A 40k Deathguard Plague Marine I recently completed

2021.12.08 19:23 fingermouse_irl A 40k Deathguard Plague Marine I recently completed

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2021.12.08 19:23 Jrose798 What do you not give as a 10 year anniversary present?

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2021.12.08 19:23 Rocinante1978 Sarah Hyland

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2021.12.08 19:23 mindfulvet Achievement Unlocked

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2021.12.08 19:23 DawsonMaestro414 Massive Anon Salary Survey from TikTok is Creating Transparency

I apologize if this has been posted, but late last night I came across a Tiktok from user Chrristen who is hosting an anon survey asking people's salaries in the name of transparency and empowerment.
I posted mine to add of course and have been going through the google doc absolutely entranced by this information. I thought I was making decent money for my age and suddenly I feel a significant realization that I could be asking for and earning much more.
I believe she is working on getting folks to organize the data; if we could organize by age, years of experience, industry, location etc that would be wild.
Take the anon survey if you want! Explore the data! (yes it loads slowly) Cheers to transparency, empowerment, and higher wages.
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2021.12.08 19:23 istvanmasik Puzsér Róbert: Tóta W. Árpád a kutyák erkölcsét kéri számon

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2021.12.08 19:23 Plane-University2103 is my belly piercing rejecting?

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2021.12.08 19:23 GodspeedAssassin Snowsgiving Update

I see my friends with like the winter sound pack and stuff with everything but no matter what (force update, close and open again, uninstall and reinstall) my discord doesn't have the sound pack or design changes that my friends discord does. This is an issue on the PC App and the browser Discord for me. I force updated today and have the updated server profiles, but still no snowsgiving. Help?
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2021.12.08 19:23 TooSpoooky H: Ve gat laser+Tse50 gp W: Vefms gat laser

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2021.12.08 19:23 telex_bot A Dél-Alföldön még nagyobb gyógyfürdők lesznek, állami milliárdokból fejlesztenek az önkormányzatok

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2021.12.08 19:23 majormeathooks Lost Switches in Las Vegas?

I know this is a long shot, but I’m hoping someone here can help. My girlfriend and I lost our Nintendo Switches on a Grey Line Bus after doing the Grand Canyon Tour on 12/7/21. I had a black V2 switch with 2 red joy-con and various games in a black zippered Nintendo Switch case. My girlfriend had the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch with various games in an Animal Crossing case. I have the serial numbers for both if anyone needs proof, as well as the list of games that were in the cases. They also took my 15 month old sons birth certificate. I’m hoping a good samaritan has somehow found these items and can get them back to us. Thank you so much for all of your help!
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2021.12.08 19:23 NDRRSS NTF game: Foxes vs Chickens chasing eggs

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2021.12.08 19:23 TheCuriousTarget These appear every night. This day, they woke us at exactly 3 AM. The first thumbnail wouldn't save and the one that would came out blurry. What are these orbs?

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2021.12.08 19:23 RadiTheRadi I made a pipis room using u/AxolotlBroski pipis!

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2021.12.08 19:23 bestRedditUserEverrr Making your money work even harder

What are some of the options one can take other than an mutual fund in the stock market to make money work harder but have a similar risk.
I know any answers will be caveated with an increased element of risk but if I was willing to take a slightly higher risk for a something that has, say, averaged 15% per year over the last 30 years, are those sorts of opportunities out there?
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2021.12.08 19:23 Existing-Cherry4948 Adivce For Working in an Out of State Camp?

I have an interview next week for a camp in Vermont (I'm in Florida). I want to know what are some good questions I should ask during the interview? What are some red flags? And what is it like working at an overnight camp that provides housing? What is everyday as a counselor like?
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2021.12.08 19:23 AusCOVID19 Pfizer says lab tests show COVID booster may offer protection against Omicron

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2021.12.08 19:23 CompetitiveBath4862 At home covid test

I plan on doing an at home covid test the day of, do I bring them the whole test or just a picture of the test?
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2021.12.08 19:23 iliketoskatesometime Specs for pc vr

I got Boneworks and Alyx and was wondering if my pc will do okay airlinking to a quest 2 with these specs
Ryzen 5 3600 Gtx 970 ftw (overclocked edition) 16gb ram
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2021.12.08 19:23 spydwg Those eyes

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2021.12.08 19:23 Scumguzzle Ormus robes x2 - mal each

13/12/13 +3 firewall 14 mr 12/15/15 +3 firewall 13 mr
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2021.12.08 19:23 jfofbejd87 My place of work has a dirty pond full of fish. Should I report when for animal abuse?

I recently started working at a plant nursery and there is like a 8'×7' pond full of what look like gold fish and koi fish. The water was so murky i couldn't see the bottom. Should I report this to animal control. Do you think they'd do anything? I dont want to because im afraid id get fired but I dont want them to suffer.
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2021.12.08 19:23 GlisteningGolden COD or God of War?

Hi people! I’m looking to buy either of these for my BF. He mainly plays FPS with 5k on CSGO so I’m leaning towards GOW but I’m not sure. Please Lmk!
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2021.12.08 19:23 lol2798 Can't retrieve JSON from url using javascript

var id; var getIdJSON = function (lat,lng,id) { if(!XMLHttpRequest) { console.log('XHR not supported'); return; } const xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhr.open('POST','http://api.geonames.org/findNearByWeatherJSON?formatted=true&lat='+lat+'&lng='+lng+'&username=twlab&style=full'); xhr.onreadystatechange = function() { if(xhr.readyState == 4 && xhr.status == 200) { const data = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText); id = data.weatherObservation.cloudsCode; } } xhr.send(JSON.stringify({ 'lat': lat, 'lng': lng})); } function changeIcon () { getIdJSON(38.61,-9.17); if(id == "SKC") img.setAttribute("src",link+"clear.svg.png"); if(id == "FEW") img.setAttribute("src",link+"few-clouds.svg.png"); if(id == "SCT") img.setAttribute("src",link+"few-clouds.svg.png"); if(id == "BNK") img.setAttribute("src",link+"showers-scattered.svg.png"); if(id == "CAVOK") img.setAttribute("src",link+"overcast.svg.png"); } 
I've been trough so may iterations of this code, this one was the last, pretty much desperation at this point. I'm new to this concept of retrieving JSON from URL.
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2021.12.08 19:23 pumpum26 @Incredible-goats on OpenSea . Do you want to join the goat community and 1 ETH giveaway? 🐐❤️ comment interested!!

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