2021.12.03 22:02 T4CO_Feet sus

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2021.12.03 22:02 cagrionfiyah over-quotation is not funny

really, every comment in this sub being some kind of a quote from the show is not funny. yes i know the show has some great lines and some of them are hilarious, but it's ridicilously overused and NOT FUNNY. hell, i even cannot enjoy that scene after seeing all that varsity athlete comments. it's NOT FUNNY everyone STOP IT
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2021.12.03 22:02 chrisjbillington ACT R_eff as of December 4th, with daily cases and restrictions. Latest estimate: R_eff = 0.72 ± 0.11. Plus projected effect of vaccination rollout. (images with both linear and log scales)

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2021.12.03 22:02 iBackMovieClips Man Puts Hand In Molten Metal and Survived

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2021.12.03 22:02 fafofe Questions are welcome now

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2021.12.03 22:02 Eastern_Inside_6708 Where do i start EW role quests?

Namely, tank in this case.
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2021.12.03 22:02 Aymong_McDrippler Wouldn't it make sense for Yakone to have more than two kids?

Pretty much the title. If Yakone's goal was to have his kids use their bloodbending to avenge him, wouldn't it make sense for him to raise more than two? Just Noatak and Tarrlok are lethal as is, now imagine there are several daytime bloodbenders terrorizing the city. For the purposes of this post let's assume that Yakone's wife would have been ok having more than just two kids. Thoughts?
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2021.12.03 22:02 Allinardo Forza Removed An Accolade Instead of Fixing It

Exactly as the title says. There was an accolade for drift zones called "Angle of Attack" that did not work even upon completing its requirements. Of course this is only one of about a dozen accolades with this problem, so I submitted a support ticket.
As of today's update, the accolade "Angle of Attack", which requires you to get a score of 100k at the Precipice Drift Zone, is just no longer in the game. So instead of resolving a seemingly simple bug within the game, the developers decided it wasn't worth the effort and just removed the accolade altogether.
This attitude makes me sad. I'm worried the other broken accolades will be resolved in the same way.
Here is a link to my request
And a video of the accolade not working
And a more recent one that as of now has no response
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2021.12.03 22:02 NewsElfForEnterprise Creek that drains into Congaree River turns red after fuel spill in downtown Columbia

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2021.12.03 22:02 deseven 2-bay 2.5-inch NAS with ODROID-HC4

This is a continuation of my previous post, where I was looking for an affordable 2-bay 2.5-inch NAS.
I've successfully built a NAS with ODROID-HC4, custom case and openmediavault. Here's my summarized experience:

  1. OS support and documentation are pretty bad, even though HC4 was released a whole year ago. Many sections in the official wiki are empty or contain outdated information. The only officially supported Linux distro is Ubuntu 20.04, but since omv doesn't support it, it's pretty useless. I haven't managed to boot Armbian, because the included bootloader can't boot it and I haven't succeeded with provided workarounds (I guess that's again because a lot of information is outdated). What did work for me is a custom Debian Buster image built by one of the forum members. It works great and supports all of the HC4 hardware, but relying on just one volunteer for future updates is kinda scary.
  2. Drives thermals are terrible with the included case, the temperature easily goes up to 50°C/122°F. The provided fan is the most pathetic and useless piece of cooling I ever saw. It does absolutely nothing on lower RPMs and is incredibly noisy at full throttle. Hardkernel made it even worse by blocking as much airflow as they could. Seriously, just look at this.
  3. Custom case obviously has much more potential to have a better cooling overall, but this tiny fan is not up to the task again. Without it temps go up to 60°C/140°F and with it they are roughly the same as in the original case. First thing I'm going to do is to replace it with a decent 50 mm one.
  4. CPU thermals are fine with or without the fan, in both the included and custom cases. You don't need any active cooling for your usual NAS tasks at all.
  5. The performance is good, both SATA interfaces work just fine and it's more than enough to fill the included gigabit ethernet interface. The CPU is a bit slower than the one in RPi4 (according to benchmarks), but you probably won't notice that if you plan to use it as a NAS. 4GB of RAM is more than enough - with omv, home assistant and a bunch of other services I barely touch 2GB mark, plenty of room for experiments and potential functionality.
Overall, I'd say this is a good starting point for DIY home NAS, but expect that it's not going to be as easy as it looks like. Not that you have any other cheap options to build a compact 2-bay 2.5-inch NAS anyway...
Oh yeah, speaking about cheap, here's what I spent:
Total: $276.90
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2021.12.03 22:02 ashcatash Rate Me!

