Napoleon crossing the Alps, 1800 colorised

2021.12.05 12:11 Platinirius Napoleon crossing the Alps, 1800 colorised

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2021.12.05 12:11 GamingxZone Far Cry 6 Clara Viva Libertad

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2021.12.05 12:11 Bigtatertotter P.F. Chang’s in The Summit, Birmingham, Alabama is hiring multiple positions

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2021.12.05 12:11 darnfruitloops My VW Golf 4 (2002) shut down a few seconds after starting. After that it only cranked but would not start. Fifteen minutes later it started off fine. What was that all about?

To add more context. I traveled some 50km on a very hot day, 3km of which was very rough terrain, and I was blasting the Aircon the whole time. Then I parked for some 30mins in the sun.
After starting it again, the steering wheel felt very stiff, the brakes couldn't depress while the gas pedal did go down but didn't do anything (I only pressed it a little though). The car cut off 5 seconds later and went quiet. I tried re-starting but it only cranked without starting.
I only checked the two things I know: oil and water. Oil level was fine, water was hot but level was also okay. Fifteen minutes later, car started fine.
What could be wrong with it?
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2021.12.05 12:11 Yscera Undiscovered area

Can I get raided with mortars (or just raided in general) from a direction that is undiscovered or does the raid group always come from a discovered area?
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2021.12.05 12:11 dbydxdy Obi Wan SafeMoon: More powerful than you could possibly imagine.

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2021.12.05 12:11 TVPapaFuzz Based and Doom pilled

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2021.12.05 12:11 Glittersnips My up to no good, spiderweb eatin’ tripawd girl, Jasmine🖤

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2021.12.05 12:11 Jxntb733 What is this ‘Web3’ everyone is talking about? Here's the answer.

Web1. Static web. Read-only. Leaving comments, manipulating or creating content on a website: lead to the democratization of information access.
Web2. Interactive Web. Read & Write. Many users produce/coprodce content and many consume: lead to the democratization of content.
Web3. Actionable Intelligent Web. Read & Write & Trust. Web3 does not mean Blockchains; Web3 would be a decentralized next-generation internet built on/with blockchain technology. It will fundamentally change how people and nations collaborate, how they do business together with those they trust and those they don’t, how global organizations operate. Machine intelligence alongside users in content production and decision-making for problem-solving and intensive knowledge creation tasks: will lead to the democratization of the capacity of action and knowledge previously only accessible to large businesses and governments. If a website says it’s not taking your data, that should be verifiable and you should be able to check and trust it. Web3 will be more open source, providing forkablity, permissionless entry, stable services over time, incentive structures and more.
People say Web2 was a frontend revolution with interactive sites, so then Web3 is a backend revolution, inspiring to look back to when people ran their own internet servers, genuinely decentralized like how BTC is. Data to be stored in multiple copies of a P2P network introducing a governance layer on top of the web, combining Internet logic and computer logic, similar to how blockchain is a distributed worldwide computer.
But sadly the term Web3 has been synonymized in the news with tokenization.
Now a days you can’t just have an idea in Silicon Valley, the idea has to be tokenized, people have to be enthusiastic about it, it needs to be connected to an investment deal. The term Web3 has been co-opted by Media and Corporations to mean a ‘world of tokens and social coins’ spun in a narrative for their own personal interest. They are not making the decentralized version of the web that we want and predicted. No one REALLY knows what Web3 means and I doubt we will be talking about this in a decades time, as there will be a new term, but to the extent that it currently means having more ownership of yourself and your identity online and using a public key infrastructure to engage with digital systems instead of surrendering your data to third parties – I’m all for it - but none of that requires tokenization of any sort. Most “Web3 businesses” are just business ideas /proposals and are not actual businesses yet anyway.
The whole point of blockchain is one doesn’t need a central authority saying what's true and what's false. I don’t want to have to trust monopolistic tech companies as gatekeepers, nor trust centralized government regulators that have power over said companies! Web3 is humans turning from a pre-computing species to a post-computer species!
Web3 gives people technological building blocks to create applications with stronger user verifiable guarantees.
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2021.12.05 12:11 T0xicTrooper21 Newer Player, only have Rhino and Volt. Trying to get Garuda, I have all the blueprints, just need the gems. Any tips for mining?

