Australian young adult novel where a grumpy uni student chains herself to a tree to avoid boredom while quitting smoking

2021.12.01 22:07 mariepyrite Australian young adult novel where a grumpy uni student chains herself to a tree to avoid boredom while quitting smoking

I read this book a few years ago in my local library, and it was wild from start to finish.
The main character was a grumpy, cynical, academically brilliant student who was trying to quit smoking. She had a hippy housemate who she treated with contempt who was trying to save a local wetland.
The main character finished all of her uni work months early, and had no social life. To distract herself from her nicotine cravings she started helping with her housemate's campaign, even though she couldn't care less about the wetland. I think she was also into her housemate's boyfriend.
Things escalated rapidly at the end of the book, and she ended up chaining herself to a tree and nearly getting arrested. I think there was a car chase, and maybe someone giving birth in the back of a van. The whole ending sequence was really strangely paced, and was only about 5 pages long.
I want to find the book. I recall it was really really funny, and the ending feels like a fever dream in my memory.
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2021.12.01 22:07 Appropriate-Gur-9834 Crime thoughts

Philly isn't doing good right now. Philadelphia police are sort of being less aggressive.
They are stopping less people for traffic violations
and incarcerating less
All these reforms have good intentions and I agree that there should be reform.
Also some people definitely took the defund the police thing a little too far. There is racism and bad officers but I'm not going to call the 28% of officers in philly who are black or latino racist.
So my opinion is maybe that cops should be more aggressive, violent crimes should be prosecuted more, and maybe now isn't the time to pull back.
People are hurt by racist cops but also 500 people also died from crime this year.
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2021.12.01 22:07 LegendaryX-Spades Alpha factions come an join our realm we have claims, bosses , shop and much more the code is TZ_KUQpf-qQ so what are you waiting for come join the realm

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2021.12.01 22:07 Stoned_Cold_Silver How was that not a goal?

It looks like it literally hit the net...
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2021.12.01 22:07 Qwiggs Reverse Sear Ribeye Cap

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2021.12.01 22:07 GoatmanBrogance Did anyone else cry a little to learn that Gerson passed away or just me?

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2021.12.01 22:07 Chaosking383 Unpopular opinion? The bases and statues in the Underground are very underwhelming.

Bases seem pointless. I have no reason to ever go into mine unless its just to change statues out and even then I barely do that. No point into going to someone else's base when its just the same boring statues at yours. Whatever happen to actual decorating and customizing your base like in the originals and Gen 3 games. The Gen 3 remakes not only brought bases back, but they were improved significantly. I actually liked visiting other's basing to see their setup. In these remakes we just get statues and pedestals, sure they increase encounter rates, but thats it. Not even like a shiny odds increase for that type from shiny statues. And lets not forget about the traps. Traps were very fun back the in the originals, just messing around with friends.
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2021.12.01 22:07 mr123213 Need help and advice

So about 3 weeks ago I was smoking with my buddy and it was weed with high thc. Almost right away I started to feel off and this led to around 4 hours of extreme panic. I felt like I was going to die and nothing felt real because I was so scared. My heart was racing 100 mph and my legs were trembling. The weirdest part was that it came in waves where I would feel normal and completely fine for a bit and then that panic started setting in and I kept going in and out of this feeling for hours. One important thing I want to note is I wasn’t hearing or seeing anything that wasn’t real, I was just so scared and panicking that I couldn’t believe what was happening and it didn’t feel real
So the first week I was getting panic attacks my heart was starting to race and it was almost like everything was slow motion. The slow motion has faded since but now I am just anxious 24/7. It almost feels like I am stuck in the fight/flight response because I can’t ever relax. When I do manage to relax if I hear any loud noise I get startled very easily. I had a physical exam and my blood pressure was 142/62 and resting heart was 114 so both of these are relatively high. I’m constantly googling and obsessing over symptoms and my biggest worry is that I don’t know exactly what is wrong with me and I always just feel off , I feel like I could have uncomplicated ptsd, dpdr, drug induced anxiety disorder, hyper-stimulation anxiety. I’m constantly trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me and that is probably adding unneeded stress.
My main symptoms now: Heart palpitations and racing heart rate
Constantly scared/on edge
Intrusive thoughts and constantly thinking something is wrong with me/ in general
Emotionally detached: I can feel anger and kind of sadness, but I don’t get happy or excited anymore
Loss of motivation to do things and overall feel disconnected from myself
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2021.12.01 22:07 skyyrawrrr LPT: When entering public restrooms, open the door slightly and hesitate a second before opening it fully

As in, crack the door to the stall/restroom/port-o-potty and wait a second before flinging it the rest of the way open. If someone is in there, this gives them a chance to say something before you flash them to the crowd, and you all avoid an embarrassing situation.
This especially applies at places like festivals or bars where people are drinking and more likely to forget to lock the door. It only takes a second and there’s been a handful of times where it’s helped me prevent that awkward moment of walking in on someone.
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2021.12.01 22:07 hegdieartemis Running into serious issues getting batocera to work

