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2021.12.03 16:29 One-Awareness2872 My Keybase proof [reddit:one-awareness2872 = keybase:seniormaster] (VGvc4Iv_Rh32-gcAxcaDEs6tZ2r4qBAVqvD2LbyFRaQ)

Keybase proof I am:

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2021.12.03 16:29 Cheshire_Hancock Weird Name Feelings

So, I've been questioning my name for a while now, I've ruled out the one I've been going by for a long time IRL (Skylar) and am thinking about a few others, Kerry, Kai, and Pheonix are the top choices right now, problem is, each one has its own issues, Kerry is a bit close to Carrie and I'm transmasc and hoping to move away from having a name that can be mistaken as femme, Kai is also the name of at least 2 Kpop idols (though I've seen that it also has Scottish origins and means fire, and that would be what I'd be referencing with it myself, but being a Kpop fan, I worry people would get weird about it and not believe me when I say I didn't borrow it from either of them, because people are really sensitive about Koreaboo type behavior, which is reasonable because some people... Some people don't know how to be respectful of another culture while appreciating it, and that causes issues), and I'm not sure how others would take me naming myself Pheonix and not sure it feels like me. I'm also open to other names preferably related to fire, I'm white with Scottish heritage so obviously some names would be inherently off the table and that's why I worry about people wrongly assuming the origins of my choosing the name Kai. I think I like Kai most but also don't want to have to deal with others assuming my intentions in choosing my name or keep explaining the origins every time I introduce myself to other Kpop fans when I do want to interact with them a lot. And yeah, in theory, it's my name and I have every right to choose it how I want, I also know my choice will have effects and people will make assumptions and I get to decide if I want to deal with those or choose a different name and avoid them. So I don't know what to do and would like to have a new name before the Christmas season really gets going for obvious reasons.
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2021.12.03 16:29 In_The_Chat Oxford High School Shooting victim/hero Tate Myers deserves to be awarded a posthumous Medal of Freedom for his sacrifice.

It is from my understanding a common consensus that Tate Myers died a hero's death when he made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his peers from the shooter. Due to his heinous act against this nation and its people, I will not name that shooter; he deserves to die nameless in a prison cell. The possibly unpopular opinion here is that Tate deserves to be awarded the Medal of Freedom, an award that is given to those who "made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." In sacrificing himself to try and disarm the shooter, I feel he has earned this nations respect and gratitude, and should be rewarded accordingly.
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2021.12.03 16:29 FibrousDilemma Moving Google Fiber ONT

I had google fiber installed recently and need to move the box (The ONT? Isn't it just a modem?).

Does anyone know how to remove it from the wall? It feels like all I'd need to do is take the cover off, unscrew it from the wall, disconnect the line coming in, and relocate it a few inches away. Is it that simple?

I tried popping the faceplate off, but I haven't figured out how without risking breaking it (tried sliding the cover for the bottom half down, applying pressure on the sides, prying gently from the top).

Background: I installed a few CAT 6 lines through my house recently and have them coming through a 2" hole in the dry wall in a closet with female connectors that I have connected my router with 1ft normal CAT cables. I haven't had a chance to mount the wall plate and finish the job off, so I told the installer to mount the ONT next next to the hole and to give me space to install the wall plate for my ethernet stuff.

It was a rough install. The guy drilled though a couple of my ethernet lines, had to fix it which required another guy coming out, and it took nearly 6 hours. That was with me helping. Unfortunately, he installed the ONT above the hole for for my ethernet cables so that the bottom of the ONT covers half the hole and the ethernet cables stick out underneath. No way I can finish the ethernet install like that. I didn't make him fix it out of pity - it was that bad.
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2021.12.03 16:29 littlebunbunrin Trading 5x5 must Atleast have albedo in the offer

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2021.12.03 16:29 bestmayne [PS5][EU][BF2042]

PS4 is also okay, just looking for teammates I could play with the PSN voice chat on.
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2021.12.03 16:29 psyexpression Buy

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2021.12.03 16:29 bugabye Trying to figure out what is underneath my husband’s annoyance and anger.

