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Being replaced with MULTIPLE people

2021.11.29 14:17 taway72999 Being replaced with MULTIPLE people

Don't you just love it when you are putting in ungodly hours for an employer, like 14 hours a day Monday through Friday and another 12 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, only to be told that you aren't doing enough with them not understanding why it is taking you so long? Over the weekend, I found out that they replaced me with two full-time employees, one contract employee, and tried to get a third to come back to train everyone on how to do MY job.
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2021.11.29 14:17 thewalkinggoddess Unactivated SB CC

Hello. I received my SB cc last February 2020, pero di ko pa siya inaactivate til now. Ngayon, naisip ko na iactivate siya, my question is, maactivate pa kaya siya or hindi na? Sa tagal kasi.
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2021.11.29 14:17 KimKimiePro Saerom

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2021.11.29 14:17 __addzy__ what do u think of ash?

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2021.11.29 14:17 Knario1954 Humor_y_Pendejadas

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2021.11.29 14:17 owmyfingy If two establishments had a baby, what third establishment would be the offspring?

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2021.11.29 14:17 soulexpert Пограничный сторожевой катер, проекта РМ376:

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2021.11.29 14:17 pistachiosarenuts 30 days after $God token drop, are additional tokens being distributed?

I didn't see any place to claim the additional tokens.
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2021.11.29 14:17 No-Leadership-5118 Ever want to hit the reset button and block everyone?

32/M. Between the pandemic and some long term health problems I have stuck inside in total isolation for the last 20 months, and really sick for the last year. I live alone.
Naturally I gravitated towards the internet and over time got about a dozen phone numbers. Over time it just became too much. With family and friends that I know in real life checking on me every day or every few days, answering and trying to maintain cyber friendships with a half dozen people I'm unlikely to meet has become more of a chore than anything.
Basically all of them are struggling with my same disability which is very debilitating. One of them has been dumping her suicidal ideation on me for months like it's free therapy (I am not trained to deal with this and it's taking a huge toll on me), one of them I tried to escalate romantically and was rejected but she "values my friendship so much" as she goes on dates with other guys and talks about it openly (I'm really not interested in being a woman's daily texting buddy as an early 30's single man. A lot of straight men are not wired like that long term). One of them are the most dry, boring conversations you can imagine that I have no reason why we're still talking.
Many days I just want to hit the reset button and block all of them. I've tried to execute a slow fade but fall back into old patterns and have a long conversation with them. I hate just ghosting people because I'm sitting here believing they'd actually care and be trying to reach me wondering if something happened for months. One of them frantically told me that when I went a few days without replying.
As I make some strides in my disability I can see myself having some social life again this time next year, I want to trim the fat out of my phone to only the people I could call and get dinner with on an hour notice. In some ways I have anchored these people in my mind to this disability and will always be disabled as long as they're there.
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2021.11.29 14:17 ADdreaming As of this morning, Ghislaine Maxwell jury has been chosen and court proceedings are underway in New York. Here's how to listen in

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2021.11.29 14:17 throwawayoogaloorga How do I work up the courage to look at a very creepy image?

Okay, so for some backstory, a few years ago, I saw a post on confessions saying "I just looked up something terrifying - don't google "Jenny Gamez." I did, and it's a super creepy police sketch. I instantly closed out and I've only seen it a few times since, and I've tried to forget. But now I really want to make a meme out of it because of the whole intruder thing. It's like a real life smile dog to me. It is incredibly disturbing to look at, but I want to get over my fear.
What should I do?
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2021.11.29 14:17 Zestyclose-Ad-3853 SHIB IS GOING ON KRAKEN TOMORROW 🤪🤪

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2021.11.29 14:17 ZawiNull Veszélyben a szólásszabadság

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2021.11.29 14:17 BodegaCat iPhone 13 won't restore from Mac via Finder from iPhone 11 backup

Hello. I backed up my iPhone 11 yesterday through my M1 Macbook. I traded in my iPhone 11 and bought the iPhone 13, went home and tried to restore it via Finder. Unsure what is happening, but every time I try to restore my old backup, the iPhone resets into the welcome/set up mode. The Macbook shows that it begins to restore the phone up until the phone resets into set up/welcome mode and the progress bar shoots to the end, but the restore process never completes. I was on the phone with apple support for hours where I kept getting escalated until I had to send over system logs and time stamps. I am waiting until the engineers can take a look and hopefully figure something out. In the meantime I can use my phone but I have a lot of data that will be potentially lost if I can't recover my old backup. Has anyone seen this before? The apple techs on the phone were flabbergasted and had no idea what to do. Thank you!
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2021.11.29 14:17 phonemannn To those of you who saw your relationship heading toward a dead bedroom and prevented it, how did you do it?