Title basically. I've got the gem blueprints too, and the mining tool, but is there anything special I should do? Extra helpful caves or other ways to get gems? Any thing is helpful. Thanks!
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2021.12.05 12:11 Heard_That What is a question that nobody can answer yet you want an answer to?

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2021.12.05 12:11 Stradez1 City of Reno giving Talkspace $TALK for free to all residents - I think this starts rolling out nationally with Federal Funding off Covid Pandemic.

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2021.12.05 12:11 alignmentink Anyone here use Mixoos? Seems to no longer work in the most recent PS update.

So I have recently gotten back into digital painting and in the past my biggest hang up was color mixing as just looking at a color wheel felt like I was throwing a dart at a board. I wanted something like a traditional palette so I stumbled upon Mixoos and was loving it. I had just updated Photoshop and now its completely missing and every time I attempt to reinstall it, it's just gone. Anyone run into this? I've emailed their support but they've been quiet, and I'm doubly annoyed as I've only had it for like a month.
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2021.12.05 12:11 francisdrvv FDA adds strict safety warnings on arthritis drugs from Pfizer, AbbVie and Lilly

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2021.12.05 12:11 dollyXpierott Did a super cute clown look and have settled on this face

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2021.12.05 12:11 VicariousInDub Jemand ne Idee wofür das gut sein könnte? Ist an einem Schreibtisch montiert. Ist das für CDs?

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2021.12.05 12:11 enkytenky Lithuanian infantry squad

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2021.12.05 12:11 PatTar69 Just discovered this a few days ago! My favorite Beastie Boys song by far.

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2021.12.05 12:11 jessabeille Streak 4 : Les études universitaires

Ce texte est inspiré par le texte de u/luellababalola.
J'entends parler d'un bon conseil : Lorsqu’à l’université, choisis le domaine le plus difficile et le plus rentable dans lequel tu es capable d'exceller et que tu aimes bien. Remarquez que je suis aux États-Unis où l'universitaire coûte les yeux de la tête.
Je trouve que c’est un bon conseil et c’était plus ou moins ce que j’ai fait. À mon avis, notre profession doit être un mélange de notre passion et de sa rentabilité. Après tout, à moins qu’on obtienne une bourse complète, c’est soit l’argent de nos parents, soit notre propre argent du futur, dans le cas où on s’endette pour faire des études universitaires.
Comment choisissez-vous votre domaine d’études ? Devrions-nous choisir notre domaine en fonction de sa rentabilité ? Devrions-nous dépenser des centaines de milliers de dollars pour un diplôme qui n'est pas rentable ?
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2021.12.05 12:11 omgitzjay28 Favorite Song For Each Band Member?

I think for me it would be:
Troy: Black Tongue Bill: Sleeping Giant Brann: Crusher Destroyer Brent: Megalodon (I had a hard time choosing between this and Divinations) Scott: Crack The Skye
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2021.12.05 12:11 Sox4Tam Five Years Sober Today

