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Bandits, vigilantes both terrorists - Fulani group

2021.12.07 19:04 vegasbm Bandits, vigilantes both terrorists - Fulani group

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2021.12.07 19:04 Treeeen_beann Add me to Dragonair raid

2115 1579 9707 online and ready
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2021.12.07 19:04 pjmarcum Dynamic SubString

Can someone please show me how do substring text by using a starting character and removing that character with the whitespace in front of it and everything after it? Specifically the string would be something like this: 5.7.5 (939) and I want to remove the white space between the last 5 and also the (939). So basically find the ( and remove it's leading white space and everything after that.
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2021.12.07 19:04 Acrobatic_Change_913 Is a minor case of mouth rot in leopard geckos treatable at home?

Both of my Juvenile Leopard Geckos 🦎 have black spots in there mouth, if it’s a minor case of mouth rot is it’s treatable at home? I feed them mealworms and dust them in calcium with D3. And I have a UTH and OTH. Also I use repti safe liquid for thier water to get rid of chlorine. But I cohabitate them in a 20 gal. I do witness one resting on the corner of the tank frequently, could that be one reason it gets mouth rot? And should I feed them a variety of insects to help them recover?
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2021.12.07 19:04 FlopingDerpWhale What do I need to install power side mirrors on 1995 Miata?

Hey everyone, I’m looking to install some power side mirrors on my 1995 Miata to replace the non powered side mirrors. What do I need to do the install. I know I will need the mirrors and the switch to control them but will I need a wire harness to complete the install or did all 1995 Miata come with the harness already within the vehicle? Am I missing anything else?
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2021.12.07 19:04 AdventurousPhoto8600 To not want to work from home?

In my new job I’m fairly isolated. I do know a few people but with the setup in the office, very few come in.
My manager is trying to move me from daily working in the office to coming in once a week. Basically most in the office work from home.
I live alone in a new city, and know no one. If I move to this set up I will be sitting in my apartment 24/7. Going into work at least gave me the option to at least be around other human beings.
I have talked to a lot of people and most appear to want to continue working from home. I am the odd one for wanting to come in.
Going into work gets me away from isolation and out of my apartment. How are you supposed to have any mental sanity if you sit at home?
My manager has no interest in changing this so I will have to work from home until I can go in myself.
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2021.12.07 19:04 sunfl0wer07 First place and 5 ⭐️😁

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2021.12.07 19:04 The_ded_lolee Do sturgeons occur in the Balkans, the adriatic, and the black sea? If so, what are some traditional dishes involving their meat?

Either natural or introduced.
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2021.12.07 19:04 Open_Guidance6842 Red not beige

Hi has anyone dyed their hair and instead of beige blonde they went red? It's a pretty colour but I do not like red at all. I used a medium beige/neutral blonde with red/green undertones, my hair was lifted more than enough and a pale yellow before dying it. Would my purple shampoo correct it?
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2021.12.07 19:04 Protato20 Map extension on deadlock

I think I would be so cool if they opened up the interior of the AA cannon, it would be an awesome place for total control and would add something unique to that map.
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2021.12.07 19:04 EcoFriendlyPaperBag I am now convinced the GB is slowly going insane

The final part (part 4) of Lloyd's 2021 Annual Meeting Rebuttal shook me. Samuel Herd growling on stage and Anthony Morris stuttering and fidgeting over 1975... Maybe its because I've been away from JW propaganda for a while, but the end of the annual meeting felt even more deranged than usual. The GB has to be feeling the mounting pressure (with the covid pandemic aftermath, the growing apostate movement, the CSA lawsuits and whatnot) and I can't help but notice some signs and body language of anxiety and uncertainty from the GB members.
Morris even seemed like he regretted mentioning 1975 when he briefly interrumpted himself when uttering the year.
I dont know, maybe they are just senile. But the annual meeting felt like absolute insanity to me. I haven't felt this way about JW propaganada since the first year I woke up from indoctrination and everything grossed me out.
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2021.12.07 19:04 Triline- [BSPWM] Not my first rice, so I guess just a regular one then.

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2021.12.07 19:04 elelanikinbaku The US is averaging more than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases a day, the highest level in two months

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2021.12.07 19:04 _Hi_There_Its_Me_ Need to play previous halos for coming Infinite campaign?

Hi, will I need to play the previous halo games to make sense of the campaign? I’ve only beat halo 1 and halo 3. I don’t really remember much.
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2021.12.07 19:04 hejaheje WB Zekrom adding 10! 1634 3156 9598

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2021.12.07 19:04 R42ToMoffat bad in black

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2021.12.07 19:04 Stubzzz_ People don't realize the damaging effects of a reduction of research time.

The scaling of time for research is necessary to maintain longevity in a game, and we can see the negative effects of progress that's been sped up to much in other Supercell titles such as CR and COC, where players are reaching endgame easier and easier, and are practically begging for end game content.
Research times are the only way to keep us interested in the game, I guarantee all the people asking for a reduction would be the same people complaining about a lack of endgame content. If you have played other games, even non-supercell titles, there needs to be an extended progression system to keep players engaged, but also to give devs time to introduce new content.
I personally find no issue with the system, unlike other Supercell games, it can't be 'gemmed', only boosted by villager skill levels and potions. So before you complain, maybe try and level up your research villager to speed up the process, and accept that endgame content in a game should not be gifted to you on a silver platter, because otherwise there is really no value to endgame progression and gratification.
Sorry for the long rant, but it feels like some people on this sub have a huge lack of patience lol
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2021.12.07 19:04 dreamboy27 Young chubby boy looking for fun :) hmu for snap, telegram , and Wickr

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2021.12.07 19:04 queendabliss Just bought an x100v, I feel guilty.

I currently own an XT3, but I’m going on a trip to South America and wanted a much portable camera. I just purchased an x100v, but I feel so guilty. I’ve read wonders about this camera! I just can’t shake this feeling off, I’ll be receiving it on Monday. Please give me your experiences with the camera, your thoughts?
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2021.12.07 19:04 InbredPete Why are we losing holders?

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2021.12.07 19:04 Nut_On_My_Choppa Raiding DreamSexual Discord Servers

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2021.12.07 19:04 _PizzaTime_ Dead Zone Druid

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2021.12.07 19:04 eleiquq211 Which booster should I choose

So i got two shots of Pfizer and I'm scheduled for the booster shot soon.Do you guys think it's better for me to take Moderna for the booster or stick with Pfizer?
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2021.12.07 19:04 THEJAJO LandSlide rival done for the week | crates... 🤦‍♂️

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2021.12.07 19:04 DesignClassic4573 Join the Hottie Leaks 💦18+ Discord Server!

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