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the loneliness i feel is intensified by my longing to hear from you

2021.12.03 16:41 FondantDelicious the loneliness i feel is intensified by my longing to hear from you

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2021.12.03 16:41 CryptoNerd1976 💎STEROIDOGE 💎With over 60% of the total supply burnt 🔥 and the deflationary principles of the safest contract on BSC nothing will stop this hidden Gem!

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2021.12.03 16:41 averagecitizen234 Sádhaná (Intuitional Practice)

(1) Mandatory observances (duties) of Ananda Margis:
(a) The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidyá (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamúrtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty.
(b) Whether one is healthy or sick, whether in a sitting or lying posture, or in a vehicle, full Iishvara prańidhána (meditation) will have to be performed twice a day. Whether there be any urgent work in the immediate future or not, and whether the mind be unsteady or not, all sádhakas should do japa (repeat Iśt́a mantra (The mantra which leads to the ultimate goal) eighty times at first, and then continue japa for as long as they like, according to instructions, without counting.
Do not have breakfast until you have finished your Iishvara prańidhána in the morning. Likewise, do not take your evening meal until you have completed your evening Iishvara prańidhána.
(c) The requirements and prohibitions of Yama and Niyama have to be observed under all circumstances. Yama has five parts –(i) ahiḿsá, (ii) satya, (iii) asteya, iv) Brahmacarya, v) aparigraha.
(i) Ahiḿsá: Not to inflict pain or hurt on anybody by thought, word or action, is Ahiḿsá.
(ii) Satya: The benevolent use of mind and words is Satya.
(iii) Asteya: To renounce the desire to acquire or retain the wealth of others is Asteya. Asteya means “ non-stealing.”
(iv) Brahmacarya: To keep the mind always absorbed in Brahma is Brahmacarya.
(v) Aparigraha: To renounce everything excepting the necessities for the maintenance of the body is known as Aparigraha.
Niyama has five parts – (i) shaoca, (ii) santośa, (iii) tapah, (iv) svádhyáya, (v) Iishvara prańidhána.
(i) Shaoca is of two kinds – purity of the body and of the mind. The methods for mental purity are kindliness towards all creatures, charity, working for the welfare of others and being dutiful.
(ii) Santośa Contentment with things received unasked-for is santośa. It is essential to try to be cheerful always.
(iii) Tapah: To undergo physical hardship to attain the objective is known as Tapah. Upavása (fasting), serving the guru (preceptor), serving father and mother, and the four types of yajiṋa, namely, pitr yajiṋa, nr yajiṋa, bhúta yajiṋa and adhyátma yajiṋa (service to ancestors, to humanity, to lower beings and to Consciousness), are the other limbs of tapah. For students, study is the main tapah.
(iv) Svádhyáya: The study, with proper understanding, of scriptures and philosophical books is svádhyáya. The philosophical books and scriptures of Ananda Marga are Ánanda Sútram and Subháśita Saḿgraha (all parts), respectively. Svádhyáya is also done by attending dharmacakra (group meditation) regularly and having satsauṋga (spiritual company), but this kind of svádhyáya is intended only for those who are not capable of studying in the above manner.
(v) Iishvara prańidhána: This is to have firm faith in Iishvara (the Cosmic Controller) in pleasure and pain, prosperity and adversity, and to think of oneself as the instrument, and not the wielder of the instrument, in all the affairs of life.
(d) No creature should be allowed to starve to death. Even a játa shatru (born enemy) should not be starved to death, nor left mutilated.
(e) The weekly dharmacakra must be attended when you are in good health. If because of state service or service to the sick one is not able to attend dharmacakra at the scheduled time, then one should go to the jágrti at some time that day and perform Iishvara prańidhána. And if even that is not possible, one must miss a meal on the week-end.
(2) When you fast for mental purification, you should give your food to a needy passerby, and use the drinking water to water the plants.
(3) Bear in mind that you have a duty towards – indeed, you owe a debt to – every creature of this universe, but towards you, no one has any duty; from others, nothing is due.
(4) An animal life is given to carnal pleasure human life is for sádhaná; but, for sádhaná the body is necessary – so in order to maintain the body, you will have to be vigilant about everything in the world.
(5) Everything requires a base; if life does not have a strong base, it is disrupted by an ordinary storm. Brahma is the strongest base.
(6) Dharma (spirituality) is an internal thing. One who is hollow within conceals it in ringing brass bells, beating drums and making noises all around.
(7) One will not be able to know anything unless one develops the psychology of “I know not.” It is the fundamental spirit of a true aspirant.