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2021.12.03 22:02 Randomn_nesss I love this song 😻😻

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2021.12.03 22:02 blingxpinkmr 💲 You have to spend your crypto somehow !!💲| $TRENDY | New Token for E-Commerce TrendyStore | The token you can spend on luxury products | Redistribution, BuyBack and Anti-Bot system.

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🛍️ We launched the beta of the store on 1st November, and gradually more and more brands and more luxury products will be added, such as clothing, jewelry and watches from the best brands.
🙏 The team is based and available to answer all your doubts or questions in a transparent way, without being labeled as a fudder or banning you!
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🤝 Marketing: 3%
All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.12.03 22:02 Al_the_Collector What is like being “popular”?

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2021.12.03 22:02 Cahscjfm Dulce😘😘

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2021.12.03 22:02 crispasivo 🤭

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2021.12.03 22:02 treydestepheno Last year must have been great for amateur ventriloquists and terrible for professional ventriloquists

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2021.12.03 22:02 Haroldkumar1149 Serbia and Russia pledge to combat 'color revolutions'

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2021.12.03 22:02 codm_arts Need help with drivers

Need help with drivers Attaching an image below to explain it visually.
I have 2 bones, upper and lower. I want it so that if i rotate the upper bone in local z axis, the lower bone should rotate in local z axis but in the opposite direction. I tried copying drivers and putting a ' - ' but it didnt work as expected.
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2021.12.03 22:02 digitallyfree [See What I Can't See] - Chapter 26

