I recently found these ,Are these real crystals yall think or am i wrong?

2021.11.29 14:22 tonymontana35 I recently found these ,Are these real crystals yall think or am i wrong?

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2021.11.29 14:22 commandersway Reminder: there are plenty of competitions throughout the month. Jump into one!

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2021.11.29 14:22 livenliklary What is the general consensus on the missing Pokémon in SW/SH coming back

I just don't know what has been confirmed and what has been leaked regarding the missing Pokémon coming to SW/SH. like I remember there was a moment where people were talking about them being added in a future update but I cant find any recent conversations about it and id like to know what the common opinion is on the possibility of the full nat dex getting added to SW/SH. I have yet to get Shield, mainly because I didn't want to support the corners getting cut and the big thing being the absence of a lot of my favorite Pokémon, But I'm probably gonna get it soon regardless of these issues and I wanted to know if I should be hopeful that the missing Pokémon will return or should I put that dream aside. It just remains confusing to me that the game that hosts the competitive scene is missing over 200 Pokémon. I don't know why they would do that, So if anyone has any info or any hypotheses I'd love to hear them and talk about it.
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2021.11.29 14:22 RevolutionaryPhone35 My BaseCharacterModel being sexy as f*

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2021.11.29 14:22 semme-memes Idk if this is derry or not but here's a photo of my dog peeing and eating at the same time lol

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Demographics- asian
Major- finance
Sat- 1450
EFC- $20K/YEAR ( need aid)
O level - 4 A stars, 2 A's, 1B
AS level result - 3 A's
A2 level predicted - 3 A stars
EC's- - Enlisted singer on my country's most prestigious music institution including radio and tv channels. 13 years of experience in music including 6years of rigourous course on classical,folk songs from the best music institution of my country,always had a 1st class result,participated in more than 50plus nationally recognized programs
-Head of 2 districts of the largest student based organization of my country( over 800k members), 200 coordinators work under me in various fields like leadership training,organizing events, conducted social work in 38 districts of our country helping thousands of underprevileged,organized one of the largest online talent-showcasing events of our country with over 20k participations.

-self taught keyboard,ukulele,harmonium player
-graphics designer at a local organization
-intern at one of the largest multinational edtech companies in the world
Honors- -Best coordinator among 2000 coordinators -High honours in my 11th grade -Won National,regional level music competitions - won national level badminton tournament I know my ec's arent strong enough as i didnot participate in international olympiads, I did what I liked.
Common app essay -8/10, wrote about a board game(not chess) and related it to my life.
Schools Applying to- Michigan state, indiana university,uni of minnesota, villanova, case western, rhodes, upenn, emory, skidmore, gettysburg,richmond,miami uni,lehigh,denison.
Chance me for these please and if possible suggest a few unis which might give me good aid according to my profile.
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2021.11.29 14:22 Chriller1122 When you only play with mods

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2021.11.29 14:22 aeiouyyyyyyy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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2021.11.29 14:22 mateocreper for dream

hi dream im your biggest fan and i will get minecrat in dicemder to go your server
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2021.11.29 14:22 SolidAsAlphabetSoup By The Numbers: Thomas Harper vs Nicki Dimalanta

To accompany my recent SW Power Rankings, here's how Thomas Harper and Nicki Dimalanta match up against each other, stats wise, based on each of their last respective four matches (which is Dimalanta's whole career up until this point.) Here's how things stack up:

