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Bank is PNC if that matters.
Is it valid to set up direct deposit using someone else’s bank account? Say a boyfriend works for Uber and doesn’t have a bank account, so he provides his girlfriends bank account info for direct deposit. Would that be allowed even if his name is nowhere on the account?
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2021.11.30 15:51 Whovian41110 The Heartless Ranger Chapter 29

Cover || First
Story Discord (expires in 7 days)
2030, 19 January 2253, GHSS George Hearst, TMT (22 weeks to arrival)
Sam asked, “Okay, so everyone leveled up, right?” She looked across the table as Matt glanced at his tablet. His character had gained more health, and could move around in combat much faster than anyone else. “We ended last time as we entered the townmaster’s office. Let’s resume there. We step in through heavy wooden doors to an ostentatious office in the city hall. The townmaster is seated behind a dark oaken desk and is flipping through a book. Also on the desk is a gilded typewriter that you suspect to be magical. He looks up and beckons you forward.”
“I’m going to explain the situation to the townmaster and see if we can get his help,” Sean said.
“Alright, so that’s the deal. There’s bodies in the forest that you’ll probably want to recover.” Sean stepped back from the heavy desk and rested his hands on his hips.
The townmaster replied, “I’ll send some guards into the forest to recover the bodies.” He picked up a phone and quietly spoke into it.” He hung up the phone and continued, “So there’s dark magic rituals being held in the woods, but the perpetrators have been killed? I believe you’ve taken care of the problem already. Thank you for your service to this city.”
Klein gritted his teeth and stepped forward. “Mr. Nichols, I assure you that the Captain of the Guard would not have voluntarily become a dark mage. I knew him for years, and this is entirely absurd!”
The heavyset man asked, “What then, do you propose caused this?”
Lian stepped forward and said, “Whatever god they were trying to s-summon. It’s likely trying to dominate people into its service. My old m-master knew of such gods and warned me about them.”
He shook his head and said, “I doubt that any god would care to target this city.”
Ana rolled her eyes and muttered, “Okay, I’m convincing this idiot. This is so much more of a big deal than he seems to think.”
Sam looked down to her tablet and instructed, “Okay, roll a persuasion check and let’s see how convinced he is.”
Ana tapped the skill check roll and reported, “Eleven plus my bonus of five...sixteen on persuasion.”
“That’s a success, so let’s hear it.”
Ana stepped forward and said, “Sir, this is a situation that requires some form of intervention. You do not want to mess with dark gods. I have taken part in battles against dark forces like this, and you need to stop it before it takes hold.”
He thought for a moment, flipping between pages in a ledger. “Very well, fine. I will give you supplies to conduct an expedition into the forest to track down any further activity.”
Ana asked, “What about additional manpower?” She gestured to the party. “This isn’t a lot of people to root out a cult of an outer god.”
The townmaster shook his head and said, “We cannot spare trained fighters, but we can supply you with food and supplies.”
Klein nodded. “We’re short on guards. I’ll need to stay back in Bellamoras.”
The townmaster tapped out a letter on his typewriter and pulled the sheet of paper out. It shimmered with a faint magical air. He nodded, “Very well. Meet my associates at the western gate in a few hours.” The sheet of paper delicately folded itself into a small bird before flying out the window with a raspy chirp.
Sam chuckled, “That’s cute.” She said, “Now, the townmaster gives us a few mules and a cart. Do we proceed into the forest?”
Lian said, “A-Absolutely. Let’s start investigating that altar again.”
Sam checked her tablet and said, “Lian, roll an arcana check.”
Lian tapped his tablet and smirked before saying, “T-Twenty, with modifiers.”
Sam checked her tablet and read, “The altar has a magical rune on it that you know reveals doors.”
Lian nodded. “Alright. I c-cautiously activate it by running my hand over the rune.”
Sam grinned as she read out, “The altar splits open, revealing a dimly lit passageway leading underground. You can hear slime dripping and the groans of monsters.”
Ana chuckled, “Well...that’s...something.” She grinned and asked, “Shall we explore the spooky dungeon?”
