising due to onboarding more sales teams and additional administrative support (according to their last earnings call), I would imagine this levels off as revenue builds and onboarding slows. Basically, the ramp up for continued expansion.
Insider Trading (see below for charts): Great indication here that while we have some sales, they're all paired for the most part with vesting options and only portions of the shares sold. What this tells me is people are vesting into their options, executing, selling portion for cashflow, and holding the rest. You can't blame them, when you work somewhere for a period to vest you want to see some instant gratification (and by instant we mean scheduled based on terms). The huge indication here is how much holding is going on. Even with the rise of the price due to "meme" status in recent periods, we still have people holding onto shares for greener pastures.

As we see most options executions to gain shares are met with sales for cash, but often insiders are keeping good portions of shares - showing belief in the company.

Institutional (see below for charts):
This one can go both ways, but I see a major benefit in some of the players here.
Yes you have people like Allianz Asset management selling off shares - reasonable considering potential profits or necessity to allocate funds elsewhere based on their mission.
But you also see big players like Morgan Stanley (+864k shares), Vanguard (+606k shares), Bank of America (+458k shares), Blackrock (+108k shares), and more loading up.
Overall, I think we have some profit taking, some people jumping ship, but huge names setting up for the ride.

Chart Analysis - For those that like the voodoo magic crayon drawings:
  • strong support/resistance established multiple times in the 9.30 - 9.35 range
  • uptrend line from January 21' to present day shows increasing lows on all major dips
  • multiple blow off tops between Dec 20' and present day, but difficult to attribute negative company data as stock has reached "meme" status through multiple periods.
  • Blackberry transitioned to software between 2015-2016, with the latter being when they stopped making phones. So it's hard to utilize long term data, but they have seen price action as high as about 28.80s and as low as about 2.70s. We've been in an upward trend since Nov 20' with a bit over the top volatility.
  • Historically in this time period we're at some of the lowest RSI on the daily, it doesn't typically dip lower than the 30-34 range except for some key periods.
Let's Recap - Blackberry has a strong product offering, huge market share, and is consolidating it's business to the major industries it wants to run in. There's a large cash injection catalyst potential incoming with their IP sale, that likely isn't entirely "priced in" as the deal has not been talked about in detail (dollars and cents) in public. Costs rose a bit with decreasing revenue, but from a business perspective and looking at their solid cash position, this is to be expected as they settle into their administrative needs for their next expansion legs (basically, gotta spend money to make money).
Position - Yes I am in on this. Currently sitting on 540 shares @ $9.62 cost basis, Mar 22' $11 calls x 9, Dec 22' $15 calls x 2. Looking to pickup another 100-200 shares in the coming days, and may grab some ITM calls for Jan 23', still weighing out what portion I want to contribute to this thesis. I don't think this will be an instant gratification play, but something in the next 6-12 months will show solid results and 2 years+ will show huge gains.
Sources - BB Investor Presentation for Q2 22' -
BB Yahoo Finance financial page -
Nasdaq BB page for InsideInst. info, SEC Filings, etc. -
Some info obtained from previous earnings call as well.
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2021.12.03 13:42 AncientTower8264 ...omfg... 😑

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2021.12.03 13:42 hmsdexter Mod Idea - Biter Tribes

I was watching a video clip of some insane fool cruising from his main base to his oil outpost with a crap ton of biters chasing him, and it made me think ...
In nature we often find rival species competing with each other, how cool would it be to have the same with biters. For example, if you are being chased by a group of biters, you can lure them into the territory of a rival pack / tribe and have them attack each other.
What do you guys think?
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2021.12.03 13:42 StupidZebras neuromuscular specialists?

Hi all! I’m looking for a doctor who is a neuromuscular specialist. Mayo/cleveland/Hopkins are no go’s at this point. So, I’m hoping someone will have rec’s - can be anywhere! Thanks!
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