2021.12.04 15:49 JDG_AHF_6624 Rockets

Where went the community builds on the game go, there used to be community builds on the game that you could get and apply to your own save however I can't find that anymore
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2021.12.04 15:49 Jhollan84 Come join the fkn apes and see what all the fuss Is about!💥fast growing community that u don't wanna miss out on. Join the discord now for a chance to win a fkn ape

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2021.12.04 15:49 imsohurtrightnow11 HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED. Does anyone have this hat ? Did it ever drop ? Is anyone selling it?

HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED. Does anyone have this hat ? Did it ever drop ? Is anyone selling it? submitted by imsohurtrightnow11 to MkeBucks [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 15:49 InspiringExpiring California has 50 times more monarch butterflies than last year — a puzzling blip in their path to extinction

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2021.12.04 15:49 My_Dad_Is_A_Shadd0w Sideswipe over RL?

taking a poll to see the communities opinion.
View Poll
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2021.12.04 15:49 Soggy_Focus5839 What happened in those years?

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2021.12.04 15:49 sergiommrebelo PCD@Coimbra 2021

PCD@Coimbra 2021 Hi everyone!
Processing Community Day Coimbra 2021 is almost here!
The event starts 8th of December and will have a hybrid nature, taking place physically and also being streamed online.The main event takes place in 9th of December and includes keynote session with Ted Davis and a short presentations session with Daniel Cevallos Andrade, Gustavo Muñoz, Jesús Ibáñez Martínez, Jia-Rey Chang, Miguel Murça, André Duarte and Pietro Bolcato. Also, the program includes two workshops (Processing for Android and Generative Type Design) and two exhibitions (25 and {between}).
The event is free to attend but requires registration. More info:
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2021.12.04 15:49 CongregationOfVapors Kevin the Scientist Tried to Get Us Fired

So my former coworker is a Kevin.
We both worked at a small biotech company as research scientists. There are many mysteries about Kevin, and most of them we have not solved.
Kevin has made several unsuccessful attempts to kill us, and this is a story of how he tried to make all of our jobs obsolete.
Perhaps I should preface the story by saying that Kevin does very little work. He might go into the lab once that week if the moon is aligned with Venus and Mars is in retrograde. Otherwise, he sits at his desk all day, but doesn't respond to emails or requests for scientific inputs.
What we did eventually learn was that the reason why Kevin contributed little to discussions was because it took him forever to figure out a response. I suppose by the time he had a response, we would have wrapped up the discussion DAYS prior.
Once in a while, Kevin would still graced us with his belated responses, and this was one of such inopportune times... (Sorry for the long preamble).
We had a very urgent call from our manager to design a study. The email said to respond by the end of the following day. By the deadline, our team (sans Kevin) had hammer out the scope of the study and specific details that we needed to know.
This was an extremely high priority project, so the team got to work ASAP and started performing the tests.
TWO WEEKS LATER, Kevin sends out a long email detailing why each of the study objective that we have laid out is pointless, and that we had better off contracting the entire study to a contract research organization.
At this point, the team is already in full swing, with everyone is devoting full time to the project. So convincing the higher-ups to contract out the whole project would make our jobs obsolete.
(As well, you couldn't actually contract this work out at the time. There was no commercial service available that was validated for what we wanted to do.)
The best part is that Kevin had emailed the ENTIRE company, including everyone on the board of directors, the c-suite, all the consultants. Unsurprisingly this sounded alarms with the higher-ups, who started to question the value of the whole department when they could just "easily" contract the work out instead.
Fortunately, our manager put an end to the madness and restored faith in us handling the project, and we all still had jobs.
Newest update: most people in the department had recently left due to problems with senior management (antiwork stories), leaving Kevin as the sole remaining scientist! Really curious how things will go from here on.
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2021.12.04 15:49 Correct-Research-454 wbnb gone from metamask wallet

hello reddit team, I'm in big trouble, asking for help on several sites without success.
I sent 0.02999 WBNB from one metamask wallet to another metamask but the transaction gave an error not only the 0.02999 disappeared from my wallet but everything else I had on the WBNB that ru had disappeared to 0 I'm very worried and I don't know anymore where to ask for help, please someone bring me a solution, help! :'(
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2021.12.04 15:49 ShifterTJC I'm doing my capstone GIS project and I have questions. (ArcGIS)

