I wish I could fuck dolphins consensually

2021.11.27 00:02 thiscarhasfourtires I wish I could fuck dolphins consensually

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2021.11.27 00:02 Spirited_Work_4997 🦆$DUCK🦆 | 📱 Mobile App Beta Phase|👨‍🎓 Professional team | 🏆 Multiple Competitions| New Token | 29k Marketcap | 👨‍💻 Website Live | 🎟 Daily Giveaways

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2021.11.27 00:02 yelsamarani Collecting Noise Symbols

So I need to get the graffiti to max my Noise chain. Problem is, I always end up starting the battle automatically BEFORE I get all the symbols in that area. Yes, I'm using the attract noise power. Is there a way to stop battles starting automatically while you're getting them?
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2021.11.27 00:02 SealMcBeal420 Battery powered street lights?

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2021.11.27 00:02 paradiselater When are thoughts just thoughts and not necessarily an accurate potrayal of reality?

I've been meditating (TMI) consistently for nearly a year now with mostly stage 3 practices. My thoughts below aren't necessarily new but they've taken a new urgency and energy lately. I have no idea if that's because of the practice, therapy, or a recent breakup I'm still affected by. Hope this links back to the practice enough to be appropriate to post here.
I'm aware that I often slide into many cognitive distortions like all or nothing thinking, discounting the positive, and over generalizations. For example, a thought I've settle around - 'The rigidity of my mind around certain self-images (ex. 'I'm unloveable') will prevent me from ever truly changing'. Note that I'm not saying change isn't possible but that the nature of my mind will sabotage attempts at change (or even attempts at unwinding those cognitive loops).
I'm also aware that that thought comes from a place of self loathing, hopelessness, and an anxious death spiral. I get it confirms a world view that I have. But to my mind that doesn't make it not true especially if it's an actual observation of patterns. There's nothing inherent to 'negative' thoughts that make them any less true than 'positive' ones.
I'm still a beginner so I'm not at a point where I can accept/understand or have the insight that all thoughts are not 'me'. I identify strongly with this train of thought, and it has a certain inevitability to it. What perhaps is different, is how acutely I can feel the emotional component to this state of mind lately.
I'm wary that I might discount any answer here that doesn't validate my world view. I already feel highly skeptical about awareness helping. Yes, I'm aware of these thoughts...how does that lead to change? How does that make them any less true?
Hope this links back to the practice enough to be appropriate to post here.
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2021.11.27 00:02 Sokorpe Perfect Skin Care Set For Him | Sokörpe Laboratories #BlackFridayDeals #GiftIdeas

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2021.11.27 00:02 Flunkiebubs Stoner roll call

If you're high, say aye!
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2021.11.27 00:02 fiend222 i love u guys so much

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2021.11.27 00:02 tompetreshere + / - Experiences with Synergy Maids + Any Alternative Suggestions To Recommend?

Happy Thanksgiving +1, All! I am wondering if anyone here in our fair city has utilized the, seemingly popular and well received, Synergy Maids? Was it worth the money? Did you feel like your apartment was sufficiently deep cleaned, sanitized, did they took pride in their work, etc.,? I am really looking to treat myself (I’m in Astoria, Queens) to a full day deep cleaning from the correct vendor. However, like we all do, I want to make sure I sufficiently source feedback from the best possible source; you, the AskNYC Reddit community! Looking forward to hearing your feedback and whether it was worth it. Alternatively, we’d love to hear some suggestions that you recommend for deep cleaning that found you success. Bonus points for who to ask for :P
Does anyone know if they, or anyone who does what they do, offer Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing or deals?
Thank you!
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2021.11.27 00:02 Few_Professor_6155 One piece hentai server

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2021.11.27 00:02 stevethepirate89 Cats are ready for the holidays!

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2021.11.27 00:02 lojo1225 So cozy

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2021.11.27 00:02 your-best-dream How do hazel eyes work genetically?

So the common consensus when it comes to eye color genetics that I've seen is that brown is dominant over green, and green is dominant over blue. So where the hell do hazel eyes fit into this? They're a mix between green and blue/brown, so does the combination of colors determine the dominance? How did we get eye colors that are two colors at once in the first place? Is it a genetic mutation that is passed down through generations? It's so confusing.
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2021.11.27 00:02 Leading-Blueberry-31 Women's Comfort Tee

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2021.11.27 00:02 goombafloomba Feels weird becoming an adult

I'm an 18 year old still living with my parents while I finish up my senior year of high school. But theres been a lot of growth In the last year as well. Suddenly everyone thinks I'm like some guy in college living in an apartment or whatever when In reality I just learned to drive. Feels like overnight I'm officially like a functioning member of society. It seems a little nerve wracking realizing I'm really getting older, but also not entirely unpleasant yet
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2021.11.27 00:02 rachieskye 🎁Airdrop Age Of Sam - a multi project with play-to-earn experience. Weekly moon misions to mine $SOLARIUM DROP WALLET UPVOTE POST

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2021.11.27 00:02 UncleGeorge On peut tu faire de quoi pour les maudits appel de scam de "Border Canada"!?

