First day of GTS, not bad for my first daily workout car!

Buy Amazfit Bip S Lite Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Men, 30 Days Battery Life, 1.28”Always-on Display, 14 Sports Modes, Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Waterproof, for Android Phone iPhone(Black): Smartwatches - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch with GPS, Military Outdoor Sports Watch for Men,20-Day Battery Life, 1.3'' AMOLED Display,5 ATM Water Resistant, 14-Sports Modes, Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Rock Black : Everything Else A wide range of interesting modern classic cars are exempt from the £12.50-a-day ULEZ charge. These are eight that will appeal to any petrol head and could be solid investments for the future.

2021.12.08 19:58 Takeshino First day of GTS, not bad for my first daily workout car!

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2021.12.08 19:58 Sweet_Heartbreak Beyond the Bedwars

Bedwars is driving my son INSANE. Any tips or advice I can give him to help make him less mad all the time? Otherwise, how can I get rid of it without deleting roblox? Sincerely, one super-stressed mamma
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2021.12.08 19:58 iamnothere123 25 F UK I love texting and want some besties😁

Hey strangers, I am from the UK, but I'm open to anywhere! I have a PC had it a few months now and fell in love with it. I own a baby motorbike, been riding since I was 5 years old. I have a dog, I love photography and music! Spotify said I listened to 24,000 minutes this year so😅. I'm very open minded, curious and non judgemental. I like games like battlefield 2042, overwatch and rocket league. These are my main games right now. I am pretty shy and introverted. I take a while to get comfortable around people, I will vc with people eventually when I feel comfortable enough tho! I like going on random late night adventures and sight seeing! I really want anyone who thinks of messaging me to atleast put effort in! I kind of hate 1 word replies and feel I put a lot of effort in myself. Ofcourse we all get busy/ have weird sleeping patterns and so do I! So I'm not available all the time, but will always reply when I can. I have been working really hard to lose weight, currently up to 41kg lost and counting. Loving the gym and life. The must is that we can talk on snap or discord because I hate reddit chat and they are just better in general. Love keeping streaks up on snap too! I have a bunch of RC cars and a lil dji spark for drone shots. I will probably get overwhelmed with messages, so please don't get upset if I can't reply to all, I will try my best.
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2021.12.08 19:58 zusorix Weed/E post op

Just to realistically prepare myself for what I can and can’t do from those with experience - I’m scheduled for 15.12, 36 BMI, 29y female , and have not told any friends/family about it, except mom who’s supporting me through it all. I roll joints (so mixed with tobacco) and am a daily smoker, 2-3 joints each night. Weed isn’t legal here, and is very much stigmatized, so I haven’t told my surgeon, but I haven’t smoked at all since 28.11 (a lot of sleepless nights but starting to go back to normal now). I’m reading that a lot of people are able to smoke, but I’m guessing you’re not mixing with tobacco. Q1 What is the safest way of smoking, which preferably doesn’t include vape? Can I roll with herbs instead of tobacco? Bong? Is 2 weeks post-op too soon?
Also, For New Years, one of our best friends who I haven’t seen since the start of the pandemic, so 2 years, is coming to celebrate with us and there will be alcohol, e and weed. The alcohol I’m good without so that’s no struggle, and I could even stay clear of weed if I am able to do E. I haven’t done e since last year, and I usually do half a pill, then the other half later. I understand that if/when I do e, I will need to take a much smaller amount than I’ve done in the past. If it weren’t for the best friend coming, the choice wouldn’t be this difficult.
Q2 Does anyone have experience with E post-op? How long after, how did you take it, how was the experience and, I guess what I really want to know is, can I do E 2,5weeks post op?
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2021.12.08 19:58 Rurhanograthul My Matrix Resurrections Predictions As Posted On /r/Transhumanism In September - Expanded and Updated With Direct And Profound Bravado.

