....She left like, a steal the effects of Lovecraftian fiction, and Charles Ng was caused by Rodolfo Martnez.

2021.11.27 11:00 vampirical_data ....She left like, a steal the effects of Lovecraftian fiction, and Charles Ng was caused by Rodolfo Martnez.

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2021.11.27 11:00 OctavianRim Introducing new races VS fleshing out existing ones

If you had a say on which aspect to focus, would you want see new sentient races to play their part in the next ME game or would you rather stick with the existing ones?
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2021.11.27 11:00 _Pitter-Patter_ Finally found a place to convert my non-EU vaccination certificate to the EU (digital COVID) certificate!

Hi guys! For those struggling to get there vaccination certificates converted to the EU one, I finally found a place: Grüne Apotheke in Charlottenburg. It is literally next to the U-bahn - Wilmersdorfer Strasse station. You just need to show your vaccination card/certificate and your Anmeldung. Good luck!
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2021.11.27 11:00 BigPP77 Kureiji Ollie twitterspace archive

anyone knows the archive?
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2021.11.27 11:00 sevenhunterAMVs Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry AMV My Demons

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2021.11.27 11:00 NCAABBallPoster Game thread: Maryland vs. Louisville [10:00 AM EST]

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2021.11.27 11:00 tylerdav42 Issue with reading data into Matlab

For some coursework, I need to read in an excel table with values (Val1-Val15) and use a decision tree of IF statements to determine things.
However, when I read the data into Matlab, as circled in the image, some values aren't recognised as numerical (I think). So instead of them being read as 1 or 3, they are being read as '1' or '3'.
This is causing some IF statements to fail.
I'm wondering if anyone knows how to deal with this, without tampering/treating the incoming data?
From a google search I seen there's a function "cell2mat" but I couldn't get this working, perhaps it's not the right one.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.27 11:00 Otherwise_Basis_6328 Anthony Menzia - Omnibot

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2021.11.27 11:00 qznc_bot2 City View Center – A shopping center built on toxic land (2020)

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2021.11.27 11:00 Christhememegodman Another Teaser for Fictional Fights

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2021.11.27 11:00 Hackedandemptied My Binance US account was hacked and emptied in front of my eyes and nobody helped $260,000 gone!

Did everybody have a great Thanksgiving? I hope so, I certainly didn’t. I started getting hundreds of notifications on my phone of mini trades that were taking place on my BinanceUS account. I tried to logon through my phone and I couldn’t sign on, not facial recognition, not my password nothing. Even though my access became locked because I tried so many times the trades were still happening. The rate of notifications had me shaking. I went to binance support to create a ticket because there was no way to call anyone or even send an urgent email. Their response was that it may take a while for somebody to get back to me because they were busy. Meanwhile now the trades were turned into BTC and I kept getting email notifications do I approve these transfers out of my binance Account and I had no way to say no. The hackers also had full control of my email they would use the approval code they were getting from binance and Then deleting the emails so I wouldn’t see them. Meanwhile I would get a message from Binance US That said my account had been locked. And then another Message that said All trading on my account has been suspend it due to suspicious activity. And I continued to watch the notifications coming in a more and more trades and more and more withdrawls of BTC until my entire life savings of $260,000 was gone. However this didn’t just destroy my life it also destroyed the life of my child as it was her college fund that I was trying to build. She is a genius and wants to go to MIT and work on crypto technology. Now I have nothing and Binance won’t help. They created a ticket asked for a video and a long questionnaire which I have sent them. But nobody has responded. Every time I add something to the ticket they just have an automated comment, your ticket has been updated. Has anybody had this happen to them? Can anyone please help if you have contacts Binance?
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2021.11.27 11:00 Suff-Turn Venezolanos en Chile - Instagram o Grindr?