First - Previous - Next
I played with my radio as Gil spoke with some men at a counter, their voices echoey but not distinct. The monochrome display lit instantly with a green glow and the indicator read fifty-five percent. Serviceable.
On a hunch, I switched to the broadcast bands and was surprised to pick up a bunch of FM stations. Probably they had a repeater strung up in the cavern, retransmitting signals from up top. I quickly tuned into Atlantis Radio and turned down the volume. The capitalist mouthpiece was at the very least consistent.
The music played in the background, but I was interested in the data on the sidebands. Back home, we had to wait for the host to read the news. Here, you could wait a couple minutes and download the paper - something I hadn't bothered to do since my escape.
I suppose the Internet and mobiles have made all this moot, but those don't work well in the Underground. Burns definitely spoiled me. Slow digital text worked great even when the actual FM signal was mostly static.
The radio greeted me with a small menu, with tags for local news, business, and so forth. I scrolled through the local section and found nothing related to Burns. A full-text search of the downloaded database also came up empty.
Of course, there was the usual political drivel. Sports scores. Celebrities. God forbid, I hate the tabloids.
A banner at the top of my screen stated that a full week's archive would be broadcast once every four hours. I didn't have high hopes for that, and the lack of media attention boggled my mind. Perhaps the Kettle had devised a way to shield the battle from outsiders.
I switched over to the VHF packet bands when Gil greeted me and started driving. He pointed me to a couple frequencies, including the virtual club hosted by the Backwater Bar right here in Prosperity. I would end up spending more time than I'd liked there, the geographically restricted transceiver providing some sort of community. Only people within range of the bar could participate.
The repeater saved our messages and spat out a short history every couple minutes so everyone would be in the loop. I wandered into a conversation about, well, me.
mistymage > did anyone see the new elf? jasper > yeah she just left the clinic mistymage > shes kinda cute and has a machinegun mistymage > wonder what shes up to here
Creeps. The user "jasper" had digitally signed their messages, "mistymage" was anonymous. Backwater was open to all. I spun my head around, trying to catch a glimpse of someone typing on a radio. My efforts were futile.
Iris met me at the door of her shack, a two-story unit made of steel and boards. A concrete planter with glow lamps took up most of what you could call the front yard.
"Esther!" she cried. Before I knew it, she'd climbed on the running board and enveloped me in a long hug. "I'm glad you made it."
I was surprised by the sudden touch, my muscles actually tensing subconsciously even though my mind didn't register a threat. Now I'm not going to say that I'd never felt physical affection, but it's rare in Arnela. And practically nonexistent in the businesslike environment of Burns.
She also had that kind of energy around her that was definitely infectious. Gil seemed to act more open and outgoing when they were together. I got up, swinging my rifle over my shoulder and grabbing the hospital milk crate from the back.
"Good to see you too," I replied, forcing a tired smile. "How are you?"
"I wanted to come see you at the clinic, but I had to go out of town - duty calls. Come in!"
She seemed happy and all, a world away from the desperate thoughts she'd pushed into my mind in the Underground. Along with that strange music which captivated me.
Was it a deal gone wrong? An escape? Whatever it was, it had ended in a messy fight and an attempted rape. You couldn't really fake those emotions modulated in the ether.
Or was this all a setup, drawing me in to take out her enemies while she played the victim?
As I stepped through the wooden doorway, I thought I saw a sinister expression on her face, one hiding behind her mask. I'd trusted them before, but the facade was falling fast.
Hell, did I murder four people just cause I felt something was off? Thomas - the foster father, not the Coalition agent - would be furious.
Those thoughts faded away, and I looked down to see Iris's well, irises staring into mine. Her hands were slowly shaking my shoulder while Gil concernedly stood at her side.
"Hello there," she said softly. "Thought we lost you there, you were dazed for ten seconds or so."
Ten seconds? Something was wrong with me, causing my mind to register a blank.
"She needs to rest," I heard Gil say.
"I'm on it," Iris replied. Her voice was distant.
Then the music started up, this time a soft melody of woodwinds combined with the crashing of water. A falls? Before I'd knew it, I'd staggered over to the double bed at the end of the room and sprawled out on my stomach. Flip flops, rifle, and all.
I woke to giggles this time, accompanied by the yellow glow of the artificial sun hanging from the high ceiling. Those were popular at Burns too. I turned my head to see Iris and Gil tangled up in a pile of sheets on the floor.
"Excuse us," Iris said with a chuckle. She cast, levitating a large patchwork quilt up on its side until it formed a curtain between my bed and what was probably the den. That was followed by more bouts of laughter as arms reached out from underneath the barrier to grab the clothes strewn all across the floor.
"That must have been... quiet," I managed to mutter.
"Oh, you were out like a light," Iris replied nonchalantly. "You did take our usual spot though."
It was damned clear they were in a relationship, but married or not I wasn't sure. Again, this wasn't Arenla - Atlantean TV dramas had taught me something.
My mind was at ease today, almost as if my helmet of burden had spun into mist. The feelings of uncertainty and regret since my escape seemed to be out of grasp. Even the physical pain from yesterday was mostly gone.
The only thing that felt empty now was my tank. I'd siphoned off a good amount last night to heal subconsciously.
"Let's make some breakfast," Gil said. He was in a T-shirt and shorts, and was barefoot. So was Iris. It seemed like they left their shoes at the door - a city and suburbs thing. I suppose that also made the floor clean enough to sleep on.
Iris flung open the refrigerator, a repurposed Coca-Cola display case that I'd seen in stores up top. Gil held a greased pan ready as she popped open a carton and plucked five eggs out.
Her other hand cast a barrier, the translucent field wrapping around the eggs like a bubble. She drew it tighter and tighter, her brow furrowing as the eggs began to crack.
It was at this moment when I realized there was a strong field conveniently placed over the galvanized trash can in the corner. One which would soak up anything that was appropriately tagged.
With a poof of magic the barrier imploded, the force driving yellow liquid out the bottom and into the pan. The shells whizzed around the room, eventually hitting the angled plate above the trash can and falling in. Inside the pan was a perfectly homogeneous mass of yolk.
"That's the Iris special, perfectly beaten," Gil announced as she grinned. "Better than the whisk - or god forbid, dirty magical fingers."
He put the skillet on an electric hotplate and added some sausage and mushrooms. The sliced ingredients were delicately thin, less than a millimeter tall. A small bag of them covered the entire pan.
I mean, it's all about looks these days.
Gil checked his phone while Iris took over the stove and I set the table. The device was more of a PDA than a mobile, around six inches tall and four wide. It sported a full keyboard, greyscale display, and had a coiled cable connecting it to a beltpack with two whip antennas.
He caught me looking and turned the unit to face me.
"This works in Zone III, and doesn't cost a fortune. You also can use it as a digital radio if you have an external module." He tapped the device on his belt. "Better than the iPhones that fizz out in Zone II - unless you sell your kidneys or something for a hardened edition."
"Or if you're good enough to shield it," I quipped.
"No way," Iris said from the kitchenette. "Then again, I've seen what you can do."
"I can't," I stammered. Like I actually couldn't, probably Sian was the only one I knew who could pull that off. The wild magics of nature weren't intended to be held at equilibrium.
"You sure? Your secret's safe with us." Wow, this was awkward.
"I really can't," I answered firmly. Just like that, the tone of the room had shifted.