Fastbackward 15 Years Ago, I Was Co-Opted As A Studying Computer Scientist for a Project based on Future Predictions. This Year, With The Murder Of Gabby Pettito Those Predictions came to Floriation.
Yet, However Awkwardly, The Mainline Prediction - The Apprehension of One Brain Laundrie - Was Sidelined by his Own Apparent Suicide. I would of Cited This Specifically as a Possible Outcome Aside From the fact that Countless Scientific Thesis (And Science Fiction Novels/Movies/Literature - Foundation For Instance. Minority Report As Another Example) Already Existed Proving In A Scenario In Which Such A Project Existed - Pre-Empting The Suicide - As Within the Thread Cited - Where The Suspect In Question Orchestrates Their Own Exit Strategy - That A Suicide Outcome Is Considered A Success In All Futures Prediction Scenarios where the Person Of Interests May Become Aware Of Their Own Predicted Timeline.. I Within this thread, Specified The Cluster Array In Use To Make These Predictions. The COaT Super Computer Cluster Array for Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Programming Was The Network Array Used To Handle This Project. The Naming Scheme And/Or Naming Convention Is Of No Coincidence, They Enjoy wearing COaTs In The Matrix Too, Obviously.
Not Only Was The Project Considered A Massive Success Internally, On News Of This Suicide - But Based On The Apparent Suicide Of Brain Laundrie - Predictive/Time Travel Science Papers Cite The Original Outcome Actually Still Happened As Predicted.
But Where Is The Proof? One Would Need Visit The COaT Cluster Array And Facility In Charge - And Merely Ask If Such an Initiative Existed. "Were The Employees Here Involved In A Predictive Science Initiative" and they'll say "Of Course" but whether the specifics will be nailed down by you or another interested party... remain to be seen. But As Far As Evidence Rendered - The COaT Cluster Array Is an Overwhelming Indicator For Those Willing to Wake Up.
This All Of Course Coalesces Into Time Travel. More Specifically - Multidimensional Time Travel - And Why Time Travel Suicides Always Get Botched (For Instance, You Try To Go Back In Time Specifically To Kill Yourself) - There Is An Overwhelming Amount of Scientific Work That Has Specifically Taken On The Task Of Proving Several MultiModule Theories Base On Future Prediction Scenarios, Time Travel, And Murders, Suicides, Marriages, Travel/Migration - There Is A lot of Scientific Data Out There Specifically Proving If Such A Project Existed - As Stated Above - The Outcome of A Suicide Merely Solidified The Prediction... And All Scientific Faculty Should Consider The Project A Success.
Not Only But Those Same Academic Paper's and Thesis Insist that, Those Involved And Witnessing Such a Scenario Should Perhaps Heavily Invest Into Studying Divergent Timelines And Peripheral Dimensionalities.
I'm Delivering This Back Story because Some Sci-Fi Lovers Will Absolutely Hate And Also Love The Material Within - Predictions Citing - Most Damningly - and it can not at this point be understated so again I say - Most Damningly - The Quick Rise Of Humanoid Robots, Synthetic Beings That Walk Among Us within my "Predictions". All Before these Recent Advents Occurred
With That Stated - I Have Been Banned On /Transhumanism for the aforementioned thread Specifically - A Forum Where Users and Moderators Very Seriously Ask "Will You Opt To Become A Vampire When The Technology Allows You To Do So" By Those Unwilling To Cede To Such Notion - Not A Preposterous Notion, Certainly Not On That Forum - And Not In Our Era - But Certainly A Divisive Notion. "Using A Murder For Clicks" If It Isn't Obvious, I've Done Actually The Opposite - Yet The Fact's I Have Posed Here And Within My Matrix Predictions Preceding The Backstory Written Above, Remain.
With That Said, Onto My Matrix Prediction's
A Long Time Ago, I Was Also Asked To Merely Think Of - In Great Detail - A Script For The Matrix, Precluding What I was Informed - Would Be 3 Films Ending With Neo Becoming Blinded... yet overall, winning his fight with Agent Smith. Yes I Had Some Of These Details, Before The Films Released.
But I Wasn't Asked To Think About Those Films Specific - Maybe I Was Maybe I Wasn't - Personally, I didn't Have Much Of Anything To Do With Those Films.
But This New Film, The Matrix Resurrections, of Which I Have Already Opted To Write What Could End Up Being Polarizing For Those Paying Attention Here - A Nonspecific Take On My Own Predictions For -The Matrix - Resurrections - A Film That Is As Yet.. Unreleased.
Yes I Wrote That Piece, To Facilitate What I've Written About Here, Above.. Specifically In Case The Suspect In Question Did Form His Own Exit Strategy - After Possibly Witnessing My Own Thread Himself, here on a now much different timeline.
The Matrix Resurrections, Is About Neo Watching The Simulation Along with Humanity and Crew. No, Neo Did Not Die at the End Of Revolutions - At least Not in a Form That Could Not be Resuscitated and Coalesced back into Life by his New Allies - Those Synthetic Robotic Lifeforms which Helped Him Wage War With Agent Smith at the End Of Revolutions. And Why Would That Make Sense Anyways? Robot's, With Far Superior Technology Available, would have no reason to break their treaty as far as the viewer is aware... nor would they have a reason to allow neo to die. Unless the endgame for these superior lifeforms is to really turn humans into living batteries. But That Rails Against Scientific Thesis Made Concept.
In Resurrections we are Watching Bugs, Who Neo Has Identified as the Next "Trinity" fight Tooth And Nail - A Stark Contrast to what most of the Younger Audience May be used to. This Girl is in Resurrections for one purpose. To Squab, To Fight Tooth And Nail, and she will come off as a real bad ass if The Script Mirrors what I had in Mind. She Isn't Though, She's just Trinity - More Or Less. And That is why Neo, is watching Neo - That is... Simulated Neo, protect her -
Though we May Not become aware of the specifics until later sequels.
As Far As Trinity - Neo Is Attempting to Determine if Trinity is learning how to posses and use Neo's Powers.
Trinity Is As stated in my previous predictions thread, not in love with Neo - According to the script I came up with at least.
How That Play's out IRL, I Dunno - I'm not leaking the Script here Or even in my Previous Predictions linked above... I'm going over what I remember detailing in my own version of a Matrix Sequel here for Reddit to peruse. As I was told, that script that I thought Of - would be snatched from my mind - through molecular substrate technology - and planted into the mind of another. Now Over A Decade Ago.
Moving On, Agent's in this version of the Matrix - are no longer called Agents and do not refer to theirself as Such.
They call theirself - Executive Security Officers. Executive Security Agents. "I'm Sending an Executive Security Team Your Way" may be something said, by the "New" Morpheus - in this film.
However as we Remember Him - Morpheus is Dead - and as such - is not in this, you are watching someone simulated in similar fashion to Morpheus, but it is all merely a simulation. Morpheus will not be this Characters Name.
Neo and His New Robot Allies are a technological Dream Team, His First stop after waking up with new eyes, his life rejuvenated - was the oversight of this new simulation and several others... we are about to witness within Resurrections, with friends/humanity steady at his side - and this particular simulations purpose - to mitigate problems that could arise some day in the future. A Simulation Within A Simulation is on full display here, A Film where you will notice - Several Simulations of Neo and Crew being aired on Live TV - For All to See and Assess.
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2021.12.08 19:58 SafeMoonXPost Stay safe and trust the ass master [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.12.08 19:58 pickledasparagus3 What is the creepiest/strangest thing you have owned as a kid?

