Let the terror commence…

2021.11.29 09:12 iSkittleCake Let the terror commence…

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2021.11.29 09:12 sauwan_naiko Hanukkah Sameach

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2021.11.29 09:12 C0OO Massively gorgeous

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2021.11.29 09:12 Affectionate_Pen8107 is heaven active or static for the christians?

I read a book (historia del cielo)which detailed the history of ideas about heaven. It seems thomas aquinas sid each believer in heaven had a fixed place (a kind of sphere i think,levels of holiness)and stayed there forever. Is this true? can we move our bodies in the afterlife?
im afraid of stillness,even if I will be unable to experience grief(ok assuming i make to heaven).
are there any saints whose visions detaled an active afterlife? I remember someone saying they could interact with dead relatives and smell flowers.
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2021.11.29 09:12 Solfaroiy ⚡ Wanamoon BSC Token | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | ownership renounced | $40k Jackpot Draw Today | Unique Tokenomics | Active Community in Telegram | Don't Miss This x100 Potential Gem


WANAMOON is a new token that rewards holders and new buyers with the opportunity to be entered in to a weekly JACKPOT draws! 50% of the jackpot goes to one holder paid in BUSD. The other 50% will be used to buy one of the hottest meme token of the week and distributed proportionately to qualified holders. You goto be in it to win it! Initially launching on BSC Blockchain, Wana Moon will then rapidly expand to other blockchains including ETH very soon!

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C

TL;DR ⚙️
⁃ Weekly Jackpot Token, first draw takes place
⁃ WanaMoon Contract Fully Audited by SolidProof
⁃ Team Fully Doxxed & KYC Verified
⁃ Liquidity will be locked
⁃ Full Dapp Release on Launch to track Jackpot Entires and Total Worth
⁃ Full Detailed aggressive marketing plan
⁃ BIG Token Partnerships in talks
⁃ Team with a detailed roadmap plan of execution

⁃ 1% reflection to all holders
⁃ 2% Weekly jackpot
⁃ 3% Buyback and auto liquify
⁃ 4% Marketing

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C
✨Pinksale Locked


⛓️ Website: https://wanamoon.in/
✉️ Telegram: https://t.me/WanaMoonOfficial
⚽ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WanaMoonOffical
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2021.11.29 09:12 Skilver21 Belgians, inflation is also visiting you at home + 5.64%

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2021.11.29 09:12 julynice6 ✅ Emile Smith Rowe - Crazy Skills. Goals & Passing - November 2021 🔴

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2021.11.29 09:12 NilsTeutsch German Media claims that former Moto2 race winner Lorenzo Baldassarri was about to make the jump to WSSP

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2021.11.29 09:12 DavidoGwapo Ah yes, Bane of Arthropods

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2021.11.29 09:12 Deepikagoddess Upvote this post and the comment below. I will upvote you back

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2021.11.29 09:12 Bilbinen Only good thing about rolling a small morning joint is knowing youll have more weed later

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2021.11.29 09:12 cartoonistzach from human rights defender to human rights violator defender to candidate running under a son of another human rights violator

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2021.11.29 09:12 Constant_Code_7131 Going to tell my crush I like her later

We’ll be having lunch together later and I’m just going to straight up tell her I like her. I’ll say something along to lines of “hey I’ve liked you for a while now and I’m just wondering if you feel the same back at all”. Is there any better way to bring it up or say this?
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2021.11.29 09:12 kbttbk19 Little Caesars Arena opening hours

Hey Pistons fans! Planning to watch a live game sometime next month in the Little Caesars Arena. I’m planning to go inside the venue as soon as it opens and try to get autographs from the players.
The game will start at 6PM EST. What time will the gate/venue open?
Thanks and looking forward to your replies! Have a great say everyone and belated happy thanksgiving! 😃
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2021.11.29 09:12 RafulsoN First build in 10 years need help with ram

Hi guys, i need little help. I just did my research and pick parts that i can order in my country at "ok" prices. But i'm not tech guy and sitting for hours and reading and watching videos is overwhelming. I will use this PC for gaming and audio+video editing on Win 10 64bit. 95% sure I will not OC it.

Already decided: RTX 3080 ASUS TUF GAMING OC Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI Ryzen 5 5600 X Noctua NH-D15 Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 2TB Seasonic Focus GX 850W 80 Plus Gold Silverstone Sugo 14

Can't decide ram - I need 32 GB (2x16) low ram. So in small build with mITX it will not colide with cooler.

  1. Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB, DDR4 3600MHz CL18 (CMK32GX4M2Z3600C18) height 31 mm price 732
  2. Crucial Ballistix 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600Mz CL16 (BL2K16G36C16U4B) height 39 mm price 826
  3. G.Skill RipjawsV 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL16 (F4-3600C16D-32GVKC) height 42 mm price 799

Which should i pick? Or these 3 are quite similar, and will not make such difference?
Don't care about RGB.
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2021.11.29 09:12 caligalus The whole system needs an overhaul

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2021.11.29 09:12 My_IQ_is_60 Are there any good Egoist texts that are actually easy to read

I am not a smart person nor a good reader, but I would like to get into philosophy and shit. I recently brought a copy of Ego and Its Own but had to put it down because I just can't intake any of the fucking words. The way its written just doesn't go into my head, and all the references to other philosophers are lost on me
I would still like to learn more about Egoism, so are there any texts that the layman can digest?
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2021.11.29 09:12 Louse-_-XVI Where does data stored in the 'cloud' go to?

I mean is there like a huge hard drive owned by the service provider? Then why are we paying a regular fee? Can we get a space on the huge hard drive to be our own, like a storage space?
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2021.11.29 09:12 diacewrb More than 17 million have used buy now, pay later services

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2021.11.29 09:12 ultraman1234 Unta boleh berenang rupanya.

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2021.11.29 09:12 Lord-Kawer teit

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2021.11.29 09:12 YurMummysMom The flag of Japan except the red circle is spinning 360°, but to prove to you it is spinning Jerry Seinfeld is riding upon the circle.

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2021.11.29 09:12 GamerKid665_999 Just became my #1 anime by far

Just finished watching the anime and bawling my eyes out damn these talented ass writers 😭
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2021.11.29 09:12 iAtrocitys- (PS5) H: Uny/Ap/Sent Forest Scout RA W: Weapon offers

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2021.11.29 09:12 cyberscout5 You buy mice to find "endgame". I buy mice because I like them. We are not the same.

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