does anyone else get attached to hookups?

2021.12.06 02:40 pr3ttypothos does anyone else get attached to hookups?

even if we talked for a week and slept together once, i start romanticizing them SO hard. i’ll start convincing myself that we have a future together lol. it’s so annoying and mentally draining but i can’t help it!
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2021.12.06 02:40 Guns-and-Pumpkins ich_iel

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2021.12.06 02:40 SnooEagles1271 Daily Mini #46

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2021.12.06 02:40 Qui_zee [KR] [H] F1 8X white+pc bottom [W] Paypal


Hi mechmarket I'm selling f1 8x white with pc bottom v2

Includes :

White top/ Pc bottom v2/ Coated weight/ Alu plate v2/ O-ring /cleaning fabric/ Equalz b87 pcb/ Carrying bag

Shipping through EMS. Price is 740$ including shipping

Leave a comment and DM plz Thanks!
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2021.12.06 02:40 Single-Resort How do I remove these numbers?

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2021.12.06 02:40 Anngelit 19F [F] Hi daddy ❤️ sexy latin girl 👿 offer [SELLING] VIDEOS👿 SEXTING🔥SQUIRTING 💦MASTURBACION, COCK RATE te 💥 NUDES 📸💥Experience GFE ✨ VIDEO CALL l AND SKYPE 📽️ write to my kik castnicol19 / snapchat 👻 nicol2l

19F [F] Hi daddy ❤️ sexy latin girl 👿 offer [SELLING] VIDEOS👿 SEXTING🔥SQUIRTING 💦MASTURBACION, COCK RATE te 💥 NUDES 📸💥Experience GFE ✨ VIDEO CALL l AND SKYPE 📽️ write to my kik castnicol19 / snapchat 👻 nicol2l submitted by Anngelit to topsugardaddywebsite [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:40 Upset-Ad-6625 Have you ever looked at a guy and thought "How is he still in a relationship?"

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2021.12.06 02:40 knitvvitch When crocheting in the round, my beginning of round shifts quite a lot...

Hi bros! I've been learning how to crochet by doing amigurumi. I'm working on a pattern now with two colors. I've noticed that the color pattern itself is "spiralling" from what it should look like. I've also noticed that when I'm working in joined rounds, the beginning-of-round stitch "spirals" around my piece (instead of making a straight line down the length of my piece).
Has anyone else encountered this? Is this normal or am I crocheting in a wonky way? It's making my colour work look off center so I'm wondering if I can correct it...
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2021.12.06 02:40 ASecretThrowaway_76 I'm just gonna..... Yeah [meme]

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2021.12.06 02:40 navybluethetruth Kevin Feige Confirms Charlie Cox Daredevil Casting In The MCU

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2021.12.06 02:40 cg0rd0noo7 [S] [USA-ID] DJI Osmo Action 1

For sale:
DJI Osmo Action 1 2 batteries Ulanzi floaty Not pictured but included charging cable
Price: $100 incling shipping and paypal goods and services fees
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2021.12.06 02:40 aNaKiN-SkYWaLkEr98 Old man and fools idol

If I don’t kill the old man can I farm the boss for souls or no?
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2021.12.06 02:40 Difficult_Project_91 Yeah just take my whole squad why don't you

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2021.12.06 02:40 WollusTheOwl A perk idea I had to improve QOL. I kinda hope Treyarch adds something like this.

Shambler's Fizz (Imagine I bothered doing art and added a 4 leaf clover icon)
Increases luck. (Chance of getting a wonder weapon from trial rewards or mystery boxes increased (10%). Chance of getting powerups from elite kills increased (10%). Chance of getting double the essence for any action that grants essence (5%). Chance of getting more valuable loot from crates increased (15%). Chance of higher tier crates dropping perks that you don't already have increased (15%).)

I. Regular Zombies drop equipment more often.
II. Regular Zombies get an additional 5% chance of dropping ammo.
III. 30% chance of regular hits counting as a critical hit.
IV. 15% chance to halve the damage from hits taken.
V. Perks individually each have a 50% chance of being recovered when you're revived.

I thought perhaps tier IV could instead grant a small chance of recovering some armour when making a kill but I feel like that would make it feel like a tanky perk rather than making it feel like a lucky perk. Having a small chance of surviving a lethal blow or even surviving getting slammed by Orda or getting backhanded by a Megaton feels more in tune with the theme.
I haven't played many of the previous Treyarch CODs so I don't know if they already have something like this. All I know is BO II and BO CW.
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2021.12.06 02:40 Inside_Run 25m come have a chat! Boredd nothing to do

Just woke up, got nothing else to do. Bored Australian chef here. Lets talk about anything, any age and gender, how ever you identify. Just come have a chat. Ask questions, numbers game or small talk. Lets do anything
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2021.12.06 02:40 TangyDrinks I am slowly actually realizing how old Beamng actually is.

