Por favor nao começem ja com musicas de natal

2021.12.01 16:07 japsoares Por favor nao começem ja com musicas de natal

juro que ja tou um bocado farto de músicas de natal, nao propriamente das cancoes em si mas do facto de faltarem 24 dias para o natal e já estamos a ouvir "all i want for christmas". Parece que a seguir ao halloween a malta entra logo no espirito natalicio e nao estou para ouvir isto durante um mês.

fim de rant
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2021.12.01 16:07 Edizzleshizzle If You Don't Like the Microtransaction/Battle Pass System, Vote With Your Wallet

Simple as that.
They respond to money, and only money.
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2021.12.01 16:07 Flimsy-Seesaw-6789 I’m writing the longest feature film in the history—an intimate portrait of a moody 15-year-old girl. AMA!

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2021.12.01 16:07 Level_Ad_9518 🌌 $SHIBALAXY ~ Get Shiba to the moon and beyond! ~ Just launched ~ Ownership renounced & liq locked | Dont Miss Out !

$SHIBALAXY is currently sitting at $10k market cap at the time of this post, but no doubt it will have risen since then. The token is growing at an increasing rate due to the website launch and rapidly growing community.

Hodlers are rewarded with this token, so the earlier you get in, the better. The tokenomics are written below, so it's recommended you get yourself familiar with those before getting into the coin.


✅ 7% Redistributed To All Holders
✅ 1% Automatic Liquidity Pool Refill
✅ 2% Marketing
✅ SAFU: Liquidity Locked 100%

Verified Contract: 0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x83A0b3a530666F88A03F680d1673D37C0261bCCF
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2fcd59491f363d722269f7d26b4368d2101068c3#readContract
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2021.12.01 16:07 hhh333 Valtech expédie une importante pièce à une raffinerie de Montréal

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2021.12.01 16:07 Accomplished-You-718 Got my first electric skateboard G3 Backfire !!! Any recommandations ?

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2021.12.01 16:07 vdyagms Persona 5 Strikers - Episode 40 FINALE

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2021.12.01 16:07 loudbuddha Most affordable and reliable edibles?

Looking for some reliable edibles, specifically gummies. Accurate mg, etc.
Trying to avoid homemade basement style gummies. Something preferably made from real distillate.
Good quality ain't cheap and I'm fine with that. I just don't want to overpay.

Thanks everyone!
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2021.12.01 16:07 greybayl Wow 😯

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2021.12.01 16:07 Mahcks [vent]Navigating insurance, prescriptions, and doctors is always frustrating...

I pay thousands of dollars per year for Humana and they can't even update their information on providers. I get a list together from their site for potential new doctors and start calling AND MOST OF THE INFORMATION IS OUTDATED. Wrong phone numbers, moved facilities, not actually accepting new patients... I had one tell me that the doctor I was looking for hadn't practiced in 5 years.
All I'm trying to do is get a CGM, but I need a prescription and my endo wont do it until January. I just get so sick of this industry sometimes. Always a hurdle.
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2021.12.01 16:07 vastbreak_17 Nasty Cop Fondles Man As He Is Detained

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2021.12.01 16:07 Postingforfun69 Victoria Justice – Nickelodeon’s 8th Annual Day of Play

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2021.12.01 16:07 engan0 Fidelity to Computershare asset transfer

I finally did it! I can't believe how easy that was! The wait time was a little over 30 minutes, but once I got on the phone with someone it only took about 5 minutes to complete. Ezpz, lemon squeezy. Get Fukt Hedgies! MOASS, please wait for this ape.
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2021.12.01 16:07 LIKES_SPECTATING Replayability of this game

I got a god run on the first run the game shows you all the mechanics and got scavenger on all my squirrels and some really good sacrifices and killed all the encounters on the first turn. How enjoyable is playing the game past killing the (presumed) last boss?
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2021.12.01 16:07 tarnd01 (OC) Lord Drakkon zord / White Tiger Dragonzord combination

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2021.12.01 16:07 BlankVerse Trump tested positive for Covid few days before Biden debate, chief of staff says in new book | Donald Trump

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2021.12.01 16:07 Studio10eleven Lakeland man arrested for flashing minor in McDonald’s drive-thru - WFLA

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2021.12.01 16:07 66Chandelier Top 0.005% Did anyone do better?

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2021.12.01 16:07 ste4lph Would you purchase a 3D printed guitar?

Hey AcousticGuitar
If you had the option, would you be willing to purchase a 3D printed guitar?
The main advantages of 3D printed guitars:
- Unlimited customization and geometry at no extra cost. (example of the geometry possible: https://imgur.com/a/1ZZawdf)
- Lower cost compared to big name brands since the assembly is greatly simplified and the material used (sawdust) is readily available.
- A reduction of the need to cut down trees; a new use for a waste stream (sawdust) that’s often landfilled or burned .
- Wood typically breaks along the grain but with this process, the guitars have uniform strength across the part.
- Prints can be sanded, painted, drilled and cut just as you would do with natural wood products.
Please let me know your thoughts
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2021.12.01 16:07 GlockBoy19x Is this normal or is it just shaped weird.

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2021.12.01 16:07 bdubalicious_ Sourdough starter?

Any chance there’s someone local who would be willing to sell off some of their homegrown sour dough starter? I know it’s best to use local stuff to harness the power of your local bacteria, so I’d rather not order something from out of state. Any offers?
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2021.12.01 16:07 ocean432 "Megatron" Transformers 1984/85. 1st Generation

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2021.12.01 16:07 jas12194 How did Adobe get the rights to the There There music video?

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2021.12.01 16:07 __thiagoooo god server

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2021.12.01 16:07 DragJonFruit 23 M Looking for Friends to chat with.

Anyone is welcome and we can talk about anything. Whether its about us or life. I have a hard time with conversations, so i want to really try with someone.
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