"And here's our... breakfast!" Gil suddenly said. He brought the finished dish over, and my mind softened as it began to salivate. You see, you eat with your eyes first.
Yeah, I'd had similar at Burns. But that was impersonal, cooked at scale to serve twenty at scheduled mealtimes. Here it felt right and reminded me of home. And that's what made it smell and taste so good.
Along with the giant omelet, we had a small basket of buttered toast infused with olive oil. More magic I didn't notice. The main dish was sliced like a pie and the toast was a free-for-all. Both were finished in a flash.
We didn't talk too much as we ate, beyond the occasional joke and question. I noticed how Iris didn't use her utensils at all - a beam from her fingers replaced the knife, a bit of arcane force was her fork.
In Arnela, mage children were asked to eat regularly out of respect for those who had no choice. Even in Burns with a full complement of mages we didn't do that. Here, Iris treated her meal like a magical canvas - and I was awed by it. Every motion was natural and fluid and my eyes lingered for longer than I'd liked, despite how strange it felt.
"You should try this yourself," Iris said with a smile, seemingly reading my mind. "I've seen some Youtubers literally racking up views treating their lunch as a performance art."
Gil rolled a desktop computer over to the table, and we ended up watching a suited human mage livestreaming from some office tower up in Atlantis City. A crowd gathered around him in the cafeteria as he proceeded to turn a shrink-wrapped sandwich into ten little steaming buns. All with his hands behind his back.
"The Gourmet Businessman," Gil announced in a dramatic tone. "I'm surprised his boss hasn't sacked him by now."
"He's famous enough to start a boycott if they did," Iris replied.
I was disappointed when the phone rang, sending us away from the computer and into a frenzy as we rushed to meet the Mayor. Those two had forgotten completely and his secretary actually had to call us.
We may have just been watching some shitty videos, but I was feeling the camaraderie I'd been missing for months. Sergei was kind and pushed me, but we didn't fool around. Ditto for Thomas. Maybe it was because they were older and more wooden, or perhaps it was the culture.
Iris and Gil were in their mid-twenties, and acted young. For a moment I thought back of Winan, Mela, and other friends my age. Peers whom I'd shared a life with - only to watch it all burn away in a burst of dragonfire.
A event that likely had something to do with me. Me!
"Esther?" Iris said sharply. She raised the quilt again, blocking off the back of the shack. "I borrowed some clothes from Shane next door - his wife is around your size. You can't go running around in that crappy robe they call a hospital gown. Or flip-flops."
"How about my old clothes?"
"That stuff should be burned - and we did just that." She winked at me, mentally motioning towards a rusty drum in the yard. "It's unhygienic and also acts as evidence. Don't worry, we emptied the pockets first."
"What pockets?" I'd worn a T-shirt and leggings when shit hit the fan.
"The stuff on your bandolier, webbing, whatever you call it. We burned that too and cleaned everything else. Everything's in your Nike bag in the milk crate - we should probably return that."
"We washed the bag, by the way," Gil added. "It's thick nylon and the only thing worth keeping."
I signed, though I suppose there was some point to what they'd said. Now if they burned my old Arnelan garb, I'd be livid. Those were probably still rotting in my wardrobe in the bunker. I took the proffered shopping bag and climbed behind the curtain, climbing into jeans and a red plaid shirt. Miner style that seemed to stick around in Prosperity.
Iris must've had a good eye or something, since it fit well. The tennis shoes were loose but serviceable after I tightened the laces. I quickly fixed my hair in the mirror and lowered the quilt to see them more or less prepared and ready.
Gil placed that huge phone into a pocket on his fisherman's vest, the cable still connected to the box on his belt. On his hip was a blued large-frame revolver - probably .44 or .45. Two speedloaders sat in his vest pockets.
I plucked my bag from the milk crate and unhooked the zipper from the keychain hanging near the strap. An anti-pickpocketing measure, and one I'd never used. Looks like one of then had affixed it for me. Inside, everything was as I'd left it - and more.
The motions of arming up every morning slipped into my mind as buckled by twin blades on the sides of my belt. I carefully drew them together, ensuring the leather scabbards wouldn't snag.
Everything had been cleaned - there were no blood splotches on the handle from that little explosion I'd caused. So was the sharpened steel itself. The inate magic of the daggers thrummed into my fingers through the fitted grips.
"Luckily I took care of those," Gil whispered to Iris. "Else we'd have to wait for her to get all the blood off."
Two magazines went on my belt between the blades, the nylon holders thankfully washed and untouched. I had to turn them sideways so they wouldn't press into my thighs if I sat.
Finally I slung the SAR and chambered a round. I hit the release, dropped the mag, and slipped a loose cartridge in before slapping it back into place. I hadn't charged the weapon since loading it in the hospital, but it now felt prudent to do so. Every second and every bullet mattered.
Ideally I should've cleaned and oiled the thing - I saw a kit lying around in the shack. There wasn't time for that though, and I picked up my bag just as Iris shooed me out the door and into the cart.
"I kinda expected you to bring everything - guns and all," she said with a laugh. "By now I'm sure they're all wondering who you are." She paused. "Esther."
We parked at the concrete compound once again, but this time at another gate. Gil led us past a couple darkened stalls towards a rather nondescript steel door with the words MAYOR stamped on a brass plaque. A bored guard with a shotty nodded to us and swung the door open.
I froze momentarily as a flickering orange and yellow glow flowed out from behind the opening door. Memories of the burning Regal burst to the forefront of my mind.
Then I could see inside the room, and my heartbeat calmed as I saw the large stone fireplace along the back wall. Not an inferno, just a couple logs. Combined with the patterned wallpaper and rough tile, the place had a pretty homely feel to it.
My eyes panned around in a flash, my body reveling in the comforting warmth. A large desk commanded the center, surrounded by several comfortable chairs. In a corner two aides were busily typing away on their computers. There was also a small bar and a sitting area in front of the fireplace with several couches.
Sitting behind the desk was the Mayor himself, an olive-skinned dwarf in his fifties with graying hair. My gaze quickly passed over him and instead locked on the human male at the Mayor's left. Both were staring intently at a small map in a binder.
The man was in his thirties, probably Middle Eastern but I wasn't good with these things. A weak mage like the Mayor. He looked up at me, and my mind swirled as our eyes met. I'd seen him before, and from his expression he'd felt the same.
"You should've been dead," he said with a deep accent. He moved around the desk, a hand on the surface for support. Clearly limping.
I recognized him now, and I felt my magic bubble up while my right hand touched the hilt of my blade. This was the man we'd rescued in the Barrows with a dragon on his tail.
Right before shit blew up and turned my world upside down.
One thing I really like about the world of Magsci is the divide between high-tech and low-tech – and all the shades of gray in between. All the way from modern silicon to vacuum tubes and even stuff like precision clockwork and fluidics.
The wireless spectrum in Atlantis is regulated, but primarily license-free. Protocols and modulation are also flexible provided that the radio meets power, bandwidth, and potentially carrier sensing or similar requirements. The bandwidth and spectrum won’t get any better, but the tech gets smarter. Thus you get interesting stuff like downloadable news over FM sidebands (basically where HD Radio signals are today) and packet radio chatrooms confined to a local area. Paging is common too, by sending a VHF signal to a community repeater that retransmits the text message at high power. High-speed 3G+ data networks are really only viable in Zone I conditions.
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2021.12.03 22:02 jamicanmonkey Help with Tactical Tailor rr5100