I am almost positive my computer is powerful enough to run batocera given that I can emulate Wii U and Ps3 on it on Windows just fine. I saw a few videos on batocera and thought it'd be a convenient way to have all my games easily accessible.
Oh boy. Have the troubles been rampant.
First of all, when I boot into batocera, the only systems that show up are C64, NES, SNES, PC Engine, and well. I don't know what else, because honestly it freezes before I can get very far.
When I hit F1 to try and get to my games, it freezes. When I try to load any games it says it already has on there (not mine, they were already there) it freezes. Essentially if I hit any button on my keyboard other than the arrow keys or enter, it freezes.
I followed the installation guide step by step. What the heck am I doing so wrong here?
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2021.12.01 22:07 CosmosProcessingUnit [WTB] Silver in exchange for my services as a software developer / cloud consultant

Hope this is allowed by all means feel free to delete if not.
Hi there!
I'm a software engineering (primarily DevOps but I also do Cloud and Application Development.Currently working as a soon-to-be senior consultant after having spent the past 3 years working with some of the biggest brands in the world in developing web platforms. I have a bunch of unused vacation days before my contract ends and am looking to hustle for a bit.
Here are some of the services I offer:

As a consultant companies pay upwards of 600 dollars per day for my time (but that's not how much I receive as I work for an agency). Since it'd be going straight into my pocket I'm willing to offer my expertise at a rate of 200 dollars a day at whatever the current Apmex price is for your silver. I also accept crypto in case you'd like to pay that way either. Also I'm more than open to taking projects on a fixed-cost basis and can agree prices in advance. I can also offer consultations up to 2 hours in exchange for 4 ounces of silver where I can steer you in the right direction and likely save you thousands of dollars down the road. Over the course of my career I have generated upwards of 2 million euros in savings for my clients by putting together high quality solutions for them and plan to bring that same enthusiasm and attention-to-detail to clients here. Since I live in Europe I will pay all shipping.
If you're unsure just shoot me a PM and I can provide you with my LinkedIn and also have a discussion about your needs and whether I can help.
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2021.12.01 22:07 Marrio311 Best Butane

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2021.12.01 22:07 PolkaSweater What if you could pee using VATS?

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2021.12.01 22:07 TheDarkFantastic My son has a newly displaced tooth and I'm not sure what happened or what to do about it, if anything

I just noticed that my son (17 months) has one of his front lower middle teeth displaced. It it pushed forward to the point where it no longer touches either of the teeth beside it. This wasn't the case a few days ago. His teeth were perfectly straight, and i'm not sure what could have caused it. Daycare doesn't know anything about it. I'm curious what might have done this, but more than that, I'd like to know if there's anything I should do about it. it doesn't seem to bother him unless I touch it, and it isn't broken that I can see. There is a dark spot at the gum line behind the tooth that i'm assuming is blood/bruising. I appreciate any responses
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2021.12.01 22:07 logandamudkip42021 Here is some ideas for a alt outfit for Saiko and Tari.

The idea I have an already outfit for the two are, Tari, in a even more casual outfit that is similar to her Beta Outfit. And Saiko in a outfit similar to the Pocket Gakusei uniform
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2021.12.01 22:07 SketchyFate Why do you choose to use Reddit?

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2021.12.01 22:07 TLM_2 Babysitter questions 🆘

Parents to two boys (2&9) and have been considering a babysitter every now and then. It gets old asking our parents because we never know what they’re going to say. We want to know we can have someone dependable. If you use one, do you have tips? How much to pay? Do you buy food? What are acceptable times? Do you let them take your kids to the park? I guess what are expectations of us as parents? HELP PLEASE.
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2021.12.01 22:07 HellowImHere Did Latin Americans just wake up one day and chose respect?

As someone who has lived in Spain for a long time, it is very weird everytime a Latin American refers to me as usted lol
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2021.12.01 22:07 gfxprotege You'd think he'd be spent after an hour at the dog park

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2021.12.01 22:07 TACOCATDELICIOSO Last minute, but I have a free ticket to tonight’s show in LA if anyone wants it. PM me.

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2021.12.01 22:07 OKCalamity73 So here's my project I'm making!!!!! The Rapture Machine Gun! I'm still in the process of finalizing all the parts and lights and weathering. Check out the build at IG @arcanedesigning !!!!

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2021.12.01 22:07 One-Angry-Goose In hindsight, DBZ main villains were pretty repetitive

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2021.12.01 22:07 KwazieGFX I bought tianeptine once ~6 months ago, went through the 5g bag in a week and haven’t touched it since. Would my tolerance still be fucked to where getting ODSMT would be pointless? Haven’t taken opiates since. I’ve just heard tianeptine rapes your tolerance.

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2021.12.01 22:07 ShawtyWithNoBody Tiny car

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2021.12.01 22:07 HowRealLifeWorks Video Games Dialogue Lead: Day in the life

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