Hard Knocks

2021.12.08 15:04 mikael122 Hard Knocks

Anyway to watch the Chargers Hard Knocks? Can not find any links.
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2021.12.08 15:04 TomRiddle3000 Insane Theory I Have

Santa Claus It's actually a bishop. Santa Claus is Nico. Remember Santa Claus is St. Nicholas (Nico). And in Christmas Save The Year music video he killed Ned and turned him into a christmas ornament.
This is obviously a joke. Don't take anything seriously.
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2021.12.08 15:04 WorldNewsinPictures The Christmas Tree Outside of Fox News Has Caught on Fire.

The Christmas tree outside of Fox News has caught on fire. That's because all the lies they tell and all the conspiracies they push on the public.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/fox-news
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2021.12.08 15:04 Riotai Too Many Friends! - Sonic the Fighters #1 - Ape Arcade

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2021.12.08 15:04 TheWorstCritics Best video ever.

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2021.12.08 15:04 southeastoheaven Have you ever posted risque videos online and got recognized afterwards?

Have you ever been recognized by a family member, friend or co-worker? If not, do you worry about it and if so, how do you handle it?
Did any of you have them posted without your permission?
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2021.12.08 15:04 Wydd-256 Sad it took me 10 years to get into this game. Glad I'm finally playing it. [Star Forge]

Last night I made it to the Republic Fleet, after finishing Coruscant on my Jedi Knight.
Was walking around and I saw a group near the cantina. I just walked over to look at the armors, mounts and companions of all the fantastic looking characters when a window pops up and it's a trade window. Someone put some things in it and I just accepted thinking nothing of it, played mmo's before so figure someone gave me something, appreciate it, no big deal... until I checked.
To some long time players it might not be much but to me it was a wonderful surprise that I was given a yellow, cartel market crystal and a green quality mount.
So thank you to the guys helping noobs in the Star Forge server. That little deed right there made my night, put a smile on my face and made glad to be part of this community. Been a life long Star Wars fan, so glad I'm playing this game.
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2021.12.08 15:04 RAl3l3Y Why wouldn't anyone believe him?

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2021.12.08 15:04 RomeoKiloOh New build automation help

So I’m building a new home and am trying to plan my automation. My builder offers an incentive for free security and automation hardware and install if I go with their company (an alarm.com reseller) with a 3 year commitment at $50 per month for active monitoring, doorbell, locks, doowindow sensors, etc. It would include an IQ2 panel hardwired on the wall in the family room and sensors, lock, doorbell from the ADC ecosystem. Kinda locks me into the alarm.com ecosystem for 3 years.
In a perfect world, I’d fill these requirements: - smart doorbell (love the nest I have today) - smart front door lock (with a manual key backup) - window/door sensors (builder doesn’t even offer wired option here anymore) - smart garage doors/openers (preferably MyQ) - poe cameras in exterior (already wired) - smart thermostats (love the nest aesthetics). - I don’t mind monthly fees to have cloud storage managed (I have nest aware for doorbell and Wyze cams today that I pay for). - I totally geek out with learning about HomeAssistant, but I know eventually I’ll burn out on it and it would die a slow death, so I’d prefer a cloud solution. - I like the idea of a wall mounted touch panel to control it all.
Holy hell, that’s an annoyingly long list.
Does this mish-mash solution exist or should I just go with the builders ADC solution? If this goes beyond Reddit-free help, wouldn’t mind paying for advice from an expert with no financial allegiance to a certain ecosystem.
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2021.12.08 15:04 FireDeamonXen Demi Fray Blonde ❤️

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2021.12.08 15:04 WiseCucumber7409 [H] Random Steam Keys [Games from $7!] ($0.30 for each)

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2021.12.08 15:04 MasterCatcher1996 Zekrom raid add me 0931 2091 8148

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2021.12.08 15:04 Man_busch Yesterday I was showering and noticed this red dot with a red circle on my palm, can anyone tell me what this is or means? It looks like something was pressing on my hand but it should’ve gone away after 12hrs. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Yesterday I was showering and noticed this red dot with a red circle on my palm, can anyone tell me what this is or means? It looks like something was pressing on my hand but it should’ve gone away after 12hrs. Can anyone tell me what this means? submitted by Man_busch to palmistry [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 15:04 babat0t0 Bank Python: The strange world of Python, as used by big investment banks

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2021.12.08 15:04 Pickled_Bread_002 I have no idea on wtf is going on with this.

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2021.12.08 15:04 TylPlas26 Customer Doesn’t Care If I Loose My Job Holding A Item For Him.

My first retail job I ever had, I consider one of the worst jobs I ever had. So just a quick bit of back info. The owner of the store I worked at, would not allow us to hold items that were on sale for customers who would phone in asking to hold them. They said it was to be fair for other customers who would make the drive in to get it.
So I had a customer phone me, ask me if I had one certain item that was on sale. I looked at my computer, and verified we had one left. He then asked me to put it on hold, that he will be in two days to get it.
I told him I’m not allowed to hold items that are on sale. That he would have to come in right away to get it.
He was almost begging at that point, tell me I can put it on hold, that I should cut him a break. I informed him, that it was against our store policy, and if I were to do that, I could get fired.
But he kept insisting that I should cut him a break. Despite the fact that I warned him I could get fired for doing something like that, he didn’t seem to care. Just want me to hold the item so he can get it in two days.
I finally had enough, and told him I’m not risking my job. That if he wanted the item, come in right now to get it, and if not, come in two days and see if we still have the item on the shelf. But I wasn’t gonna do anything else.
He just kind of groaned, said fine and hung up.
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2021.12.08 15:04 Least2020-2022 日本人配偶签证更新时顺利延长在留期限的要点是?

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2021.12.08 15:04 ConsciousIntercourse Juli Annee

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2021.12.08 15:04 pahadiSirdard Just started playing valorant , would love any tip/advice from you guys ?

Its been 3-4 days since i started playing valorant , I've played other fps games and I'm pretty decent but valorant seems way more than a game where you rush and kill people. So any advice or tip you have for me would be helpful.
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2021.12.08 15:04 Moraltheme WG, I expect you to handle the rest…

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2021.12.08 15:04 diablo2rulez Arthritis in left thimb

Hey fellow gamers! Unfortunately my wife has arthritis in her left thumb and it causes her pain to play fps for extended periods on her ps4. Anyone have any suggestions for this? The only thing we can think of sadly is making the switch to pc. Any tips are appreciated
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2021.12.08 15:04 Matsuyama_Mamajama My raft got stuck!

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2021.12.08 15:04 _CRUISER_ Beta. Idhar aa.

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2021.12.08 15:04 ScottBurrell24 What are the ways to stop being too harsh/critical on yourself?

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2021.12.08 15:04 iRainyiCloud Ryan & Shane's NEW Ghost-Hunting Show

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