Anyone familiar with setting up this kind of malice pack? It doesn’t connect to the frame at the bottom like other variants I’ve seen.
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2021.12.03 22:02 tritinh [Unknown > English] Pls help find some meaning. Found in S.E.A.

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2021.12.03 22:02 random17264 [18/M] Looking for people to chat/game with and hopefully become great friends ^_^

So first off my hobbies/interests are mainly gaming, drawing, movies/anime (my all time fav is hellsing ultimate and would love to rewatch it with someone and I mainly watch horror movies). I listen to music basically 24/7, I am a metalhead so i would love to talk to other metalheads too. When it comes to gaming I mainly play DBD right now but I have a bunch of other games that I would like to play with others. Also a huge fan of horror stuff I have been reading Junji Ito's mangas and Lovecraft recently, and I love them. I guess I also like to collect weeb stuff lol. We can also just talk about random stuff if you want, vent if to me if you would like to, I love helping people out. So basically that's it, if you are interested DM me. Please be around my age and if possible don't start with just "hi" c:
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2021.12.03 22:02 jraccap Can my Spouse apply for a TD visa after I have a TN visa issued?

Hello everyone. So here’s my dilemma…
I received a job offer in which I will require a TN visa. I’d like to bring my current fiancée with me. For that we would need to marry and have proof of marriage so she can apply for a TD visa.
We would need to rush the marriage for that to happen. Is it possible to apply for a TD visa some time after I have the TN visa issued? Say, a month or two after I have the TN?
I Appreciate all the help.
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2021.12.03 22:02 wolfgang____ Leona guide please?

I recently started playing Leona (PvP of course) because I like her CC and tankiness. However, I am also on a losing streak with her. I always find that when i engage (W - E - Q), my teammates doesn’t do enough damage and I just melt there. How do I play her in early games vs in late games, and what champs do I play her with and against?
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