Venezolanos en Chile - Instagram o Grindr? Hace unos días hablaba con amigos (venezolanos en Chile) en un bar sobre el Instagram como la nueva forma para encuentros en Santiago de Chile, y uno comenta que un tipo siempre le habla y lo invita a su depa en Los Leones y que le dice que tiene plata y cosas asi. Al rato descubrimos que a los 5 que estabamos en esa reunión de amigos, nos escribió el mismo chamo por Instagram hahahaha, y consultando con otros amigos a ellos también, parece que es conocido en la app, y siempre da varios likes para que tú le hables, y si no lo sigues, te quita el follow y te vuelve a seguir hahah. ¿A alguien más le ha mandado ofertones de sexo con "copiar y pegar"? En Instagram está como Neto, se ve bien, pero es bien "chantita" como dicen aca
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2021.11.27 11:00 LortoCaciuppo Blessed_Chemistry

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2021.11.27 11:00 reznovskaya It's not a phase mom!

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2021.11.27 11:00 PCJs_Slave_Robot /r/Plex's Share Your Build Thread - 2021-11-27

Want to show off your build? Got a sweet shiny new case? Show it off here!
Regular Posts Schedule

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2021.11.27 11:00 Laytlebg Good luck on getting the skin everyone! Hope I can get it for tomorrow.

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2021.11.27 11:00 Heart-of-the-Ocean Cell vs Android 17/18

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2021.11.27 11:00 Ledess31 Eyes candy (I slightly increased the vibrancy of the colors)

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2021.11.27 11:00 gowonequalgoddess I've been away for 2 months, um what the heck happened at BBC?

two months ago, there i was thinking "this is the perfect time to take a break, since they just came back there wont be that much content for the next couple months. " oh boy was i wrong. i came back to a whole new world. before i left orbits seemed to be more upset with bbc than ever for two reasons, 1. multiple members had expressed their frustration in digital fanmeets that bbc doesn't let them do anything, and those clips were shared on twitter so everyone saw them. 2. one staff member, i think a choreographer, said they havent gotten paid for months. that's the last i know of the situation. twitter orbits were saying loona is on the brink of disbandment because bbc is going to go bankrupt and were asking elon musk to save us. can someone fill me in on how we went from that to practically daily vlives? we've gotten more vlives in the past month than we did in all of 2020 and at this rate soon it'll be more than all of the last 3 years combined. what happened at bbc???
i need to catch up on some other things too, like the hula hoop mv which was AMAZING. the only mv i watched 5 times in a row as soon as i saw it and still wasnt bored of it. there are so many small references and details, was there any compilation thread for them? some things im wondering about are why hula hoops are portals and what the sentences in different languages in the loonatheworld.exe windows meant (I google translated some of them but some didnt make sense and some I can't type)
and if there was other stuff that was especially funny or noteworthy please let me know!
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2021.11.27 11:00 erer1243 Currently, it's November 27, 2021 at 09:00AM

Currently, it's November 27, 2021 at 09:00AM
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2021.11.27 11:00 Arnadus [BETA] ⬆ Beta Finance +1.13% in 5 minutes.+8.48% in 24 hours . Volume +0.56% in 5 minutes

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2021.11.27 11:00 Andrevery Wish me luck

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2021.11.27 10:59 REVDRCOOK Newegg Finally Confirms that it will Accept Shiba Inu Payments

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2021.11.27 10:59 tandemelevator Best focal lenght / filter size for Bolex Anamorphot 8/19/1.5x

Hi everyone. I'm new in this sub.
This week I got extremely lucky when I found a fair condition Bolex Anamorphot for about $30.
I'm planning to buy one of these adapters https://rafcamera.com/adapter-m49x0-75m-to-m24x0-5f-bi and maybe a specific lens as a sort of semi-permanent anamorphic setup.
What focal distance should I choose? I understand that I should stay away from wide lenses.
What about an unmodified Helios 44 58mm?
Would this setup cover a BMPCC 6K sensor whitout vignetting?
Thank you!
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2021.11.27 10:59 Putha Meca attacda?

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