2250, 19 January 2253, GHSS George Hearst, TMT (22 weeks to arrival)
Sam yawned and asked, “Okay, so time to end this session? I know we’re still deep in the dungeon, this is a long string of combats.” She checked a page and said, “I think...yes, the next time we take a long rest, we’ll level up again to level 3.”
Matt grinned. “Ohh yes. I get even harder to fight once I get my subclass.”
Sam smiled. “Good game guys. Goodnight.” Matt stood up and stretched. As he yawned, Lian, Sean, and Sam made their way out of the ring. He and Ana were soon left alone in the ring. Matt chuckled. He wandered over to Ana and wrapped his arm around her. Leaning in, he rubbed the back of her neck and allowed his hand to trail down her back.
Ana growled softly as she pulled Matt closer. “You looking for something?” she asked, as she ran a hand up his thigh.
Matt smirked as he grabbed her wrist. “You know I am.” Matt looked at the open door to the rest of the ship and added, “But..not here.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to feel me pressing down on you? Just let my weight on top of your body?” Ana’s growl rose in pitch and volume. “I bet I'll make a really nice cuddly blanket.”
Matt sighed. “Okay, we can cuddle on this couch, but we’re not fucking. I don’t want like...Sam to walk in and see my dick or something.”
“Heh, you’re right. That’s mine to see.” Ana beckoned Matt to the couch and laid next to him, rolling towards him. Her weight pressed him into the couch as she rubbed his shoulders. Her hot breath washed over his ear as she asked, “Are you sure we can’t do something?”
He chuckled.. “We can do something in one of our quarters.” Matt sighed in contention as his partner snuggled into him. As Ana’s tail creeped towards his groin, he chuckled. “You are really horny, you know that?”
“What, do you not like it? I’m making up for lost time.”
Matt snickered and said, “Hey, I never said I didn’t like it.” He gently brushed Ana’s tail away.
Ana ran her hand over his chest and whispered, “Then come prove it,” before standing up. They walked towards the ladder as Matt deflected Ana’s grasping hands.
1405, 21 January 2253, GHSS George Hearst, TMT (22 weeks to arrival)
Matt’s thoughts swam with guilt. He barely knew he was wrapped in the hammock. The final words of the people in that ship echoed in his mind as he gazed through the tablet in his hands. There had to have been something he could have done. He had to have missed a way to spare them. A resolve took shape in his mind. He couldn’t change the past, but he could make damn sure that he would make it right. Matt opened up information on Gold Horizon’s Mars assets and began inputting their parameters into a text file. They could train against the forces Gold Horizon already had on Mars, in case it came to conflict.
Matt looked up from his tablet as Ana cleared her throat. She said, “So...Matt, I was thinking...I think I’m going to let my mother know that we’re...a thing. Last night I sent her a message letting her know I’d picked a mate—err, partner, you said you liked that better, right?”
Matt nodded. “Yeah. Partners is a nice word.” He sighed before asking, “You...didn’t say who your mate was in the message?”
Ana shook her head as she placed her hand on his shoulder. “No. I just mentioned that I had one, and I believe I mentioned that you’re a guy.”
“Okay.” Matt felt a slight sinking in his stomach as nervousness twisted around his guts. “I’m guessing she would like to know more about me?”
“Yeah. She said if you were up to it she’d like a video message with both of us, but if you don’t want to, I’m sure that would be okay as well. If this feels too soon...I understand.”
Matt thought for a moment. He sighed as some things fell into place. “ feels actually feels like we’ve been together for a lot longer know, a few days.” Matt didn’t finish his thought. The answer seemed obvious, they practically had been together for a month.
Ana sighed in relief. “Oh good, I’m not the only one. I felt that too.”
Matt nodded. “You know...I wasn’t really expecting to meet your family when this all started.”
She bit her lip slightly and muttered, “Well, you’re meeting them now...sort of.”
Matt took a deep breath, trying to calm his emotions. He asked, “You’re sure she’ll be okay with me?”
“Are you kidding? She’s been bugging me to find a long-term mate for years. She’s thrilled and really wants to meet you.”