(8) Human life is short. It is wise to get all the instructions regarding sádhaná as soon as possible.
(9) When the flow of the mind is not impeded by selfishness, narrowness, and superstitions that alone is mukti (liberation).
(10) “Whatever you speak or do, Forget Him never; Keeping His name in your heart, Work, remembering it is for Him, And, endlessly active, drift in bliss.”
(11) Through all works, big and small, humanity has to be awakened. Humanity in its fullest sense is divinity, and its perfection is Brahmatva (Brahma-hood). The aspirant must not forget this even for a moment.
(12) When one notices a defect in oneself, and does not find the means for shásti (corrective punishment), one should purify the mind by fasting.
(13) Before censuring anyone for some fault, make sure that you do not have the same defect.
(14) When one is established in Yama and Niyama, aśt́a pásha (the eight fetters) fall from the mind. One who is not fettered can never have superstitions.
(15) Actions and not logic establish one’s superiority.
(16) Do not try to assume superiority by belittling others, because the other person’s inferiority will become lodged in your mind.
(17) Overcome censure by praise, darkness by light. (18) Not to call a thing what it is, but to call it something else, is known as slander. Therefore those who in the name of the beginningless, endless, formless Brahma worship idols, are indulging in deliberate slander. You must not give indulgence to this type of Mahapápa (great sin).
(19) By práńáyáma, pratyáhára, dhárańá and dhyána (lessons of sádhaná: vital-energy control, withdrawal, concentration and meditation), the enemies of mind are controlled. You will have to bring the fetters and the enemies under your control – you should not be controlled by them. But in the very nature of living things, human beings will always have these fetters and enemies of the mind.
(20) The major part of the slander in the world is based on falsehood. Some indulge in it unknowingly, some because their petty interests are hurt, and others, under the compulsion of hiḿsa vrtti (the mental propensity of harmfulness). With a cool mind you should explain this to the slanderer, but before doing so, make sure there is not even a farthing’s worth of truth in his statement. If there is even a little fault in you, you should keep your mouth closed and accept it all, and you should thank the person for pointing out your fault and ask for punishment.
(21) You should always bear in mind that you should not try to convince by argument anyone who criticizes your Iśt́a (Goal), Ádarsha (ideology), Supreme Command or Conduct Rules. If this occurs you should adopt a hard and uncompromising attitude.
Miscellaneous 1) Everyone should sit on equal seats for dharmacakra and meals. 2) Before killing birds and animals for food, you must think a hundred times whether you can stay alive without killing them. 3) A country can be conquered by force of arms but the mind cannot. Those who have taken to sádhaná to conquer the mind are true soldiers. The aim of Ananda Margis is to conquer the Universal Mind. To achieve that, they will have to acquire the qualities of soldiers. They will have to keep especially strict vigilance on unity and order. Do not allow distinctions to crop up among Ananda Margis. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of one’s life. Do not under any circumstances allow individual interest to stand in the way of collective interest.
4) Do not allow any wealth of the world to go to waste; take especially active steps to prevent the waste of food, fuel and water.
5) The mutative force is a hundred thousand times more powerful than the static force, and the sentient force is a hundred thousand times more powerful than the mutative force; hence you should not be afraid of any force in the universe.
6) Remember, until every person in the universe accepts the Ananda Marga ideology, you have no opportunity to rest.
7) Property entrusted to you by anybody should be carefully preserved, and you should continually strive to return it to the rightful owner.
8) In the case of unclaimed property, search for the rightful owner, and return it without taking any reward. For this work you can take help from governmental authorities where possible. If the owner is not found, the property should be made over to the state or donated to some public welfare institution, If there is a possibility of its deteriorating or otherwise becoming destroyed, sell it in the presence of five people (including one ácárya) and dispose of the money in the above manner.
9) Always be prepared to serve the Marga. For the sake of the Marga ideology do not be sparing, even of your life. Remember, in laying down one’s life with a great ideal in mind, mokśa is inevitable. This is the reward of death in the war of dharma.
10) It is a bigger thing to put one lesson into action than to hear many. You should put into action every lesson in your life.