Five Years Sober Today \* This weekend I get to celebrate 5 years of sobriety. Below is a piece of writing that describes a moment when I really turned the corner in my alcohol-free experience. I am “outing” myself in a big way this weekend and sharing publicly. I hope to inspire others to put some distance between themselves and alcohol.***
I wish I would have taken better pictures. Have you ever walked away from an experience and didn’t recognize the profundity of the moment until afterward? I did…
It was the day I found Bishop Castle.
It was just a day, yet it really wasn’t. I experienced a random Saturday at 21-months of sobriety where I woke up clear-headed, not slogging through the morning fog that comes with a wet brain. The electronic ankle bracelet that once adorned my leg was not confining me to my home. The former red stripe that bled across my driver’s license like a scarlet letter was gone.
I was free.
Far removed from the consequences that tainted my worst days of alcohol abuse, the day presented itself, whispering to me almost, to not let my freedom lead me in the direction of vice.
Laying around on that Saturday, my wife and I conjured up the idea of going to see Bishop Castle. Bishop Castle held regional folklore of a guy who had been building a castle, by himself, for over 50 years deep in the Colorado mountains. Of the dozens of different ways we could have used our time, we chose this - perhaps the most frivolous way to burn a day. We set ourselves up to potentially waste our time and end our day with an anticlimactic fizzle.
I limped into the garage, assisted my leg into our Jeep, and slid my seatbelt under my crooked, broken ribs. Where the authorities no longer had restrictions on my movements, I remained all too aware that a stretch of alcohol abuse carried the painful reminders of days wasted. My past carried a near-death incident, days lying in a hospital bed, wasted for sure, but there were the other days too… the ones where a night of drinking let lethargy and a lack of vitality snuff out a better moment.
Our trip to Bishop Castle was a day full of music, laughter, and a hip-hop duet. I sped past the cops, daring them to come stare into the white of my eyes. We were uncertain of our direction at times. I reflected on being thrown in jail as I passed the Florence Super-Max prison tucked against the mountains. We felt the painful reminders of parenting in and through addiction. Tammy and I conversed, toggling between the horrible realities of betrayal and the redemptive road in front of us. We mourned. We celebrated. I cried.
At that time, 21-months into recovery, I was still going through the mental wavering of, “Am I gonna be okay? Will I stay sober forever?” I mean, there were still those moments of envy walking around the neighborhood on Halloween knowing your friends had a thermal mug of whiskey in tow. My certainty remained delicate, tarrying as to whether I would return to artificially warming my body and adjusting the levers of my mood with alcohol.
The day I found Bishop Castle, though, wasn’t a drinking event where I had to play some mental gymnastics to convince myself and others that I am better off without it. It was just a day - a blank canvass of my time when I realized that I no longer allowed the puppet master of addiction to tweak the strings of mediocre purpose.
From start to finish, I experienced an untethered day rigged in the favor of my growth.
I didn’t get sober in a treatment program. I didn’t use traditional recovery models. My recovery didn’t lean heavy on rigid step-work or rapid-fire cliches. I got sober leaning on the collective wisdom and support of alcohol-free online communities.
What I needed more than our group wisdom, at that time in my recovery, was data - data that the offerings of joy, being fully present in reality, were better than using a substance to conflate it. I had oft heard the phrase, ‘Take it one day at a time.’ Pragmatic advice, for sure, but I did notice that the cliche was a trite response to cling to my sobriety in the wake of something horrible happening. The saying is used to leverage the unforeseen bad things that can happen in the future. In that context, the ‘One day at a time’ cliche can start building a mentality of: “Sorry, this day is going to suck, so, narrow your recovery, grind through it, so that you can live to fight through tomorrow’s sucky day. Enjoy.”
In finding Bishop Castle, a switch flipped. The journey cemented a truth in my psyche; I get this day, and I’ll never have another one like it. I want to embrace it, create with it, find meaning in it, and be fully available to participate in it. When I look back, I want to remember using the fullness of my time to chase untainted, lasting joy. I don’t want to lose this day, dismiss it, hide from it, and I certainly do not want to look back and remember treating time as if it were a miserable space I clung to with fragile expectations.
On Friday, I released my story.
Today, I am grateful to hit the five-years sober mark.
Yes, I wish we would have captured better pictures of finding Bishop Castle. I didn’t know how deeply profound I would view that day as it drew to a close. With great pictures or not, I have my clear memories - I have my words, and with those, I’ll go ahead and spoil the ending.
I found it. The castle, yes, we made it to the castle. But what I really found is the true definition of freedom. See, in the past if you took something away from me – took alcohol away, I wasn’t “free” to use a drug. By that definition, freedom was the ability to do whatever I wanted – to drink whenever I wanted. That’s not freedom. When tied to a substance which deflates good intentions and redirects towards apathy, that’s bondage.
Freedom, by my purest understanding, now, is dynamism. My freedom from alcohol opened a dynamic space, a special day, where I could move, explore, sing, smile, love, cry, and share.
And today, I get to share. I get to share what being in recovery really feels like…, and it feels like finding Bishop Castle.
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2021.12.05 12:11 chainsawinsect Anyone need green mums or other hybrid flowers?

Trying to unload some flowers, free to a good home
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2021.12.05 12:11 imyunang Get energized and feel the good vibes with upbeat, happy, catchy and energetic indie / rock / alt / pop tunes. Perfect playlist to start your day.

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2021.12.05 12:11 Dull-Adhesiveness666 Tomorrow BIG day!Prepare yourself and enjoy a ride ! NEVM

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2021.12.05 12:11 patch_7-8-9 Risemas Day 5

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