Matt felt a conflicting storm of happiness and nervousness rage inside him. After a moment, he replied, “If you’re sure.” Matt frowned and asked, “Where do you want to record it?”
Ana tilted her head again and muttered, “I figure we look a bit better under gravity, so we should record in the ring.”
“Alright.” Matt looked down at the rumbled shirt he was wearing and frowned. “I’m going to change into something a bit nicer to uh...hopefully give a bit of a better impression.”
Ana nodded. “Good idea. I’ll head down to the ring and clear it out if anyone else is down there.”
Matt opened a door in the aft wall of his quarters as Ana left the room. He dug through his clothes, looking for something a bit nicer. He found a light blue polo, thanking the inventor of wrinkle-proof fabric as he put it on. Matt pulled out his tablet and put it in the air. The tablet floated, front camera active and acting as a mirror. He raked his hands through his hair, trying to get the tight curls to behave better than usual. After a few attempts, he shrugged and muttered, “Guess that’ll have to do.” Matt swallowed and drifted towards the door. As he drifted aft through the storm shelter, the gentle hum of the motors and bearings grew louder. Matt sighed as he climbed down the ladder. He shut the door behind him as he stepped foot on the ring’s floor.
As he walked towards the table, Ana commented, “You look nice.”
Matt sat down at the table at the chair next to her and muttered, “ are we going to do this?”
“You introduce yourself, tell her a bit—right, actually she sent some questions she’s interested in knowing the answers to.” She nudged the tablet to Matt. “Here.”
How did you two meet? How are you both doing? Where is he from? What does he do for work?
As Matt’s eyes darted through the document, he frowned. “Does she just want my non-existent autobiography?”
Ana sighed. “Despite appearances, no. She’s just...overly excited I’ve found someone.”
“Okay, I can do most of the more simple questions. A lot of these are just kind of...weird? Why does she want to know...that?” Matt pointed near the middle of the document.
Ana rested her face in the palm of her hand and muttered, “Yes...sorry. She’’s...fine. Just stick to the ones you actually want to answer. Sorry.”
Matt snickered. “Alright. Are you gonna be in the frame as well?”
Ana set up the tablet, opening the recording app and answered, “I was going to, unless you’d prefer to be the only one?”
“No. I want you here.” Matt took a deep breath, wiping his hands on his pants. “Let’s do this.” He asked, “ her last name the same as yours?”
Ana nodded. “It is.”
“Okay...hit record.” Ana tapped the screen and leaned back. “Hello Mrs. Cisneros. My name is Matthew Vasquez, but I go by Matt. I’m...Gold 4’s Gunner, and obviously, I work with your daughter, Ana.” He took another breath. “We met when I was assigned to this mech unit and uh...had a bit of a rocky start.” Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Ana looking away from the camera. “Eventually though, I got to know her her.” He could feel his face flushing slightly. “Ideally, I’d like to meet you in person, but...we’re a bit far away from that being a possibility, as I’m sure Ana told you.” She nodded. “I’m from Franklin 2, over at L5. I graduated from Gold Horizon Academy last year and continued doing some supplemental courses since I initially didn’t get a mech crew, but...I’m pretty sure you would know that from the media they put out when I joined the team.” Matt swallowed as he lied, “I think...overall we’re doing...pretty okay?”
Ana nodded and said, “Yeah. I’m excited to go to Mars. I’ve wanted to see the development facilities since...Ani and I joined up. I can’t wait to see what you think about Matt. We await your reply.” Ana took a deep breath and finished, “Love you, mother.” She reached out to the tablet and tapped the stop record button.
Matt felt tension leave his shoulders and chest. “I don’t think that went too bad.”
“Good job.” Ana typed a quick message and sent the video.
Matt felt his stomach tighten. He asked, “What’s the round-trip communication delay?”
“About twenty seconds. We’re not too far from the Earth sphere yet.”
Matt tapped his foot as he muttered, “Okay...I’ll...grab a snack.” Matt walked over to the kitchenette and grabbed a packet of fruit leather. Matt sat back down and ate the apple flavored fruit leather. He looked at the message app on Ana’s tablet as his stomach churned. After a few minutes he asked, “Are you sure she’ll be okay with me?”
