What is the best Christmas gift you can get with only a couple of dollars?

2021.12.03 12:35 Panda_girl_cutie_ What is the best Christmas gift you can get with only a couple of dollars?

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2021.12.03 12:35 maonjuu Seperating barn animals and flocks?

Hello, is there a way to seperate the animals to their own barn? Especially the chickens and other feathery besties? Thanks? Or can i make a bunch of barns and coops first then put them all in their own places?
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2021.12.03 12:35 N0th1ngFound Feels good

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2021.12.03 12:35 Jiggypuff7 Me starting to see more Anti Tax Evasion memes than Tax Evasion memes

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2021.12.03 12:35 will0731 Wilderness and survival.

So I wanted to share something that I thought would be a great thing for those of you who like to camp primitively. Inside each MRE, there is a clear packet that has matches, toilet paper, salt, tobacco sauce, etc. this is important because one thing I think a lot of people overlook when “field stripping” their MREs is taking those packets and stripping them and utilizing usable stuff. So first let’s take a look at fire starting.

  1. The matches and toilet paper can be used as great method of getting a decent fire started after you have dug your hole to actually build a fire. This can be very helpful as I found out last year. It’s insanely helpful to have in the event you have trouble finding dry vegetation which is the problem me and my buddy ran into last year. DO NOT DISCARD THESE PACKETS. Utilize them, waste not want not. Another thing we did was use the cardboard that the entrees are supplied in, again, waste not want not!
  2. Salt intake is important especially when it’s extremely hot. Do not throw the iodized salt packets away these could be used to help you retain water in the event something happens. Of course you don’t want to have too much salt but it’s important to make sure you retain some salt. It helps to know the stages and signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration.
  3. I would recommend keeping flairs in your camping bag in case something should happen so you can signal for help in the event you’re hurt and don’t have reception on your phone.
I wanted to share this as I have always stripped my MREs before packing in my ruck to hike into where I intend to camp. I would also make sure you keep purification tablets on hand and have a means for boiling water. Depending where you are camping you may not even have to boil your water. I hope this is helpful for some of you.
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2021.12.03 12:35 kjvlv Justice Department tells court 'Alternative Mueller Report' found and may soon be released

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2021.12.03 12:35 mtbarke2 Result Satisfaction

Hi I was hired for Result satisfaction and I’ve also done Accuracy Grading, actor tagging, and completion quality. Does anyone know the US rates for these? I just started and the relevant web pages have been down.
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2021.12.03 12:35 marcuskhaos The true face of a dragon (yes this is canon)

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2021.12.03 12:35 vsihebisvb3ub1748 Corruption is a feature, not a bug.

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2021.12.03 12:35 I-know-17 Please help

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2021.12.03 12:35 MoreCoffee9418 I'm quite pleased with my chef's garden for Freya

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2021.12.03 12:35 Sayzahr TMJ Diagnosis and Tinnitus. Hi guys this is my TMJ diagnosis after my MRI. I’ve been referred to PT. What are the chances PT fixes this issue? How serious is it and do you guys think it’ll cure my tinnitus? Anyone have similar diagnosis?

TMJ Diagnosis and Tinnitus. Hi guys this is my TMJ diagnosis after my MRI. I’ve been referred to PT. What are the chances PT fixes this issue? How serious is it and do you guys think it’ll cure my tinnitus? Anyone have similar diagnosis? submitted by Sayzahr to TMJ [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 12:35 GreenMage312 DFK Hero Giveaway! Final Day to Enter! Drawing in approximately 24hours!

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2021.12.03 12:35 Brobouef Guys, what brand of underwear would you buy for the rest of your life?

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2021.12.03 12:35 New-Influence-2658 How to know if you actually like someone?

This is an incredibly basic question, i know. But I think i like this girl. I've never been in a relationship and have only had crushes, never confessed out of fear of ruining my friendships and rejection. I was attracted to her when I first saw her, but as I got to know her I started to like all the little things about her. Her smile, the way she dances to music, how cute she is, her obsession with harry potter. We've met twice in person, and talked to each other online for 2 weeks. We also played games together online outside of that. Is that really enough time to start liking someone? And do you think its okay for me to confess to her, or is it too soon? It's not like we know everything about each other yet. But my heart goes crazy when we're alone together and my face gets all heated just talking about this. She's actually leaving the country soon (next week), and my heart hurts thinking about it. I cried thinking about it today and how I'd regret not telling her, even if she didn't return my feelings. I don't want to make her uncomfortable or ruin our friendship, and I'd be fine staying friends if she wanted to, we'd be online friends anyway. I'm just not sure if I should say anything. What do you guys think?
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2021.12.03 12:35 PostCoitalRedditGlow IRL rulers and imaginary rulers don't see eye to eye.

