Does anyone know what this is ? 330ci

2021.12.05 15:10 AythPlug Does anyone know what this is ? 330ci

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2021.12.05 15:10 oxcent a motion comic I just created for my class

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2021.12.05 15:10 bast1038 Celsius referral

free money with Celsius Network app. Celsius Network is an app for earning interest on your cryptocoins up to 12%. Check the rates on Celsius website If you sign up using a referral link they offer $50 free in BTC after you deposit the equivalent of $400 in cryptocurrencies on the app. In addition you can also enter promo codes: ADA40 (40 dollars cardano when you deposit 400 dollars worth of cardano) BNB40 (when you deposit 400 worth of BNB) STABLE10 when you deposit 50 dollars worth of any stablecoin) lastly STABLE50 (when you deposit 400 worth of any stablecoin). Note that all of these require you to keep the sent amount for one month before withdrawing.
you can use them Register using code 1249145d29 in the app( * Verify your ID in the app * Go to your profile in the app and choose ‘Enter a promo code’. Deposit at least the equivalent of $400 in cryptocurrency to get the full bonus. I recommend depositing a stablecoin like USDC or TGBP if you want no risk of the crypto going down in value. * After one month hours the $50 BTC referral bonus will be deposited to your account, and after 30 days the other money from the codes! On top you will also get the interest :slight_smile:
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2021.12.05 15:10 Msoelv Preparing premade dice for molding.

Im about to try making dice for the first time, however i spend all my money on materials and equipment. So i can't afford a proper master set.
I ordered these for making molds
Now ofcause this wil be for personal use only and some for friends and family. My question is what should i do to prepare them besides sanding should i remove ve paint, and if so how do i go about that. I saw someone on YT using something calles "simple green" but i live outside the US and have no access to that
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2021.12.05 15:10 Danizn Flags for Cities of Turkey 2 - Flag of Burdur

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2021.12.05 15:10 Comfortable-Sun5640 [Academic] Mental health in youths (anyone)

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2021.12.05 15:10 lifehousefan Mary & Romain's Wedding Appreciation, Christine in Seasons 1&2

I've been rewatching the show after finishing the latest season because obviously I couldn't get enough! Now that we know Mary and Romain so much better after 4 seasons, I got emotional watching their wedding this time around. The house was beautiful and it was amazing that Mary had a showing on her wedding day. When she made her vows in French, Romain's family looked so happy and encouraging. Jason was crying (so sweet!). Maybe I'm too emotionally invested in this show now lol. Or like Heather said, I love weddings!
Christine was such a good villain in the first two seasons. She did make some bitchy moves, but I found her tolerable and occassionally funny even. Her styling wasn't ridiculously over the top back then. Didn't expect her personality and storyline to spiral into what it is now. At least it was fun to watch her back then, but now I get second hand embarassment.
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2021.12.05 15:10 moviescoremedia 🎶Classical Music Diary, December 5: Berlioz, Britten, Janacek etc...

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2021.12.05 15:10 mrSquarepenny Looking at the Blue Sun

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2021.12.05 15:10 avocado_avocadovich TOP 10 NFT projects by trading volume for last week

TOP 10 NFT projects by trading volume for last week TOP 10 NFT projects by trading volume for last week Source: Avocado Research ∞
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2021.12.05 15:10 eienOwO Fast stutter with Paperspace/Parsec

So I created a machine using the basic Parsec template for a RTX4000, fps is fairly well, even though it fluctuates between 60 - 20-ish for some reason.
The biggest gripe is when running a game the image often stutters back to half a second before, like a man unsure of whether to step forward of not, which is infuriating.
Presumably this isn't a hardware lag issue, because the gameplay is otherwise smooth as hell, but it's as if some frames are late, but still jump in after later frames have been displayed? Does that make sense?
Decode 4ms Encode 10 Network 24, bitrate stuck around 5.5Mbps even though I'm on Ethernet and Steam Link tested allows for 60Mbps, not sure if relevant.
Tried to Google but can't find any relevant answers, can anyone help?
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2021.12.05 15:10 YTRigenix Cherryton Academy

If Cherryton Academy was a real school you can go to in real life, would go there?
View Poll
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2021.12.05 15:10 Yaboidan13 Watch the animations if you haven't, they're God tier.

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2021.12.05 15:10 27Ari27 Need advice on whether or not I’m being unreasonable when it comes to COVID contact

My family has been planning on attending a local festival for weeks. We are coming from three different households, this is important (everyone in this scenario is vaccinated):
Household 1: Aunt, two uncles, grandma, and cousin Household 2: Me, my mom, and my dad Household 3: My girlfriend
Household 1 had a covid outbreak a few weeks before we were supposed to go when my grandma and both uncles tested positive. One of my uncles (we’ll call him Uncle 1) had it bad and was hospitalized for a few days. They are all on the mend now. Grandma and uncle 2 are all better but refused to get tested again. It has been two weeks so they are calling themselves recovered. Uncle 1 has had other complications (some related and some not). We are unsure if he is still positive because other medical issues took priority, but either way he is unable to attend the festival.
The festival is tonight and last night my aunt tested positive with no symptoms. Her and my cousin who has been in close contact are also now not attending.
My grandma and uncle 2 still want to attend the festival. They believe they have immunity because they have recovered. But my girlfriend and I are extremely uncomfortable with this as they have been in the same household as someone who has just recently tested positive and never officially tested out of quarantine. We are their ride to the festival so it would be close contact.
Am I being unreasonable? Is it safe to attend the festival with them?
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2021.12.05 15:10 sav-art Everybody hates zote

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2021.12.05 15:10 KittensSquared Why do some professors give extra credit points for filling out evaluations?

I’m just wondering why some professors chose to do this versus not doing so. My prof recently changed his mind to give points, which was surprising to me.
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2021.12.05 15:10 DelishIcedEspresso Party matchmaking issue

So I tried to play with my friend earlier and everytime I invited them the game would say that they joined the lobby but i couldnt see them so we tried multiple times until we could finally see each other in the lobby and it didnt work anyway because when I started the queue they said that they could see me looking for a match but the queue time didnt appear for them at all and so when the queue popped they couldnt accept.. we tried everything like restarting the clients,changing party leader, making the party open so the other one would join, etc I just want to know if anyone knows how to fix this or if its something happening with na servers
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2021.12.05 15:10 ColumbiaMax77 Yum

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2021.12.05 15:10 D3Styler Congrats on your first song to hit 100,000,000 plays on Spotify !

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2021.12.05 15:10 NuadhaArgetlam What does a Post-Moass and Economy look like?

Curious as to everyone's speculations and theories behind this. As this may/will be be the largest transfer of wealth in history, once the fires are settled and bank accounts full... what do things look like? For banks, for the markets, to the buying power of our # number size funds.
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2021.12.05 15:10 PM_UR_DUBOIS_FANFICS Blake Wheeler's iconic "diving" goal

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2021.12.05 15:10 Deiku Found my old Ace Kart 2i on my old Ds Lite!

Unfortunately the DS lite doesn't have a charger but I do have my old DSi. How do i obtain the Firmware to update it for DSi?
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2021.12.05 15:10 Professor-ahoy The fuck is this

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2021.12.05 15:10 disgirlsonfyr People downvoted me for liking this song

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2021.12.05 15:10 MJB900 Friend.

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