Ana wrapped her arm around Matt’s shoulders and squeezed. “Yes. I’m sure. She’s probably getting a message recorded right now.”
Matt exhaled and stretched. “Okay...okay. I know. I’m just...nervous.”
Ana rubbed her cheek against Matt’s as he shivered. “It’ll be okay, Matt.” The terminal chimed and they both looked straight at the tablet. “See? There’s the message.” She opened the video, adding, “It’ll be okay,” before tapping the play button.
Matt was surprised by the older snow leopard’s striking resemblance to Ana. Her fur was a bit duller, and her skin had a few noticeable wrinkles. She had brilliant white hair, and was seated primly in a room with dark faux wood walls. She began to speak. “Greetings and salutations Kisa and Matt.” Her voice was soft and unaccented.
Ana sighed as she tapped the pause button. “That’s ‘kitten’ in our native tongue. It’s...a nickname from when I was very young.” She tapped the resume button.
“I’m pleased to meet you Matt, and I too wish we could meet in person. You may call me Irina, there’s no need to be so formal.” She smiled. “I’ve never been to Franklin 2, but I have been to Franklin 1, which I assume you have been to as well.” Matt nodded. The primary colony of the constellation was a short ferry ride away. He usually went there a few times a year, back when he lived there. A lot of his extended family lived there. Irina continued, “Ana, I was hoping you had fallen for your Gunner. That bond lasts almost like no other, and I cannot wait until you make it official with the ceremony.” She looked slightly to the side Matt was sitting on. “Matt, as for you, please be a gentleman to my Kisa. She acts cold and aloof, but as I suspect you’ve found out, she has a big soft side.”
Ana gritted her teeth and muttered, “Mother,” with a growl beneath her voice.
Irina’s demeanor changed suddenly as she said. “Ana, all jokes aside, I am glad you found someone. Especially after...the...accident last March. I’ve been very worried about you.” She tilted her head slightly. “Matt, I assume you are who Ana found as her anchor.”
Ana rolled her eyes, “Duh.”
She continued, “Ana, I know as you get further from Earth the delay will make these conversations harder to have in a timely manner. If you want to talk about her...I will always be available for you. Matt, I ask you, please be there for my daughter when she needs someone to comfort her. Thank you.” She took a slow breath. “Kisa, I apologize if this is bringing up things you’d rather not think about. On to...lighter topics. Apologies.” She paused for a few moments as she looked down. “Matt, I would love to introduce you to my husband and Ana’s father, but he is currently on a business trip to a propulsion research and development center on Luna. He’s very busy.”
Ana chuckled. “Story of my childhood.”
“ for your deployment to Mars. Both of you stay safe. Ana, I am confident your skill is enough to keep you safe. Matt, from what I’ve seen of your piloting with my daughter, you are also considerably skilled. I’m eager to see how you do on Mars, Kisa. Carry on my legacy for that planet. Good luck, even if I don’t believe you’ll need it.”
Ana sighed and whispered, “Thank you.”
She continued, “Assuming you remain stationed on Mars after this situation with the PFS blows over, Maxim and I will visit the planet for a year. I look forward to meeting you in person, Matt, and to see what you both wreak on Mars. I wish you two all the best and hope you perform the bonding ceremony soon.” The older snow leopard smirked as Ana groaned. “I was beginning to worry you were spending so much time in the cockpit that you wouldn’t find time for romance.” She laughed for a few moments. “I love you Ana, and I look forward to getting to know you better Matt. Ana, give him my contact information. Goodbye and fair wishes.”
Matt let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He muttered, “She...didn’t even bring up that I’m human.”
Ana looked up from the table as her breathing steadied. “Damn...I...I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear...most of that.” Ana took a few deep breaths. “See? That went...pretty well.” Ana walked slowly over to the couch before collapsing onto the cushions. “I’d like a hug.” She spread her arms.
Matt wrapped his arms around Ana. She buried her head in his neck and sighed. “Your mom is pretty nice.” Ana nodded before leaning her weight on Matt. Her chest rumbled as her tail wrapped around Matt’s leg. “She’s good.”