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2021.12.03 16:41 XLG-TheSight Anybody else notice a sudden price increase in the last 24 hours on pretty much everything?

It's real AF near me. Is this being reported on the MSM?
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2021.12.03 16:41 Putrid_Nature1344 Misdreavus with dusk stone

Anyone able to trade me a misdreavus holding a dusk stone? If that’s too much to ask just a misdreavus will do. I have a murkrow for trade.
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2021.12.03 16:41 xSCARFACE909x [Hoven] Byfield back in a regular jersey, expect AHL conditioning assignment

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2021.12.03 16:41 OrAzuur Thoughts on this custom build?

Been looking to replace my laptop with a desktop PC since yesterday using pcspecialist I've been trying to document myself as best as I can about how to choose every part, but I'm still unsure about what I've got I'd say my price limit is around 1.5k£ if that matters, I thought I'd install windows myself to save on money I will buy the monitor and keyboard separately
So here's the link:
I'm happy to answer any question and thank you to anyone kind enough to have a look :)
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2021.12.03 16:41 chaddgar Is this Circa’s way of telling me to f off? What kind of deal is this?

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2021.12.03 16:41 Daanz1x Selling cheap zen scripts

Selling fortnite pro players zen scripts including deyy, reet, nike, joey jenner, okis and KBM scripts private message me for more! Can also add macros on to the script if u need
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2021.12.03 16:41 _Xandir_ If Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai just won’t stop making public appearances while claiming she’s been fine all along… what then? 😧

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2021.12.03 16:41 Chiara_Nails Christmas Nails ☺️✨

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2021.12.03 16:41 ShortAlgo $EVR Waiting for Buy signal,

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2021.12.03 16:41 tomtom1808 Armoury Crate Control Interface Service disabling Windows Key

I just spent 4 hours trying to figure out why my Windows key doesn't work anymore.
At first I thought the keyboard is broken. But when I opened the on-screen keyboard it shows that it works and recognizes when I press the physical windows key. Funny enough pressing the virtual on-screen windows key also won't open the start menu.
I went to msconfig and disabled all services and all startup items. Rebooted, windows key worked.
Then I disabled one service after the other, finding that the Asus Armoury Crate Interface Service is the one process that kills my keybinding. I have no idea why. But in case you run into the same problem:
Open the start menu -> services -> Right click

  1. "Armoury Crate Control Interface" -> properties -> startup: manual
  2. ARMOURY CRATE Service -> properties -> startup: manual

It might help someone ... I doubt that its isolated to my computer as I am running a fairly standard version of Windows 10 Pro on a G15 2020 model.
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2021.12.03 16:41 _kateykat Can I size up this pattern? It only came In size 12 and I need a 16. The only measurement is bust

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2021.12.03 16:41 SomeCruzDude (From 11/1/21) Orlando Pride Loan Chelsee Washington, Transfer Ally Haran to Canberra United

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2021.12.03 16:41 genobeam Open Letter to AGS Devs: Please Change Your Development Philosophy

This post is a response to the dev blog from 12/2/21:
AGS Devs,
The community that plays your game is not on the same page as the development team. It seems like every dev blog you repeat something along the lines of "We've heard the feedback about ________. The system was not communicated effectively. We're making "massive improvements" based on your feedback." What follows is a set of changes that are not player friendly, especially for casual players.
New world is not in beta, but these changes are the types of things you'd expect from a beta. There is a reason why every other game has "catch-up" mechanics. When the hardcore set of players reaches an endgame milestone, the rest of the playerbase should have a reasonable expectation that given enough time, they should be able to catch up. This is especially true in a game that values PVP and competitiveness. If the milestones in the endgame affect pvp balance, such as gear score, they should be reasonably attainable for everyone. If you want to make super rare hard to get things that only hardcore players can reach, make them cosmetic.
There is a reason why each set of changes is met with backlash and it's not because you're ineffective communicators. The changes speak for themselves. Your crafting changes made it much harder to reach the max level of crafting. Now there's a chasm between players who are already there and players who are not. No amount of explanation changes that fact. I understand that you want higher level crafts to give more xp, but from a player perspective, it doesn't matter if our leveling crafts are steel, iron, starmetal or whatever. They're mostly all getting salvaged anyway. The time and effort to reach max level what matters most.
The changes in the most recent devblog similarly are very unfriendly to casual players. I want to log in, play some OPR and be relatively competitive. You're saying that if I don't grind my "expertise" then I'll be at a massive disadvantage? And what about players who play just for crafting and the economy? The crafting market is going to be destroyed because you MUST grind your expertise.
The bottom line is this: there are a variety of players of different skill levels and time availability. Your game is not casual friendly and every change makes it less so. Your game has potential because combat is seemingly heavily dependent on skill. However, you're making your game more about how much time you put in rather than how much skill you have. Ironically it's making players play less, not more.
There are ways to right the ship, at the core a philosophy shift is needed. The development philosophy needs to be "how can we make this game more fun and competitive for all players" and not "how can we reward players for spending as much time as possible in our world".
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2021.12.03 16:41 priestdoctorlawyer Heather Cox Richardson: America Is Overdue For a Renewal

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2021.12.03 16:41 ShortAlgo $EVTC Waiting for Short signal,

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2021.12.03 16:41 stormgazer_in Storm Gazer: 80s metal inspired act from india

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2021.12.03 16:41 Illustrious_Board_87 Lil 6 legger for tonight. I think issa W

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2021.12.03 16:41 bylj A dose of hopium to help you hold through the dip

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2021.12.03 16:41 xpika2 Where would you rather be?

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2021.12.03 16:41 PlanetToday World Health Organization Says "No Evidence" Booster Jabs Would Offer "Greater Protection" To The Healthy

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2021.12.03 16:41 crookedmarzipan I wrote a small ytdl based tool to help me queue up my downloads, and auto retry/continue on failure. More info in comments.

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2021.12.03 16:41 Post-YouTube Video: California Democrats CAUGHT On Camera BREAKING Their Own Restrictions AGAIN.

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