My [26M] gf of 5 years [23F] have always been mismatched in our libidos with me having the higher sex drive. I was mostly satisfied enough because she was always game for going down on me but in the last year she’s developed a muscle problem where she no longer can at all ever. It’s a real diagnosed problem that I have no reason to believe she’s making up to get that out of the way. But basically we went from me being dissatisfied with the sex but overall satisfied enough to definitely not being happy at all.
We’ve talked about many solutions and have tried a lot, so this isn’t a case of poor communication. We both know entirely how the situation is. A big problem I have is I love her and respect her too much to push the issue too hard because I’ve seen over time that it’s no ones fault. But that just leaves us both feeling bad about the situation and makes sex less enticing because we’re both anxious about it and the problem spirals.
Has anything worked for you guys? I’m about at the end of my rope and I have no other reason to end things and I really don’t want to but I can see my options being exhausted and my sits end being reached within the next year. It’s a very shitty and sad situation.
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2021.11.29 14:17 Big-Lemon-2049 9889 2007 2013 Virizon

add now
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2021.11.29 14:17 Robot_3020 Grand Prix Final will be …..

View Poll
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2021.11.29 14:17 justanothergin [IWantOut] 34M Canada -> UK

Hi all,
So just looking for some advice on a really important dilemma I'm facing at the moment.
Back in September I returned to Canada (where I was born) after living in the UK for four years as my mom was having some health problems. I managed to secure a job which on paper seemed good and paid a decent wage ($52k per year) however after returning things have kind of gone downhill.
My supposed one year contract has been shortened to 3 months due to a shortage of work and I'm having a really hard time finding an (affordable) place to live. I have the option to return to my old employer in the UK on a permanent basis for basically the same rate of pay plus housing costs (along with the costs of almost everything else) are about half of what they are in my part of Ontario.
My concern is when I was in the UK I felt really isolated but I'm not sure if that was just due to the pandemic as that feeling hasn't really gone away in Canada. Plus with dual citizenship I'm not really bothered flying back and forth between the two countries but more concerned on how it affects family and friends that were looking forward to having me back. My mom is quite old and I worry that she's going to resent me if I leave again but at the same time I'm concerned about my mental health as I'm currently living in her basement in a remote town near Hamilton and once I stop working I think it's gonna get even worse. I think I'm starting to develop pretty severe depression being here which is also causing me to become quite indecisive.
I find there is also a lot of cultural differences which I've gotten used to in the UK such as work life balance, socialising, ease of getting around and just the general openness of people. So any input would be most appreciated.
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2021.11.29 14:17 _StrxwberryM1lk_ Trading R Robo Dog And No Pot Cerberus

Trading R Robo Dog And No Pot Cerberus ( I'm Trading Cause I'm Poor )
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2021.11.29 14:17 Vijidalicia What the heck plant is this? Seems to be a succulent, with leaves about as thiccc as a Jade. It's doing well, but what is it?

What the heck plant is this? Seems to be a succulent, with leaves about as thiccc as a Jade. It's doing well, but what is it? submitted by Vijidalicia to houseplants [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 14:17 craigjuice2 [Pre-Order] Wavy Da Ghawd - Ghawd's Eden (Purple Splatter Vinyl)

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2021.11.29 14:17 Disastrous_Plate_912 🖤CYBERMONDAY💚USE CODE "CYMON21" TOGETHER WITH "SCURLY54" FOR UP TO 20% OFF‼️👽

This is the link that will lead you directly to the official website that will have my code ready for you at checkout (Don't forget to check if the codes are filled in correctly before checking out)☕️❣ ; https://www.yesstyle.com/en/home.html?rco=SCURLY54&utm_term=SCURLY54&utm_medium=Influen
Example on how you should fill in the codes at checkout vvvv
"CYMON21" - This code can give you up to 15% off with NO MINIMUM SPENDING ‼️Don't forget to use this together with code > "SCURLY54" < using both these codes can get you up to 20% off‼️ ('SCURLY54' is also reusable for any purchase at anytime💚)
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2021.11.29 14:17 store2903 My (20F) best friend (20F) keeps leaving me out

