r/COVID19positive Our small private school has an outbreak.

2021.12.04 16:46 rachlync r/COVID19positive Our small private school has an outbreak.

I am a kindergarten teacher at a small private school in NY. We had a small outbreak of COVID with a couple of cases, but we’ve been shut down for a few days while the place gets sanitized.
The staff is getting regularly tested until we head back, but it seems like there’s a lot of confusion on how to handle it by our staff and by our admin.
Has anyone else worked at a small business or school and due to COVID temporarily but made a comeback? What was your experience with the new protocol? Any tips? What should we avoid?
Any experiences are welcome.
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2021.12.04 16:46 SuperficialCoaster My little brother is hugely homophobic. How do I help him?

First of all, I want to say that no one in our home have these homophobic beliefs. There are 7 siblings including me living in our house we are all adopted from different families and at different ages. My little brother was adopted at the age of 5, he is now 10. He does have some mental health and trauma related issues from his adoption his first family was very abusive and not very kind people on general.
Recently my 16Yo brother has come out as gay, which I’m happy for him but we have avoided telling my youngest brother because of how strongly homophobic he is. My parents and I cannot figure out why he is so homophobic, we’ve explained to him how all love is beautiful but he will not have it.
He will loudly express his disgust whenever we speak, see or have anything related to anything gay. Specifically between two men, he doesn’t have any issues with lesbian, transgender etc anything else.
No matter what we’ve tried it doesn’t work, we can’t get him to change his views.
He is a very sweet, kind, loving boy and I love him with all my heart. I truly do. But I want to help him get over this.
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2021.12.04 16:46 LordMangudai Mi Fit app changed its layout for the steps graph?

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2021.12.04 16:46 mykisan1 न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य (MSP) क्या है? MSP crops list 2021-22

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2021.12.04 16:46 FuzzyGrizzly88 Thanks EA

You know that it’s bad when StarWars Battlefront is a better Battlefield game than Battlefield 2042
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2021.12.04 16:46 Zestyclose-Access300 Just made the other side disk in Minecraft so happy for 1.18

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2021.12.04 16:46 DatabasePractical664 We can’t be mad at Archons

I mean most of us eat meat. We farm animals to feed ourselves. Even if you’re vegan you are still killing plants. We are no different from the Archons or whatever you’d like to name to higher dimensional forces that feed off us. Instead we should try to understand why things are like this. Perhaps even the Archons are a food source for a more powerful race of species. They trapped the archons here, they trapped us in Earth, and now we’re about to trap ourselves in another fake matrix system (Metaverse). The goal should be breaking free from this cycle of consumption & escaping these synthetic worlds.
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2021.12.04 16:46 HalexUwU How to get Dynmap 1.18 working with server hosting websites

Hello! Currently, I am trying to get Dynmap to work with my 1.18 server, hosted by Apex Hosting.

The current most recent Dynmap plugin isn't working (outdated), so I was curious as to if there was a way to have it working by myself. Youtube videos/articles with instructions are ideal, but if none exists I could try getting it to work based off general info, if anyone has any of course.
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2021.12.04 16:46 Diligent-Composer372 Ubisoft I know I’m asking a lot of you but get rid of Nomad’s flashbangs. I just got flashed 4 consecutive times by nomad and then kicked in the fucking groin by her dumbass air jab.

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2021.12.04 16:46 wcassell434 Started playing in May, first time breaking 100 today! Time for some lessons.

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2021.12.04 16:46 max-zilla I started making retro game maps in December 2020. Here is a collage of one year of creations!