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2021.12.03 12:35 MadestPiper Missed the Boat 2x

Years ago the stock was 2oo plus dollars a share. Maybe it was because of many reverse splits, maybe it was of because of Nasa. Before it shot to 9 cents, I had 5.5 mill , buying it when it was rock bottom. Dumped it before it went to 9 cents @ .0001, because I was tired of holding. I bought into this company again. This time 2k invested. After the split, if it not atleast 2k in value, im done with this company indefinitely. Wont buy any products, nada. Adios scoundrels....
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2021.12.03 12:35 Awfully-just-Awful Happy boi

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2021.12.03 12:35 RegularPosition6475 Need wipes

I need 5 wipes I will give 20k
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2021.12.03 12:35 happygomon Raid Reshiram 8959 1898 2812

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2021.12.03 12:35 rotweinpirat09 "clash" [EUW] searching for a midlaner and adc (we are silver but have solid winrates :D)

We are in search for an average ADC and a Mid-laner who deosn't feed. We speak german and english so communication shouldn't be a problem. If you are interested and want more info please reply.
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2021.12.03 12:35 phenomenal7571 Choose wisely

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2021.12.03 12:35 jomiran What kind of psychopath does this?

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2021.12.03 12:35 LordCrate Golden strings for harp (Cable vs Booster Gold google translated)

My second installment of the series. And bound to be more wacky than the last.
In the middle of Booster Gold you can see the villain sitting on a couch attached to the villain and waving to the media and public. All of a sudden, a guard is seen approaching the hero, which will attract the attention of those around him.
Gold Booster: Hey, right? He's crazy. put on my ring
Cable: You look stupid.
Another X-Man starts to turn right and people follow him. As Neith continued, Michael stopped and turned back.
Gold Booster: Oh, you know. Do you want to fight for power or not to boost your confidence? He is right.
To Cable's surprise, fans chased the criminals.
Gold Booster: No, if you want to fight, fight!
Serdar: The soil dyes your blood.
Gold Booster: Oh…what?
Golden Cable Booster has an internet connection that makes it easy for visitors to access.
Gold Booster: Wait a minute, is this guy really talking?
Nate raised his arms and quickly fired at Michael, using his supernatural powers to exclude anything he saw. In the case of storms, the increase increases the risk of people feeling happier.
Conversely, a cable starts throwing a combo into the air and hitting it to the ground to burn it, but the wing booster wins all the battles before hitting the Cable. Cable develops his network arm and tries to hit the enemy, while Booster Gold uses his tricks to stop time.
Gold Booster: Looks great stupid! You need something
Michael lost a few pounds and hit himself when Nate stopped.
Gold Chair: haha! æj! We'll see ... how much ... you'll fly !!!
The elevator turns on the signal to stop the time, but strangely the cable does not take an inch.
Cable: Beat the girl.
The jump rope hit him and he released the grip before throwing it at a nearby door. Michael screams as he is sent to the distant future flying over his plane. The strap can be seen in a car with a gun.
Gold Presentation: Did You Meet Me Next Week? OR A BETTER WEEK?
At their height, the rope lights a flying weapon and attempts a gun that breaks the string close to it. USB then took control of several planes in the sky and switched them to long-distance carriers. Increase the controls to avoid serious damage by pulling the car over the cable. He starts losing a few pounds before Cable hits.
Cable: I'm done with this post!
USB connects them back to the past and turns them near the mast. When Michael arrived, he found the cable and the forthcoming T-Rex.
Golden victory: Come on, me!
The dinosaur tries to eat Michael, but the animal catches him violently.
Deputy: I started while studying business. The importance of time travel.
Sat R: Hello! This is not right
With this new idea, the appendix stopped working and suddenly disappeared into the dinosaur's mouth. Suddenly there is a lot of gold on the T-Rex.
Give me gold: that's my reason. I'm only fighting with two weapons here!
Security forces marched through the country with ropes and dinosaurs. The country generates power from its weapons and clowns, who use weapons and cause major explosions in the area. When the dust settles, some of the clones start to explode and then the rope is removed.
Cabo: No! Turn off the shield!
Through the media, Cable tries to control his enemies.
Gold collection: No! It's in my hands! Exo! ... Remove ... The answer is difficult! Н!
Pretend Michael needs to change his language, so give him the physical equipment he needs.
East: Moses! Your time is up!
Slide the cable and try to attack the hero, but drop the bomb and see that it is free.
USB: what is it?
Golden Rose: Stop, are you going to kill me? not sad. I give it to you!
The gold planter began to consume precious energy for the body. X-Men are:
Cable: So ... look damn ... your gold cell is crazy!
The principle corresponds to the communication cable. The developer goes back with the news and its authors.
Gold collection: Haha! fantastic microphone!
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2021.12.03 12:35 setsunafseiei88 Need help, Gintama Rumble doesnt works with VitaGrafix

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