I have run into a couple of snags that I would like some direction with. 1. How can I combine a population CSV with a boundary file that has 12 sectors, then divide population by sector area for population density. The sectors do not have area size in their attribute table. The purpose is to determine whether my crime data is centered around low population vs high population zones. 2. I have transit route files and ring buffers at different intervals. I have crime data imported and would like to count how many crimes are in each ring for the purpose of classifying danger levels from least to most. 3. I have zoning designations (industrial, commerce) etc and would like to count crimes in each zone for the same purpose, to determine most and least dangerous. 4. Combine the above factors into a safety matrix overlay. Some kind of weighted tool?
I'm stumped and my professor is swamped, any help is appreciated :)
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2021.12.04 15:49 Tomhiddlstnstick Seeing flash lines with more intensity every day, but just went for exam?

I’ve been slowly developing seeing these flashes, i can compare them to jolts of light that will typically stay in one place or around the same space. Now I just went for an exam last week got an oct done and there were no abnormalities. But I’ve been seeing these “flash Lines” with more intensity by the day. It’s consistent and constant, so I’m not sure it’s an aura? But it’s been slowly developing since about a few days after I went for my exam
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2021.12.04 15:49 LoneManWithPlans I'm tired of NG

I'm tired of Assimilate NG and Hyperthin. I was hoping that the new cards for NG will help change but it just . . . meh compared to the other two we have seen so far. Both the SK and ST legendaries have so much carry over value without being too situational. NG legendaries have so many condition and might even just brick.
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2021.12.04 15:49 zbaansvshdb-ghz Can I mix almond milk, vanilla extract, and frozen fruit in a blender to make a sort of healthy ice cream? What do you recommend I change about this to make it taste good?

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2021.12.04 15:49 cocogogogo Shouldn’t have played this before bed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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2021.12.04 15:49 Feerka Is it offensive to speak a second language with a specific accent just cause you think it sounds cool?

Like if an Eastern European person speaks English with a southern accent for no other reason than because they like the way it sounds, is that like cultural appropriation or something?
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2021.12.04 15:49 MooseRoof Why has there never been a Streets of San Francisco movie?

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2021.12.04 15:49 Kanezaa Schwab or vanguard?

I’ve wanting get into stocks and I’m trying to decide on whether I should use Schwab or vanguard. Any suggestions?
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2021.12.04 15:49 MrCheetah2015 Need help with trades

I accidentally traded my happiny egg away so I really need help with getting that if someone could just breed one and send it my way. This is less of a problem but I don’t have any Shining Pearl exclusives. The ones I need are Turtwig Line, Shieldon Line, Machamp Trade, Gengar Trade, Heracross, Drifloon, Misdreavus Line, Glameow Line, Happiny Line, Chatot, Spiritomb, Weavile Trade. It would be great if anyone could breed a copy for me!
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2021.12.04 15:49 StefanoRocks666

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2021.12.04 15:49 Remora_101 How do you move and manipulate the active layer not the foreground?

I often have a transparent layer in the front and try to manipulate a layer beneath it. This worked perfectly in Photoshop since you always work on the active layer. But in gimp for some reason you cannot select a layer and forget all others. If I click on the image I want to move it always moves the foreground. And locking the foreground doesn't work then I simple cannot move anything.
Is there any way to change this behavior? I want gimp to only care about the damn layer I have selected.
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2021.12.04 15:49 Mechanicks88 Sem teoretik zarote in moje teorije se potrjujejo hitreje kot Einsteinove...

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2021.12.04 15:49 _backfatbetty Who / how old am I?

Who / how old am I? submitted by _backfatbetty to firstimpression [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 15:49 caitlinwiggers Sets for regifters

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2021.12.04 15:49 fallenkeith2018 Nigeria is the leading country per capita for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption in the world. 32% of Nigerians surveyed have used or owned crypto at some point

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2021.12.04 15:49 nilesisland Wet Nurse (OC)

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