1020, 29 January 2253, GHSS George Hearst, TMT (21 weeks to arrival)
Ana woke up and slowly rubbed her forehead against Matt’s chest. They had finally worked out the matter of leverage in freefall a few nights ago and she could not be happier. While floating free had its novelty, it did make things a bit...difficult. Using the hammock and some extra cargo webbing they’d been able to find a few ways to simulate being on solid footing while in private. Ana yawned as she stretched, being careful not to disturb Matt. Shipboard life had fallen into a rhythm and the days were beginning to pass faster. The game...even though it reminded her of Ani, had proven to be worth the time. Lady Kanari was shaping up to be able to do a lot more about the world than she could, but playing her was...fulfilling. The other game that she had played with Matt was significantly less fun. Both of them had come to the conclusion that they should train for combat in Martian gravity...and against Gold Horizon weaponry. As she looked at Matt’s peaceful face, she frowned. She was worried about him. He rarely looked this calm when he was awake. Ever since she’d introduced him to her mother, he’d been struggling with the idea of telling his own family. She’d gotten good at telling when the idea crossed his mind. His demeanor shifted, he sweated more and he withdrew from conversation. Despite thinking about it multiple times a day, that she knew of, he’d still not come to a conclusion.
Matt stirred as Ana stretched again. He yawned and muttered, “Good morning, Ana.”
Ana smiled at her mate. “Good morning.” She rubbed his back as he stretched and undid the hammock. As Ana drifted out of the hammock, Matt got dressed. The claw marks on his back had faded, unfortunately. He’d been understandably hesitant to let Ana get her claws into him again.
He yawned a little and said, “Let’s get breakfast.” Ana nodded and drifted towards the door. As she flew towards the gravity ring, a smile grew on her face. She loved freefall. Her tail gave her a bit more maneuverability than Matt and it felt almost like she was swimming in the air. Ana grabbed a handle and flipped herself into the ladder. She climbed down the ladder and walked towards the food cabinet. She grabbed a protein bar and sat on the couch. She removed the wrapping and bit into it. The strawberry flavor was overdone, but it was better than the synthetic protein. Ana placed the bar to her right as she looked forward into the vidscreen window. The starfield should have been spinning, but the camera feeds compensated to avoid the nauseating effect that caused.
As she looked into the sharp points of light, images of the colony of Nyx flashed into her mind. The dark metal tearing as jets of gas escaped, shattered buildings, shimmering clouds of glass. Her tail stilled as her face hardened. Her face flushed with guilt as her ears flattened back. She bit her lip slightly—it should affect her more than this.
Suddenly, the couch sank more as Matt’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. “What’s on your mind?”
She sighed heavily. “You know what’s on my mind. Nyx.”
“Yeah...I figured.” Matt squeezed her tighter. “We’re going to make it right, Ana.”
Ana looked to the floor as she frowned. “This should affect me...more. I don’t see how I should be able to be happy. Us making it official, that game, you meeting my mother. All of those made me happy should I be able to be happy after...everything that’s happened?”
Matt sighed. “’re allowed to feel happy.” Matt squeezed her shoulders. “We’re going somewhere that we can make a difference. We’re going to make this right.”
She sighed. “I guess. I suppose you don’t have answers to existential questions any more than I do.” Matt grinned weakly as he rubbed her chin. Ana squirmed away from his hand, growling, “Hey, stop thaaa....” Ana relaxed as her growl softened. “Fine, I guess you can pet there.”
Ana relaxed into Matt’s body as he continued to gently scratch around her neck. She sighed in relief. Her eyes closed as Matt’s hand rested on her breast. After a few minutes leaning on each other, Ana felt her partner’s chest swell as he took a deep breath. “I think I know what I’m going to do.”
Ana slowly sat back up and asked, “About what?”
Matt swallowed. “My parents. I’m going to send them a video of us, and a few web links about the history know, relationships like ours.”
Ana took a sharp breath. “Are you sure?”
She could smell a bit of sweat on Matt as he shook his head. “No. But I don’t think I can handle not knowing or lying to them anymore. I’ve not sent them anything more than a text since we left the Earth sphere.”