The game is over 8 years old but it released on August 3rd, 2013 (google), and GTA 5 released on September 13, 2013 (google). That means Beam is actually older and yet Beam is compared to GTA. Kids who were 8 when it released can drive a car. I watched Beam for so long but it still doesn't seem that long ago.
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2021.12.06 02:40 RevolutionaryLeg7987 *Repost*x2 Needing a little help with the holidays 🥰

Repost Needing help putting smiles on my children’s face for the holidays
Hi I’m a single momma of 3 little ones requesting a little help from the community to make their holidays special.(Anything is greatly appreciated!) (Wishing EVERYONE happy holidays! 🥰)
Fun fact! Brooklyn was supposed to be a Christmas baby but we took her a few days early so she has a birthday just 6 days before Christmas!
***Brooklyn, 9 years old, is a talented little girl with a big heart. Very sociable! She loves arts and crafts and riddles. Likes to make people smile! She loves the thrill of a challenge and is a good girl. She likes lol dolls. She also enjoys the outdoors.
Taiden, 6 years old, is a well rounded young man. He likes the outdoors. He also enjoys remote control cars and watching children’s movies. He is a very sweet boy. He would like to get into learning as he says, “man things” 😂. By that he means he’s wants to learn to hunt, fish, and build. He wishes for a BB gun some day. (His birthday is January 13th- so he’s not far from a Christmas blessing either ☺️)
Kieryn, 1 year old, he is very adventurous. Loves getting dirty and learning new things. He is a mommas boy! Never strays too far 😂. He enjoys eating snacks and spending time with the family. He also loves animals and watching cartoons.***
***Gifts Received-
Brooklyn- Dyi clay jewelry, dream catcher, diamond painting, hair chalk
Taiden-Dragamonz, Britik bow and arrow, Dino smasher
Kieryn- vetch chomp and count Dino, smart watch ***
Wish Lists
Photo Link
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2021.12.06 02:40 StayFrosty641 Something Lurks in the Swamp... | Valheim Stream

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2021.12.06 02:40 Alloftheeverything I write song lyrics but I am not a musician. Is there a way or service I could pay to have music written/played to them?

I have always wanted to hear my words put to music
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2021.12.06 02:40 Amplayz_rblx Trading mm2 for rh items / robux

i hv most mm2 weapons except chromas ! name what mm2 weapon u would like, and ur offer <3
also trading discord nitro / classic nitro for robux / rh items
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2021.12.06 02:40 Chapaz- UPDATED! Christmas came early this year 🌟🎅

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2021.12.06 02:40 Jktrollinggger NEW NFT PROJECT Goldcrow. It's a mystery, ARG-like game with random NFT drops for all holders of GOLDCROW coin on BSC. Similar to Cicada or Myst. Really fun so far, join the disc/tg and help us solve this mystery

NEW NFT PROJECT Goldcrow. It's a mystery, ARG-like game with random NFT drops for all holders of GOLDCROW coin on BSC. Similar to Cicada or Myst. Really fun so far, join the disc/tg and help us solve this mystery submitted by Jktrollinggger to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:40 SitdownMcFly Promo Code Cancelation Warning Before Activation

Well this is odd and mildly annoying. I've read the T&Cs for "Celsiuscares" up and down (since Ive lost out before on "canceled" promos). It says I cant move any funds out of my account after I have deposited the 5k needed to trigger the promo.
So Im trying to send some stablecoins over to FTX and I get a warning that if I do then the promo will be canceled.
I don't really care about $150 after 2mos of parking 5k, but Im annoyed that Celsius isnt abiding by its own published promo rules.
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2021.12.06 02:40 Small-Can3519 缅甸 正规 实体 三合一 与 现场 同步

缅甸 正规 实体 三合一 与 现场 同步 美国赌场线上手机APP开户 网投正规真人实体现场同步网站 网投正规真人实体现场同步在线靠谱平台支持视频验证 缅甸正规实体网投同步三合一,支持视频验证 缅甸正规实体现场网上三合一同步
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2021.12.06 02:40 my_selektion Plushberry x (PBB x Garlic Breath)

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