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2021.12.08 19:58 YuriTheWebDev Proud of this value portrait study

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2021.12.08 19:58 DietAQUA1 What do you most regret throwing away?

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2021.12.08 19:58 SUBphilip1300YOUTUBE how to sort waste in goose goose duck

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2021.12.08 19:58 NC_STATE89 Exclusive: Quarterback Devin Leary will return to NC State next season

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2021.12.08 19:58 dua_lapeep Any suggestions for longer lasting vans. Kid you not I got these 2 weeks ago, maybe skated 7 times.

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2021.12.08 19:58 Afraid-Cellist-9470 Would SL run well on a school laptop?

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad laptop for school which isn’t very powerful but I was wondering if SL would run on it to pass the time at lunches?
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2021.12.08 19:58 Several-Age-3512 Add for gifts 8076 7324 8318

Need gifts and will send back
8076 7324 8318
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2021.12.08 19:58 Longjumping-Record17 Help me

Can I ask how to get burner cards I am a newbie and I’m broke 😅
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2021.12.08 19:58 East_Panic3685 He’s just standing there, menacingly

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2021.12.08 19:58 SafeMoonXPost Blockchain testnet ✔🔥 [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.12.08 19:58 ScottsTaterTot What makes you "you”?

TLDR: I’d like to know more about polymaths, as I recently discovered I am one. Please share with me what you think makes you a polymath and what your passions are right now in short if possible. I am a systems thinker, open minded, and creative… What about you? How I hypothesis I’m similar to you: - We are [systems thinking] oriented; which leads to a propensity to look at things from a macro view and gain as much information before making headway as possible, ie a top to bottom process

How I think we are different:
lmao I wanted to keep this succinct as possible but perhaps I got carried away (which tends to happen) +1 to our similarities? I could ask questions all day but I’ll end here:
thank you for your time, looking forward to your engagement and what I can learn from it
Scott *:)
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2021.12.08 19:58 CKsTechnologyNews Google De-Indexes 4k Articles over Bogus DMCA

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2021.12.08 19:58 Bigfanofgirls If my son came out as gay I'd freak tf out and tell him get out my house

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2021.12.08 19:58 joeycrowley23 Do you guys have different training sessions for back

Do you have one session more mid back and another being lats. Do you have different sessions two like a push A and a push B?
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2021.12.08 19:58 bs-arco_iris Ele insiste que é bi é tão instável?