“Okay.” Ana huffed and muttered, “I’m...guessing you have a lot of resources on interspecies relationships saved, don’t you?” Matt closed his eyes and nodded. “Do you want to record that now?”
Matt stood up and grabbed his tablet. “Yeah, let’s do it.” He sent a message to the shipwide communication net, informing the others that they wanted to record a video that Ana saw as it pinged her terminal. He asked, “Do you want to change into something else?”
Ana looked down at her clothing. She was wearing stretchy pants and a shirt with pockets on the breasts. “No. From what you’ve said, I don’t think the fanciness of my outfit will change anything.”
As Matt set up his tablet with the camera facing the same two chairs as the message she’d recorded a week ago, he sighed. “Yeah, you’re right. I doubt it would change their opinion of you. Once I finish telling them who you are, sit down next to me, talk about yourself and like...tell them a bit about you, then we can end the video.”
As Ana stood next to him, but out of frame, she asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?” She could smell his nervousness—the scent felt almost like a punch to the nose. He was terrified.
Matt nodded. “I need to know. Even if I’m scared, I need to know.”
“Alright.” Matt waved his hand in front of the camera. Ana asked, “Are you ready?”
His voice trembled as he said, “I think so.” He took a deep breath and swallowed. “Yes. Their last name is the same as mine, by the way.” Matt stretched and popped his neck. He took a few deep breaths and said, “Alright, let’s...yeah, let’s do it.” Matt tapped the record button.
“Hey mom, hey dad. It’s been a few weeks since we left the Earth sphere. We’ve been a bit busy getting into the flow of ship life, but...I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve...well, I’ve got a partner now. She’s also my copilot and she’s...great.” Matt took a deep breath and added, “Just...keep an open mind please.” He bit his lip as he tried not to frown and said, “Here she is, Ana Cisneros.”
She stepped into frame and sat down. “Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez. I’m Matt’s copilot, Ana. We’ve been working together since last October, and somewhat recently we’ve gotten a bit closer than just copilots. I’m from Pradena, in the L5 Can group. I’ve been a Ranger for a bit over five years with Gold Horizon. As I understand it, you don’t know that much about mechs so I won’t get technical about things, but your son is quite the good pilot. I’d like to meet the two of you in person, but we will not be back to the Earth sphere for a long time.”
Matt took a deep breath. “I know this isn’t what you wanted for me, but...I love her. I know you’re probably gonna say something about how this sort of relationship isn’t right or moral, so I’ll be sending some extra links about...relationships like this with this video.” Matt sounded like he was about to cry. As Ana wrapped her arm around his torso, Matt continued, “Please keep an open mind because I’ve not changed at all. I love you guys. I’ll be waiting for your reply.” He tapped the screen, ending the recording. Ana tightened her embrace as he slumped, holding his head in his hands. He was shaking slightly and banged his fist against the table. “What the hell? I sound like a fucking...coward.”
As the faint whirring of the circulation fans filled the silence, Ana softly rested her hand on Matt’s thigh. He jumped slightly as she asked, “How do you feel?”
Matt sighed. “I feel like I...fucked up.”
Ana asked softly, “Why?”
“I want to stand up for you...tell them what you mean to me. I don’t, I definitely didn’t do that.” Matt closed his eyes and added, “I just sound like I’m trying to make sure they don’t get mad at us...or you. I don’t want them to get mad at you.”
Ana smiled slightly. He knew more than he thought. “Remember, your life is yours to live as you see fit."
“Yeah.” Matt sat up straighter and nodded. “Yeah, that’s right. Let’s try this again.” Ana began to stand up before Matt’s hand shot out to her arm. “No, I want you to be in the video from the start. I’m not gonna ease them into it. They can deal with it.” Matt wiped his eyes and deleted the previous video. “Okay, let’s try it again.” He took a deep breath and nodded. “Yeah. Let’s do it.”
Matt reached out and tapped the record button. She could see the tension in his shoulders as he sat back. “Hey mom and dad. Sorry I haven’t sent you anything since we left the Earth sphere, but I have some good news! This is my partner, Ana Cisneros. She’s my co-pilot on Gold 4.”