So for backstory I (20F), have been best friends with M (20F) for 5 years now. In May of this year after many lockdown restrictions were lifted M invited me to hang out at a local arcade with some of her friends. After that night, I was added to a groupchat with all of the people who were at the arcade and we continued to hang out all together a couple nights a week.
The issue starts when I started dating another person I met in the friend group, J(19M). M warned me that if something happened between me and J, that she would not be taking sides and that she would remain neutral within the friend group.
One night, about a month after starting to date J, the entire friend group plans on going to the arcade. Before we meet up, me and J plan on having me spend the night at his house after we leave the arcade. He also offers to pick me up and take me out to dinner before meeting everyone else. I was busy before the arcade so I declined.
We all meet up at the arcade, everything’s fine, we’re all having fun then once we leave me and J take separate cars to his house.
At J’s house, we talked for an hour about random stuff before J gets very serious and tells me “we need to talk”. Obviously I know what that means so I ask him point blank: “Are you breaking up with me?” J says no. He then proceeds to talk to me for an hour about nothing really at all but he keeps alluding to breaking up with me. Eventually I ask if he’s breaking up with me again and he says yes. All I could say in response was “So I’m not spending the night?” I left in tears and cried to my mom on the way home.
I also texted M to let her know what happened and she just said “J’s going through a lot right now.”
The next weekend I spent the night at M’s house and gave her a full recount of what happened and to be completely honest, I wanted her to be mad at J with me. Nevertheless she got upset with me for being upset with J and got very defensive for J.
Two weeks after being broken up with, I left the groupchat because I didn’t want to be in contact with J anymore. In a private conversation, M was sure to let me know that she would always rather hang out with me rather than J.
So now onto present day. I see M maybe every two weeks and it’s normally last minute plans if something else she was planning on doing is cancelled. This past Thursday I texted M, asking if she wanted to hang this weekend. She declined, saying her sister was in town and that she’s very busy all weekend. I said okay, and that I’m available all weekend so let me know if anything changes.
The next day I'm scrolling through twitter. She tweeted a picture of her at the arcade on Saturday night. She was also out with J. I texted her asking if we’re still friends because I couldn’t think of any other way of starting the conversation. She says yes and asks why. I tell her that it’s because I’ve had to wedge myself into her plans to see her. She gives an excuse that she’s super busy this weekend. I let the conversation go but I was still upset about it.
The next day she texts me and I respond short replies until finally she asks me what’s wrong. I told her “Whether or not you meant to, you hurt my feelings last night”. She said that it wasn’t her intention to hurt my feelings but that I hurt HER feelings too. I ask her how I hurt her feelings and she then sends me a very long text about how she knows I’ve been keeping tabs on who she’s with and how I can never make last minute plans and how she’s very busy and how I only ever seem happy when it’s just her and I alone so she doesn’t tend to invite me to the arcade anymore. I told her I only know she went to the arcade because she publicly tweeted it and I’m upset because every single plan we’ve ever made in the past WAS a last minute plan. I told her to just say no to me when I ask to make plans instead of lying to me.
Then the next excuses started, she said that the plans were really made “last minute” and they got there at 10:30 and that I’m not allowed out late anyway. I used to have a curfew, but since the lockdown restrictions were lifted in May, I have been allowed out pretty much the entire night and M knows that. I told her that we’ve all made plans for 10:30 before and I’ve made it to those plans before. You get the idea of the conversation.
I told her I can’t talk about anything right now, I was too upset. But I also realized after texting her that I cannot have a real conversation with her. Every single thing I said there was an excuse.
TLDR: I dated one of my friend's friends and after breaking up my friend chose my ex's side and leaves me out of plans but won't admit it.
How do I get M to see that she is choosing J over me no matter how much she denies it?
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2021.11.29 14:17 YesHelloImHuman études à Luminy?

Je suis de l'Allemagne et je regarde pour faire un master à la AMU et le site d'enseignement sera à Marseille Luminy. Moi, j'aimerais bien habiter à AeP. Mais on dirait que les transports public sont affreux pour y aller (je parle 1,5h par voyage) et meme de Marseille St Charles ca dure 45-55 min.
Est-ce que quelqu'un s'y connait mieux? Ca me parrait bizzare, qu'un site d'enseignement soit aussi mal desservi.
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2021.11.29 14:17 adamand01 Jak jsem předpověděl tak když se podíváte na instagram fortnitu tak tam můžete vidět nějaké tématické fotky/videa chapter2

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