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2021.12.04 16:46 noam_kipod me_irl

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2021.12.04 16:46 MicheleNOTMichael COVID booster shot and periods/PMS/PMDD

Hi! I’m getting the COVID-19 booster shot tomorrow, and I’m really worried about it effecting my period and PMDD symptoms. The last two vaccines were BRUTAL for me symptoms wise and really exacerbated my PMDD and delayed my period. I’m currently on the Nuvaring so my cycle is pretty regular, but am still concerned. Has anyone had the booster shot and found it to be worse/bettethe same in regards to their period regularity and/or PMS/PMDD? Thank you!
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2021.12.04 16:46 Ordinary_Estate1818 Which one

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2021.12.04 16:46 artemts2020 The Station SMP [Vanilla]{1.18}{Community}{Discord}{16+}{24/7}{Spigot}{Fun}

The Station SMP is a Minecraft Survival multiplayer community focused on Minecraft 1.18. We encourage new members to join voice channels and participate in the community. Maturity is expected from all new and existing members but we want everyone to have fun. Our server is familiar to HermitCraft like game style including shopping districts, datapacks, and activities.
All members must adhere to the following rules:

Find the full rule list at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kSXFvMocf1B1x7v7Vb1QREmW7GsziMCihxbOzIwbks0/edit?usp=sharing

If you meet the application requirements, join our Discord server using the link below: https://discord.gg/vy5DqyFY
Application Requirements:

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2021.12.04 16:46 Paahtis Santa Inc - Youtube's New Disliked Series

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2021.12.04 16:46 Azgabeth I need help finding an element that fits my needs.

I don’t have time to explain my entire magic system plus many aspects are still in development. But in short it has multiple elements that are based more on concepts which can fuse to become even stronger elements.
As an example earth, water, fire, metal, lightning, wind and wood are fused to create nature.
Sword, blade, shield, archery, lance, spear are fused to create weapon magic.
Killing, healing, light, dark, death and lif fuse to create yin-yang magic( focuses on balance)
Wisdom, law, soul, enslavement, strength and transformation fuse to create king magic.
What would be a good result of fusing king, yin-yang, weapon and nature? What concept fits the best? Or is this too complex already?
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2021.12.04 16:46 justindc1976 No beard, a bit stubbly, beard

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2021.12.04 16:46 dagmd Merros MTS200 floor sensor

Is only the supplied floors sensor supported or can you configure different sensors as well?
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2021.12.04 16:46 _not_a_drug_dealer Simple QOL feature request

Hopefully this is the right place to submit this - it'd be great if the "POST" button could be disabled on tap until the post is attempted/complete. I live pretty rural and don't have great signal, pressing the button more than once makes multiple posts instead of one, and it's incredibly hard to tell if I missed the button or if its still working.
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2021.12.04 16:46 Ch1rag_ What do you guys think xbow deck is gonna be like after this Tesla nerf ?

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2021.12.04 16:46 svanapps Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano Plunged Double Digits This Weekend

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2021.12.04 16:46 sajiddotm Hardware acceleration in web browsers in Linux?

Does hardware acceleration (gpu based) available in any web browser (on Linux in general)?
Last time I checked, it wasn't and guides to manually do that were outdated or doesn't work....
I consume a lot of videos online for which just CPU usage makes the fans go crazy... So I switched back to windows... Also I know about using mpv etc to play videos with hardware acceleration but it wasn't feasible neither then nor now, as I'm basically actively taking some classes online and copy pasting for each and every video link and playing in the mpv is a lot of extra hassle.
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2021.12.04 16:46 CebollaEsar Desperate for a WR

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2021.12.04 16:46 yoda1026 help

hello i have autism and special needs i need a big surgery soon, the surgery is for vpi it called a pharyngeal flap surgery and it is a very painful surgery i heard , it does require a 5 day hospital stay and it would be done at a regular hospital or children's hospital they said icu care is needed too will icu room be scary , i might need oxygen ivs ng tubes things on my legs too stop blood clots pulse and blood pressure thing , on the day of surgery i would get liquid versed will it taste bad, i will be getting a mask in or room that will most likey smell like bubble gum too on the day of surgery what should i wear are pajamas ok is a stuffed animal ok too bring should i pack pullups im dry but still asking what would you do will ng tube hurt they said i will need arm restraints why is it for safety any kind support helps
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