Hey la ça devient abusif en tabarnak, j'ai eu neuf, NEUF appel aujourd'hui de numéros différent du fucking scam Indien de marde de "Border Canada has a package you will be arrested blablabla"!!! J'aimerais pouvoir ignorer tous les numéros que j'ai pas dans mon carnet d'addresse mais malheureusement je reçois des appels pour la job aussi alors je peux pas vraiment faire ça! Comment ça se fait que ça devient de plus en plus commun ces maudits appel là!? Y'a pas quelque chose qui peut être fait pour les arrêter???
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2021.11.27 00:02 VYSUS7 Pretty sure i've been IP banned (and potentially even device banned) on twitter. Is TOR a good way to evade suspension with a new account?

So TLDR I got perma banned on twitter for telling someone to "Swallow a blender" because people suck now.
Anyway. any new attempt at new accounts, with new names, emails. phone numbers, etc, gets me instabanned for evading suspension.
at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm both device banned, and IP banned.
IP ban is easy to evade, resetting an IP is no big deal, but a device ban is trickier.
Nevertheless, with these two factors in mind, would TOR be sufficient in creating a new account to evade a ban? I only use twitter to keep up with Games im into, so i'd love to have some form of access to it. I'm just wondering if they'd have any means of detecting that its me creating a new account. Not too familiar with how TOR works so any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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2021.11.27 00:02 5notebooks This made me happy today

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2021.11.27 00:02 Old_Bed8247 Little Santa🚀 | Just Launched | already 10x | Potential 100x | CG and CMC listing soon | A new member in Santa Token Family💥 | Santa Floki -King Santa

❗️Stealthlaunch 🔜
Gift from LittleSanta will be huge and big 👑
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✅ Marketing plans after launch.
✅ Low Tax
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➡️Contract: 0x6DA0756aD83E46d75A1f6b1b79dCa9230421dB8D
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➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6DA0756aD83E46d75A1f6b1b79dCa9230421dB8D#readContract
➡️ LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x56171507cdc9dea8895809980d779ba340d463c3
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2021.11.27 00:02 jdandrade1 Hey guys, am I balding or just maturing? I'm 19

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2021.11.27 00:02 nettleblade has anyone else gotten really good advice from a dream? or heard something that stuck with you?

last year I was depressed so bad and insecure about my hygiene and what everyone thought, one night I had a dream i was talking to a girl about it and she told me something along the lines of "you need to take care of yourself, not for others but for your own health and wellbeing"
it opened up a new way of thinking for me and im doing a lot better now
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2021.11.27 00:02 stephcurryamazingomg I finally understand why Arteezy always stops streaming

I watched a good portion of arteezy's stream today. Every game felt like it was ruined by (usually) someone on his team or the other team. Constantly sniping and all chatting. In his last game, a "professional" Peruvian mid player (avoiding witch hunting rule) bought a shadow amulet at 13 minutes because he got destroyed by Quinn. This was not the first shadow amulet game of the day for Arteezy's teams.
You'd think you'd come to his chat and it'd be people flaming the kunkka. Instead, the chat is full of shit like "classic MMR privilege taking last pick from mid LUL" and other flame towards arteezy. It's just been constant toxicity all day in the chat. I watch Twitch, I'm familiar with Twitch chat. But man it's gotta be so tilting to have this shit in your game and then if you stream and try to interact with viewers you just see a stream of toxicity. He even said that it kills his interaction with the stream when the chat is like it has been today.
I really enjoy the streams and learn a lot. It just sucks how obviously terrible it is for him to stream games. I'm sure people can say "just ignore it lol" but eventually all the toxicity gets to you
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2021.11.27 00:02 stakzondeck It should be illegal to get a toddler’s ears pierced.

I occasionally see toddlers w/ earrings in and think it’s wrong. It should definitely be illegal to get a toddlers ears pierced as they are to young to make that decision w/ their body.
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2021.11.27 00:02 thehungrycatepillar When are we allowed back on campus?

I’m tired of being home already and want to go back. When will my ucard let me into my dorm again?
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