Is this stable now?

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2021.12.09 09:45 leeuterpe Is this stable now?

ill be playing on Switch. did v1.04 make it stable?
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2021.12.09 09:45 Throwitaway8aa8 Hellenic Air Force - Lockheed C-130H Hercules

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2021.12.09 09:45 Intelligent_Skin_141 Rate Aquarium

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2021.12.09 09:45 upbstock Top stock option open interest changes $AAPL $IP $ET $DIDI $PSFE $SNAP $INTC

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2021.12.09 09:45 JustTrynaB SK’s first overnight stay

SO and I are moving in somewhere new together in a couple of weeks where we can have the kids SD4 SS4 overnight potentially EOW or EW. I’m partially excited about this but also nervous, how did you guys feel the first time you had your SK’s staying in your shared home overnight?
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2021.12.09 09:45 vg_couso Windows pirata puede ser muy peligroso

En el mundo de la piratería existe el activador de Windows y Office pirata KMSPico que activa los productos de Microsoft sin tener que pagar. Evidentemente se trata de un delito.
Ahora se ha descubierto que este software podría traer graves problemas a quienes lo usan para esas actividades
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2021.12.09 09:45 traaxx A Female Revenge Tale - A passion project I spent a couple of months working on!

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2021.12.09 09:45 Sarzan Need Confirmation: Possible Loot Box Bug - Matilda LTV Dupe, Loss of Box

So like normal for this year, I kept track of every box opened and entered it into a spreadsheet. Oddly enough, by the time I got to the last box I was 4 entries short on the sheet. I noticed the difference after getting three Matilda LTV duplicate drops in a row (what are the odds right?). Looking at my sheet, I had a total of 4 duplicate Matilda LTV drops which oddly matched the number of entries I was short.
Can the community please verify if what I am seeing is a bug and you are losing an unopened box with a duplicate Matilda LTV drop or I am simply missing entering in something in my sheet. I am leaning to Human error but if there is a bug, we need to get this fixed so you are receiving what you paid for...
Link to my results sheet
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2021.12.09 09:45 erer1243 Currently, it's December 9, 2021 at 07:45AM

Currently, it's December 9, 2021 at 07:45AM
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2021.12.09 09:44 Forjoin Evergrande - второй по объемам строительства девелопер в Китае официально признан объявившим дефолт по долгу, объемом 300 млрд долларов. За прошедший месяц не менее 10 китайских застройщиков оказались в состоянии дефолта на фоне кризиса на рынке недвижимости размером 5 триллионов долларов.

Evergrande - второй по объемам строительства девелопер в Китае официально признан объявившим дефолт по долгу, объемом 300 млрд долларов. За прошедший месяц не менее 10 китайских застройщиков оказались в состоянии дефолта на фоне кризиса на рынке недвижимости размером 5 триллионов долларов. submitted by Forjoin to ecobis [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 09:44 CobraGrunt1983 What are the three oldest songs on your playlist?

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2021.12.09 09:44 Ill_Program_7130 A fic where the Madrigals think Mirabel is su¡c¡dal

I have an head canon that Mirabel had an emo phase when she was 13 and she wrote like , super cringe emo stuff in her diary , but she grew out of it sooner or later.
So , after the events of the movie , Abuela finds Mirabel's old diarys and thinks these are new diarys of Mirabel and Abuela is like : ,,Oh fuck , Mirabel is depressed , oh fuck is probably our faul , OH FUCK SHE WANTS TO K¡LL HERSELF"
And she tells the family and they all think it's thier fault and ofcourse they panic.
And suddenly the Madrigals see signals that aren't acctual signals that Mirabel is depressed and Mirabel has no idea whats going on.
Like one time she went to the rooftop of thier house in the night because she heard that the stars are really visibel tonight and wanted to look at them , Dolores heard her and alarmed the others and Luisa just tackels Mirabel throwing her on the ground while screaming about how they love her and that they are sorry for treating her this way and that she shouldn't throw her life away like that.
Mirabel has no clue whats going on.
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2021.12.09 09:44 No-Bike9658 Just Rocio

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2021.12.09 09:44 cornheadwillywanka So offended I had to double check

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2021.12.09 09:44 skypeleft ダウンタウンDX 動画 2021年12月9日 21/12/9 ダウンタウンDX 動画 2021年12月9日 21/12/9 バラエティ動画高画質 JPSHOWBIZ Tver Gyao 9tsu Bilibili Miomio Dailymotion Pandora ダウンタウンDX★南キャン&蛙亭&メイプル…男女コンビ芸人の実態調査SP 1...

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2021.12.09 09:44 Apprehensive_Bid_753 This the Season or Something

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2021.12.09 09:44 RebelFury Coming back in. What has changed in recent years?

Hey all. I must be having a stroke or something but I'm working on coming back in after a few years much needed break in service. I already have 11 years so I figure I may as well.
I left in 2015. Just wondering if it's all the same or are there any major changes in the past few years that I should know about? It sounds like the PFA for instance is quite a bit different. Anything else I should know besides "No, don't do it!"
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2021.12.09 09:44 Jonny_Peake My ape painting... Moon and stars in the eyes! 💎🤚🚀 "No.8". 51 X 41 cm

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2021.12.09 09:44 dunit13dl dumbest game play from an entire cast ever

this season has just been filled with head-scratching and downright stupid moves left and right. lets talk about last night
I have never seen 2 people on the bottom just accept it and not even try to change things. They had a out and they didn't see it. Instead of voting for each other they both could have voted for someone and then there would have been a 3 way tie.
you could have pitched Xander as a strong player who also has an idol who needs to go
you could have pitched Erika as a strong social player who needs to go
you could pitch Heather as the least likely person to win against Ricard in an immunity challenge (this would have been my pitch especially to Erika)
had there been a 3 way tie who knows how things shake out. I just don't get it

not to mention DeShawns truth bomb which didn't serve him at all. At this point, Ricard is the front runner followed by Xander
just such horrible game play all around for most of the votes and "strategy"
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2021.12.09 09:44 plugdiamonds A quick mock up I made of Jeremy Strong as Two Face

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2021.12.09 09:44 elvispresley131 31 [M4F] Tennessee/Anywhere - Looking for my best friend.

In my head, we are dancing like idiots to old records in our underwear. In reality, we probably fell asleep together on the couch.
Me? I love old stuff… classic films, rock and roll, vintage stores, pinball. I have tattoos and look like a biker, but I am a total dork. I blame old black and white movies and Bruce Springsteen for making me a hopeless romantic.
I am looking for my best friend in life. She is kind of a dork but I like her. She totally wears the pants in our relationship and I am A-OK with that. She is kind and supportive, she makes me laugh, and she puts up with my dumb jokes.
I am very introverted, and they say to meet people where you hang out. I hang out on Reddit, so I hope you’re out there.
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2021.12.09 09:44 youxiping ドラえもん全巻買った

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2021.12.09 09:44 amitiel16 Free flowers to a good home! 🌸 💐

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2021.12.09 09:44 DJBlueB Dr. Slone

Anyone know what happened to her after chapter 2’s end event? I’m curious af
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2021.12.09 09:44 cmdr_wayne Vote Kimi for DOTD at Abu Dhabi GP

This will be our final race to watch him on the grid. The legendary Ice Man deserves a legendary experience at his final race
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