  1. Thomas Harper: 4-0. Beat Eric Whiteley, Ace Cabrera, Gold Leader, and Andrew Dimalanta.
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: 4-0. Beat John Hoey, Ross Arsenault, Alex Damon, and Gold Leader.
Both of these peeps are undefeated, but, while their victim lists are pretty comparable, I'm giving the slight edge to Harper. Both beat Gold Leader, I think Hoey is a bigger win than Whiteley, but I think wins over Ace and Andrew outweigh wins over Damon and Ross. I think Harper's extra 5-Rounder + his extra win over Witt, not accounted for here, push him over a bit as well.
Round 1:
  1. Thomas Harper: 90.48% PPE + Accuracy
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: 85.71% PPE + Accuracy
Harper has looked a bit better in Round 1, and that includes the fact that he's been in a title match (which, at least in SW, have involved more difficult questions as determined by the writing squad.) The difference isn't huge tho, Harper has only hit 2 more Round 1 questions than Nicki has.
Round 2:
  1. Thomas Harper: 100.00% PPE + 100.00% Accuracy
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: 87.23% PPE + 92.00% Accuracy
Nicki has obviously done great in Round 2 - though she has had some misses and gone MC. Harper, on the other hand, has had zero misses in his Round 2s over the past 4 matches and has gone to MC zero times. Round 2 was key in Harper beating Andrew and it could play a similar role here. It doesn't matter much in SW, but Harper has spun Opponent's Choice once and Spinner's Choice zero times. Nicki has spun Spinner's Choice once and Opponent's Choice zero times.
Betting Round:
  1. Thomas Harper: 100.00% PPE + Accuracy
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: 100% PPE + Accuracy
Neither Harper nor Nicki have missed a Betting Round question yet. Harper gets the edge here, however, as he's done two Betting Rounds vs Nicki's one Betting Round. Harper bet "3" both times while Nicki bet "2" (it's important to note that Nicki had little incentive to bet "3.")
Buzzer Round:
This is a big question mark as neither Harper nor Nicki have competed in a Buzzer Round. In Fast Money, Harper has answered 20 questions and gotten 19 correct (giving him a net score of 18/20.) Nicki has answered 10 questions and gotten 10 correct (giving her a net score of 10/10.) I will say, it seems like Nicki was a bit quicker in Fast Money but (1) She obviously got a different question set than Harper did and (2) Harper didn't really need to answer his questions super quickly as he was able to get to them all both times. So this is really hard to analyze. If I'm forced to guess, I might give Nicki the small 3-2 edge (no misses) but that's not really based on anything concrete. I wouldn't be surprised if the edge goes to Harper.
Final Round:
  1. Thomas Harper: 100% PPE + 100% Accuracy
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: 100% PPE + 100% Accuracy
Neither Harper nor Dimalanta have missed a Final Round question. I am giving the slight edge though to Harper for having answered an extra 3 Pointer and an extra 5 Pointer over Nicki. I suspect, if forced to, either competitor will run the table in this round.
Sudden Death:
  1. Thomas Harper: 83.33% PPE + Accuracy
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: N/A
Nicki has yet to compete in a Sudden Death round. Harper has competed in one where he went 5/6. Due to the Round 1 Stats + the fact that Sudden Death questions have tended to get deep into lore, I am giving the slight edge to Harper here.
To round things up, here's how each competitor has done overall in their past respective four matches, accounting only for rounds that will be live at Spectacular (so no Fast Money) and rounds that both competitors have competed in (so no Sudden Death:)
  1. Thomas Harper: 96.80% PPE + 94.73% Accuracy
  2. Nicki Dimalanta: 89.83% PPE + 89.61% Accuracy
Unsurprisingly, Harper maintains a lead overall in both PPE and Accuracy. While his leads are narrow in each round, combined they do add up.
My Prediction: My personal prediction is Harper taking the W. We have, however, seen a slight meta change in SW with more film/acting questions, which Nicki seems particularly suited for. Where such questions hit Damon and Gold Leader hard, however, I feel like, even if Harper was weaker in those questions at one point in time, he'll have had enough time to prep. The Buzzer Round could also sway things - though I think it's more of a must for Nicki than Harper (that's to say, I think Harper has a better chance of winning if Nicki goes 3-2 in that round than Nicki has of winning if Harper goes 3-2 in that round.)
What do you think each competitor will need to do to pull out the W on Saturday?
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2021.11.29 14:22 VLTNThePlug [TUTORIAL] Flipped a fire sample by Hix into a vibey beat. Theory and breakdown in the video! Enjoy.

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2021.11.29 14:22 SpectralVoodoo Does anything else need to be said?

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2021.11.29 14:22 AwakenedRobot Amor em paz- Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes (Cover)

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2021.11.29 14:22 Canilearnbubblebeam Fellow european board gamers - where can i buy Advanced Squad Leader 2nd Edition?

Not only does the game seem daunting, but finding a proper place to buy it seems even as if not more complex!
My father had the 1st edition of this game many years ago, and I never played it. I wanna give him the most recent edition as a christmas gift, but there's so many expansions/modules and so few marketplaces that offer the game that I'm at a loss on what to do. Help very much appreciated!
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2021.11.29 14:22 bigbosskeish I been tried to tell mfs La Cracka snitched on Kshordy

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2021.11.29 14:22 LordishXO Imao sam treći intervju za posao sa Nijemcima. Inace hladan, proracunat, ovaj put sam imao tremu i rekao im iskreno da imam, jer jako zelim poziciju. Imam li sanse?

IT je u pitanju, i iskreno, jedina firma koja mi se svida. Jesam li uprskao sto sam bio iskren?
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2021.11.29 14:22 greenDDT What will happen if disable "Anonymized EDNS Client Subnet"?

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2021.11.29 14:22 Bigcalvesman rad 140 first cycle help

Hello guys, so I am going to start my first Rad140 only cycle(8-12 weeks) , I have researched well . I got to this point , I will start with 10mg and increase according to what my body does. So I have some doubts please help me. I weigh 70kgs ,5'7 ,3years training, age 23
-Should I incorporate nolva or chlomid within the cycle or just pct after the cycle? I have seen multiple opinions on this questions, really confused
- A calorie surplus of 500cals will be optimal ?
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2021.11.29 14:22 blackclothing90 Scorpio Sun. Cancer Moon. Capricorn Rising - Any insight into this combination?

Any insight into this combination?
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2021.11.29 14:22 CarbonStormVI HOI4 on Gamepass

I plan on getting Xbox Game Pass for PC and I saw HOI4 is included and I'm wondering, can you play multiplayer with Steam players and can you use mods?
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2021.11.29 14:22 Wallace_at1k Good game 👍 👌

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2021.11.29 14:22 thecleanfinish Super sexy

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2021.11.29 14:22 pittigepaul zo’n funny meme

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2021.11.29 14:22 LiamSwanepoel A really funny story about me DDoSing myself

So this just happened about a few minutes ago, I got home and I logged into my Microsoft account on my browser, now I recently switched to Opera GX which has a built in VPN (yeah I don't have a VPN on all the time, very risky ik), but anyway so I had my VPN on and signed into my Microsoft account, soon after I got an email warning me that someone from Sweden had hacked into my account, so I immediately got to work getting their IP Address and when I did I immediately DDoSed them, and while that was running I went into my emails again and realised my internet was off, so I stopped the DDoS and then my internet came back, after that happened twice I realised that I had the VPN on and laughed at myself.

Just a really funny story and I hope you guys get a laugh out of it too
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2021.11.29 14:22 Hedhahowa It's amazing to see how much uninformed people love us. Always a pleasure 😂

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