Hi all,
Husband and I have been married for 5 years. Currently going through a bit of a rough patch. We sometimes have difficulty in understanding what the other means, and assume a lot. This particular issue is super petty, but I’m sure there’s something underneath that I can understand and help mitigate.
Today were decorating for Christmas in our new home. We were decorating the tree when left to go put the stockings up and I asked if we could do everything together because it’s my favorite part of Christmas (my mom died last year and decorating for Christmas with the family is my favorite memory). He got annoyed at me and told me I micromanage everything (I don’t - I feel like this is projection on his part. I am super not controlling and he has a lot of micromanaging and controlling tendencies - he admits this readily). I told him I just wanted to do everything together so he stomped over to the tree. I told him he was being rude. He started saying some stuff so I sat on the couch. He kept telling me I was rude and immature and “unbelievable.”
I believe his annoyance may lie in that, when he asks me to do something, I don’t do it right away but will do it at another time. Example: Yesterday he wanted help cleaning. I said I was in the middle of something and to wait a second. Less than 5 minutes later I was helping to clean.
I’m super sad and confused. I know this is a simple example, but is anyone seeing something I’m not please let me know. Sometimes simple examples are the best ones to break down.
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2021.12.03 16:29 ItsLilyEmma I have a question

Hi! I have read All the young dudes, but rhere is one thing that i don't understand. Did Lily realy have feelings for Remus at some moment?? If she did then how....?
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2021.12.03 16:29 KapootisKat1999 Ethereum Abyss ( Listed as an NFT as well )

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2021.12.03 16:29 grievances98 Question about Demon of Dark Schemes (+ Endrek Sahr, etb trigger question)

Ok, say I have [[Endrek Sahr]] on board, plus a sac outlet. I cast [[Demon of Dark Schemes]], and on the cast trigger, I create six 1/1 thrulls. Demon resolves, and then Demon's ETB trigger is put on the stack... I can sac those thrulls before the -2/-2 kicks in, right?
And if I do (say to get mana or something), I do or do not get the energy counters from Demon? My belief is that I don't b/c he hasn't entered the battlefield yet? Or has he, and so the ETB trigger goes AND I'd get the counters?
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2021.12.03 16:29 Dyyrin Can steam and epic games player party and game together in this?

Doing lan party and saw its free on epic might recommend the game if the two platforms can play together.
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2021.12.03 16:29 MeowthMewMew A small street-corner I made :]

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2021.12.03 16:29 a_firstsign Ich starre auf den Ticker, als ob ich dadurch endlich den MOASS auslösen könnte.

Ich habe es verdient, du hast es verdient, endlich wohlhabend zu werden. Wie lange dauert das denn noch? Okay, ich kann warten, Kenny. Du kriegst mich nicht weich, auch wenn ich mir meine Tickersucht nachher nicht mehr abgewöhnen kann. Das war es dann wert.
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2021.12.03 16:29 wrishie I 'quit' and relapse so often that I'm in a perpetually withdrawal state.. Headaches, mental fog, unwillingness to do anything

It sucks. Hope I can successfully quit and stick to it.
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2021.12.03 16:29 awdawdwaw4 r5 crecent beats amos bow?

ive been hearing this and it surprised me cause i didnt expect a f2p bow would out damage a gatcha bow. is it true?
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2021.12.03 16:29 MoshPitDance what the hell is even that? :D

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2021.12.03 16:29 Routine-Impact5129 I think i won the silicon lottery

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2021.12.03 16:29 ragingslav where is the caps center?

i have an appointment today but i don’t really know where to go. i thought it was that place next to wooden and across from the bruin bear statue but they said it’s across from the intramural field?
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2021.12.03 16:29 VRising Now with the Dislike button is gone I find I'm MUCH LESS likely to watch all the way through most videos. Anyone else?

The Dislike button was great in terms of giving a ratio to allow me to determine if the content was of high quality. So before if a video started out slow but had a good ratio I would give it a chance cause I knew what people actually thought of it. I watch a lot of tutorial videos and without knowing that I find I'm way less likely to even complete watching a video cause It's a complete guessing game. Surely YouTube sees this metric cause it would affect whether people actually get to the ads that are embedded in the middle and end of videos.
Is anyone else finding they are skipping through videos much more often?
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2021.12.03 16:29 Strong-Classroom-959 Getting slightly worried about what ofquals grade deflation is going to look like… we’ve missed so much content and have to compete with 2021 grades HOW IS THIS OKAY?

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2021.12.03 16:29 Post-YouTube Video: Apply to bring Verdict with Ted Cruz to YOUR campus | Spring 2022

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2021.12.03 16:29 TheOtakuX So this looks normal, right?

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2021.12.03 16:29 g3ddis Violence

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2021.12.03 16:29 kingtristan96 My Shepard Mix’s (1/3 border collie) really likes lifting up her foot like she is some kind of pointer, it’s adorable to me.

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