Matt nudged Ana. She continued his thought, “I’m the Ranger of the mech your son is the Gunner of. He’s a great man, and you raised him well. He’s an excellent Gunner and an excellent man. I hope to meet you two in person when we return from Mars.”
“She and I work well together and we’re happy together.” Matt sighed as he smiled, “This is who I am, and I love her deeply.” Ana smiled slightly. There was the steel she knew he had. “I want to be with her and I hope to hear from you two soon.” Matt reached for the tablet’s stop recording button and tapped it. He let out a deep breath and said, “There. That feels...yeah, that’s better.”
Ana smiled. “Good job.”
Matt chuckled. “You know what, I’m not sending them the resources. They don’t need to know that people have done this for centuries and it’s been fine. They just need to...listen to me.” Matt took a deep breath and sent the video. “God I hope they listen.”
Ana smiled and rubbed her forehead against Matt’s shoulder. “I love you and I’m proud of you, no matter what your parents say.”
Matt whispered, “Thank you.” He rubbed his eyes as he looked at the tablet and began to laugh. “Shit. I can’t believe...I can’t believe I did that.”
“Want to go back to one of our quarters to watch the reply?”
“Yeah.” Matt checked his tablet and added, “Round trip delay time is getting close to a minute, and...I can’t imagine they’ll be responding quickly.”
1445, 29 January 2253, GHSS George Hearst, TMT (21 weeks to arrival)
Ana sighed. It had been hours since the message had been sent. Both of them had eaten lunch and done their daily required exercise to maintain their muscle mass and bone mass. She was beginning to get annoyed. Matt hadn’t received a single indication that they had even received the message. Ana downed a glass of chilled water as she sat down on the couch. Sam was preparing her lunch while Matt leaned on her slightly. Sean and Lian were sitting next to each other at the table, talking animatedly with each other.
As Matt’s tablet chimed, he muttered, “Fucking finally.”
“They responded?”
“Took them long enough.” Matt waved, “See you guys in a bit.”
Ana climbed up to the rest of the ship, feeling one kind of weight lifting off her body as another piled on. She drifted through the central corridor and opened Matt’s door. She floated through as Matt opened the video. He let go of the tablet, leaving it slowly drifting in midair.
Matt took a deep breath before starting the video on the floating tablet. A man Ana assumed to be his father appeared, sitting on a bed in a small room. He wore a dark colored jacket over a plain yellow shirt. The familial resemblance to Matt was noticeable, but not as close as she’d expected. “Matt, your mother doesn’t want to talk to you right now.” Matt sighed and shook his head. “We’re not mad at you, but...this isn’t right. It goes against everything we taught you.” He almost seemed genuinely sad, but his eyes burned with a quiet, barely perceptible anger .“I can’t have real children with that woman. You know that, right?” Ana growled and clenched her fist. “I...just don’t see what you see in that woman. She’s not human.”
Ana’s teeth bared, seemingly of their own accord as a growl built in her chest. “No shit I’m not.” White-hot anger bubbled in her core as her claws slid out of her fingertips and pricked her palm pad.
The man continued, “We’d like you to just...find a nice human woman and settle down. Your job is already dangerous, you’ve said so yourself.” He paused, long enough for Ana’s anger to subside slightly. He motioned in a crude imitation of claws extending as he said, “Imagine if she...lost control. You could get seriously hurt or even...die.” Ana’s growl continued to grow as he looked at the floor before looking back at the camera. “And that’s not even the only thing. Infections that cross the species barrier are more dangerous for—”
Matt grabbed the tablet and stopped the video, face flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and anger. “That’s enough of that.” He sighed heavily. “I...honestly did not think they would be this bad. This is...worse than I could have imagined. ”
Ana suppressed her growl for a moment so she could utter, “Keep playing the video.” She opened her hands slightly as tiny dots of blood seeped out of her hand.
Matt softly shook his head. “He’s made his position clear. Do we really need to see the rest?”
Ana gritted her teeth and replied, “Yes. We need to.”