...Além de tudo o que houve com o menino que eu gosto e tenho noção de que é "contra a natureza" (desculpa ridícula). Sejam sincerxs, será que a relação dos meus pais quanto desse meio. Isso me incomoda bastante, e eles tem umas ideias parecidas (se ele for hétero vai ser estranho né?
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2021.12.08 19:58 G_the_mini_amazing Pooping problems!

Our little Loki is 9 months old and a wee legend/toerag all at once! 😃 however he has issues when it comes to pooping. First thing in the morning he’s great; will let us know he wants to go out and he does his business. The rest of the time, we go out and he pees, sniffs, chases leaves, but my god he won’t poop! It’s like he’s too distracted or knows he’ll be in soon if he does. He’ll go out of his way to not go, it’s so frustrating. Any advice from other reluctant poopers?
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2021.12.08 19:58 bananacandy24680 Weird altered state of consciousness. Help!

Every once in a while I get into this weird alerted headspace. I have been getting it for as long as I can remember. Including when I was really young like 5 years old. I have no idea what it is and neither do doctors or councillors or my psychiatrist. Brain fog seems to be my best guess, but I think it's something else... Here are the symptoms of it:
difficulty focusing and really hard time reading
Major memory loss: Every time I go into a room to grab something I forget what I'm doing and sometimes it's so extreme that I forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence. Emotions are amplified therefor, I am extremely sensitive and I take things very personally. Over all have a hard time seeing things objectively.
Very Hard time holding back/coving up/ or faking emotions. Virtually impossible to lie about anything
Hyper sensitive to physical sensations. so sex, good food and a warm bath is the best thing ever
My pre existing social anxiety gets much much worse and I get very anti social
I feel extremely relaxed, so much so that it's uncomfortable to do anything other than have a bath, watch a show or have sex. (unfortunately no reading because I can't concentrate on reading)
My meditations and yoga practices are amplified and seem much more powerful.
Extremely in the moment and have a very hard time planning. I am normally extremely self disciplined, but it seems all my discipline goes out the window and I stay up late, ignore any work I need to do, eat whatever I want, etc.
Really playful if I'm around a person or people who don't make me socially anxious
Hard time identifying my hunger level and feel the urge to munch out hard and feel like I'm bottomless pit, until a couple hours later I feel nauseous due to how much I ate.
Very content with being bored
I haven't been able to identify many triggers for it even though I have been getting it pretty much all my life. Which is extremely frustrating because it is unpredictable. It seems to be dependent on the time of day usually around 5 hours after I wake up it usually lasts until late at night, but sometimes it lasts until I go to sleep. Once it a while It will only happen late at night, but never in the morning. I can be triggered by eating very spicey foods and from high stress environments. I have only found 2 things that prevent it. #1 is taking 900mg of Gaba and 300mg of L theanine together 3ish times a week(it seems to be important that they are both taken together as I don't get benefit from just taking one or the other) ( this only works as preventative measure and does not make it go away if I already have it) #2 is have social interactions first thing in the morning (however, this only sometimes works). Psychoactive substances will get rid of it, in the past I have relied on alcohol to be a quick cure from it in order for me to remain in a social situation. It's always unpredictable to how much or how little I will get it. I once had it every day for 2 weeks. At that point in my life I was pressed on time for finishing my schooling and the altered state makes it extremely difficult, honestly, borderline impossible to do any sort of productive work due to the major loss of memory and inability to concentrate and it had me feeling suicidal because I felt so useless. I have also gone months without having it which I largely contribute to the Gaba and L theanine, but lately the Gaba and L theanine haven't been working as much as before and that is why I'm here now making this post because I need help as it is impossible to contribute to a society in the state of mind.. I wouldn't even feel safe driving like this. I am really lucky right now that I am unemployed and not in school because I can use this altered state to my advantage, for example, enhance my meditations, watch my favorite shows, have amazing sex. The only current downside is that I have bad social anxiety, so when I'm in this state the only person I can be around is my boyfriend and close family, so being around anyone else is kind of terrifying under this state.
I also wanted to mention that is comes in different degrees, sometimes it will be subtle and other times it is very intense and is very similar, if not identical, to being stoned from weed.
If anyone has any idea why this might happen or any potential treatments please help me! I am really worried about going back to work and am thinking about applying for medical leave if I cannot get this under control.
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2021.12.08 19:58 taj5130 Cactus misshaping - These guys have formed wrinkles on the outside. This started to happen when I watered when under the grow light inside my apartment during the winter. Not sure whats causing this. I’m pretty sure there’s no rot.

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