Matt blinked a tear out of his eye as he pressed play on the tablet again. “Okay”
“We’re just worried for you, Matt. This isn’t the right way. It’s not what we want for you.” Ana continued to growl. “People will judge you for making the wrong choices in life and...this isn’t any different. You’ll lose opportunities if you keep on this path. Just...go back to the right way of living life. Your mother and I want grandkids–real ones, and...those don’t happen from a relationship with someone like her.” The man took a deep breath as Ana’s upper lip trembled with rage. “When you get back from Mars, I hope just you, your mom and I can talk about this, as a family. We love you, Matt, even when you slip up.” The message ended, pausing on the final frame.
Matt sighed. “Somehow...that was worse than I was expecting.” He took a shuddering breath. “It hurt more too.” His voice wavered, “He...shouldn’t say that about you.” Matt’s breath hitched as he said, “Sorry you had to hear that.”
Ana’s anger quickly evaporated as she looked at Matt's distraught face. She pushed towards Matt and embraced him. She growled slightly. “Don’t listen to what he says. It’s either tired bullshit bigoted rhetoric or just...fucking awful.”
Matt closed his eyes, tears floating into her clothing. He asked with hitching breaths, “Are...are you okay?”
Ana gritted her teeth and replied, “Are you okay?” She squeezed him tighter. “I’m just mad at your fucking family.” She took a deep breath and added, “You...basically just got disowned.”
Matt shivered. “Yeah...just...hold me.” Ana wrapped her tail around Matt’s lower legs as she rested her forehead against his. He sighed, “I expected something like this,, that...really hurts a lot more than I was expecting.”
Ana rubbed her partner’s back as he melted into her. “I’m here.”
Matt took a deep breath as his emotions swirled and churned. The words he wanted to say to them swam in his mind. He’d been rearranging words for what felt like an hour. Ana’s breath softly washed over him as he thought. He’d been expecting something like this, but...damn, he wished it went better. They were still his parents, but.... Matt sighed. “I’m going to send them another video.”
Ana growled slightly. “Why? Not like he deserves the acknowledgment. The best way is to not give them your energy.”
Matt sighed. “I...because I want to tell him how he’s made me feel. It fucking hurts and he needs to know what he’s done.”
Ana grabbed the tablet, handing it to him, and muttered, “If you’re sure.”
Matt grabbed the tablet and frowned as he looked at the video file again. He opened the camera and moved himself towards the vidscreen window. He began the recording and said, “Look, Mom, Dad, I really thought you were better than this.” He took a deep breath. “I do not appreciate you insulting me, my partner, or our relationship.” He closed his eyes and shook his head. “It...really saddens me. I’m not angry at you, and I still love you but I’m...I’m really disappointed.” Matt shook his head. “Don’t contact me again until you’re ready to respect my relationship and my partner. I look forward to a respectful discussion between us...eventually. Goodbye.” Matt reached out to the tablet and stopped the recording. With a deep breath, he sent the message.
“You’ve still got me. I’m sure the rest of the crew is willing to talk.” Ana drifted towards him. “Do you want to talk about it?”
Matt sighed and shook his head. “Not right now.” Matt stowed his tablet and drifted towards the door. “Let’s go back to the ring. I want to think about something else.”
Next (coming soon)
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Hello Readers of Reddit, You might have noticed that the Terrans on board series came to an abbrubt halt about two months ago, without much in the way of Updates ever since. Well, the good news is I have more chapters in the works, so look forward to a Christmas special around the 24th-25th. However, for my non-german viewers, the east of Germany has been exploding recently with new Covid cases, and the Bundeswehr has been assisting government officials in bureaucratic roles, working long shifts in an attempt to combat the rising cases. As I find myself as one of those sent to assist in these roles, with work times from 6:30 - 20:00, it has become impossible to keep posting stories with what little time I have outside of work. As such, apart from a few chapters around Christmas, I am having to put Terrans on board on hold for the foreseeable future.
Stay safe everyone, and for the love of humanity, get your boosters if possible. We want to return to the mudden fields and barbed wire forests as soon as possible, because there isn't a hell like the burocrats offices.
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